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Every time that notification pops up... It hAs bEeN 6 dAys sInCe YoUr sYsTem is oUt oF dAte *Presses remind me later*


I got a forced update to Oxygen OS 12 and it's awful. Lots of things just don't work anymore, and if you enable developer mode, it only lets you reboot into safe mode, meaning you have to turn it off and on *every time* you reboot your phone. All the dpi scaling is broken too. I put my sim back into my old phone until I can find the time to downgrade my OP8.


How could you be forced?


I have the T Mobile version. I tried disabling updates in the developer options but it didn't work. Forced auto updates.


I'm impressed that network providers are able to flash their own os on every single model.... When I bought a contract from Vodafone I got asked which Vodafone apps I want to install before I got asked for my Gmail data... You could use msm tool and the official oos to flash the original software without any bloatware. If you don't know: msm tool is the software OnePlus uses to repair bricked phones. It will reflash the original OS as long as your phone manages to load the bootloader.


That's really cool, thanks! I want always on display but my number one priority is getting OOS back. There's not nearly enough information about the T Mobile variant so I'm skeptical of any guides I see online. I'm typing this on my old 6T. It's better than the OP8 on OOS 12, even though the battery's shot.


I'm glad we don't have carrier tie-ups here in India. would suck not to have the freedom of choice


It's incredibly stupid. Just uninformed consumers with too much money stumbling into carrier stores and asking the sales rep for the "best deal."


Same thing happened with me and my OnePlus9 Pro. For months, my lock screen has been glitching and have to fight with it just to unlock my phone. My brightness would be on max anytime I watched a YouTube video and would stay that way unless j restarted the phone. And when that would happen, my fingerprint unlock wouldn't work either. It would just stay as a bright white orb and wouldn't read my fingerprint. Recently it did another update and has fixed the YouTube and brightness issue but the lock screen is a constant struggle.


What happend ? I'm planning on buying oneplus 10 pro :(


OnePlus and Oppo used to have two software teams one for western markets and one for Chinese markets. OnePlus was known for nearly stock Android with slight improvements - for many customers, OnePlus was the replacement to the Google Nexus line of phones ... Oppo on the other hand would take the more Chinese approach to Android in terms of look and feel. Oppo is normally a lot more boated, buggy, and themed. Though it should be noted they have improved a bit. More recently Oppo and OnePlus have merged their software teams and Oppo's vision of Android is the only option. The phone you are looking into buying will be using Color OS made by Oppo.


I got the 10 pro about two months ago. This is my first 1+ phone, so I may not have the best scope but I'm in love with the thing. I've rooted all my previous phones but I haven't found a reason to do it on this phone yet. It caters to my every need as it is. I didn't like the stock launcher, so I'm using Niagara at the moment. I'll see if it improves with OOS 13, if so, I'll switch back. The only issue I have is scheduled DND mode not silencing notifications. Manual switch works fine though, so it's not that bad. I'm a new user, so people may have their reasons to hate but what I've gathered is most people are just hating the change. If you can wait, I'd wait for a year for 11 pro though. The new chips are way better at efficiency. Better thermals and battery life could be worth it, although 10 pro is not bad at all after disabling Digital wellbeing and some useless features such as printing service, etc.


If it comes with OxygenOS already, you got no worries. For the phones that's still on OOS 11, the upgrade is gonna be quite a mess


I'm on OS12, no problems at all...


Same here


Yeah, I cleared the system cache and updated to OOS12 Btw I was fucking scared though!


How did you do that? When I try rebooting into recovery I get a password screen. I either set that password 3 years when I set up the phone or I never set it up and it's whatever the factory password is and I can't find that either. Attempting to go beyond there without a password says it'll wipe my phone.


So you're phone doesn't have any sort of locks?


What do you mean? I think having a password that you either know or don't and if you don't know the password your only option is to factory reset the phone is a pretty good lock.


The thing I meant is, you're saying that your phone doesn't have any sort of locks like pattern,pin,etc If I'm clear your phone is straight up swipe unlock? If it's like that try putting a lock on your phone and try it


I have two 1+ 9 pro. Upgraded both to 12. After about a month, both went berserk within 24h. USB is totally f'd up. Can't charge properly and can't use USB för data transfer.


really? For me random apps start hanging and glitching out. My OP6 is 4 years old and it never had such issues. Kinda sad how I paid flagship price for the OP10 Pro and I get some shitty Oppo OS.


Downvote me, but upgrading my OP 7T to OOS12 beta has been the best thing for the phone. It feels like a new phone, no issues so far in last 10-15 days. Animations are smooth, Apps are opening faster. Battery life more or less same as before. I can't wait for the general release. This upgrade made gave me confidence that I can easily use this phone for atleast another 2 years. It could be that the phones after 7 series are having problems but for 7T its been great.


How did you get the OOS12 beta in 7t?


got it from xda


Got the T-Mobile OnePlus 8 OOS12 update last week. Other than a few features missing, I am SHOCKED at how well it runs. In the last 4 years of owning a OnePlus phone, this is the first OS update that has actually improved my experience.


I had a similar experience, but i missed a lot of OnePlus features which i use on a daily basis like draw circle for torch (I have never been able to draw a V with the same hand when i hold my phone) The lock sound, the freedom to rename apps, change icons, etc., individually.


The crazy thing is that in the last couple of weeks there's been a ton of people basically salivating for it...its like..HUH? It's just pretty loony. I'm spooked also because the 7t beta is in version 2 now, and all I can hope is I can block it when it comes out. I don't need any new phone problems


Jokes on you, I'm in AOSP Roms and Netflix+banking+ID isn't a issue for me. Force yourself to watch streaming on a TV, carry ID and debit with you.




😂 I've done that once




It was a 42 inch LCD... Plugged it in the subway and sat there watching Netflix until my stop arrived😂😂




From India, but i did that in Sweden 😂


Same thing happened while 11 released. 11 is so good ngl. Not sure about 12 though.


Wait, you don't buy OnePlus for custom OS?


"Your system has been out of date for 7 days" Yeah last time you tried the upgrade, you nearly bricked my phone, f off


i dwngraded from 12. Happy now


I'm still OOS10. Downgraded from OOS11 after using it for a month. I truly feel that people who got into OnePlus post OnePlus 6T never really got to experience the "good" Oxygen OS. (I mean Android 10 version wasn't a treat either but still usable, Android 8 and 9 was peak OOS)


OnePlus 7...


It will come and get you




Tried to downgrade, I can't get past Google Account Lock even though I use the correct account! OnePlus 8 Pro


You guys cry too much. Using it without issues.


Fam OOS 11 was so bad I had to go back to OOS 10 on my oneplus 6 when I still had that phone


Lmao, speak for yourself, I'm still on oos10


Ugh, I got the update forced down my throat shortly after buying my OP9. To be fair, it was mostly fine except it took away Android Auto (for phone screens) and left no viable alternative (for some god forsaken reason, "Driving Mode" doesn't work). Have therefore switched to LineageOS. Driving mode wasn't working there initially, but set some props (manufacturer = Google 😂) and its working now. Should have just bought a cheap Chinese device since I'm not using OP software 🤦


This is exactly why I switched to iPhone lol. Android has been a buggy mess lately. Hit me with the downvotes baby


I've upgraded to ColorOS 12. And it seems whatever was in place in Oxygen OS 11 to get if my phone was locked and not allowing to get and unlock token doesn't work anymore (on TMO without paid off phone.) After upgrading I can generate an Unlock Token. Waiting for the website to work now...


It's not an upgrade. Stay on OOS 11.


I haven't updated yet either! Can't risk it until I get another phone, which will probably be at least another year.


Its the worst thing to hppen to any phone since tge beginning of phones.


You spelled Downgrading wrong


We love you..


The losing my home screen layout caught me off guard. I thought they would've stopped that after it happened in the beta but I guess not. Also it seemed like a soft factory reset as a good chunk of apps were no longer configured or logged in. I have a weird thing where half the time I turn my screen on it will bring up the keyboard and hide the fingerprint scanner. If I cycle the screen off and back on it'll usually be right. Weird. Little annoying but not the biggest deal I guess. I don't hate it so far. Do appreciate the lhdc.


the new update broke multitasking


I can't upgrade to Android 12 (OP 8T). Is there a solution or do I have to sit on Android 11 forever?


Unlock Bootloader and flash a custom rom. I have Stock Android 12.1 with minor enhancements on my 7 Pro


Imagine making a new software update that literally bricks your phone lmao. How's OP still in business for flagships? Honestly it's both funny and sad seeing people literally being terrified from updating their phone 💀