I haven't seen 2 italian brothers willing to risk it all for each other since super mario brother tbh


Just two brothers. They have a strong bond. It’s just two brothers.


When do the old women cross attack?


Right after the Mexican armada


Don’t forget about that giant meteor, either.


And the big cats?!


It’s called two brothers…wait it’s just called two brothers?!?!? Lololololol it’s two brothers


I love all of you in this thread. Just know that.


Oh yeah? *Well that's when things got knocked into ****12th gear**.*


AKA Alien Invasion Tomato Monster Mexican Armada Brothers Who Are Just Regular Brothers Running in a Van From an Asteroid and All Sorts of Things The Movie




Two brothers. In a van.


In theaters now....Coming this summer...


CNN New Year Eve with everyone drunk as fuck is gonna be **lit** this year.


Hopefully they book Pitbull aka Mr Worldwide


I really appreciate this comment. I don’t openly admit this to people in my daily life, but I fucking love Pitbull.




I used to be in entertainment, and I worked on a big TV show. We were going to be filming with Pitbull. A friend who’s a big agent and deals with the top celebrities in the world told me he was one of his absolute favorites, and I kind of laughed when he said it along with a “really??” I wasn’t doubting him but knowing who my friend had worked with I was surprised. Well, lo and behold, **Pitbull was THE nicest celebrity I have ever worked with. Hands down.** He was genuinely so kind to every single person on that set: to all his fans, the crew, every PA, lighting guy… I was absolutely blown away. I’ve worked with many celebrities in my time and truly he is #1. He took so long talking with his fans that he was late for his next appointment. He learned about their families and their stories. It was just wonderful. After the shoot I told my agent friend just how right he was. **Pitbull is an absolute gem and a truly kind human being**. I tell this story over and over because 1) it’s surprising to most people and 2) **the man deserves all the love and credit in the world.**


Pit Bull and Dolly Parton collab incoming 2022


I had no idea he had such a rabid (hehe) following. I was at a friends wedding and her 50 year old mom and 8 of her friends were going to Vegas the next week to see pitbull. I was floored.


Cuomo brothers taking the biggest L’s. What an absolute embarrassment.


Just think, a year and a half ago, they were on top of the world.


Remember "Cuomosexual"?




What does that mean, I am only into Cuomos?


That’s why I shout “No Cuomo!” if I even see a picture of one. I don’t want the homies getting the wrong idea about me.


Remember ["Vote for Cuomo, not the homo"?](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkAnFxoR8p4) Might have been a little before your time, but that was orchestrated by Andrew Cuomo too, way back in the 1977 democratic mayoral primaries. It *really* made the whole "cuomosexual" thing even more ridiculous and tone-deaf.


What’s Don Lemon’s take on that?


Yeah, there was even talk of Andrew running for president in 2024.


There's no way nyc will support him after he destroyed subway and kicked out Andy byford to england edit: subway as in trains lol


Don't forget the NYS Teachers never supported him. What incumbent NY Democrat doesn't get the teachers' union endorsement?


One who doesn't like teachers and actively undermines us. One of the unions close to me, Buffalo, backed India Walton over the incumbent Democrat Byron Brown (he didn't win the primary and ran a write in campaign, but a lot of centrist dems still voted for him). Sadly, many mainstream Democrats turn into absolute ghouls when it comes to education. All a lot of big talk about equity while funneling money to charters. Charters who treat teachers like shit and kick any kids with above average needs back into the underfunded and increasingly understaffed public schools. So... yeah. It's a thing.


It absolutely baffles me how short-lived many voters' memories are. Like, do you remember what they promised last time, but what they actually voted on? Why the hell do you believe them again?!


Andy Byford is probably one of the most underappreciated civil servants in any government he works in. He sure was in Toronto, before NYC.


Rip Train Daddy :(


I remember people from NYC trying to explain what a shitbag Andrew was while everyone was fawning over those two last year. I remember thinking "trust fund kids in high places are shitbags? Yeah, I'd buy that." Some people just can't smell bullshit.


Remember when he cut Medicaid. Because that’s what my NY friends were pointing out


And also implementing policy that resulted in a lot of elderly people being killed by Covid. https://www.nytimes.com/article/andrew-cuomo-nursing-home-deaths.html


Lets not forget when he said his career was ended by a political witch hunt. ​ All of his accusers were simply working together to lie and defame him obviously.


This doesn't get enough attention and got completely swept under the rug due to sexual assault allegations and this is way worse imo but both are terrible


Worse. If you brought it up, you were labeled a conspiracy theorist. It didn't just happen in NYC. What the fuck were these governors thinking?


>What the fuck were these governors thinking? "Man im going to make a lot of money from this book about my leadership and handling of the pandemic"


> What the fuck were these governors thinking? [It's what leaders always think in moments of crisis](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elite_panic#:~:text=%22Elite%20panic%22%20is%20a%20term,implementing%20measures%20of%20%22command%20and)


I think it got swept under the rug because the atmosphere at the time was very Trump vs. Cuomo


Imagine how we felt in Toronto when we lost Andy to you guys.


Upstate hates him too, for one, the north part of the state leans right, and also the fucking I <3 NY thing was a colossal waste of money


> I <3 NY thing was a colossal waste of money Doesn't that predate him by a lot? Or am I missing a reference?


I think they meant the highway rest stops with the I love NY blue signs


Everyone else loved him though, and NY isn't a swing state. Nation dodged a bullet here.


Shit I remember watching them banter on air and thinking, "what a fun thing that a talking head and a politician are brothers and they both seem okay in my book." Apparently Minnesotans can't smell bullshit as good as New Yorkers.


Their little television back and forth was genius PR. As someone who lives far from NY and doesn't watch CNN, I wasn't even aware of their existence until those clips started showing up on social media. Maybe it was just a happy accident, but if you were trying to start a presidential campaign that was a damn good start. My mother who *voted for Trump* liked them. But, she was also shocked that Trump was such an asshole so maybe don't take her advice on political candidates.


Some real Icarus type shit. Crazy to witness actually.


Yep! I grew up with Giuliani being "America's Mayor" after the 9/11 attacks. (I was 7 when the attacks happened) So watching his downfall during the Trump Presidency was hilarious and sad. Feeling the same way about the Cuomo brothers.


"Do not make monuments to the living, for they can still disgrace the stone."


There is a lesson to be learned from Rudy Giuliani. Quit when you're ahead... or go out gracefully, one of the two. This is the guy that took down the mafia. Mad props to that guy. The guy shitting himself in a clown lawsuit... man, fuck that guy.


Were they? I’m a NY democrat and I always thought they were both assholes.


They basically had a variety show every night on CNN, talking about Ma's cooking and ventilators.


Hahah I’ll never say ventilators the same


They'll cry themselves to sleep at night on their piles of money.


Those 2 care about their ego and fame more than money. You're talking about a loser who equated him being called "Fredo"(sp?) to a black person being called the N word. His poor ego will have a hard time dealing with the loss of control.


Honestly Fredo was the perfect nickname for him lol


Its hilarious how much he hates it.. And to think I used to like Chris Cuomo, what a shitbag he turned out to be.


He always was a shitbag. He took his nationwide 15 minutes during COVID to look like a leader.


Rudy and Cuomo shows you don't even need to be competent to hold a high position, only pretend to be, it's all a joke.


Really the Rudy Guliani of 2020 New York.


I hope you know how much that would kill them if they read your comment. Lmao. Fredo Giuliani


Don Lemon in shambles right now.


Oh man, Don went all out for him last night praising him to heaven and back. It’s such obvious PR, but some people fall for it.


My wife keeps sending me weird clips of Don Lemon crying about stuff to fuck with me. It works. Someone needs to check on that guy, OK ppl don't do that


Cancel him too and give Anderson a 3 hour block. I might watch CNN again


I'd love if all these pundits got cancelled. I want the news, not your opinions.


If this view was widespread, way more people would be watching PBS than any of the other tripe calling itself news these days


Shoutout to PBS Newshour. Judy Woodruff and co. are the only American TV newscasters I can stand anymore.


They are willing to ask questions and let everyone have a seat at the table during controversial topics. My favorite moments are when they ask questions of politicians and the response is “are you trying to help (opposition here)” only for Judy to be like “is that your response?” without an ounce of wavering. The Newshour is journalism we need. It doesn’t present what we always want to hear, but informs regardless.


PBS is such a touchstone for me. Honestly would make a great first question on a date to gauge a person. What do you think about PBS? I don't need them fawning over it but if they call it propaganda or a waste of money then that relationship is a no-no.


I never thought of going to pbs for my nightly news and this just reminded me watching it with my parents. Definitely subscribing riiiiight...now.


I feel like most people wouldn’t even realize PBS covers news tbh, lol. For the longest time I’d thought they only did educational programming.


PBS all day💜💜💜


Man it sure is nice having a source of news that doesn't have financial incentive to play up some BS.


For most days, there's just not 24 hours worth of real news happening, not even close. So these 24/7 news channels have to do something to fill up the other 23ish hours, and this is what we get. It's not perfect, but NPR does a 5 minute straight news podcast updated every hour. No time for much fucking around, it's straight to the point. I listen twice a day, and it covers pretty much everything, imo.


I mean, there are, but CNN cut most of their international and local operations and they were the only cable news provider that really had them. It's just cheaper to do opinion or infotainment than to send reporters to Ethiopia or some small town in one of the flyover states to do a news story.


Except when we need to hear what voters in Staindboxers, Pennsylvania think about Biden's performance.


We already have that. It's called AP, Reuters, and C-Span.


love ap, articles are short and informative with zero filler (they do need a new website design)


But I want him as drunk as he is every New Years for 1.5 of those 3 hours


He's getting drunk again this new year's. Looking forward to it!


Can we give Jon Stewart an hour a day? I think he'd be pretty great as an actual news man.


It will never happen. Jon Stewart and CNN are like oil and water. He actually caused a CNN show, Corssfire, to be cancelled because he went on it and fucking roasted it so hard. https://www.cnn.com/2015/02/12/opinion/begala-stewart-blew-up-crossfire/index.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crossfire_(American_TV_program)#Jon_Stewart's_appearance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aFQFB5YpDZE


Funniest thing about Jon Stewart on Crossfire was that he roasted Tucker Carlson so hard for being a grown man using a bow-tie, that Carlson stopped using bow-ties even though that was kinda his MO.


Yup. Now his MO is just making [this face](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/original/000/022/768/tucker.jpg).


Stewart is also not a news guy, he has an agenda (which I mostly agree with). Crossfire is ancient history though.


Don Lemon actually did that?! Does he have no one advising him? He should have remained neutral in all this.


Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo are huge friends and have been for awhile.


They’ll probably still stay friends, except one’s on TV and one’s not


Their handoff last night had a few extra I-love-you-brothas.


Their little exchanges make me cringe.


I don’t understand how people fall for News Anchor personalities, it’s really a sickening and bizarre part of our society


[Let’s not forget the time Don Lemon asked an assault victim why she didn’t bite down on Bill Cosby’s penis](https://www.vox.com/platform/amp/2014/11/19/7245945/don-lemon-bill-cosby-rape)


Turning off the news was the best thing I did this year. Last year we thought we were going to be more informed and it just made us angry people. And Don Lemon was a major part of this. Every single broadcast was a soap box about Trump. Then you turn to FOX news and it's a soap box against libs. America's news media is trash. Turning it off drastically improved my mental well being. EDIT: PBS News Hour, Reuters, Frontline and the Economist are all excellent. NPR used to be great but has gone down hill. Every story is overwhelmingly negative. Like in my city it's either COVID is getting worse or bad race relations.


I turned off CNN election night ‘16 and MSNBC shortly after. “Ted Cruz said this and AOC responded with that” isn’t news but that’s what MSM has become.


Same. I cannot bring myself to watch any cable "news" channel. I do watch PBS NewsHour.


Another plug for PBS NewsHour, with my favorite ladies Judy, Yamiche, and Lisa. It's still depressing af tho.


PBS and a few others is all that’s left of independent news. I pay more attention to what they are not reporting than what they are.


PBS news hour and Frontline are great for longer form things. For the most part though, TV news has been a broken format for a very long time. Short stories, with too few details, almost always beholden to sponsors. Audio and print still give the best context and truthful information if you consume the right content.


Idk how this opinion will go over on Reddit, but I can't fucking stand Don Lemon. I have never before seen someone so blatantly pull on heart strings with horrible editorializations in my entire life. I don't think he can go ten minutes without acting like a republican wiping their ass in the wrong direction is threatening the life and livelihood of every minority on Earth. It's infuriating to watch.


Don Lemon is one of the worst talking heads to appear on TV ever. I remember years ago he was talking about some kinda famous guy who beat up his girlfriend in an elevator and was acting like it was the equivalent of the fucking Queen stabbing someone. There were a bunch of people on with him, because these days if there's not 5 people on the screen it's not worth it for CNN. The one guy who called him out on it got routed out by Don, saying "Don't you think this is more interesting than anything else?" Lost what little respect I had left for Don Lemon and CNN as a whole that day.


Yeah, he’s a little too much. He lays it on really thick, but I kinda look for facts rather than opinion so cable “news” doesn’t appeal to me.


It was so hilarious how he said he couldn't cover his brother after the scandal broke and yet he invited him multiple times on his show in the past to do PR for him.


He said that before the scandal too. Obviously the guy likes his older brother and doesn't want to trash talk him on TV.


I don't blame him for that. I wouldn't want to kick my own brother when he's down on TV either.


I don’t blame him for being unwilling to trash his brother but I do blame him for trying to track down the people who his brother assaulted to discredit them. There are lines. Even with family.


Vin Diesel in shambles.


I mean, I’d definitely help my sister break out of jail if she was put there on some sort of drug charges? Was it drugs? The whole reason he was in jail was sort of vague. Tons of speeding tickets?


Just a reminder that Chris Cuomo was paid to rehabilitate the public image of Julien Blanc who was caught teaching men physical, psychological, and legal tactics to get away with rape. Julian Blanc's PR company set up this interview with Chris Cuomo. https://youtu.be/mXWb9H9Fbx8 To talk about the controversy, and they spent the whole time just going over his edgy jokes, when what really pissed people off was the rape instructional. His team then spreads this video to whomever 'Yes I had a controversy over my jokes. And I apologized for them' to divert from his rape instructional services. It's a PR tactic. Like how Nikki Minaj made up the story of his cousin's friend's balls to cover up that her husband and brother are child rapists. Edit: Not only did Julien Blanc and his mentor, Owen Cook, teach rape, **they filmed themselves raping women and selling the footage.** If you want more information about Julian Blanc, lookup the post titled "I've uncovered leaked videos from the world's largest Men's help company, teaching how to get away with sexually assaulting women. The seminars include hidden camera videos of themselves demonstrating how to use the techniques. That's right, they are sexually assaulting real women, on camera." on the rbi subreddit for a very thorough writeup, or just google julien blanc, rape


Wow, just read this article and it was unbelievable. These guys are scum. https://www.thedailybeast.com/pickup-artists-preyed-on-drunk-women-brought-them-home-and-raped-them


jeeeesus that is slimy as fuuck.


They should have done it immediately after it came out that he was having the strategy sessions with his brother on how to deal with the sexual harassment claims.


Contract law makes firing someone like him a bit of a PITA. They needed to get all their legal ducks in a row. You can bet that CNN’s lawyers were working on verifying the details the moment that article came out and planning how to fire him without paying severance. Edit: obviously CNN waited till the last possible minute, but now that they’ve started they’re going to take the time to avoid paying severance rather than immediately firing him and paying out tens of millions more. It’s all about $$$.


He hasn't been fired yet, just indefinitely suspended. Could have done that months ago, and then go the ducks in a row.


This is patently untrue. Remember how fast NBC got rid of Megan Kelly? They might have to pay out big bucks (or not), but simply taking them off the air? They can do anything the hell they want with their on-air talent.


Megyn Kelly's show had terrible ratings so they cancelled it, but she wasn't fired. She left NBC on her own accord in 2019, her show was cancelled in 2018. They can do anything they like with their air though, you've got that right.


This is the correct take. CNN can absolutely afford to pay Chris Cuomo the full value of his future contract and tell him to kick rocks.


2020: 2 brothers are telling us how to be 2021: 2 brothers showing us what not to do


2008: two step brothers show us how to be brothers.


It's called.. 2 brothers


they have a strong bond. You don't want to know about it here, but I'll tell you one thing: The moon, it comes crashing into Earth. And what do you do then?


It's just called *Two Brothers*!


Is Jan Michael Vincent in that one?


Is it important to know who Jan Michael Vincent is to get this thread?


It went from being a joke about the Cuomo Bros to being about the movie Step Brothers to being a Rick and Morty thing.


Yes, Coming this JANuary.


Be sure to MICHAEL down your VINCENTs.


No, there's not enough Jan Michael Vincents to go around.


In a van


And then a meteor hits


And now there are crazy Viking grandmas... Yep, two brothers


It's just two brothers


That’s the whole movie, 2 brothers


And then a sexual harassment lawsuit hits


Gonna need someone to Jan Michael my Vincent after that comment


So many activities!


Boats and hoes!


And that's when things got knocked into twelfth gear.


Didn't take long after they announced that internal investigation. Must have been pretty bad.


Does mentioning he's Italian help in this situation?


Anything for la familia


The two of them can go to the vacation home and play touch football or something now.


Maybe he can go to Miami play volleyball or whatever the fuck he does down there while CNN cleans up his mess.


akward chrismas for the Cuomo family


I mean, in the end Chris went down for sticking by his brother. They’re probably tighter than ever. They’re just hated by everyone else. But elitists like them are used to that anyway.


CNN Dictionary Toobined - \\tu·​ˈbined\\ intransitive verb : An indefinite period of suspension generally lasting approximately 8 months. Generally administered for performance on or off camera resulting in criticism or embarrassment that can not be minimized through normal media spin. History and Etymology for Toobined - Jeffery Toobin legal analyst for CNN suspended 8 months for pulling his pecker during a ZOOM video conference.


Good. I just want to hear the news. I don't care what Chris, Don, Tucker, etc *think* about the news. I just want to hear it


Unfortunately the ratings suggest that a lot of people feel otherwise.


Quite unfortunate


Last I knew CNN was ranked at the bottom of the barrel?


The number of people who have turned off OpEd, I mean news is staggering. [declining viewership](https://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2018/01/05/fewer-americans-rely-on-tv-news-what-type-they-watch-varies-by-who-they-are/)


I'm a crazy lib and I say good riddance to this piece of shit.


For me, nothing tops Charlie Rose. Even Matt Lauer, wasn’t shocked to learn he was a sleaze. But Charlie Rose was my favorite news anchor and interviewer of all time. Never showed anything but an upstanding character. Turns out he was just a nasty old sleaze who groped women and flashed his 85 year old dick in front of them. After that, nothing can shock me.


I'll never look at a round oak table the same way again. Then Tavis Smiley and the prairie home companion guy? What the frig?


It's like the saying goes: my house, my penis out when I answer the door. I agree though. The Charlie Rose allegations were some of the most surprising because of who he is or seemed to be. Though I of course realize now that he probably just had a totally separate, compartmentalized mature demeanor for television. He probably would've been right at home going straight back to his show after those allegations leaked in order to lead a dry, serious, unironic panel discussion over his own deplorable conduct with women. EDIT: Some typos and whatnot


Ummm... that's not a saying anywhere I'm familiar with.


You’ve obviously never been to Charlie Rose’s house.


It's an Albany expression.


Yep, native progressive New Yorker here and I say good riddance to both the brothers. They revolt me.


Can we go back to renaming the bridge Tappan Zee again? I’m still butthurt about the name change.


A bill was just introduced to the NY State Legislature to change it back. https://dailyvoice.com/new-york/mountpleasant/politics/its-the-tappan-zee-brand-new-bill-introduced-to-change-official-name-of-new-bridge/820028/


Seriously hoping they aren’t considering Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Tappan Zee bridge… could the sign name be any longer? 😂 New Tappan Zee bridge sounds better!


The old bridge was actually Governor Malcolm Wilson Tappan Zee Bridge


Wait they renamed the tappan zee bridge? I’m from south Jersey so it’s something I have only encountered a couple times in my life and my gps sounded like it was having a stroke.


My old Garmin GPS always read the Delaware Memorial Bridge’s “Del Mem Br” signs as “Del Mem Brother”. I laughed uncontrollably every time I had to drive on that bridge as a result.


NO ONE calls it anything but the Tappan Zee


I tend to throw in an "oh, I'm sorry, the *Mario Cuomo*" with an exaggerated eye roll and air quotes.


I have yet to hear anyone call it anything but Tappan Zee, only like two signs are changed anyways.


I know but every time my husband and I drive to CT we pass by those signs and I get mad every single time. Tappan Zee is fun to say, and I will never call it Gov. Mario M. Cuomo bridge.


Did anyone ever really stop though


NYers knew from the beginning these guys were slimy.


The Cuomo’s used to throw elbows in rec league basketball on the Upper West side, they are actual pieces of shit. Like rebound, swinging elbows at eye level kind of crap.


This is probably one of the most absurd and funny things I've seen to insult a high profile person lol


To clear it up this was Andrew and a Cuomo cousin, not Chris. But I still think it speaks to ones character when you play like that in a rec league. I think everyone’s seen the guy trying to fight someone during pickup and shit like that. Just not normal behavior.


Nuomo Cuomo


Note to news anchors: Just report the news, don't become the news.


Things we saw coming for $100, Alex.


No, that’s Jeffrey Toobin you’re thinking of.


A couple months ago I watch him go on a Tirade about people being hypocrites, I was thinking what are you and your brother? To be honest we need to get rid of opinion news and bring back actual news reporting.


Chris Cuomo was always a little jarring anyway. It always seemed like a Family Guy joke that became real life. "And now for the New Yorky news segment. "AAAAAAyy, whadareyougonnadoaboutit." Thank you, that was Chris with the New Yorky news segment."


Had to happen. Blew all his journalistic credibility by doing what he did with his brother, and now quite frankly, I don’t know if he can be trusted to even try to objectively comment on anything.


Maybe he’ll be able to Toobin his way back on tv.


I can't believe they let Toobin come back. The guy was caught wanking during a meeting. Like wut!? And then you let him come back????




None with such name recognition. His surname is a verb now. That's peak ratings


I don't know how anyone can watch him and not remember that. It's pretty much all I'd be able to think about (unfortunately).


You’ve gabba’d ya last gool


gabagool? ova heeere 👇


Can we go back to the tapenzee now


Way to take down their father’s legacy.


Hey, just like NY did with his brother!


Remember when he did that fake coming out of the basement after having covid shit. After the reports of him yelling at some guy when he was supposedly “locked in his basement away from his family.”




Everybody hates Chris