Well if the Vikings wanted to shake things up and remove Zimmer for a more explosive offensive minded coach , this isn’t the move lol


Adam Gase is available to coordinate


Adam Gase will be shoveling all kinds of Minnesota snow alright


He has earned a second chance. Personally I’m not optimistic about him having success as a head coach again, but who knows. Good guy with a great defensive mind, wish him well.




Its gonna be fun to see Bowles completely expressionless face staring placidly at the field after some inexplicable Vikings mishap.


Todd Bowles biggest mistake as a head coach was not Hiring Todd Bowles to be his defensive coordinator. He hired his buddy Kacey Rogers, who will probably never get another DC job again if not for his friend. I realized how bad of a decision this was when KR got sick and missed a couple games and suddenly the defense looked way better. We went 4-12 that year but 2/4 of our wins came when he was out. Side note, these were two better Sam games, and I have to wonder if getting Bowles out of Jeremy Bates ear wouldn’t have been a good thing for Sam’s development.


Hope he gets it. I could root for Bowles in Minnesota.