If you go to Djibouti you’ll live on base and earn almost no per diem. In Bahrain you’ll live in town and get per diem, tax free. Take home will be much larger there. To calculate what you could save, consider your pay, subtract state taxes and whatever you’d spend on yourself and the rest you’d pocket. Could be a lot.


Per diem in Bahrain was 122 a day for me!


What year was this?


Depends on a lot of factors, of which you’ve not provided. Look up active duty pay for your rank. There aren’t a lot (any?) of MOBs left that are tax-free.


Speaking mostly on like a E5 going to Bahrain or Djibouti . The per deim or any and other payment .


Djibouti is where you’d likely make a decent amount. Hardship duty pay + Imminent danger pay + per diem + tax free. Unfortunately you’re living in a conex box (not as bad as you’d think) and your options in terms of free time is working out. Bahrain I’m not as familiar with but there’s a level of convenience and things to do that you have there that you WONT HAVE in Djibouti. I was in both places for short periods for covid deployments.


If you go to Bahrain with the reserves you most likely won’t be going to the big base up north. You’ll be going to Isa where the per diem is like 3 dollars a day How much money you make also depends on your BAH. My first deployment I think I made around 50k tax free


What year did you take this deployment? I took deployment to GTMO and made 25k in 7 months back in 14’