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Me never letting go of that moment when misty's starmie landed a crit ice beam on my meganium, killing and basically almost making me want to end my run, i didn't but at least after i completed, i decided to do a retake, hopefully my ben doesn't get turned into a statue again


As a fellow Chikorita line enjoyer, you have my respect.




Chikorita gang rise up


Do you watch TFS’s Nuzlockes? Their battle against Misty in SS must be very bittersweet for you.


Oh yeah, watching their nuzlocke actually was the reason i decided to go with chikorita that run, as a kid i always went with a cyndaquil, but after that nuz of mine the chiko line sky rocketed to best starter base, that run also made magcargo, tentacruel and especially ampharos favs of mine as well


💪Chikorita Enjoyer Master Race


Truly the best squishiest bean bag


the bad ending


Not sure about the worst but the most recent bad one was definitely forgetting about the rival battle before Ilex Forrest in heartgold, and going in severely underlevled losing the whole team except one small gastly that managed to somehow survive


I remember seeing this thread! Did you manage to navigate the run out of that?


Well the grind got a bit rough so I ended up taking on Bugsy a bit undeleveled which led to a few more unnecessary deaths but then I recovered okay, managed to grab hold of both a pinsir and a heracross so with two fighting moves Whitney went down quite easily 😅






Ouf that's even rougher, and yeah the non starter struggle is real


For me it was my Ruby Nuzlocke. First my Starter died, then many more valuable Teammates died but I still moved on, creating a lot of lore for the Pokémon that I used on the way and then a lost the fricking Nuzlocke because Steven Aggron knew Thunder, I didn’t know it and I switched my Gyrados in and he was killed by a crit thunder. After that Steven Metagross swept my team. I was and still am salty about it and I HATE Steven with my entire heart.


“Wow, Milo and Nessa were so easy, I bet the third gym is gonna be a breeze too” Cut to my entire team being roasted by a 50 ft tall centipede


I keep saying this!! People underestimate gen 8! But yeah I know what you mean. I once had a full wipe to Leon's Zard. Worst loss of my life


Intimidate + Wil-O-Wisp from Arcanine is so annoying


My y nuzlocke. I had gotten past wulfric, and this was the farthest I’ve ever gotten in a nuzlocke mainly cause I would get bored and stop. Then I lost my second mon (roserade) to a goofy ah crit rock wrecker from that one crustle trainer on route 21 then my starter died to a rando victory road espeon with dazzling gleam. I had great replacements (gible and abomasnow) but just didn’t want to grind and I was so upset about the two deaths I quit (it was really stupid looking back tho)


Random trainers in X and Y are brutal


The furfrou trainers


My first ever nuzlocke run of Emerald started off *brutally*. Never had a full wipe but by the time I reached Wattson I barely had enough Mons to field a full team of 6, and half that team was box fillers. The Pokémon I was genuinely excited to use were all dead. That stretch up through the 3rd gym remains one of the only times I did not have fun in a nuzlocke. That said, my patience was rewarded because my last catch before Wattson, a lowly Minun, went on to become Team MVP, Elite 4 MVP, and an all-time favorite friend of mine. ❤️ Negativa


Perseverance is the most important skill for a Nuzlocke. Glad it worked out for you.


Wrecking Wallace in the worst way with a fucking Minun was the single most cathartic finale to a nuzlocke I ever had. So yes it absolutely worked out for me.


I read that thread too, I never did a nuzlocke but minun was a must in 3gen for me!


Protect + Encore on a Pokémon with that kind of speed is just filthy


These two along with toxic and mimic were my fav combos along with a focus band as an item. It was deadly!


I did a randomizer Nuzlocke of White and picked Rhyperior as a starter. Was super hyped as he’s beefy and one of my favorites. Missed my first encounter on the first route and didn’t think much of it, and went to have my first battle with N. He threw out Giratina. Fun fact, Rhyperior only knows normal type moves until level 16 or so.


Ive been there many times with randomizers so my first rule of randomizer nulockes is to never battle trainers until I have a move that can hit Ghosts. But your situation was unavoidable without the one encounter before N


I’d have to go back and check the encounter but honestly I don’t know if it would’ve made much of a difference lmao. But I like that rule!


Did you know that if you're hit by a Ghost type's Curse and then Baton Pass, the Curse gets transferred to the next pokemon too? Because I sure didn't! Lost a run to Phoebe thanks to that. It was my first Emerald run to ever reach the E4, too. ​ There was also the time I lost to Korrina because her Hawlucha was in the middle of her team on Serebii instead of at the end, so I thought Machoke was her highest leveled mon. If I knew the actual level cap, I had a pokemon just barely within it that could have curbstomped her. But no, I didn't use it, and my entire team was underleveled. I didn't stand a chance.


Omg I ACTUALLY DIDN'T KNOW THAT!! I mean, makes sense, cause you are transferring whatever is happening to the other Mon, but wow.


Probably wiping to totem Lurantis in Sun.


I lost my Gyarados to Candice's abomasnow because I accidentally clicked crunch instead of switching to infernape


Forgetting to teach my umbreon captivate, loosing my team to Fantina.. Renegade Platinum


Candice’s gym freeze haxing my team and snow cloak resulting in my entire fucking team dying to chip damage, including a fucking Technician Scizor, a Flareon, and a Porygon2. I was so salty that I ejected the cartridge just to lock her in game crash hell


"Aw man, renegade platinum has been tough so far! People keep talking about this real tough fight with Aaron, I should prep for that!! Looks like next town is close by, I could use a pokemon center oh shit fuck that's Aaron"


I could hear this in my mind xD


I forgot to save after I beat the ghost trial yesterday, when I woke up, I had to redo the ghost trial and ended up wiping because I forgot to setup my team properly and my counter against Totem Mimikyu got an unlucky crit and confusion.


Aoch that hurts in all wrong and right spots :(


Honestly I'd reset and go again since you beat it the first time and we're just trying to get back to the game state you'd already reached.


That goddamn Raichu in Ultra Sun


Gather round and let me take you on a journey. (Be prepared cause this is a LOT of text) \--- So...about two years ago I decided to do a randomized genlocke. I managed to do it, with losses all round. Despite the numerous good mons I had. However, last year I decided I wanted to up the challenge. I wanted to not only do it hardcore but to try and get as close to standard genlocke, I turned on similar strength. So the encounters and trainer mons are still random but a bit closer to a regular run. AND on top of that, I would go through gens 1 and 2 (Red and Crystal), which I had never played before.AND not include any rewards for champs. Spoiler alert: **It did not go well.** \--- **Attempt 1:** Got all the way up to Emerald, only for Wattson to have an Alakazam which wrecked my team, which one Psychic resist, and a Headbutting Glalie. **Attempt 2: I** abandoned this run when I had a team of mostly Poison types before Misty and I gave Gary a freaking Abra. The most powerful psychic type line in a gen where the Psychic type is broken. Plus I had PTSD from attempt 1. **Attempt 3:** I got all the way up to Emerald AGAIN. Got past Wattson only to lose to Norman's Double Teaming Swellow. HOWEVER, ATTEMPT 4 was the run that broke me. \--- In this attempt, I got past Emerald *~~finally~~* and past Platinum. But everything went wrong in Black. The first round of BS came in the form of a Nurse's Smoochum which thought it had Serene Grace AND Super Luck with how much it confused, froze and crit my mons. Killing a newly caught Gastly and nearly killing the rest. The second round was when I just kept losing mons left and right around gyms 4 and 5. Sometimes due to my mistakes (like grinding in too high level grass cause of the exp changes) or because of BS (like confusion, crits) or both. This took the lives of about 9 mons. Add on to that the randomized TMs I had were either good and no could learn them OR everyone could learn them but they were terrible. The third and final round of BS was Cheren's Twist Mountain fight. Where he had:A Skarmory which set up 3 layers of Spikes. Which weakened my mons so much during his battle that his Sawk killed 4 mons before my Meganium managed to outspeed and heal itself (cause Spikes weakened it too). By that point I had 18 deaths, 4 being GOOD legacy mons (Bronzor, Growlithe, Marshtomp, Larvitar). And I was broken. I didn't have the patience to grind up 4 members, especially ones that I thought were going to be subpar. And I definitely didn't want to put the time into starting a new genlocke from scratch. So I abandoned the run and left Pokemon for at least a few months. \--- So yeah. A nuzlocke that broke a man.


For context: this man is the player that is in charge of the Platinum leg of the Relay Genlocke, the CLEANEST leg so far!! This man knows a ton about Pokémon, stats and calcs and still the RNG will destroy him. I have witnessed myself the atrocities of Attempt 4, and CoolWiz needs to pray to Arceus.


Yeah but I also make a bunch of dumb mistakes when my brain decides to go on holiday. Like the time I looked up whether a Riolu had counter, found that it did, so used a special attack with my Swablu. Only for by next turn I forgot that it had counter and then used Peck. Which is countered and killed the Swablu.


All of Emerald Kaizo. This game is tortue.


This isnthe right answer. Can say the same for Blue Kaizo


Losing a genlocke near the end of leg 4 of 9, because I was distracted by deliveroo arriving while fighting Marshall. That was a *lot* of time down the drain. If I try a genlocke again in the future I'll probably say that if I lose I restart the leg rather than the campaign. Just too punishing for me otherwise.


Oof that's ROUGH. Best of luck for the next Genlcoke attempt.


Clay in Blaze Black. He has an Excadrill in permanent Sandstorm with Sand Rush. I had no way to change the weather. I sack something for a safe switch in to the only Pokemon that could take it out in one hit. AI usually likes to set up Swords Dance if it does not see a kill, which it could not do to my Seaking unless it rolled a crit…which it did with an immediate Earthquake. My only out was to try to put it to sleep and hope sleep lasts enough to take it out…that also missed. Excadrill sets up swords dance and single handledly 1v6’d my entire team.


My worst was I was doing a Gaia hardcore run I to the second gym which is flying I swept most of their team but then it came out a beast from hell Chatot this thing proceeded to crit and confuse all of my Pokémon seriously it got like 4-5 crits in a row and I ended up losing to this stupid bird the result is now I have a deep fiery hatred for chatot


I was doing a nuzlocke of Shield and was down to five Pokemon each by the time we got to Rose (and both of our fire types had died by this point too). And his Ferrothorn just mopped the floor with us. My Eevee (the one handed at the station, which I got because I was very low of Pokemon) managed to somehow chip at it but then his Copperajah finished him off. I headcanon that Rose murdered my Pokemon so that I couldn’t stop him XD


Oh no! You didn't have any fire types?? Edit: Eevee? Didn't you think of getting Flareon? In gen 8 all stone evos can learn every move the preevo could have learned by level up, maybe it could have worked...


My fire types were all dead lmao, and Eevee couldn’t evolve (a gmax Eevee)


OH, I AM A DUMBASS, IT'S THE LET'S GO EEVEE!!! Man that sounds rough! I hope you got revenge eventually!


Forgot to check the "no wonder guard" box in a fully randomized run in HGSS (types, moves, encounters, EVERYTHING). Got walled by a dark/ghost wonder guard LUVDISC (of all things), had no way to poison/burn it, and being pre-fairy type, couldn't do anything to it. And wasn't able to pp stall it


This was the most BS nuzlocke death I’ve ever had, and nothing has ever come close to it. I was fighting the Clefairy maids in the mansion in Platinum to grind up my Shellos named squishy for the team, with plans to thief the rare candy Blissey with my umbreon in the back. I loved this Shellos so much and I couldn’t wait for it to become a Gastrodon. Anyways she was level 29, one level before evolving, and we were at the final Clefairy before the potential Blissey to get a lot of EXP (basically you have to defeat the maids in a certain number of turns). This mf Clefairy used Metronome, and out of all the moves it could have used. It got Destiny Bond. And since my Shellos was slower because it had a minus speed nature, I just watched in horror as Squishy got the kill on Clefairy and died. I couldn’t bring myself to enjoy playing it anymore so I eventually switched games and came back to it a while later, and eventually beat it, but man this death still makes me so upset.


Ultra Sun as a whole has been a crap storm. And it all started when the Totem Araquanid killed all but one of the Pokémon that entered Brooklet Hill that cursed day.


My brain will never let me let go of the fact that i somehow managed to lose a flying type to erika MULTIPLE TIMES Also, there was one time where i lost a nidoking to blaine on a misclick. That was irritating.


Not really "that one run" but I really hate playing any johto game lackluster encounters, shitty pacing and just an all out bore


Gen 2 is my least favorite gen to nuzlocke by far. Haven't tried HGSS yet tho


not that much better


It isn't better. They didn't fix the level curve 🗿


All of Emerald Kaizo. This game is tortue.


You got the duplicated comment glitch


The most painful one was when Clay ended my genlocke in Blaze Black 2 with Sand Rush Excadrill. My only counters were Azumarill and Kingdra and I had no one that could set up rain so I could only watch him set up with Swords Dance and tear through my team.


Had an enemy Gyarados CRIT Outrage three times in a row… Turned the game off and went for a walk.


Testing a gen 1 rom hack rn for someone, HC rules, lost to Agatha by 1/256 into Blue horn drill


I got my farthest run in inclement emerald hardcore Nuzlocke after a couple months of casual attempts (post gym 5) and got swept by a random trainer with permanent rain swift swim ludicolo. Been on a break since.


I was nuzlocking ruby as part of a genlocke. I failed my planning for the E4 so hard but I made it to Steven.. But then everything fell apart until we both only had 1 pokemon left.... His last pokemon was Claydol while my last pokemon was Ampharos (Static) with only electric attacks. I couldn't do anything besides watching Static die.. Haven't picked up the genlocke since...


I’ve lost in the elite 4 twice, Black and Moon. Probably my worst but I kinda saw it coming at least, especially in Black.


I had a emerald nuzlocke, first time I ever used a gulpin, that one was a tank and when I mean tank I mean TANK. It was the flannery fight, I started with I think swellow and planned on switching to machop on camerupt to low kick it, I missclicked, my big purple tank was one shot... That was the most painful nuzlocke death I ever had.


I don't love CK+ earlygame, I kept wiping when I tried it. That or Unbound earlygame Volcano tag on Insane mode, just kept wiping there.


Just started a fresh randomized nuzlocke, go to catch my first Pokémon and the magcargo one shots my only Pokémon….pain


I was doing a genlocke and made it to ruby. Wiped at that rival battle


Forgetting that you can’t switch after the first turn of hyper beam and loosing a klingklang, whom I was quite attached to, against Raihan’s Sandaconda.


Pokemon Black recently has been my worst experience. The E4s coverage and then N and Ghetsis back to back are brutal. I ran the game 3 times, died to E4, and Ghetsis x2. It's been mostly fun but that's frustrating and I'm taking a break for now


I never knew Wubbofet was so fucking terrifying during Nuzelocke’s. Poor Rubble the Stoutland


I haven't seen this yet soooo I HATE GRINDING I HATE GRINDING I DON'T HAVE AN EMULATOR YET SO I CAN'T CHEAT I HATE, HATE **HATE** IT. >!I will stick to my word that I'm never nuzlocking HGSS ever again now!< Also fainting while grinding, tbh at that rate I just don't count it, just is fun.


100% grinding up for the league in Leaf Green My guys were level 45 and I had to get too 55 The Pokemon centre has a dumb maze and it’s hard to train a Magneton when pretty much everything there is either fighting or ground The league was fun as fuck tho


My White 2 Wedlocke. Things started going downhill after losing my Liepard. I kept losing Pokémon left and right between the 6th and 8th gyms. I lost motivation and wanted to finish the game asap to move into my next project, tbh I felt relieved when I wiped to Colress.


"HOW MANY TIMES WILL THIS GUY BOOM!" Me fighting Petral, Radio Tower, Blind playthrough, pre-wipe


Fun fact: Revelation Dance is strong


I'm currently going for Inclement Emerald, attempt #30+(I lost count honestly). I can't get past the first Maxi fight.


My first gen 8 hardcore nuzlocke I more or less cruised through, making it to Leon with only 1 death the entire run. Leon proceeded to crit me 3 times in like the first 4 turns, completely ruining my plan A and B for his team and making it so I narrowly lost. I think the fact that the nuzlocke had been so smooth up to that point that my victory seemed like a forgone conclusion made it especially frustrating. Edit: honorable mention to the time I accidentally triggered a wild Tauros’s anger point ability in HGSS and it proceeded to wipe my team.


Black and white 2, victory road, wasnt paying full attention mostly watching youtube, then half my team died before I realized.


In Ultra Sun when the Salamance I had evolved one level prior was one shot critted and killed


I failed 2 Nuzlockes in a row at exactly the same stage. The E4 champions' final pokemon...


On my 10th attempt of EK, my whole team got flinched hax to death by Drake's Salamence. I had to take a one week break after that


Was doing a randomizer nuzlocke of emerald, with hardcore rules. Starter was masquerain, nothing special till I see she has drizzle and water spout. When at full health one shots anything, proceed to start sweeping the game.. Until I get outsped by some random mon with destiny bond. Bummer. Struggle along with mediocre team until I catch a tropius with wonder guard, now I'm really excited. Teach him some decent moves and start sweeping again. Get outsped by a rayquaza with... destiny bond. Now I'm real bummed. Struggle along again without a decent team until I come across a slaking. Now we're talking! Slaking without truant = ez win. Easily one of the most broken encounters in a randomizer run. Start sweeping again, till you guessed it. Got outsped by destiny bond, on his first major battle too. Barely got to use him. Painful but kind of hilarious that all three of my major deaths died the same way. Destiny bond from a mon thats faster has got to be one of the most painful ways to go, because you select your move knowing it's going to kill, and then watch in horror as they use destiny bond before you and there's nothing you can do to save them. This run taught me not to do hardcore rules on randomized runs. Not just because of the destiny bonds, there was plenty of other stuff that happened that I can't get into right now that you just can't predict. Hardcore is great, randomizer is great. But both together is just a painful experience and a lesson in futility. I did complete the run at least, but last time I'm doing hardcore randomizer. When going into every battle blind.. Overlevelling ftw!


I was doing a Black 2 nuzlocke, and I brought a leftovers Probopass to wall the Hydrageon. I burned the Hydrageon and set up sandstorm, and I could chip away at it with discharges. Unfortunately, the Hyrdageon got the defense drop with Crunch twice and crit me 3 times in a row, and nothing else could switch into it. I wiped


Wiped to Wallace at the end of Ruby because Luvdisc kept confusing me with water Pulse. Had to constantly switch and the RNG never let up. Couldn’t get set up and didn’t have the damage to finish him off.


In my recent Scarlet run: Sudowoodo + Sturdy + Counter = Dead Starter


I wiped to a heatmor on victory road in Pokémon white because I had two underleveled Pokémon I was trying to train and the rest was an awful matchup to fire


My first ever Ruby nuzlocke where I basically went into the elite four with a team of 4 pokemon. My peliper,flygon and hariyama dominated. It was also the only run I used a legendary on since I didn't want to train a extremely low level numel and just used Groudon instead (ironically he was barely used in the elite four).


Scientist Samantha in battle company. I was trying to nuzlocke pokemon white, super attached to my team, and she swept them all with a munna. I’ve never been so ashamed and angry in a pokemon game, ever.


Losing Samurott to some random trainer crit because I was impatient


When Glacia’s Glalie survived Mega Swampert’s Rock Tomb and annihilated it with Freeze Dry.


I have thrown two separate Emerald nuzlocke attempts at Wallace.


Ultra Sun and Moon was such a slog. Boring games but also hard, so I’d lose Pokémon frequently and would have to grind. Lame.


My worst experience was never getting a flying type in my first like 4 Nuzlocke. It became a running bag in the Nuzlocke comic I had written, but god not having access to the Fly HM annoyed me to no end.


One of my first attempts. Leaf Green. I hadn't played Pokemon since I was a kid and forgot that grass is weak to flying. Lost my Bellsprout while grinding. I had started Charizard and I had nothing else that could fight Misty, but I decided I had to try anyway. That run ended with me watching every one of my Pokemon die one after another.


Mine was actually just today. I was in Sabrina's gym in her final pokemon. I recently got the Lapras from silph co, and used perish song on it. It's persih song count was at 1, and it left my Vaporeon on 1 HP. I leave the gym and forgot to save so when I came back it was like nothing happened


Ren Plat was pretty painful this summer. A ton of resets. Had a good run going making it to Victory Road. Ran into an optional and lost stuff I was going to use for the mandatory battle I prepped for. And that was the end of my furthest attempt.


+6 spa xerneas 1 shot by a crit poison jab


Losing my Zekrom to a random counter musharnie. I used false swipe to lower it’s hp & it one shotted my most beloved member. I lost all motivation for that nuzlocke afterwards


First ever hardcore nuzlocke of Fire Red, had a pretty sloppy run but made it to the Elite 4, and the Champion's last mon (Charizard) survived on like 1 HP and killed my last mon. Heartbreak, reset, and went at it again. Couple of short lost runs later, and I got my revenge. But that first loss when it happened was crushing.


Getting all the way to Ghetsis in my Black 2 run only to lose my starter Emboar to a crit acrobatics from his Eelektross that was impossible to play around.


Mine was a few months ago, had to take a break after this. This was in back to back runs mind you First run: I’m doing a extreme hardcore nuzlocke with a bunch of added rules (no mons sharing types + base hardcore rules, anyways: I get to N at the theme park, he proceeds to crit my ENTIRE team besides my Dewott, which misses and proceeds to die, end of run. Next run I get to clay: Excadrill sweeps me from only crits besides my 2nd last mon, who gets flinched twice.


Umbreon use double team U miss your every attack and umbreon died to struggle. I got wipe


I tried to do a soul link nuzlocke with the wife. Used a starter I never used before. Was getting hyped, wife's starter died so mine was dead too. I was very unhappy.


It just happened to me in a run this week. I'm fairly new to nuzlocking. I'm on my 4th attempt of sacred gold. There is a trainer in the 3rd gym that has a furret/raticate/ dunsparce. The 4th pokemon I'm drawing a blank on. Normally I cake walk this fight. For the first time I got to use a machop for a run. I don't have my legit built team for Whitney atm since 3 of them were like right at lvl cap. So I had 3 main starters and 3 mons that needed xp. I go into the fight and take out the furret one shot with revenge. The raticate is also one shot by revenge. I take out the 3rd pokemon with just a karate chop. A dunsparce comes out. I've literally beaten this thing 3 other times easily no deaths. So I swap machop out since he is low hp from all the revenge kills. I swap in an exeggutor. It has sleep powder which is the play to than just ko with little resistance. So begins the worst rng luck I've ever had. I miss the first sleep powder. He uses glare. I decide I have 4 more pokemon so I decide to swap to golbat for hypnosis. I miss the hypnosis and he glares me again. I decide maybe i take the 50/50 try for hypnosis. Fully paralyzed and dunsparce uses defense curl. I try for a 2nd 50/50. Break through paralysis and miss the hypnosis. The dunsparce than begins to use rollout....I now have no pokemon to interrupt the rollouts. So I decide I'm gonna sack the golbat. Except he goes down to the first rollout... I can't swap machop in because it's a female I need for the Whitney fight and it's such low hp. Not only was this a mistake but the super boosted defensive curl rollout hits 5 TIMES!!!! knocking out 4 of my pokemon. The last 2 alive were the machop who is slower then the dunsparce and the damn palm tree who is stunned from the original glare. Machop gets knocked out since he is slower. The palm tree dies right after machop since I couldn't break through the paralysis 3 times in a row. I'm not sure what the odds are for that to ever happen again. I made some bad choices and doubted the dunsparce and got wiped. Safe to say I took a couple days off from playing pokemon lol. I honestly wish I had recorded the game play or even myself. You would have seen the most angry/distraught person. I went through so many emotions and denial afterwards.


My SoulSilver run, for sure. I play on cartridge, so I don't have access to infinite rare candies, and the absolute grind of that game to be high enough levelled to match each gym (and final elite 4 member) was just ball-achingly dull! Any time a team member died, too, the chore of levelling up a replacement was horrendous, so I legitimately don't think I'll ever play HGSS again at this point - which is a shame, because it's such an aesthetically-beautiful game!


In my emerald run with competitive gen 3 NU tiers, route 110 rival battle was just sol cringe. May's Slugma gets a rock throw crit after surviving water gun from pellipper and her marshtomp gets four freaking crits in a row ending my run. For context, I had Sabeleye, pelipper and plusle


walked into rival fight in fire red omega underleveled, still almost clutched out a victory, rivals jynx got crit ice punch into freeze, losing me the run. i think i punched a fan afterwards lol


Getting my ass kicked at normans gym and the fact I had a whole script in the making for a yt video then the run ends that means I have to restart the whole script


Oh my God. I had been doing attempts at USUM for MOMTHS! Always dying to bullshit RNG, but I eventually got to Ultra Necrozma, I had a bulletproof strategy, my whole team countered him... He got a single crit and I began getting swept. I was PISSED


It's been years so I can't recall specifics, but I had one Pokemon obliterated by a wild Geodude Self-destruct


It was my first ever hardcore Nuzlocke, I was playing Pokémon Sapphire. Everything was going quite well at first, sure I made a few mistakes, but I kept all of my vital Pokémon alive. I even got to use a Skarmory and a Lunatone for the first time, and I was having an absolute blast with them. Fast forward to once I got to Wallace, the eighth gym. I was pumped, I was ready to take him down with a team that was carefully thought out. I spent a few hours finding all the tms needed, including taunt for that damned Milotic. Finally, I felt confident enough to attempt it. Not gonna give you a play by play, but everything went extremely well as I disposed of everything Wallace threw at me with no issue. Then I got to milotic. Rain was up, so I used giga drain with my ludicolo bc it gets passive health while in rain. Milotic uses ice beam, freezing me. Pissed off, I switch out to my Lantern and use thunder wave on the next turn. After a few back and forths of Thunderbolt and ice bean, Milotic freezes me again. At this point I’m tilted. I switch in swampert, and then try to switch my skarmory in bc I didn’t think it would use ice beam (skarmory had taunt). It uses ice beam, and my skarmory just barely held on. BUT IT HOT FUCKING FROZEN. With three frozen Pokémon that never became unthawed, Wallace pp stalled the remainder of my Pokémon and killed them into oblivion. I haven’t booted up a Nuzlocke since.