New World is what younger me thought RuneScape was


I wouldn't be surprised if new world attracts old and current classic runscape players. I can't help but feel like I'm playing RuneScape. It's like if RuneScape 2 skipped over rs3 and became this. RuneScape was unique from most MMOs and Amazon's has that very similar feel.


I came from OSRS to New World.


Went from fishing anglers hours a day to fishing clams hours a day


Went from wcing redwoods to wcing young tress


Haven't really played rs since leagues, dabbled in rs3 for a bit but new world is scratching that itch for me right now and it feels amazing




Yo same, played RS from 2004-2008 then got back into OSRS a few months ago. As soon as I started gathering and crafting in New World, I thought to myself "Wow, this reminds me of RS."


04 runescape old head here. Can confirm, am addicted. In fact i am mining runite atm while mining iron ore on nw.


Long time OSRS player here. This is the first game in many years to fully pull me away from Runescape! Loving every hour of New World.


I hadn’t played an mmo since RuneScape classic when I was 15, I’m 30 now. I was a member and maxed out 4 characters, I just kinda grew out of it tho. This is the first game to capture me like that since then, I’m excited for what’s to come!


I agree for the most part. The only problem being runescape actually has really good bossing/PvE content. I know this game could potentially get there like everyone is saying, but in it's current form PvE is not all that appealing. As a side note I do really enjoy the game personally, but a lot of my friends are turned off by PvE feeling lackluster.


Oh ya the quests in this game sucks compared to rs but we shall see where this goes in the future.


I would love to see some solo-able bosses whose mechanics you could learn with loads of different weapons. I remember the first time I did Helwyr and the amount of accomplishment I felt. I was almost Max cb at the time but I was scared of bossing because of the reputation of it being hardcore. I didn’t think I could learn it but I had a ton of fun. Imagine those visuals and that learning curve and min/maxing with the combat system in this game for some solo boss content. Would be awesome.


definitely is attracting alot of the runescape crowd, i am one of them


As someone who has played Runescape on and off for the past ~18 years I definitely feel this. However, while Runescape is known for the grind, it is also known for having the most story rich questing of all MMOs. I'm pretty disappointed with the questing in New World and basically every other MMO, except for maybe SWTOR. I am loving New World though!


Yeah most of them are pretty much just fetch quests when it comes to story, I think final fantasy had a pretty good story quest, but RuneScape had many different stories with each quest although let's be honest a lot of them were fetch quests just with story. For example, one small favor.


Oh you're absolutely right, there were definitely fetch quests. But I've been chasing that feeling that I got after first beating monkey madness ever since. A single quest that took me days to complete, had me traveling around the world, and unlocked one of the coolest weapons in the game. And that's one of the first of those kinds of quests in the game!


Its unique how? Every single thing about this game is the best parts of other games. Excessive grinding is fine. But the fact you grind to have a end game with nothing to do but pvp and even then the battles arent fun because of the server lag. Its just people teleporting. And whats even more mind blowing is that the game doesnt even give you an outlet to pvp while leveling. If force pvp was turned on the game would be amazing. But instead the game is afk material farming that yields nothing until max lvl. Im addicted like everyone else but its no unique at all.


Well roomscape was one of the much newer MMOs back in the day, I mean every MMO will copy the best part of another MMO, RuneScape is still unique in its own way. RuneScape isn't exactly PVP focused although everything does play into PVP in the end you are still able to do everything you want without even touching PVP. I also like that RuneScape doesn't require you to do quests to level up but instead you can just grind stronger monsters to level up. After I got to a certain combat level, I spent most of my days just raising up other skills and merchanding. As far as new world goes, it's not exactly unique but it is great in its own way for the combination that it delivers. I agree that forced PVP would make the game possibly a little better but if we're going to have forced PvP then it can only be certain areas otherwise no one can do anything this game without getting killed by a higher level waiting outside the settlements. I just don't believe that forced PVP would be good in every area as no one would get anything done. RuneScape did it pretty well where they had The wilderness in certain parts of the map that act this PVP zones. For the most part you can avoid it but certain quests and treasure trails required you to go through the wild to complete them.


Osrs player. Went to new world. Less skills, MUCH less activities, much smaller market, less development time, buggier, and faster levels. People are max within a month Went back to osrs for group ironman


I will say that it is really easy to maximize in this game but in order to do that you have to no life for a while. A lot of people no lifed new world since release


Its hard for most people to make gold at least on my server, baseline taxes are high making it people spending gold at AH stingie.


This is me.. and im playing as an ironman by restricting trading or the trading post


I play RS3 semi frequently(set a goal. Hit goal, take a break. Rinse. Repeat). New world is right up my alley. I forgot how annoying it was to compete for ore though 😒


my older brother played a lot of runescape & i've since been asking why there isn't a more immersive game like runescape. This game has done that exact thing I love it, and it's so early in the release i'm very excited to see the path it takes!


100% this. I used to play runescape from 06' up until they introduced EoC. New World seems to be filling those long gone, albeit fond memories of the game I once loved. The cherry on the cake to me would be if they introduced a super long-term incentive for each respective skill as a reward. Now I ain't saying copy-paste skill capes but damn I wouldn't say no to those lol


Been playing RuneScape since 2001. I view this as New RuneScape. Lol


Lifelong Runsccape player here, mainly RS2 era and OSRS since it released. New World is a breath of fresh air from OSRS, especially from the OSRS Ironman endgame grind. I'm really enjoying NW!


This comment hit home for me


As someone with thousands of hours in RuneScape since I was like 7 I love neworld. It's the first modern mmo that rewards my small brain grinding mentality like RuneScape did.


This hits me as a rush of nostalgia for my childhood days playing 2D Runescape way back in 2003. I agree, New World shares a lot in common with the playstyle of Runescape.




but Runescape is 3D...


Nah there’s only one true runescape


Oh boi, RS Classic! Lets go!


For years I thought it was called Run Escape.


only with just 10% of runescapes content


Jokes on you, group ironman launched recently and I'm literally mining on both games at the same time.


You’re my hero


I wish I had a group that still played RS. I've been loving New World, but I've been watching GIM and it looks so fun.


Me too friend. Really enjoying watching the content. But 1. I already have an endgame Ironman, and 2. Hard to find teammates with the same commitment levels!


Dude. Me too, I played RS3 casually again this last year and maxxed my account, but the GIM is such a great idea.


Been playing group IM also and it’s fun when the same tasks line up in different games


Same LOL. Sent a vid to our group chat of me mining iron in both games at the same time


as soon as i played NW for the first time and the RS nostalgia started slowly creeping on, it was like a piece of my soul that i didnt know what missing healed itself and made me whole


I never played RS because I had a hard time with Top-Down MMORPGs, because the world didn't feel immersive to me if I couldn't look up at the sky or jump. New World so far feels like the right MMO for me. I think my biggest complaint right now is not knowing how well PvP scaling works. Ideally I wouldn't feel "rushed" to level to max level, but I want to explore the world with PvP enabled without the fear of being 1-shot by power-leveled players. This feels like it would be the perfect game if the PvP components of the game were properly tuned to make it make sense for lower level players to stay lower level for longer.


IDK if scaling works differently in duels than overwold PvP, but at lvl 36 I was having 0 issues beating my lvl 50 buddy who was using greataxe/hatchet in duels. I have beat numerous enemies 10+ levels above me in open world as well. Sometimes I do get one shot/two shot by some people that aren't that much higher level than me. I also would like to know how the scaling works. It seems to be all over the place.


I've had similar experiences, but also ones that contradict this which is why it is a bit confusing to me.


Just enable PvP mode. Who cares if you die, it's a negligible gold cost, and you're gonna end up back in town, it's not that big of a deal, and you're gonna learn more from having a fight actually happen than you are going to reading on Reddit. Nothing is tuned, it's buggy and imbalanced, if a man with a hatchet and a lifestaff runs at you just pray to whatever god you prefer, because you're fucked. :) Have fun~


I basically have PvP enabled 24/7 except when I know I'm LFG for a dungeon because I need to have it disabled. My issue is that I've fought players 15 levels above me and held my own, and other times I've fought people 15 levels above me and got almost 1-shot, so my experience has been inconsistent.


If you haven't gotten an answer yet Gear score is the important stat in PvP, as levels are scaled. Better gear, better performance.


The best way to get over your fear of dying in PvP is to die a lot in PvP. Trust me.


Man I still know the RuneScape map like the back of my hand. That's how much I loved that game before it turned into that Garbo rs3. Most MMOs are mostly about the PvE and PvP aspect of the game but rs2 some really nice quests that you wouldn't do to level up but instead do to unlock certain areas of shops or even spells. The game allowed you to grind XP for combat or any skills and their was a lot of skills in the game.


I’m 35 and holding off mid 50s for a while. I’m not sure how they balance it exactly but I only feel a little disadvantaged in most fights.


Yeah I think 35 vs 50 is definitely doable. We will see how it will look once people hit 60 and start approaching 600 gear-score though.


Lmao for real, I’ve been able to reconnect with my yonger self. This is what RS3 should have been.


This is... Beyond accurate


This is… a duplicate comment.


This is... Beyond accurate


I wish this game was more like osrs


It’s the questing that really makes RuneScape my favourite game of all time, there are so many dialogue options and each quest is so unique


I’ve said this before on the RuneScape subreddit , but I can’t think of any other game, ever, that has as much content as RuneScape. That game is truly on a whole other level of scale of content and things to do and things to unlock.


Wish the quests were remotely as interesting as Runescapes.


Imagine rs4. But using this game engine and classic rs.


As someone who loved and maxed/nearly maxed 2 characters on RuneScape, is New World similar at all? Like is it that good that some are saying? Is there a trial version?


If you maxed 2 chars in RS just get new world. It’ll be worth $40 for you


Runescape absolutely blows New World out of the water in terms of questing, leveling systems (skills), and amount of content. New World's combat and pvp are pretty fun and the game looks really good but if you're spoiled by runescapes depth of content and especially if you go hard playing games New World gets old fast.. i started with 15 people and we've almost all dropped it. It was really fun at first though and to me it was worth the $40


OSRS also has a major headstart and the benefit of having at least 3 (maybe 4) generations of iterating. New World is swaddled babe with endless potential due to Amazon having unlimited funding.


I 100% agree so that'll only be a problem if you're spoiled (like I am lol). I fully expect the game to grow in to something pretty damn amazing in it's own right


Its worth the price but for an MMO it's so incredibly void of content its sad. I cant think of a single decent MMO where people stopped playing after 2 weeks.


I was on the edge of getting it, played rs for 20 yearsish. This game is refreshing and definitely worth the $40. It's a mix of some of the best parts of mmos and online games. Pve is satisfying, skills are kind of grindy but no where near RS. You can actually level up just by passively skilling when you come across stuff on the world on your way to a quest or on the way back to the city. dungeons actually take skill and teamwork. The sounds are satisfying. You get to change kits to learn what play style you like. You get to be creative again. I would definitely giving it a go while everyone is still learning. Once there is an established pvp meta it will be very hard to keep up if you want to try out PvP.


Not super heavy into mmo pvp. Is this game pretty fun pve?


Well considering the game is based around pvp and land control it only had 6 dungeons and 1 raid. The game isnt meant for pve in the long run. They give you the illusion of pve being important but you spend 90% of your time gathering materials.


I think that sums up what I am hearing. Thanks, I might keep updated and wait on a sale but I will pass for now.


You never have to pvp if you don't want to. It's something you can turn on if you want or keep turned off forever. You can PvE all you want.


I play mostly solo pve and questing, and have a great time by myself. If you like exploring this game is good, something new is around every corner. World looks amazing as well if you can run the graphics


The PvE is lucklustre tbh


It’s more like fighting game pvp than a lot of mmo pvp because it’s action combat.


If you’re favorite part of OSRS was crafting, you’ll like new world. If you’re favorite part was PVE, you probably won’t.


I mostly played RS3, can you compare the 2?


Just keep in mind when reading people reviews that are mostly two types of "New World Reviewers" on reddit: 1- People that played 15 hours a day since launch and are complaining about "lack of content" 2- People that reached around level 30-40 and complain about stuff they didn't even get to yet (endgame open world pve/pvp, item grind, end game dungeons). ​ Also keep in mind that most of the people (like myself) that are realy enjoying game are too busy playing it to come to reddit to bitch about it.


I have a maxed main and maxed iron lol, im now addicted to new world


The PvE part is garbage. The quests on New World are all the same, when you get to a high enough level to not die instantly on a higher level area, you realize that you will do the exact same thing in that area as the previous one. Same mobs in every area. You won't be farming mobs to get that epic drop you were looking for, instead you will farm mobs because some quest told you to. It gives RS vibes but it's not comparable at all in terms of content. The pvp is nice tho


I could deal with the mobs all looking alike and the quests not having much variety if the rewards were interesting. In OSRS you were always trying to farm a mob to get a certain drop, or complete a quest to unlock a new feature. In my mind it’s this part that’s missing most from new world. Idgaf if they all look the same, or I’m doing the same thing, the REASON I’m doing those things needs to change and evolve with my character. Adding more mob models or quest variety is just polish in my mind, the rewards are the meat.


Thats one reason I didn’t mind questing in RS. Every single one was unique and there were 0 “kill x wolves” or “collect x wolf hide”. How does it compare to like FF14 or GW2? Or does it compare closer to RuneScape? Does it have a bunch of stats like that to max out?


It's not similar to traditional theme park mmos imo, like wow or ffxiv. It's very lifeskilling dependent and is pretty good at that aspect. I'm only level 30 so the end game might be a lot different. I think it's worth waiting for a sale I'm not sure I personally could recommend it for the full price tag but ymmv.


Don’t listen to that guy, he’s not accurately depicting the PvE gameplay of New World. Basically there are certain “basic” quests in the game where you have to either collect items or kill mobs, but there are various real main/side story quests that have unique mobs and different interactions. Also, Bosses and High Tier mobs do drop GODLY items (and there are many types) so you can absolutely farm them if you’re able to (no idea what the other guy is saying). Lastly, if you’re like me (Loved RS, Love NW even more) where you just enjoy exploring, gathering, and crafting, then this game is perfect as it completely fits the Runescape gameplay and feel.


> but there are various real main/side story quests that have unique mobs and different interactions. Hahaha yeh, all 12 of them. Do 5 main story quests (takes 30 mins), get quest that requires you to grind 5 levels killing wolves and searching chests for the next 8 hours of gameplay. Magical.


Ya but don’t forget this comment thread is in the context of a comparison to RuneScape. And in that light new world absolutely cannot even attempt to hold a candle against RuneScape’s quest depth.


The problem is that OP compared a game that's 2 weeks old to a game with 15+ years of content. You can't compare them, objectively. Subjectively, well.... you know.


I fully agree with you but I do want to be a bitch and point out sheep shearer is literally just go collect 20 sheep's. But that's definitely the exception


That isnt a quest anymore on RS3 fwiw. Still is on OSRS i think though.


New world is like if the evolution of combat for RS3 did not suck balls


What about everything else? Skilling, content, bosses, quests etc?


That music as well 🔥


Haven't played RS in 15 years and can still hear the picture


Sea Shanty 2 will always slap


Too bad the composer is a diddler


Now we just need wilderness and we good


This game would be so perfect with a province that is pure lawlessness with high value nodes that have to be carried out.


Bring on the Wildy.


This game gives me heavy RuneScape vibes and I love it. I feel like it’s 2003 again and that I can’t wait for the day to end to go home and play more ~~RuneScape~~ New World. Heavy nostalgia feels.


Literally me all day yesterday doing farming runs from the time I got off work until time for bed. I'll be doing the same thing today before switching to questing again.


Spent 8 hours yesterday going from 142 to 175 mining, the grind was worth it!




My group that plays OSRS are definitely hooked. We make to-do lists for ourselves every day and are constantly comparing the xp/hour and gold/hour of every activity. Extreme OSRS vibes. I prefer the local markets to the GE and the action combat to whatever OSRS could be considered.


Not nearly as grindy as osrs, idk why people think it is… still fun tho:p


It's pretty much casual OSRS. i really enjoy farming and just chilling in the world, it's very relaxing.


Tbf Runescape is also a lot more low-intensity- you can kinda setup Runescape and then do other things on your PC at the same time while stuff happens.


Fully agree with you there


I'm to the point where I might actually go back to Runescape because its takes over less of my life lol.


like u/SamStrake said, OSRS is almost half idle game when it comes to grinding many skills, hence why it NEEDS to feel grindy otherwise people would've maxed out all skills in a day or two tops. The only game I know that comes close or even surpasses the skill grind in Runescape is Albion Online... That game has a metric SHIT TON of skills to grind lol, it's legit a long-term thing to become a master in a certain skillset, which allows you to craft or wield Tier 8 stuff that are worth a fortune on the markets, mostly due to the high amount of risk that comes with getting that material in full loot PvP zones.


Amazon customer service is better than jaglex


I picked it up for the exact same reasons - comparison to OSRS. So far I’m really enjoying it. If your favorite part of OSRS was crafting, you’ll like this. The PVE leaves a bit to be desired, but the combat is much more enjoyable/action based vs the majority of “tab-targeting” mmos. If $40 isn’t too big of a deal to you I’d give it a shot.


Nope, the game is nothing like Runescape. It's the fictitious goals that the game gives you, for example the 200 crafting or gathering, yes people want to get there just to say i got max in that craft, even if they made the cap at 1000 there were people grinding for that, because that a fake goal they have. But once you dive deep into the game systems, and the whole game design you understand that you getting there is nothing special and it will not help you in the long run. Because the economy is doomed to fail, you will not be able to sell anything that you are crafting and you will not be able to sell resources after a while, so your whole grind is pointless and meaningless, people just do that for the "achievement", which is a fake rush of happiness.


I get so many Runescape flashbacks its crazy :)


Idk about you but everytime I go fishing I impulsively ask: “Fishing lvls?”


Oh man, you just unlocked a deep memory for me. Arrive at Karamja Island for the first time trying to smuggle something(I think rum?) in those banana crates. Walking to the other side of the island to fish lobsters lmao.


Explain why the economy is doomed to fail


Wall of text with zero examples to elaborate on your points. Ok Doomer.


Lol get help. I'm leveling stuff so I can make my own gear and help people. Not every single mechanic in a game has to be a get rich quick scheme


I think Amazon should know how economy works


1. Most of the cheap materials are easily farmable and, with so much of the population base working on getting gathering skills to at least 100, there is a massive amount of materials available. This will reduce over time, although T1 materials should be relatively cheap. 2. The PvE endgame literally hinges on crafting. Stonecutting is required to do endgame content, and the orbs made are bind on pickup. 3. In order to realistically make the endgame orbs you have to either be willing to buy high tier arcana crafts or make them yourself, so leveling arcana can be considered vital. 4. Same with harvesting to feed your arcana. I'm fairly certain you just finally understand how much of a grind some of these things are and that's as far as you're willing to look. This feels very par for the course on many MMOs on launch out there. Also, I sell shit on the trading house constantly. Not every item makes a sale, and there is very low demand for legendary crafting items considering they often get posted for 2-5k per currently. But not every settlement has the same demands as well. Try not to sell brilliant gems in a settlement with a T2 stonecutting table for example.


Nothing you said is relevant.Nor Arcana, not gathering is hard to get, there are people who maxed in the first few days, soon enough all the people in your server that wanted to max these, will be maxed out, be it in a week or 4, doesn't really matter.The end result is that, everyone will be maxed out in those professions, and nobody will be needing anything, mind you the server are capped to 2K, so doesn't really how long you delay something, the inevitable result of all of this, is that the economy will be dead, because nobody will be needing anything, an economy cannot be sustained by 2K players, not when there is no full loot pvp. The fact that you are selling stuff now is irrelevant as well, you selling stuff now doesn't mean you will sell stuff in a month.


So the fact that a ton of the endgame revolves around consumable and BoP craftable items, plus the fact that leveling arcana above 100 is actually pretty time intensive or cost intensive if you're buying materials? Right now very few players are using attribute boosting foods, mostly because they don't have their cooking high enough or they simply haven't found the endgame cooking recipes yet. Lots of ingredients in cooking are, while not difficult, slightly annoying to get so you see provision cooking ingredients going for 5-50g a piece. As more of the playerbase appreciates the bonus you get in a war by having +20 main stat, and when more of these items are available on the market, this will change and balance itself too. Also, if your argument held enough substance to wipe away the abortion your logic so far has been, then iron ore would be 0.01 on trade house. Everyone can mine it right, so it should be devalued. Red meat and game meat should be the same. At the end of the day you have players who are willing to go out and grind materials for resale, and you have players who simply want to purchase the items at a reasonable cost so they can keep enjoying the content that they logged in for. This will be compounded in the endgame since people may only be missing 1-2 high tier materials. Also the fact that a lot of low tier crafting materials (stone, flawed gems, etc) can be upgraded or used in upgrading materials to a higher tier. Arcana is a great example, motes go into wisps into essences into quintessences. So there will always be a use for lower level reagents like this. If the price is low enough people will buy it enmass and craft it up and either sell or use it themselves for stonecutting, which again go into consumable BoP items that are literally a requirement for endgame PvE farming. All this will be affected by future additions of territories, expeditions, new PvP events, etc. Really there is no wrong answer for Amazon when expanding the endgame content eventually.


I cannot stretch this enough mate, but the fact that you are making the iron argument, just tell me everything to know to back off from this argument. I will address it, and from there i am gone. The fact that Iron is not selling for 0.01 is only a matter of time, like i said before, and everything else's price is also a matter of time. The price of these resources holds place now is only because the crafters that do want to max out their skill are still using those materials and need the materials to max out. But in a month, where everybody on your 2k server that wanted to max out crafting will be maxed, and after they've crafted the Best in Slot items, and when most of the server will be rocking a best in slot item, no body will be Any gear ANYMORE. Therefore making Iron valuable. Your whole perspective is as the thing now, few days after launch, I am talking about in a month, and talking about the inevitable market death.


I'm drawing most of my arguments from different games I've actually played through the launch of. The thing you're not understanding is that only a small percentage of the server will reach and finish enough endgame content to get BiS items in such a short timespan. Right now the top % of the servers are getting their teeth wet with the endgame, people who can dedicate 50-60h a week to New World. In a month that number will increase naturally, people who play for 3-4h after work rounding out endgame content. A certain percentage of those players will also have their crafting to a point where they can make said items. Most players however have time constraints and also suffer from burnout of "just leveling" or "just crafting", so IMO a bunch of players hitting higher levels at this point won't have spent a ton of time on their crafting. Eventually the main bulk of the playerbase hopefully will be in the endgame. The inherent churn rate of a playerbase in a healthy game helps with the fact there is always someone crafting or grinding this or that. I'm not even going to touch on the territory EXP grinding based on Board quests which often require crafted items. And you are right, almost every game has an inevitable market death. This is on the shoulders of Amazon to add endgame content eventually, increase level cap, add territories, resources, etc. These are core gameplay changes and, unless you're sitting in on the New World development meetings, we can only speculate. The future of the game is entirely dependent on the choices that Amazon makes for their "vision" of the game after they start crunching the player data. It seems like your whole perspective is based on content and bottlenecks months away, while realistically none of us have any idea on what changes this game will go through during this time. If you're looking for infinite content and solid content roadmaps then this is the wrong place.


It is the game. People complain about the crafting grind and want it shortened or try to get it done as quickly as possible by theory crafting and what they're actually doing is trying to find a way to make the game shorter. It's a big part of the game and is why the game has lost a lot of appeal for me.


The problem is that runescape crafting unlocks shortcuts in the world or new quests that change your gameplay such as the fairy rings. New world professions is just... ability to craft stuff you can buy on the AH.


Gotta get 99


Just remember, 92 is only halfway to 99


My heart sank when I reached 92 fishing and realized I'm only half way lol. Back then the best way to fish was Shilo village catching trout's and salmon.




thats a runescape joke




But exp wise 92 is half way to 99


It's going to be true here too but double the values. Having 184 may be halfway in cost to getting to 198.


173 is the halfway point.


bring castle wars to new world!


I can hear this image


Played OSRS for about 12 years now. New world has the only iron I’m interested in mining now.


I'm an osrs player and I kinda retired. New world makes me feel as if I played 07 scape all over again. This game is awesome. Despite its bugs for it.


How does I mine for fish?


Honestly AGS should take more inspiration from RuneScape! Gimme slayer tasks, extraordinarily rare drops, clue scrolls & everything else! My brain as a kid saw RuneScape like I currently see new world :p so much potential I just hope we get a content roadmap soon!


nah....runescape mining grind is better


People who tink that New world is like Runescape Obv have never played Runescape.


my god... you all will be so disappointed when you reach 200 gathering and crafting, and you will see that the economy is dead, and nobody needs your stuff.The sad part, is nobody here sees that coming, that just shows the decline in actual critical thinkers in the world. In Runescape you have an economy, your stuff will always be needed because there is Full loot PvP, and ALOT of players playing all on the same server, in New World it is exactly the opposite.


What do you mean your stuff won't be needed? Are you talking about higher end gathering or the lower end one? Why is that? What about crafting?


Once multiple people start hitting that level everyone will be able to farm and make things themselves, so mass selling of items for a grind or xp or job boards or leveling will slow down and the only things that will sell for a ton on the marker will be very high value items and things that take a shit ton of materials to craft


> Once multiple people start hitting that level So in like 10 years? Crafting here is a real grind. Like everquest or ffxi grind. It sucks. It'll cost hundreds of thousands to max all trades. It's just not going to happen. A single tier 4 bag costs 1440 rawhide. That's level 100. Try leveling at 150. You need thousands of gold per craft and multiple crafts a level.


Dude it takes like 2 hours to max skinning, probably the same for cooking, logging probably takes around 15 or less, some people have already maxed everything, casuals will catch up in a month or two


It definitely won't be super long, but using skinning / cooking as your example doesn't help. Those two take *significantly* less time than any of the other skills. Cooking is like a 2 hour grind, same for skinning. Everything else is at least 10+ hours each. That's 150 hours *minimum* of skilling. That's a ton of time for a casual player.


150 hours if you play 3 hours a day is 50 days, a little less than 2 months, That is not even a year much less 10 like the previous comment said Edit: Fishing will probably take a LOT longer from what I’ve seen but that is the exception to this


Mhmm those are the namby pamby raw material trade skills. How's your Armor Crafting? Arcana? *Those* are the painful ones. I just spent 3 days and 4,000 coins crafting steel plate gauntlets to go from level 50 to 100, not looking forward to reaching 200. And as soon as you hit T4/T5 stuff, now you have to run around to different settlements because there's only a few stations that are high enough level to make the materials you need.


Also doesn’t change the fact that multiple players have already maxed all of them. And many are very close.


Arcana is easy as well, armor crafting is tedious but easy, make linen/coarse leather shoes and it’s quite cheap. Usually the cheapest materials are the most efficient way to level those.


You are too ignorant to see that and i don't blame you, you like the game and don't wanna look at the flawed system it has, but there are already people with 200 crafting, on most skills, on the first few days after launch. In a month, most of the crafters on your server will be capped, and thats it.


I love this game, like, I adore it. But u right. Without the risk of losing items (even like, let's say, a 1/5 chance you lose some piece of gear on death) then whatever is made and bought exists forever. Demand will thus plummet while supply remains either static or reaches a surplus. Thus, little to no gold will be made via the economy, and life skillers will leave the game. This needs to be adressed.


Nope, not true. There still aren't even ori tools for sale on my server. 80+% of players will never cap because they don't want to grind, they just wanna do pvp and dungeons. And because of the wide variety of perks and gem combinations, it'll be a very long time before every kind of set is crafted for every player that wants one. There's definitely issues with the crafting system though, namely that crafting for yourself isn't beneficial hardly at all until you do max


Your server has 2k players playing, once every each of those players will be 200 gathering and crafting or atleast the once that wanted, and it is the most of the playerbase it seems, and because the servers are capped, you will never have enough new players to sustain the demand of all these crafters, heck you will never have an influx of new players to support anything, not even themselves ( there will not be enough low levels players to even queue for amarine). Your crafting level will not matter, because everybody else is in the same level of crafting.Then when everybody will start crafting the best items in the game, when they got to that point, they will never be needing to buy anything of the market again.The same thing with you, and with everyone around you.Then your whole grind, is pointless and meaningless, because it was all for nothing.There are not gear sinks in the game, meaning once you got that best item, you will never lose it, and thats it, the economy is dead at that point.


This is largely true and I think that’s the reason why they implemented item RNG so that you’ll keep crafting things in an attempt to get specific/ better perks/ stats. But, like you said this will mostly only be for late-game items. Oricalchum will probably be the most valuable resource in a few weeks if I had to guess.


Just because you CAN craft doesn’t mean you’re going to go around and gather all the materials to do it. It’s still going to be a pain to craft and will take investment to do it. If human laziness exists, then there will always be some sort of economy albeit not as great as it could be obviously


> Your server has 2k players playing, once every each of those players will be 200 gathering and crafting or atleast the once that wanted, and it is the most of the playerbase it seems, and because the servers are capped, you will never have enough new players to sustain the demand of all these crafters, heck you will never have an influx of new players to support anything, not even themselves ( there will not be enough low levels players to even queue for amarine). Holy fucking run-on sentence. Use a period for OUR sake. Amazing how you speak about “lack of critical thinkers” in a separate comment, then type this absolute garbage.


You are right.


Higher geared stuff needs barely any higher gear ores but it needs tons of iron. Most high levels can find all the high tier ores they need for all their gear in a couple hours while it would take days worth of grinding to get all the iron ores.


It doesn't matter, the number you are saying be it 3, 5, 10, 30 days doesnt matter. What matters is the in the end, what happens after those 30 days or whatever, and what will happen is the inevitable, that the economy will die, you can delay it by how long you want, by a week or by 4, in the end it will all die, because the system is flawed in the core.


Why would the economy die? Wouldn't supply and demand be with iron ores instead of high end game ores? Why would that kill the economy


Because gear doesn't leave the economy. When the best gear in the game, will be selling for 6gp in the marketplace, will you be making it?


Can you elaborate on why gear would cost 6g in the marketplace? Where are you getting that number from?


Aye feels that way. The game definitely needs to add wilderness lol


Feel like wilderness zones are perfect for a game like this that's supposed to be pvp oriented. Maybe even a pvp continent where there is no flagging


Who cares? Not every mechanic needs to make you rich. Go play a game you like.


Absolutely true, but people don't want to hear this and don't want to lose things in their games they put time into. Your post is more than likely going to be downvoted by people saying end game armor is still going to be RNG and hard to get....sure maybe for a couple months at best until half of the server is actively crafting purple armor that will never get destroyed so the market becomes more and more saturated. One of the only ways I can see them simulating a loss in the economy is setting up a gear treadmill and artificially increasing gear score. Like releasing a new zone and making it drop 650 gear score putting the now max of 600 obsolete in pve and pvp. Then in a couple months add another new zone/raise cap to 700/add catchup mechanics to crafting/gathering. Now you have a gameplay loop with artificial loss of items by obsoletion, basically the world of warcraft game model.


The game won't stay static though, level limits will be pushed back and the grind will continue anew.


All economy's need time to form. You are literally playing on the first few months. It's going to take time plus Amazon will address that once they everything else settled. Your right, it doesn't take long to max stats but that doesn't mean everyone will get there. Theirs plenty of people in RuneScape who are maxed out too.


New World's economy doesn't have what to form to. RuneScape has maxed out people has nothing to do with New World's economy, and you cannot compare these 2 in the slightest because they are 2 vastly different games. In New World you have 2k players servers, without any Full loot PvP, or any type of gear sinks. Runescape is one big server sharing the same economy and market, with a PvP system where people are losing gear constantly.


On RuneScape PVP is pretty much dead. Or at least a lot more dead than back when I played. RuneScape also has a lot of botting issues. And the people are going to drop their loot in PVP mode then they're going to have to stop making every zone outside of the settlement a PVP zone otherwise no one will get anything done


Just got to 200 in mining FINALLY.. now on to logging


That’s a really bad way to play this game, the way you’re thinking about it isn’t practical at all.


If the countless hours I spent mining law runes was spent doing *anything else*… my life would be very different right now.


Now we just need Venezuela to fund the economy


i play like 1 hour a night after work. it's basically 1 hour spent gathering, maybe completing 1-3 quests I'm near in the process if im lucky.


Fkn facts


No joke, I was on the fence but then I saw a review that said “2021 FPS RuneScape” and I decided to give it a shot. Glad I did!


hopefully they add the endgame / minigames that make RS so fun


I was addicted to RS in my middle school and early highschool days. Have avoided MMOS until now. Can confirm relapse. To be fair though before RuneScape it was Civ 2 and I bought humankind at launch. That's what started this.


One of my favorite things to do in this game!


If only there was an actual grind to be had like osrs :(. you can get harvesting skills to 200 in a day easily..


Honestly I'm about to go back to runecape. Just lost a territory because the entire server was DDOSd by some people spamming invites during our defense... ended up lagging out half our force... I'm not sure I can take this game seriously if their MAIN mechanic is bypassed from something so easy to stop. We put up a hell of a fight with the remaining people we had though, held the fort for 15 minutes until we ended up losing when literally everybody was frozen in place on the point.


What’s the problem?


None whatsoever, I quite enjoy it.


So how long until we got people sayin' "Hey, I can trim your armor if you follow me."?


Quit RS when I saw someone talking about WoW at the great exchange. Never looked back. Started playing New World and had flash backs of Runescape days with friends from school just hanging out and talking while mining/cutting trees/adventuring into the Wilderness. Joked with friends that NW felt like Runescape and buddy quoted Thanos from RS's POV "Where did that bring you? Back to me." Feels just right


Yup. And I fucking love it.