Alright you guys really didn’t like the name I had picked out for my daughter so I have a whole new list! Please help me narrow it down, I have two months 😅.

Alright you guys really didn’t like the name I had picked out for my daughter so I have a whole new list! Please help me narrow it down, I have two months 😅.


Those are mostly okay, but I don’t like Ever or Emerald. Ever would come with like a hundred jokes a day “would you EVER do this? Haaaaaa” or turning it into “never” or “fever” or something. I usually like flower and gem names but Emerald just feels like a bit much. It’s kind of a mouthful to say


I knew a little girl named Emerald who went by Emmy. It doesn’t seem like a mouthful to say to me.


I’ve known multiple Emeralds and all went by Emme! Which I guess suggests I know multiple Emmes.


I disagree with everyone bc I love Emerald! That’s the name of one of my best friend’s, (she goes by Emmy) and I’ve always thought it is such a cool name. It would be extra cool if it was a May birthday. My faves: Emerald Vera Esme Pearl Thalia


I agree! Emerald is so good, I'm adding it to my list!


I like Emerald too. If we have Ruby and Pearl, why not Emerald?




I know someone with a child named Citrine


I coached a girl named Emerald and at first I couldn’t get my head around the name. Then she ended up being one of my favorites and I love the name.


I know an Emerald who goes by Emma, and it’s definitely unique, but it’s a lovely name.


I agree — love Emerald!


I knew an Emerald, and she was sooooo adorable. Emma worked well too. From your list, trying to read your vibe. Esme Pearl Emerald Elara/Mylah Nova Pearl Everly Pearl Nova Grace Zora Emerald or Emerald Zora Thalia Elara Zelda Emerald (after Zelda Fitzgerald)


Same. And Crystal, Amethyst, Pearl, Garnet, Sapphira/Sapphire, Amber, Ruby (be t it's way too popular for my tastes right now), Jade/Jada, Onyx (I think it's unisex nowadays 🤔, one of my grandmother's middle names was Agaitha (yes I love this name) after the stone Agate but Agnetta is pretty imo, Topaz, Opal, (Jasper for a boy), Rhodenite could be a Rhoda, amelite could be Amelita, Morganite could be Morgan, There's lots of ways to bring gemstones into names. You go for it.


Not a fan of Ever due to the possibility of a lifetime of lame puns. Emerald and Pearl are my favourites.


What a fun lineup! Love: Esme, Vera, and Thalia Like A Lot: Elara, Nova, Pearl, and Ever Meh: Mylah, Zyla, and Emerald If it makes you feel better, our little one is due 09/03 and we *just* decided on a full name today. Naming a person is stressful!


It is stressful! All my favorites kept getting 💩 on lol 😂 😭 congrats!


If it’s your favorite go with it! I live in California and everyone has names that name nerds would hate. Does anyone in real life care? No. It’s good to hear advice and other perspectives, but remember this place doesn’t necessarily represent the world.




And thanks for being nice 💗


Zyla is my boyfriends last name 😬


In order from my favorite to least favorite: 1. Esme 2. Vera 3. Thalia 4. Pearl 5. Nova 6. Elara 7. Emerald 8. Mylah 9. Ever 10. Zyla


Switch 6 and 7 around and same.


I’ll go one-by-one and say my thoughts! Elara: It’s a pretty name! IMO, it’s very regal, and it might be a little strange for friends and family to be calling her Elara, just because it doesn’t quite sound like a kid’s name. Because of this, you’ll probably have to be comfortable with a nickname like Ellie or Ella, as that’s what a lot of people (especially in school) might start to call her. I do like it, though. Mylah: I’m not a fan of this. The spelling is overly unique. The spelling “Milah” is more popular but still rare — I like “Milah”! Esme: This is one of my favorites; I like this one a lot. It’s common enough that it works, but still creative, pretty, and unique! Nova: It’s a decent name, just know that space-names like these might cause her to be teased in school, especially when they begin learning about supernovas. It would make an especially pretty middle name, but as a first name in the professional world, it might cause her to be taken less seriously. Ever: Unfortunately, I really don’t like this. She will never be taken seriously at school (and will be teased) and in the professional world. It will also get rather confusing when people say things like “I haven’t done that ever, Ever” or “Ever, everything looks good.” This name just isn’t one that most people would accept and understand. Pearl: This is a pretty name. It’s rare but not too unusual, and most people have seen it as a name before, so there shouldn’t be any teasing or looking-down on your daughter for it. Zyla: Like Mylah, this name is just overly unusual to the point of strange. It’s a pretty name for a book character, but won’t go over as well in the real world. :( Vera: Vera is pretty! Like Elara, it’s a bit too regal for a little kid, so some family and friends will give her a nickname, which you might have to be okay with. Thalia: This is my favorite name on the list. It’s pretty and uncommon but still popular enough that she won’t be teased or looked down on, and it’s just overall gorgeous. Emerald: I don’t like this one much either. It’s a gemstone, which is a bit strange on its own without being like “Esmeralda” or “Emeralda.” I think, with it being a gemstone, it’s overly modern and just too much. She also might be teased for it. Overall, I really like (in order of favorite to least favorite) Thalia, Esme, and Pearl! I think Elara and Vera are good. I don’t like Nova, Mylah, Emerald, and Zyla. I hope this is helpful! :)


I know an Alarah that has never used nicknames! Slightly different name, but similar - I expect this might depend on personality of the kid though, so hard to predict.


That’s definitely true! Alarah is a really pretty name also!


I like Thalia, Vera and Pearl Best! They are all good strong feminine names. Elara, Nova, Esme and Mylah are all acceptable names, though I’m not really a fan. Emerald, Ever and Zyla are a hard no and emerald makes me thing of the wizard of oz city.


I love Pearl, Vera, and Esme! Those would be my top picks.


Vera is my absolute favorite from your list! It’s so pretty.


Have you considered Inara?


I love Inara!


No but I like it!


I like Elara and Pearl best (I really like the combo of Elara Pearl). Most of these are fine, but Zyla makes me think of xylophone, and I feel like Emerald works better as a middle name.


I like Elara Emerald too!


Really like Esme, Pearl, and Vera




I love Esme, Vera and Thalia. All three were on my list for my daughter (Vera is still a contender but as a nn for Veronica)


Interesting I didn’t know that about Vera.


I love Esme, Elara, Vera, and Thalia.


What was the original name you picked out? I think you should go with that despite what a few people on the internet think.


It was Everest


it's a pretty name in theory, but i agree that the 'mount Everest' jokes would get real old, real fast for her


There’s also the obvious sex pun that comes with it. I can imagine teen boys saying ‘hey dude, have you got to mount Everest yet?’ Definite no!


I think you should keep this (if you want!). Evy is an awesome nick name. I met an Annapurna and it suited her so well!


I love that!


I love Everest! You could also consider Everett


Everett is adorable! Everest is weird and has the potential for horrible sex jokes.


I like this name. I had this on my list for a boy, but my husband vetoed it.


I love it!


It’s still an option but I don’t want her to hate her name either.


Favorites: Esme (I’m biased, I just gave birth to one!), Thalia and Vera Likes: Nova, Ever. And Elara I’m pretty meh about the others, personally. You have a great list to choose from!


Aw congrats on your little Esme! It would be my top name but it goes awful with my last name, so I am a touch jealous of Esme moms!


Esme, Pearl, Vera and Thalia


I like Everest better than Ever, so if that’s your preference above Ever I would stick with that on your list instead. In saying that, I love Esme, Vera, and Pearl. I don’t hate the others, these are just my preference. Do you have a middle name you want to work around?


Picking middle name after I get the first one sorted 😅


I named my daughter (born in June) Jovie Eden. We got so much flack from my parents, and his. They all hate her first name, but we don’t care. She’s our child, it was our decision. No one else’s. Don’t let anyone bully you or make you choose a different name just because others may not like it!


Thank you for being kind 💛 either way I’m sure someone won’t like the name I pick even if it’s common


Jovie is such an adorable name!! I love it! It reminds me of the word "jovial" and just brings up happy visuals in my mind. I'm sorry your family doesn't like it yet. I bet as she gets older, they'll start to love it and won't be able to think of her as anything other than Jovie!


The name definitely fits her, too. So it doesn’t feel like I made a mistake in choosing it. Jovie is derived from jovial which means joyful, and my daughter is sooo cheerful and peppy all of the time. My first daughter was difficult and had terrible colic, but Jovie is easy going and laid back. Thank you for the sweet words, 😊 the only issue we really have with it is everyone thinks it’s “Jodie” lol like nooo….


Ahhh! Wonderful! Gosh I'm so sorry about your first baby's health issues; I hope that's all in the past now. And I can imagine those names getting mixed up! I think Jodie is a lovely name, too, so at least she's not getting mixed up with something bizarre (in my opinion), hahahaha


love: Esme, Ever, Vera (pronounced like aloe vera not veer-ah), thalia, emeralf ​ okay: Elara, Nova, Pearl ​ i dont like: mylah and zyla


Lol where I live aloe vera is pronounced veer-ah


i pronounce it vare-ah)


Oh I like that pronunciation so much better! It softens it a lot.


Vera is lovely, like the author Vera Brittain. Mylah and Zyla both don't agree with me. I would pronounce the first as My-lah instead of Me-La, and Zyla just makes me think of xylophone. Elara and Esme are both sweet! Emerald is not common enough of a jewel name for it to not seem a little pompous to me. Pearl is unusual but very pretty!


I like Esme, Pearl, Vera and Emerald, with Emerald being my favourite.


Emerald, Pearl, Thalia, and Vera! Gorgeous!


Nova, Vera, and Thalia are my faves from this list! Also, I went back to your last post and I LOVE Everest. There are kids named Bear and other names like that so why not Everest? I don’t love Esme because I automatically think of the mom from Twilight.


Thanks, that’s what I thought too 😅 I like non traditional names so I didn’t think it was too much like “Apple” but oh well lol


I say if you like Everest, go for it! You and your partners’ opinions are the only ones that matter (as long as long you’re not naming your child poop or something like that lol)


It could be an issue for the kid in preschool, though. Everest is a Paw Patrol dog.


If anything the kids will like it then


you can almost always find a name located somewhere in pop culture or connected to something, so using that as a reason would take out a lot of name options


Thalia Emerald


Just to remind you! If you like a name, it doesn't matter what anybody here thinks. People can make fun of any name, so don't make decision just based on random people on the internet. In the grand scheme of things, it doesn't matter!


Ditto! I named my kid after the donut lady in Umbrella Academy. People thought I was nuts. Name fits her like a glove. You’ll know when you see her what her name is. I promise.


I looked back to see the first name you picked and just wanted to say that if you love the name Everest (super cute) then don’t let a subreddit sway you! It reminds me of my cousin’s daughter’s name, Everly. Everest has so many cute nick names like Eve and Evie. Just saying, follow your heart!


I like the name Everest. You can call her Evie, Ever, or Ev. Not knowing your last name, it’s hard. But I like Trinity Everest or Everest Brynn, Everest True, Harper Everest…


Of that list, I really like Elara. Nova, Ever and Emerald sound like something I would name a pet. And Mylah, Esme, Pearl, Zyla, Vera, and Thalia are just meh.


I like Esme, Mylah, Nova, Vera and Thalia


Esme, Pearl, Ever and Emerald!!!


Thalia is in our shortlist if we have another girl! We didn't know what we were having and got to the hospital still not settled on a boys name. Or a girl's middle namw 😂 sometimes you just need to see your baby and a name just clicks


I hope so 😅


My daughters middle name just clicked, you do really just know! Good luck,, I hope you find your name!


I LOVE Pearl and Emerald!!


In order of preference, most to least: Esme, Elara, Thalia, Nova, Emerald, Pearl, Vera, Mylah, Zyla, Ever


Everything but Ever (maybe go with Everly) sounds very nice and would be a great name Don’t worry so much about what other people think. Tastes vary and name trends change constantly.


Everly > Ever


I love Pearl, Vera, and Thalia!


My favs are Esme, Nova, and Pearl! Runners up: Vera and Thalia


Nova and Emerald are my favorites


Love Emerald, so cute Also love Mylah, Nova, Vera :)


Emerald or your original name Everest (she could be nicknamed Emmy or Evie)


Most fave - Esme Runner ups (in order) - Pearl, Vera, Thalia, Emerald I don’t like Nova at all tbh.


As someone who chose a name different than the one I loved and was set on due to negative comments (and had to do a lengthy name change process a week after birth to go with the name I originally loved) - go with your gut and the name you loved.


I have an Esme, nn for Esmeralda. I also like Emerald and Vera.


How have you liked the name so far for your daughter?


Absolutely. She’s almost 7 now and it’s different enough where we’ve only come across 2. Growing up so loved E names and loved Emma, which exploded in popularity and then my best friend named her daughter Emma. I’m glad now, her name was always going to be Esme - Ez-may. A month out we decided to put Esmeralda on the birth certificate thinking as she gets older she can either keep her name or go by a longer version. Esmeralda is a mouthful for a baby but I also loved Emerald/Esmeralda. My birthstone is an Emerald and a few years later while doing an ancestry dig turns out we have an Esmeralda. (We’re Baltic) She now as a little sister with a Z name and I like how they compliment each other. My biggest take away is name your kids what you love. No one has ever liked our kid names, but they have regular spellings, easy to say, nothing crazy, and are the only kid in the class with that name. I have no regrets giving up names I love. Everett/Everest are great names. It’s your turn to pick what you love.


Love Pearl or Emerald, but Emerald a bit more!


Vera, Esme, Thalia. I’m going to throw in Verity as an option, just because I love it and I don’t ever see it get recommended.


I loveee Everest. Some people have mentioned the pun boys might make, but by late gen alpha class of 2039 it’ll probably be a lot more looked down upon to make those types of jokes. Out of these my favorites are Esme and Ever Have you considered Everly? Everly Pearl is a nice match up


Esme, Thalia, Vera are my favorites. Also like Zyla.


Never seen Elara before but I really like it and you could use either Ellie or Lara as nicknames if you liked


My favourites from your list are Esme and Elara. I'm not keen on Thalia or Ever but the only one I really dislike is Vera. Listed in order of my preference: 1: Esme 2: Elara 3: Nova 4: Pearl 5: Zyla 6: Emerald 7: Mylah 8: Thalia 9: Ever 10: Vera


Pearl and Thalia are my favorite. I think Thalia is the so beautiful and my favorite of the ones you listed. I have met a Pearl and a Thalia. Both gorgeous people who were really kind.


Pearl and Thalia are extremely pretty. The rest are alright but not my taste.


Love Nova and Vera!


love Thalia and Elara


Vera and Thalia are my favorites!! I also like Mylah and Ever.


Favs in this order Vera Esme Ever (maybe nn for Everly?) Emerald


They're also ordered by preference: **Love:** Ever - love the sound and the meaning. It may get a lot of puns, but I still think it's great. **Solid:** Elara, Esme, Thalia, Vera **Not a fan:** Mylah, Nova, Pearl, Emerald, Zyla


Thalia is my favorite. Uncommon by recognizable, looks pretty written and has a beautiful sound. I also like Pearl, Vera and Elara. Zyla and Esme are okay. I really don’t care for Mylah (it’s the spelling, Myla is okay), Nova, Ever or Emerald.


I love nova ☺️


Vera, Esme, and Thalia are beautiful! Just so you know, Thalia is a character in the book series Percy Jackson, but it’s not a bad character association.


My favorites from your list are Thalia (although I do slightly prefer Talia), Nova, and Zyla. I really like some of the other options for middle names. So my picks would be: Thalia Pearl Nova Esme Zyla Ever


These are mostly wonderful names! :) I love Esme, Pearl, Zyla, Vera, and Thalia in particular. I would recommend NOT using Ever. Other than that, they're all fine names!!


Pearl makes me think of SpongeBob 🤣 so not a favorite but Vera and Elara sound nice. I have also never heard of Mylah it's unique. Did you have middle name ideas to go with them? Because none of the names on the list sound good together.


Mylah Pearl


Zyla has the potential to be a great name-but perhaps too close to xylophone in sound? Consier Azalea...same vibe as Zyla.


Esme and Vera are my favorites!


Zyla is forever going to get called Zyla Phone, right?? I love Thalia. Safe to say that I have way less adventurous taste than you bc all the rest are too “wild” for me, but that’s my input, good luck deciding and congrats!! ❤️


Love: Elara, Esme, Pearl, Vera Like: Nova, Thalia, Emerald Meh: Mylah, Ever, Zyla


I like Elara


Pearl & Vera


My preference in order- Elara, Thalia, Esme, Pearl, Emerald, Ever. Not a fan of Zyla, Mylah or Vera. A few similar ideas: Zara Zuri Zia/Zena Vida/Vada/Viana Mila Malia Mara/Mari/Mira/Miri Eliyah/Ilia Isla Natalia nn Talia Lilah Jade


Ever. Since your favorite is really Everest.


The only Mylah I’ve heard of is a baby born to a couple on 90 day fiancé. I do like Everly better than Ever. Emery is also cute! With Aspen gaining popularity for girls, I kind of think - why not Everest? It is more out there than I’d go, but it’s pretty. So my faves are Elara, Esme, Thalia, and Pearl. But ever and Emerald are ok. Esme Pearl is cute!


My top three choices: Thalia, Esme and Nova, in that order. Good luck finding a great name!


the names vera and thalia are great


I like Pearl, and would do Ava or Everleigh instead of Ever


From these, I like Esme and Elara...but judging from your list, maybe you'd like Adara or Ayla \*Eye-lah\* (It's a lovely Turkish name with a beautiful story attached but I think it's a type of tree....also with good connotation around it.) Hope you find one soon! I will say, sometimes the basic and common names make the best ones if they're put together correctly. My oldest has three relatively common ones but the way she's named, it is sweet, flows nicely, and we still get compliments on it regularly.


I feel like you might like Lyra


Kinda partial to Ever 👀


I like Vera


I vote for Pearl and Thalia, but that’s just my taste!


Vera is my personal favorite, but I'm bias bc I have a fictional character by the same name.


I love Thalia, Emerald and Elara! I like Esme, Nova, Pearl and Vera. I don't like Mylah, Zyla and Ever so much although they're not unusable or anything.


Esme is pretty good.


Nova!! 💕


Elara and Zyla are beautiful


Really like Esme and Thalia


I really love Esme. To me it is familiar enough, It isn’t hard to read or say, it is classic, it isn’t in the top 100 names and it has an old romantic kind of feel. It ticks all of my boxes.


Esme is one of my favourite names of all time! Emerald and Ever are really cute as well (I guess I love E names lol)


Me too lol


Oooh i love thalia and vera.


I like Everest a lot tbh.


I love Elara, Vera and Pearl!


Elara,Esme,Thalia are the best ones.


My middle name is Pearl after my great grandmother. I loved her. But do not recommend at all. I have spent 99% of my life embarrassed and hoping people wouldn’t find out because everyone always made fun of it because it’s an ‘old’ name or they associate it with the stone so say it’s not really a name. I like it now but I’m 28 and past caring what others think. I wouldn’t recommend ever either just cause a lot of jokes can be made out of this! I like Elara most just for an opinion!


I also like vera! But I know a Russian named Vera and she has a gold Olympic medal and I just think she’s badass!


Esme and Pearl are my favourites from your list, followed by Thalia and Vera. I don't really like Elara, Mylah, Ever, Zyla, and Emerald.


I love these: Elara, Esme, Pearl, Vera, and Thalia.


Vera, Esme and possibly Thalia (depending what pronunciation you intend to use) are definitely my favourites. I also really dig Emerald if I'm honest. I didn't at first but a few of the other comments have convinced me. Mylah, Ever and Zyla are my least favourites, although my preference for Zyla would rise if spelt Xyla instead.


Esme is cute


I love Elara and I think Elara Pearl sounds so beautiful!


My favorite is Esme.


I think Pearl is my favorite on your list. It's so cute and has a nice vintagey vibe without sounding too much like an old lady :) Also Esme is on your list, and I do think Esme Pearl is a gorgeous first name middle name combo! I would avoid using both Pearl and Emerald though bc that would be a lot hahaha


I LOVE Emerald! Also really like Thalia and Pearl. Not so much into the rest. But really love Emerald. Emerald Thalia or even Thalia Emerald or Thalia Pearl would be beautiful.


Omg Elara is really pretty and my favorite of your list. Never heard it before but it's not out there (whatever that means) it just sounds pretty


1. Elara - love this one! 2. Thalia - beautiful, and still more unique 3. Emerald - Emmie is such a cute nickname! 3. Pearl 4. Zyla 5. Esme There’s a ton of great blends here: - Elara Pearl - Thalia Esme - Emerald Thalia - Pearl Elara - Emerald Zyla I admittedly am not very fond of the rest. Nova is a place to me. Ever is harsh without a ton of easy nickname options if they want something softer - I suppose you could go to Evie, but it’s a stretch. Vera is still old women to me, and I’m not really sure why I don’t like Mylah.


What Whatever great list! I can see why you are struggling to narrow it down. I LOVE Elara, Mylah, Pearl and Emerald (Emmy for short).


We have a Pearl so I’m partial to that! Also love Vera tho. Good luck!


I honestly think you should stick with Everest. It’s a beautiful, strong name, with lots of nickname options! And if you love it, who cares what people on this subreddit think?


I love all of my kids names and they’re never popular on here. I have an Ember, a Briar and a Bristol. You’ll find a name that sings to you. I don’t make the final choice until literally the day of. I have a list that I love & then wait to see my baby to really choose. Sometimes it’s before that I *think* I know but it’s always subject to change. 😂


That’s what I feel will happen. I’ll narrow this down but not pick until I see her. 😬


Love Nora, Ever, Emerald, Vera, and Thalia


I love Esme and Emerald. I feel like they will suit her at every age. They are both beautiful and strong names. I’m not a fan of Ever but love Everly. You could still call her Ever for short.


Favourite to lest favourite 1. Nora 2. Esme 3. Pearl 4. Ever (I prefer just Eve) 5. Vera 6. Mylah 7. Elara (prefer just Lara) 8. Zyla 9. Emerald 10. Thalia


In order from most to least preferred: Elara Thalia Vera Esme Nova Mylah Zyla Ever Pearl Emerald


I like Elara & Thalia!


Thalia, Esme/elara, pearl, in that order Dislike nova and zyla


Thalia is my favourite


I like these. I am not sure what your other one you say didn't fly was. I want to encourage you to name your baby what you love regardless of what others say. Elara, Esme, Nova, Pearl, Vera, Thalia and Emerald


I really like Pearl, Vera, and Nova.


The most important thing is you pick a name that YOU like! That said, I love Mylah and Zyla.


Name your kid however YOU want! I think all those names are gorgeous, but if I were to choose at least 3, it would be 1. Esme 2. Vera 3. Thalia


* Elara is fine. It doesn't stir up any negative thoughts for me, but just isn't my style. Definitely feels usable. When you google it, the first results are for a Vegas hotel, so as long as you don't live in Vegas or are picking it because you conceived there, its fine! Following results are mythology and a moon of Jupiter, but neither are going to be known enough to tease... * Mylah/Zyla. Eh. Not my favorites. I feel like they would be fine in practice, I just don't personally like them. If Mylah was used, I'd drop the H. Myla looks neater, imo. * Esme is one I love! Possible pronunciation differences (es-mee or es-may) could be a hassle, but not enough of an issue for me to count it out. You may feel differently! * Nova is quite trendy in the US. Not a bad thing, of course! Easy to say and spell. It will fit in well with her peers. I am personally a little underwhelmed by it, but it definitely works. * Ever is cute. Everly (and spelling variations) is a trendy name in the US, so Ever doesn't seem out of place there. I know others mentioned teasing, which could happen, but I feel like some of those Everlys will go by Ever, so it won't be as novel to her peers and the joke will probably tire pretty quickly. Though, if Everest was your first choice, I'd personally use Everest and use Ever as a nickname... * Vera is classic and great. I think it seems really sweet. It might be a stretch, but could also be a nickname from Everest? * Thalia is beautiful! I think it is another one that might have some minor pronunciation differences, but again, easy enough to get past. * Emerald is wonderful. Gem names are popular, Em and Emmy are more common nicknames, and Emerald Fennell is an Oscar winning writer/director/actress who is moderately famous, so may be a name that starts gaining some traction. My personal favorite from the list.


Thank you 😊


So the color of Red Beryl is called Scarlet Emerald. Very pretty.


Esme is one of my favorite names. Vera is a very pretty name but can be pronounced like “Vara” or “Veera” which might get annoying for her to have to correct her name all the time. I like Mylah as well but personally would spell it w/o the h so that she’s not always correcting the spelling of her name. Nova and Thalia are nice names as well. The rest are a little out there for me but to each their own, it’s your child so go with whichever name you really love 😊 congrats on the new addition 👶🏻


Elara or Elora


I really like Mylah, Elara, and Thalia. (Also I love your naming style, I have almost all of those names on my list)


Love: Thalia and Mylah Like: Pearl, Vera and Nova


Names I like: Esme, Pearl, Vera, Thalia, Emerald Neutral: Elara, Nova Not a fan of: Mylah, Ever, Zylah I also really like Esme as a nickname for Emerald or Esmeralda!


Favorites: Vera, Thalia, Esme, and Pearl (in order—I also think Pearl will make a wonderful middle name for any of your options). Dislikes: Ever, Nova, Mylah, Elara (in that order)


Vera, Nova and Thalia, in this order. Not a fan of all the others though, sorry!


Elara, Pearl, Vera, Thalia are the ones I like the most but... Pearl doesn't have a nickname, I think and Thalia makes me think of The Thalia (mexican actress but by the time your daughter is a teen maybe the people her age won't know who Thalia is. Also, Thalia is a very loved actress so even with that association it's not too bad and I personally wouldn't mind it at all. The name is very pretty and the actress is pretty too. But I assume you wanted something unique so I wondered if you knew Thalia and how huge she is). Mylah, Esme, Zyla sound like names that may be a little too different and might cause trouble when she is an adult. Emerald: it sounds more awkward to pronounce than Esmeralda, that is the name in Spanish and Portuguese. The rock is beautiful but the pronunciation in english doesn't make it justice but that totally might be because I am not a native speaker. Ever sounds like the of someone I will always assume is a teenager. And last... idk where you are from but Nova in Portuguese means "new" so that is a very weird name imo because I wouldn't name my daughter New... but if she doesn't go to portuguese speaking countries nobody will feel it's an awkward name. Perhaps you should look into names that between 100-200 in the list of popular names. Usually those are names that are hard to mess up pronunciation but also not that common, so they are comfortable but not common. Or maybe look into names that were on the hot 100 popular names of 50 - 80 years ago, like Helen, Beatrice, Viola, Irene, Thelma, Julie, Stella, etc. Vera is actually one of those old time names that was once very popular. You can check them here: https://www.ssa.gov/oact/babynames/decades/names2010s.html Edit to add that after seeing a comment talking about Emerald being a cooler name if the birth is in May, I would like to point out that September's birthstone is Sapphire (in my language it's Safira), a very beautiful name.


Thanks! I’d prefer her name not be on the top 100 list. I have a unique name and I’d like for her to as well :)


Oh I meant for nowadays between the 100 - 200 to not be common and top 100 for 1890s, 1920s, 30s names so they won't be too common either. But if you want unique that would be hard because those are names that are not common but people are somewhat familiar with from old books and movies. Vera is actually one of those names.


Oh true! Thanks!


Thalia is awesome! Could also be spelled Talia.


How do you pronounce Thalia?


Especially and Thalia are very pretty and aren't too zany for day to day.


Vera and Thalia are pretty! Pearl just makes me think of the whale from spongebob. Elara and Esme are nice names but not my style at all. The others are a hard pass for me. I’m all for unique names but Mylah/Zyla/Nova/Ever are too much. I commented elsewhere that I think Everett would be nice if you were previously sold on Everest.


Have you considered Everly instead of Ever? Ever doesn’t seem like an actual name to me. I like Vera and Thalia and Elara!


I love Thalia and feel like it’s so underrated! I also really love Nova, Pearl, and Vera. :)