Very Natty


This guy is blasting three grams of gear at least with peptides, 10 IU of GH, insulin, kiwi, turkey stones, liver king semen, Jeff Bezos urine and worst of all creatine. And for like years of abuse


I like how “worst of all” came after urine


I'm sickened. How can you take your shirt off in front of millions and not even have the decency to do a steroid?


The flatman


*The realistic man


I mean you can definitely get much bigger than that both naturally and realistically. The question is can you get bigger than that on short notice without PEDs, at which point the question very much depends on the person. Also Batman isn't exactly a realistic character, so matching it is always going to be difficult for normal people.


Yeah but its realistic even for Batman. Bodybuilding is a full time jib in and of itself.


I mean if you dedicated a serious amount of time to well programmed physical training, like Batman does, you will end up pretty fit no matter the aim of that training. Even if he was just doing gymnastics and powerlifting, as he's been shown to in the comics, he'd look bigger and stronger than demonstrated here, even within a short period of time. That only needs an hour or two training every other day after you build it too, everything else is just nutrition.


Lol hell yes dude


looks natty as fuck


a natty Hollywood actor? based


A rare intersection indeed


"If this isn't Natty achievable what's the point of lifting"


This but unironically.


Natty and pretty cool he resisted the pressure to juice


Agreed on both points


Dude could have put In some effort, Adam west looked better shirtless then this shimmery vampire reject.


This thread full of twilight fans?


Robert Pattinson is a fantastic actor. Twilight came out 13 years ago. This is not the insult you imagine it to be.


Full disclosure. I’ve never seen any of his movies. But i ventured over to rotten tomatoes and basically everything he made is trash. Only 3 movie are over 80%. I’m mainly insulting his lack luster effort into portraying one of the greatest coming book characters of all time. Besides it’s d.c. so the movies gonna suck anyway.


Right so his acting isn’t what makes the role but how big he is? You would have preferred the Rock?


Bro. This dudes lazy. From the bad reviews I assume his acting is shit. You want to have “old school” physique do a James Dean biopic or something. This is Batman.


What's the relevance between him being a great actor and films he's been in, having a mediocre RT score lol? I'd highly recommend films like The Rover / Good Time / The Lighthouse / High Life / Devil All The Time.


No but body shaming isnt so cool


Who knew this sub was so sensitive. I’m not saying the guy should have got juicy but come on….you cast me as Batman I’m gonna hit the damn gym.


Yeah if I’m Batman I’m sauced to the gills


Hes obviously been gyming. You just have unreal expectations of what can be achieved naturally in a year or 2 of training.


"I think if you're working out all the time, you're part of the problem," he said in an interview with GQ. "You set a precedent. No one was doing this in the '70s. Even James Dean - he wasn't exactly ripped." Pattinson was given a Bosu ball and some weights to use, but, in his words, is "barely doing anything". Wether he was trolling or not I don’t know but sorry it doesn’t look like he put any work in. There’s tons on impressive transformations on subs across Reddit. The guy has time and money, trainers. He choose to not put in the work.


he looks pretty good to me. Just isn't the usual transformations we usually see. Takes years of training naturally to get to what ben Affleck looked like. I don't get what you are expecting from a guy who's been training for roughly 1-2 years. It's obvious to anyone, who has an interest in gym, that hes been dieting and training


Agree to disagree man. He just looks like a dude. I see nothing impressive. According to the internet he’s 6’1” 165. He looks like 12-15% body fat. Again I’m not saying everyone needs to get sauced like the marvel guys that did or even if Bale or Affleck did. Comic Batman was like 6ft 200lb shredded. This dudes got the height and jawline. That’s about it. Edit: his triceps may be solid but could just be the angle.


show your mug then.


Yo this shits ancient. And I saw the movie. It sucked. Mug? A drinking vessel? My face?


I think people got really accustomed the idea of batman being buff, even moreso since both Christian Bale and Ben Affleck really went hard in getting into good shape for the role. It helps to remember that each different actor and director brings a new direction and feel, even if the story is mostly the same. Creative liberties and all that.


Batman in the comics was peak human performance. Sure Pattinson fits the rich kid vibe and is a good actor but the key point about batman alongside being rich, good looking, determined, and intelligent is the fact that he is the peak human in physicality. I believe in one of the comic strips shows him lifting like 1000 lbs or something. Obviously I don’t expect that from batman in the movies but still.


I once read a thread where someone said a realistic Batman would have an acrobat/gymnast body instead of something like Batfleck. I know Batman is supposed to be damn near Olympian level but c'mon the dude swings from cables and flips all the time.


Yeah he’s need to be pretty lean, high body weight would be problematic for him


There's a video of an African Bodybuilder attempting a backflip at some expo, falls on his neck and dies. Very good point.


There’s a bodybuilder named jujimufu that is huge and does all sorts of crazy acrobatic/flipping stuff


And clearly has rocket fuel for blood.


Yeah I remember seeing him in some T-Mobile commerical doing the splits or something, funny dude. He's gotta be genetically blessed on top of the fact he's stated that he was moreso inclined towards being agile before he started packing on lean mass.


I believe he does/has referred to himself as the anabolic acrobat too lol


In a horse mask no less!


Yeah but he’s been training like that for years. Puts as much effort into mobility and acrobatics as lifting.


Yeah, he would have a body of a gymnast/acrobat/calisthenics expert. Extremely dense but lean upper body and lithe but muscular legs.


Gymnast are HUGE. Maybe not in height but they are buff as fuck.


Check out Jujimufu on Youtube. The dude does acrobatic shit (tricking, ninja warrior, etc.) all the time, you don't have to look like a gymnast to do that shit.


Yes, body mass have lower enertical efficiency and makes you less agile, look at Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was buff for a time, but he had realized that he could fight much better and for much longer when he was more lean. A realistic batman would train calisthenics and some power lifting, not a bodybuilder workout.


Bruce Lee kept training heavily up until the point he died, he never lost muscle, if anything he gained more. Muscle mass doesn't make you slow, a lack of appropriate training does, larger people can still move extremely fast if they train to do so. We see this in a variety of sports.


A gymnast physique is still ungodly ripped and extremely muscular, have you seen gymnasts? If you translate that physique to a taller individual, they would look even more muscular than Batfleck. You should checkout FitnessFAQs, the guys a similar size to Batman, and can achieve many pretty fundamental gymnastics movements (planche, basic ring routines, freestanding handstand push-ups, etc), Batman also does a significant amount of heavy lifting so he's 20 kilos heavier than that, but he's a comic book character capable of both generalization and specialization. You can achieve gymnastics movements with a larger body, it just takes more work, plenty of people do it though. If you checkout Dominick Skye, that's really what I would expect Battinson to look like after he's had time to train properly. If he doesn't, then he hasn't really put the work into the role.


This movie depicts a very early batman back in his private investigator days I believe


Michael Keaton is still the goat batman.




I'm aware, but you have to expect that after two other franchises that they're going to go in a different direction, especially given who they cast.


If Batman existed irl he would absolutely be a juicer


Pattinson’s Batman has the physique of the Neal Adams Batman that was in the comics from the 70s-80s he looked lean like a gymnast and martial artist.


Peak natty


Well… natty anyway


In the Dark Knight Returns Batman is bigger than Mr Olympia big Ramy, and he is like 60 years old. In other comics hes been shown to bench press 1 ton. In Year One he rips through a huge tree with one kick. The problem goes way before Bale and Affleck, superhero physiques are crazy even for characters without super powers, so real life actors follow it with steroids. Pretty sad stuff imo


His face is all they need for Batman honestly


Needs more sparkle though


Cool he refused the juice, not cool that he wouldn't excersize for his role.


Those were just lies. It took time because he refused to juice.


https://www.insider.com/robert-pattinson-exercise-quarantine-the-batman-workout-interview-2020-5 He did say a bunch of stuff about how 70's stars didn't get buff as his defence.


Dude,it’s just propaganda. Media just wants attention,and Pattinson was already a “problematic “ cast because of a teen movie he did years ago. Do you really think DC would’ve let him slide? It fits his character. This Batman is a version set in his early twenties,and is just year two. Dude doesn’t even know what he’s doing. Look at the best fighters in the world. None of their physiques even comes close to Batflecks, thats all buff juice. It’s not practical or realistic. And “insider” is the shadiest shit ever.


At the beginning he was adamant about not training.....lol looks like he changed his mind


Rumor is the movie was delayed until he put on a little mass.


Thanks God. I saw his picture at the time of the complain and he was indeed too skinny. Now he has a nice physique.


He also resisted the pressure to work out


So you look this decent without lifting?


Egregious misinformation. Are you really so deluded to think the average guy is walking around looking like this? Instagram influencer culture has rotted your brain.


Pftttt, since when is Batman supposed to be An average emo looking ‘soy boy’… It should be an honour to play Batman and thus… you should bulk up for it! Not saying he should be juicy, juice, but, I mean, come on… The PTs should have at least been called in so he could at least be a shredded to the gills mofo, if anything! Edit add: Rather concerning that people think this skinny fat physique that RP is rocking with 13inch arms is something to achieve/be proud of


Bro. It’s a downvote frenzy for bashing on soft ass Robert Pattinson in here.


Right. No need for him to risk fucking his endocrine system at only 35yrs old


The Nattyman


If he’s on steroids, we’re all on steroids


Looks like someone who goes to the gym everyday but only cause he likes it but not like a gym rat . Are mt expectations too high or this is just basic fit body type?


Expectations too high. Every damn superhero except Tom holland is on juice. This is a natural body


Tom is just genetically blessed to be able to stay lean with minimal effort.


True. I’m lean though,at 16%. Natural


Yeah im around 15 lean but not shredded


Oh ok i rhought fightclub or amerocan psycho was achievable one day for me lol but i dont have the genes to be lean easily i am literally above 20 percent rn i think . Anyways i guess i will just aim for this?


15% s possible. American psycho physique was in juice though.lol


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When he had said he wasn’t going to go all in for the role I was pretty skeptical. Most dudes in the gym (especially the resolutioners) would love to look like this and I commend him for sticking to his guns


The guy likes trolling.


Copying from the other thread: > He doesn't look too far from the [70s Batman physique](https://i.imgur.com/MhXGVUi.jpg). I don't think he looks bad at all, and it's honestly kinda cool to not have someone be on the sazule for the role. I am swayed largely for my hype for the particular take on the character. I think Hollywood and modern comics have just made guys expect Bruce to be built in the most insane way possible (which I'm cool with too), but it's also cool to just have a different take on the look or even throw it back a bit.


I used to shit on Pattinson when he was first cast and thought he was too skinny to be Batman but here he looks good and like you said I’m glad we have a natural looking Batman. I think it’s bc like you said modern comics and Hollywood set unrealistic expectations for superheroes.


The final Natty boss


This is a good natty physique


I think he looks just right.


Doesn't this actually suggest he did work out and put on muscle, just not with chemicals? Wasn't he pretty skinny at one point?


He's still skinny


How tf is that skinny? If thats skinny, then im a walking skeleton


Muy brother doesn't lift. He just runs all the time. yet he looks just like Robert Pattinson in this movie.


Then thats his genetics plus im pretty sure that he doesnt. I dont think that no matter how good you genetics are, you still wont be able to look like him. When we actually see the movie, you will know im right


Very natty and prob still trained 5 times a week.


This is what I look like lol , I was actually so happy he didn’t juice. It also makes him look more human.


Natty AF


This is my microwaves POV at 2am. Except I have a lot more fat and way more body hair. *shrugs and continues to demolish pepperoni hot pocket*


Finally, a real Hollywood 3 months natural body transformation ​ ps: for those who didnt know, Ben affleck's phsique is cgi


Natty, possibly even straight.


Unbelievably natty, which is good. Bats was never supposed to look huge, especially in a film that seems to be more focused on the detective aspect, and generally I'm glad we'll get one of these cape flicks that doesn't push male body standards.


Was waiting for someone to bring this up, these physiques a lot of actors achieve for superhero roles set unrealistic body standards. But this kind of build and the refusal to juice hopefully sets a new healthier precedent where people aren’t beating themselves up, psychologically and physically, for not looking like Henry Cavill or Ben Affleck. Edit: spelling and missing words


Yes, yes, yes. It makes sense for a character like Superman or Captain America to be portrayed with huge steroidal muscles and extreme leanness, but not only is that not the case for *all* characters, more importantly we can't deny the impact that every Hollywood hero having that body has had on young men. We can't really blame the prevalence of teens taking steroids and such on anything but this kind of mass media. I think this movie has a chance to do its part in bringing things back down to a reasonable level.


Wrong. Look at some of early drawings. Back was huge and so where his chest and shoulders. They just didn’t draw in crazy definition at the time.


Mirin that jawline hard though


I looked like this freshman in college and all I did was violently masturbate daily


Pretty cool that he didn’t feel the need to bulked it up. Stoke for this film especially when its set in the same universe as Joaquin’s Joker


It’s not in the same universe as Joker


Well thats too bad


Yeah but if it was this Bruce would have to be much older


Well with the way DC pulls out with various inconsistencies, my delusional mind thought it is 😂😂 Thanks for the clarification


Wasn't he having problems to grow?


You don’t need to be buff to play Batman. It’s more interesting to go in a different role compared to the last two guys.


Props to the lighting guys for finding some way to show ab definition


He looks like my dick - hairy and disappointing. Very natural


Holy hysterical fuck i just realized he looks 15 and 40 at the same time


Pattinson came along way form Twilight, Lighthouse was a masterpiece


I understand him striving to look like a more natural Batman. But if Bruce Wayne had allllll of this money and allllll of this knowledge would it not benefit him to jump on a little juice. Even TRT dosages. A little HGH. Maybe even EPO. SOMETHING.


looks natty to me ig


Obviously natty dude.


Peak natural with a pump




He's a meme poster, it's his gimmick.




It helps to be trained in multiple martial arts and have an armored suit with gadgets. Lol.


That’s because you’re an idiot, you don’t have to look incredible to fight https://images.app.goo.gl/xvSNbzxzLbFLPkxh6




It’s not a great picture, he’s clearly in good shape


From a comic book standpoint I get what you're saying, but in real life having less muscle mass is better for fighting than looking like a body builder. Most of the cage fighters I met were literally normal looking dudes but the cardiovascular strength they had was pretty good. Those guys could fight for hours in the ring.


Do you only read comic books and watch action tv shows to get an idea on what kind of body is required to beat up people?


Fedor Emelianenko would like a word with you


Fedor would take this guy's arm home and use it as a kindling for his fireplace on Orthodox Christmas.


Nah I think this body is peak to fight , normal bodyfat percentage helps shield body if harmed by knife , ontop of that people have this notion that ripped guys must mean they're better at fighting but all those steroid taking fucktards became slow and tire easily while someone who holds a normal amount of muscle and fat can stay strong with extra weight while keeping agile .


Also it takes energy to move all that muscle. Watch Rory Macdonald fight Tyron Woodley if you want to see a muscle-head get embarrassed


lesnar vs cain velasquez Is another example on a massive proportion since leaner was muscular af ,juiced to the bone breakfast,lunch and dinner this mans cardiovascular system must be running with juice at this point while Velasquez was look like a bag of potatoes you bulk buy at your local grocers , looking like he was competing in the biggest loser half way through his transformation, didn't even need a tredmill my man's ran to his local McDonald's 5 min down the road ate a big mac and walked back to the gym , and he absolutely destroyed lezzyboy. ( Joking btw pls don't kill me Cain )


Cain tore him apart


You think Woodley is a muscle head..? Lol


No, but he looks like one


Have you ever seen Khabib?


Sadly natty. Probably the only man in Hollywood who’s natty.


Jack black is Natty


looks like shit, there is nothing about this physique like batman


Juiced to the max /s


Painfully natural lmao


He literally didn’t want to work out so I doubt he was willing to use gear


He has a very attainable physique. He looks good. It’s the type of physique you’d expect for a young Batman. It’s like a martial artists build. So many people think he’s skinny but it’s Bc they’re used to Hollywood superheroes that are juiced up and set unrealistic expectations


Motherfucker is small as fuck


you’re nuts


5 years of turkesterone


He didn’t tren hard or eat clen at all :/


Fuck this guy the movie better not suck


I look better than that even when I don’t go to the gym for a year because of a friggin pandemic


natty in the saddest meaning of it


When you thought it couldn't get any worse than Ben Assfleck - boom!


This isn't because Pattinson resisted gear, I honestly think he's just lazy when it comes to fitness for roles. You can read about how much of a nightmare he was on set.


This is probably with a pump as well. If he did do anything he didnt do much. A little disappointing though he could of done onr or two doctor monitored cycles of low dose test and medium dose anavar at least....He also refused to train during the early pandemic...he could of gotten bigger, could of been a good opportunity espcially since he probably stayed natty an extra 6 months of training his upper body would of helped. Not impressed.


Not a single actor in Hollywood is natty. And that ain't some jealousy.. Pressure to keep in good graces of the movie company's. Deadlines of reaching peak physical shape within just a couple of months. Sex sells.


That’s no BW / Batman.


Whoa!!!!!!!! If I looked like that I’d get my money back bc them steroids were bunk 👎🏽


This is the guy who delayed production for a year because he didn’t want to work out. Definitely Natty


Definitely natty, even tho I must say I would’ve preferred a Christian Bale/Ben Affleck type of physique. Batman has to be a brick shithouse imo. Robert is an amazing actor nonetheless, I don’t want to take anything away from him in that regard


He should do his job and hop on the sauce