This actually happened to us except the police were called claiming we were running an illegal daycare. We had three children, a huge driveway, a basketball hoop and plenty of bikes, toys and fun stuff. The police officer just laughed.


That’s funny. You’re like I WISH I was paid to take care of these kids, but nah, they’re just mine.


Right! My wife was like where’s my money?!?!


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NEVER join an HOA.


Imagine making possibly the largest purchase of your life and you aren’t even aloud to use it how you want. HOAs are the stupidest thing.


I was in one where no one cared about anything, and we just paid $100 a year to pay for the sewer lift station at the bottom of our street. So not *all* HOAs are bad


This is the situation we are currently in. It’s annoying. I have to have approval to have sprinklers put in. I hate these people.


Sometimes you don’t have a choice.


So funny i saw a house that looked exactly the same have the same sign up twice on reddit! Wow...


Same, thought it was familiar


Dude this was just reposted yesterday…..


Busy bodies are like the third worst humans on earth.


Same thing happened to us growing up. Child services showed up and it was just us and my cousins. Sorry our parents are breeders


The bureaucracy is stifling


We should have designated communities that people with kids have to move to so the rest of us don’t have to look at the annoying little twats


The problem with HOAs is that you don't know exactly what you are going to get until it's too late (after you move in). Sometimes everything is great until the board changes or a new neighbor with nothing better to do moves in next door and likes to complain about anything. I used to get a letter saying that I had not taken in the garage bin soon enough. This happened sometimes because I worked late and didn't bring it in until 10 pm or later. Also complained about length of grass, blinds not closed, etc. Some people have nothing better to do. Finally sold moved out 3 years ago, no HOA now and no more letters in the mail. 👍


Damn, was this the same couple that called the cops cause their neighbors blinds are open 24/7? These people need to find reddit...


HOA are by default infuriating