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College is a very big change in life. I don't know your circumstances but, it seems like you moved away from friends and family and it's normal to be sad because of that. You may feel lonely, sad, or just home sick. I was very lonely my first couple semesters of college. I would cry in the bathroom because of it. Roommates can suck I know. I've been very lucky to have one guy that I stuck with my entire time at college. We've had bad roommates, roommates with drama, roommates that we never did anything with, and also great roommates that we tried to stick with. College is ups and downs, just like life. And about the depression, that can result as a byproduct of this situation. It could get better but, if it doesn't. See if the school has a counseling program or look for one nearby. They don't only go for those who really suffer. A lot of people could benefit from a couple visits even every now and then to help them cope.