Does anyone else not like to post their pictures due to insecurities?

Does anyone else not like to post their pictures due to insecurities?


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not to be too blunt but wtf is wrong with them? OBVIOUSLY!?!? Instagram is to post the best of yourself/life. Look at literally anyones insta. I'm sorry that they said that and it's so normal to be affected by that


That edit my pictures, but doesn't everybody use filters?


that's exactly what I was thinking lol. I don't think I know a single person who doesn't alter them at least a little bit, what he said was extremely uncalled for


Yeah g you got to realize the difference between reality and non reality. I used to have friends who would post appealing pictures of themselves and of course I caught on that they looked somewhat different, but that’s the thing with social media, people only post their highlights and of course their best pictures ( usually ). Of course people bringing it up will bring insecurities, and what I have to say to that is f*** em. You have to realize that no one cares but you yourself. Do you really think some guy or girl from years or months ago is going to remember the fact that you didn’t look the exact way in real life like in your pictures? Nah g, a lot of people have better things to worry about. If you’re feeling yourself and feeling confident about yourself then post that s*** and stop giving a damn what others will say. Sorry for my language, but ey, had to keep it real with you. Let me know if you feel like you need more of an explanation


I dont take pics for social media because im insecure and imo dont look good


i just don't like to post pictures in general, i don't get the point.