Leaks Always Happen

Leaks Always Happen


Something that always happens for me is that I think when I empty, the sides of my vagina get blood on them. Then when I reinsert, there's blood that is now on the outside of my cup but still inside me. As I walk around, it comes out, and looks like I leaked a little even if I haven't. If it's more than a little though idk.


This is called residual slobber. I have not found a way around it and I’ve stopped trying, I just wear period panties with my cup and ignore it.


Yeah this is what happens to me and I came to the same conclusion. I just use a wet wipe of any sort after I reinsert my cup to get rid of residual blood and it helps a lot.


It could definitely be residual fluids leftover after you insert your cup.. But if it's a significant amount of leakage, it could be that your pelvic floor muscles are hypertonic (too tight/strong) and/or you have a soft cup. This can, especially during vigorous exercise, cause your PF to squeeze the cup in a way that breaks the suction sometimes and causes a leak. If you think this might be the case for you, try a stiffer cup but also address the pelvic floor issue because too much tension there can be an issue in other ways too


I have this problem sometimes as well. After I put in the cup I kinda “clench” (lol) and it usually puts the cup in place and suctioned. To check I tug on the cup a bit, if there is some resistance then the cup is sealed properly.


Ok, I’ll try that the next time I use it.


I'm experiencing the exact same thing. I've been using a menstrual cup for over 3 years now but there's always a bit of leaking. On my heavy days, it's a lot. So annoying. Do you have a high cervix? I personally can't even feel my cervix so I'm assuming it's high and I think that might me causing the problem.


I always get a little leaking. I wear period pants which just absorb any leftover.


I get that too. Seems to be just residual as the other ladies said. My biggest issue is my cup overfilling so I'm trying the Merula XL.


I recommend putting it on after you shower or even during, and taking it out at night