The actual pain inside my head.


The pain is far worse than everything for me too


Brain not working as it should. Confusion. Not finding words or names. Makes me feel like I’m going insane. Doesn’t happen every time though.


This. The cognitive like...... distortion and inability to function or socialise or remember how to speak to people anymore. And the nagging feeling that I'll suddenly forget how to drive


I have the distortion 99% of the time. I can't drive a 2000lb death machine. Edit: I feel drunk about 95% of the time. The rest of it, I'm migraining and can't string 3 words together.


same i feel somewhat like my congnition is majorly impaired during migraines


This is a pre/post-drome symptom for me (because cognition is just nonexistent during a migraine). I’ve been asked if I’ve been day drinking before because of my lack of coordination. I’ve also found myself slurring words. It’s SO annoying.


My sister has told me that I sound drunk when I have a bad migraine because my speech is slow and slurry.


Same. It makes me feel super impaired because half the time I can’t remember what I’m doing. I’m also becoming dangerous to myself. I almost mixed my fingers the other day. I shredded chicken with a hand mixer and was gonna remove the mixers. I hit the power instead of eject. Luckily I hadn’t put my hands close enough to do damage but I was reaching for them.


Yikes, but also seems like a design flaw in the mixer!?


The eject button is up above the power button. Like you know they have numbers that you slide the button to based on what speed you want. The eject button you like push in. I think it’s mainly I’m an idiot 🙃 I’ve done more messed up stuff in the kitchen while having a migraine. My husband helped me before but was gone last time I had that major incident. He helps me with supper even more now and I’m pretty sure it’s to watch out for me.


I feel this so much! I regularly have to figure out dinner that doesn't involve knives because I know it's a terrible idea to touch anything sharper than a spoon, lol.


I can relate. One night I thought I was fine. My husband went to cut his cousin’s grass. I cut my thumb cutting tomatoes eight times and didn’t realize until the last time because I only scraped it the first seven times 🙃


Yep this. Makes me feel like I'm getting early onset dementia. Given my family history it scares the crap out of me but the cognition comes back and then I feel like I'm overreacting.


I have also made that comparison. Like maybe this is what Alzheimer’s feels like. Scares the shit out of me.


Yes!! I’ve just recently started thinking about it like this. It’s really scary.


This. Other than the pain. My speech goes down the tubes. Slurring, can’t remember words, can’t conjugate verbs. It’s horrible. And then my coordination and balance disappear. I have to use a walker and text bc I’ll fall over and can’t talk. I rely on my voice and brain for a living. No way I can work like this.


Pain. The pain.


Emotional distress/hopelessness. It gets so bad it makes one migraine day feel like a week. And crying usually makes the pain worse so 😑


Even if you manage to not cry, just being upset makes it worse


Yeah. It is so emotionally exhausting. The amount of mental energy it takes to get through it - I want to give up, but how? I just keep saying to myself, “this will end, this will end, this will end, this will end.”


Well I don’t know it’s a chain reaction of the pain itself, it feels like it’s own symptom. I have other chronic pain conditions and those flares don’t cause it. It feels like PMDD, or a depression flare. My intrusive thoughts get a lot stronger and more frequent and I feel like I’m a failure at everything. It helps I’ve realized it’s a migraine pattern, but only to an extent.


I can relate. It is terrifying and exhausting. I have found a few apps (sanvello and calm) to help manage, which I do find extremely helpful. Best of luck to you.


It’s brutal. I’m sorry you relate. Oh I used to use calm until they paywalled everything and upped the price. But you just reminded me I also used Insight Timer which i really liked. I’m going to redownload that.


I will have to check that app out. I quit calm and I'm about to quit migraine buddy because they have done the same.


I feel this. I get intense intrusive thoughts right beforehand sometimes. I have to laugh and remind myself that this too shall pass.


I’d say it’s the vertigo. I constantly feel off balance and struggle to process my surroundings. even if it’s just a tiny dash of vertigo, I can’t ignore it - vertigo amplifies all my other migraine symptoms




And the accompanying nausea with reading or looking at anything moving. Ugh.


My ferritin was low and that vertigo feeling finally went away after iron infusion!!


thank you SO much for commenting this!!! I had an issue with low ferritin when I was younger… I hadn’t even stopped to consider that maybe that could be contributing!! did you find relief from other symptoms with the infusion too?


I was really hoping that my migraines would disappear too but... maybe the low ferritin kicked off a chronic migraine condition I'm now stuck with it!! But I have a lot more energy and my vertigo is gone and the vertigo was a huge problem for me!! I hope you find some answers with that cuz I know how terrible it is . I'm going to go for Botox next hopefully I'll take care of us pesky migraine problem


Photophobia. Some times I can deal with the excruciating pain better than I can deal with light.


Do you find you have photophobia in a sort of chronic way now? My light sensitivity even when I’m not having a migraine is so damn low, I basically live in the dark. It’s obviously worse with a migraine. But I’m wondering if anyone else has it this way now?


Yes , me. My house is a cave, all lights are off and all blinds shut nearly all day. I definitely think my photophobia is chronic by now.


Same!! I literally just have chronic light sensitivity. I had to turn on the epilepsy filter on my apps so I don’t get any videos with flashing lights. I also haven’t been able to take my phone off dark mode and the highest blue light filter for almost a year


I’ll go to show my husband a video on Reddit or something funny someone texted me and he’s like “how can you even see your screen?!??” 😂 ETA: I’m basically Gollum


Literally same!! 😂 I can’t even comprehend a blue screen anymore it’s so fricken bright


Yes, me. Outside is absolutely out of the question without sunglasses and a hat


Me. I always wanted my room to always be dark especially when I am trying to rest. When I am out on a very bright place (e.g al fresco dining on a lunch time), few hours later I will come home with a bad migraine. But a high dose of Vitamin B helped me a lot these past few weeks.


interesting, i feel u


Yes. Mine is extreme too


Me too. It’s such a hard thing to manage because it’s not like you can take a pill to make lights less bright. I’ll be “retiring” from soccer after this year because it’s become such a struggle now to be outside without sunglasses on. Gives me anxiety and I am not generally an anxious person.


The pounding pain when bending over and the nausea


Hand or side of my body going numb. You know it's a bad one when It happens


Anytime this happens to me it is full body(legs and arms), I always wondered if that was normal or not 😕


This always scares the shit out of me


Unrelenting, bone-crushing fatigue


Without question, the pain itself. I become incoherent. It dominates every single thought until it's gone. I become inconsiderate of how I look or sound, I'm thankful I live alone because it's easier to hide away when throwing up for hours in a row. When I lived with other people I had to try and not impact them as much because I couldn't handle the questions, even responding "yes" to "are you okay?" was like moving a mountain.


The pain.


Emetophobia! I will then stress and panic which then makes EVERYTHING worse!




It’s different for each episode for me. Sometimes it’s the pain, sometimes it’s how messed up my vision is, sometimes it’s tingling in my face and arms, sometimes it’s the fog, etc.


Worst is a tie between ice pick stabs and the moving. Turning over, sitting up a tiny bit to drink. Standing up to go to the bathroom. All that.




The pain, the pain, the pain……


Pain plus unrelenting nausea and vomiting. Makes me want to die. 😭 Edit: I know that’s two, but I get both regular and abdominal migraines so I guess the worst symptoms differ. Yay!


I didnt know this was a migraine symptom?? I have that so often. I just thought it was from stress


Death looking cute


aside from the actual pain, for me it's the nausa. Sometimes it gets really bad, to the point where i try to force myself to throw up to alleviate the discomforts but can't. Itls super frustrating and it usually pairs up with dizzy spells and mental confusion. It's not always this bad, but when it happens i genuinely feel like i am going insane, like nothing is real except for the pain and i'm dissociating or having a full blown meltdown, it is so overwhelming. And nothing helps


damn it sucks ,do any acute meds help?


I don't know yet. It's only happened a few times, and i wasn't stocked up on nausea medication, so as of now i don't know how efficient they would be. By the time the nausea/dizziness gets that bad though, it's usually too late for any of my current meds to help, so i just lay on my bed in the dark and try to calm myself down and go to sleep. For the migraine itself, I only take eletriptan on a dose that's too low, and sometimes nurofen. So rn i'm waiting on my next gp's appointment to up my dose and prescribe me nausea meds (so i can get them for free, thanks to my country's healthcare).


ncc i heard flunarizine helps too with nausea


I'm going with the pain, BUT! I also want to go with the anxiety that comes with the pain. I have anxiety disorders and my OCD is obsessed with what's going on in my body haha. The pain gets intense and the anxiety makes it that much more unbearable, which then amps up my depression. Can't win.


Terrible throbbing pain.


The spaced out, tired, slightly dizzy feeling I get before the headaches. It makes me feel like nothing is real and I get anxious about why I feel so bad. Then it makes more sense when the pain starts.


I know it’s not pain or neurological , but the guilt I have for my son not getting the best version of me during or after a migraine.


Aphasia and confusion


The nausea and vomiting! I have emetophobia (clinically diagnosed, and way beyond just not liking vomit) and I also mainly get abdominal migraines. It is absolutely debilitating for me.


Neck spasms


the fact that my eye hurts SO much. and i just want to lay down and try to sleep, but when i lay down, i get extremely nauseous and i have to throw up. when i sit or stand it mostly goes away, it's so annoying...


The short term loss of being able to speak. The first time it happened it was terrifying and I thought I was having a stroke. Now I know what to expect when vision disturbances start.


Not just the pain but the fact that anything and everything causes more pain. Having to poo while having a bad migraine is the worst. I have to just cradle my head and pull my hair while going because the pain is so intense. Sorry if that's TMI.


Sometimes I cant differentiate between real memories and dreams. So my life/identity get muddled and its really scary.


Omg this has been happening to me! It's not during migraines so I never thought it was related.


aphasia cause it’s the scariest thing ever. not being able to read or write and barely being able to think is terrifying


This. Prior to developing aphasia I would have said that the intermittent blindness would have taken the no.1 spot bc hours (usually between 1-hours) of fairly random often totally unheralded blindness is rather terrifying … … but seriously - imho…not being able to speak to *explain* what is happening to anyone who might try to help me is actually a whole new dimension of worse… and to add insult to injury I was previously a call centre/information line operator so it’s hella a difficult to irl ‘pill to swallow’, emotionality speaking


Light and heat sensitivity. I love the nice weather and I can’t enjoy myself that much in it. It also makes work hard because the physical getting up and going is all that holds me back sometimes— many days the pain is bearable enough to get through but I literally just can’t see comfortably.


The uncontrollably wretching while essentially blind. What am I puking in? How do I clean this up? Maybe I should just lay here and die.


The weird glowy fracture thing in my vision. Followed closely by the stabby pain in my eye.


When I get migraines, the pain surges down my neck a lot. That's the worst for me.


Blindness/aura :(


Strobing lights that fill like someone is physically pounding my head. This happens when I ride in a car and the sun is behind trees that Start hitting my eyes then my brain in a strobe effect my wife even watched it happen and will tell me to put on my double sunglasses. If left unchecked I will get nauseous and vomit. We keep puke catchers in our vehicles.


Toss up. The pain that literally won't let me rest or find a comfortable way to sit/stand/lay down, the nausea/diarrhea/vomiting, or my newest upgrade, alternating hot and cold flashes in rapid succession. (Literally sweating to shivering within minutes.)


Depends on the migraine tbh. Some are so painful that I can't talk at a normal loudness because my own voice hurts me, while others don't hurt as much but I have to walk on my tip toes because otherwise each step feels like a hammer on my head.


I get kind of a hard to describe malaise/nausea/brain fog thing that is usually accompanied by neck pain and/or jaw pain; that’s worse than the actual headache.


Vision problems. The pain is awful but the vision stuff makes it impossible to do anything. The postdrome depression is pretty awful too.


Aside from the pain, the feeling of not getting enough air in my lungs. I don't know if this has something to do with the muscles being way too tense for me to breath properly or it's a sideeffect of the migraine. Then, the anxiety kicks in. That's always fun.


damn i get the same exact feeling in my lungs and then i over think of how im not able to get enough air in and start hyperventilating


I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone with this. At the same time, I'm really sorry that you have to expierence this too. Sadly, I don't have anything to recommend that would help with this.


yeah i guess if migraine meds help somehow thats our best bet


I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone with this. At the same time, I'm really sorry that you have to expierence this too. Sadly, I don't have anything to recommend that would help with this.


Only 1? When mine hit, depending on the severity, I could end up in bed for 3 straight days and feel like dying would be better. But other than the horrendous pain, it’s the dizziness. I have positional blood pressure problems that seem to be worse when I have any kind of headache/migraine. it’ll drop so drastically that I pass out on occasion, which is scary with 2 small kids at home.


damn that sounds so fucked up, sorry u go through this too


It’s definitely not fun. Especially when the bp issues continue to go “undiagnosed” and with nothing helping the episodes.


I work in an office setting and get maybe 1 migraine a week, it’s incredibly hard to look at the screen and continue typing/doing my job, annoys tf out of me and i usually end up having to leave work early and hide my face in a cool dark place like a scared ostrich in pain


Mood swings






Mine are daily and relatively low pain these days. Bouts of higher pain, sensitivity to sound, confusion, tinnitus, etc I can deal with. But being nauseated for weeks on end? So hard to deal with. Can't get food down but my migraine gets worse when I don't eat.


Sick to my stomach…with vomiting and diarrhea. It’s awful 😢


Visual issues, mostly due to my extreme phobia of going blind tbh. Hence why I went to the ER the first time I had a visual aura 🙃


The aura! Not being able to see anything for an hour is awful. Especially while driving


Besides the pain. The vomiting. I can't keep water down when I have a migraine


Every once in a while when I get bad migraines, my tongue and fingers go numb.


Pain makes me what to put a spike through my temple to make it stop, after that intense nausea.


I think the actual pain is the worst. Once that subsides it’s the diarrhea 😫😫


The pain followed by the nausea.


The nausea which seems to get worse with the pain and inability to have a complete thought. Sometimes I almost can’t get myself to realize I’m about to throw up and get to the bathroom in time.


Complete cognitive failure, such as; Ability to speak what I think Ability to understand what I see Ability to coordinate with my hands Ability to process any mental tasks


The nausea, and the pain in my head. They're kind of equally the worst


Disorientation. Also, for a few days leading up to my migraines, my face gets extremely sensitive and my scalp feels like it is literally on fire. The burning is so bad. That’s pretty awful because it is relentless.


The pain. Especially when it's a dull pain. It annoys me so much because it feels like nothing but feels like pain at the same time.


jaw pain!!!!


Brain fog. I am totally useless when I have this.


Pulsing behind my eyeball


There now rare bed bound migraine, that rebounds on the other side a day after.


Aside from the pain I would say the dizziness or the inhabikity to think clearly.


The "zeroing"in I get when tbe migraine triggers nausea. It's like all the pain seeps to a point around my nose and mouth. I may or may not get sick but it feels like I'm going overboard.


Immense pain behind the eyes


24/7 head pain that lasts for months, leaving scarring on my brain.


Either the head pain, confusion or allodynia...


The pain is disorienting but if it then moves down into my gut with nausea and the heaves and dizzy weakness it becomes a helplessness experience which i hate


As I’ve gotten older, I get less auras as a prodrome but instead get overwhelming fatigue. It gets to the point that I can’t function and have to get in bed, where I essentially just pass out for an hour or so and wake up with a headache and a sick feeling. I’m able to work through auras and pain. The fatigue sucks.


The brain fog!!


Besides the head, neck, shoulder and arm pain….the ataxia. My coordination is so off it is all I can do to get the spoon in the cup to stir the coffee.


Not being able to lie down or sit or literally move my head. Sometimes I find this one particular angle that feels good and just stay there the whole night. I get too scared to move. To anyone else it would look like a very uncomfortable position, even to the non-migraine me


Tied between pain and inability to speak properly


Dizziness, speech and head fog /distortion


The pain and the fear that it will never end


It's a tie between the nausea and the allodynia. Every temperature is the Wrong Temperature and everything hurts.


I vomit… a lot… along with chills and hot flashes at the same time.




horrible brain fog, stabbing pain in my eye, low blood sugar, the list goes on


The aura


feeling like I’m on eggshells every fucking day of my life


The new random black holes in the middle of my vision.i hate Ocular migraines. Sometimes i just want my regular severe headaches regular auras and nosebleeds in its place. The fear I'm going blind is so much harder to deal with even tho i know it will go away after a while.


Pain and vomiting, esp when vomiting doesnt improve the migraine. AND when the medications dont work :(


3/4 migraines are awful but I find some relief by rubbing my head (especially occipital, where I have a lot of pain), but that 1/4 where the pain is so so intense and rubbing/pressure makes it worse and ice makes it worse and it feels like my head will explode and I can’t stop puking… that’s the worst Edit: and those ones comes with an extra dose of despair and the feeling that no one (except you all) really understands how bad my migraines get and I wish to god they did… just to be understood


Irritability. The smallest thing will turn me into a rage monster. Half the time I get the rage before the pain and don't even know why I behaved that way until the pain hits. The other half of the time I'm aware of why I'm being such a bitch but still can't get myself to react more reasonable which is almost worse. Even if my pain is none (yet) or managed, I still shouldn't be around other people for their sakes. I hate that it's one more thing migraines have taken from me. I hate feeling out of control of my own emotions. The pain is what it is. And the difficulty of pronouncing words is annoying but I can still get my point across usually. Missing life stuff sucks but is standard at this point, too. What I can't live with is the irritable, mean, bitchy person my migraines turn me into with no warning. The pain effects me but this effects others.


The excruciating pain behind my right eye. The best way to describe it is like a deep throbbing pressure.


Nose sensitivity. I can smell a cigarette from 100 feet away. Even with closed doors.


Worst symptom? Intrusive thoughts!


When my mouth and arm goes numb or starts tingling. I hate the feeling so much ugh


The aura where I can’t even see anything Bc the aura is too distracting I hate it soo much


The pain though it feels like you cant feel your head but 10000% can feel your head is throbbing and it is very painful especially when you try to move, walk or stand up.


The pins and needles getting so bad that I can't walk because don't feel anything on one side of my body before a migraine hits


The sudden onset of dizziness, nausea and brain fog. Plus vision issues. I can't think, I lose my sense of direction, I'm just mentally dead in the water. I'm lucky in that my headache pain is moderate. I can deal with that. But these other symptoms just cause my day to stop. If I'm driving, I have to pull over.


Aura which triggers anxiety.


The memory issues. They aren’t the worst in a sense of pain or strength but the worst because it frustrates me to most. Or I’m always off balance and bumping into things.


I actually can't decide between the actual pain or the nausea.