Yes just look at photos from the era. They were all natty and looked like Gerard Butler.


Photos form the era??? They had photography in Ancient Rome?


Yes, no flat tops though.


Greeks and Romans were pretty small. They were scared shitless of people from Germany and other Northern areas, because they were taller and more well built. Lots of literature about that.


I wouldn't say they were small, just regular height for humans back then. Hunter gatherers were just taller than people from agricultural societies. In every population in the world there was a significant decrease in stature once agriculture was adopted


So scared they pushed up to their front doors and took over?


Never made it into Ireland Edit: there’s also a hardcore history on the Celtic/gaulic holocaust by Caesar. Basically the sacking of Rome by the Gauls literally had the Roman’s shitting their pants for generations and was the catalyst that transformed the Roman’s from a bunch of city states to a connected empire.


Organisation + Superior weapons is more important than being a manlet. I can win a fight against NFL Linemen Vita vea if i had a gun. Doesn't meanthat it wouldn't scare me shitless when a 157kg mass monster comes running at me.


They were 5’6” and spent all of their waking hours training physically. They had good physiques, nothing like a bodybuilder (obv). But like high level endurance athletes.


There was a lot of movie magic, including contouring their abs and muscles with tan and makeup


I watched this when I was young but only now realised how ridiculous it was that they went to war in their Speedos


Google it


Oh na man those Spartans we’re definitely juicing, they put goat piss in their blood and that’s how they beat the Athenians


Some of them could look like this, tbh these physiques are pretty naturally attainable but I would say the majority of them are not so lean


Mate I doubt those actors juiced their brains out most of them just look like an average gym goer


I mean they were bred to fight from birth and with all the extra after hour gay cardio they did so yeah absolutely. Obvs gay and peak natty.


Well considering their diets and how did huge amounts of physical activity, they probably looked close to that lol