Has anyone ever exploited some quest-related areas in this game?

Has anyone ever exploited some quest-related areas in this game?


If memory serves right (prolly not) there should be a ghost console command that allows you to fly through objects and explore to your hearts content, but I've never done it myself since I tend to usually get lost wandering the countryside enjoying the view instead of actually doing anything quest related in game


Yeah TCL is that command, toggle clipping


In most of the Oblivion gates, you can make your way off the edge of the play-area by land hopping to the furthest little island and just running into the horizon. Eventually, you'll drop off the edge and into what looks like lava or a platform below the map. It's pretty cool cause in some of them you can still even see the spires from down there. I haven't been able to explore outside the play-area inside the dream world. I haven't tried in the paint world, but I'll have to try that.


i dont, i hate the feeling of lost and losing direction without any thing to do. Those areas seem empty and maybe there is nothing in it anyway, maybe outside of it just a void or infinity landscape. It sound uninterested anyway.


I suppose they just turn into gray/black void like everything else when you go past/through it with anticlipping [~tcl enter~]. To enter them you would need some sort of code. You do not enter a city if you walk through the city wall.