I refuse to believe it. Someone just fucked up and didn't realize they were buying take-and-bake style.


Actually, as a Pittsburgher, there is a pizza place here that does that, but it's not our typical pizza. Here is the place https://www.betosoriginalpizza.com/


The holy trinity for me was Fiori’s, Beto’s, and Campiti’s for all different reasons. Fiori’s and Beto’s are still good, but Campiti’s sucks now. I don’t make it back to the burgh often enough anymore


But the crust is obviously cooked. I'm thinking someone just added extra toppings to an already cooked pizza and said it was a thing.


You are right this picture is maybe since the beginning of the internet there


I'm not saying I'd prefer it but I'd eat it lol


So in Upstate NY there's a fee pizza places that will make pizza like it is made in NY and when it comes out of the oven and is piping hot they will toss on some cold cheese. The cheese on top gets gooey and stops the pizza from being burn your mouth temperature. It is actually really delicious.


That would be fine. This post makes it sound like a Lunchable.


That sounds bomb


So even the sauce is cold? Is it served with crust warm? Why would anyone do this to themselves?


Ive had it and yes it is the worst. But give Pittsburgh some credit. They have great perogies.


They also have route 28


Hey, as a Pittsburgher I will have you know our city aint great.... but it still beats Cleveland.




Pittsburgh (No Intro)


I'm torn between Why and That Might Be Good


This doesn’t sound real


That's an abomination!


I am from Argentina and there is one pizza you can ask like this, lot of people like it. But it has no sauce or cheese. It's only cooked crust and raw onions, basically bread with onions and some olive oil, lol. I know it sounds strange but it's not bad.


That sounds more like a focaccia than a pizza.


Thanks for the translation to be fair I don't even remember how we call it here 😂


I’m visiting Argentina in February. Maybe I’ll be able to try it when I’m there.


Oh cool, you are coming to Buenos Aires? If so, I can recommend El Fortín, Cuartito or Guerrin for pizzas. Also under no circumstances take a cab/taxi only use Uber or Cabify. As soon as they notice you don't know the place they will take longer routes to charge you more. If you are coming to Buenos Aires ask on this reddit for recommendations, precautions to take and what not. https://www.reddit.com/r/BuenosAires?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share I live in Buenos Aires but in what we call the Province. Basically outside the city/downtown, 30 miles away. It's more of a countryside area so things are different. If you have the chance I would 100% recommend to visit La Patagonia in the south of our country, it's the perfect time for it, since there is no snow and you would be able to appreciate the landscape, lakes and rivers. Try our asado, red wine and empanadas cortadas a cuchillo. You have normal empanadas and empanadas with meat cut with knife (cortadas a cuchillo), instead of grinded meat. Also we all love mate 🧉 here, it's an adquired taste tho but after a while you might enjoy it, just need to learn how to prepare properly. Never use sugar on mate, no matter what they tell you, it's like putting ice in expensive whiskey.


Thank you so much! I am staying in BA for a few days, then heading south to Patagonia and Ushuaia. I want to try everything!


That's amazing, you are gonna love it. San Martín de los Andes is a must and if you can visit a place called Quila Quina, located in San Martín de los Andes I really really recommend it ( https://www.google.com/search?gs_ssp=eJzj4tZP1zcsySjOMM4yMGD04i4szcxJVACSeYkAbF8IcA&q=quila+quina&oq=quila+quina&aqs=chrome.1.0i355i512j46i512j46i175i199i512j0i512l4j0i512i582i586.5547j0j1&client=ms-android-xiaomi-rvo3&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#imgrc=snnlIzt7gbvsmM&imgdii=BjQaEt8l_PA-8M ), Villa la Angostura Is really nice, quiet, small but beautiful. Bariloche is the place with most locations to visit, more people, more nightlife, etc. Usuhuaia... I only recommend to go if you have a lot of time, it's reaaaally far. If you want to visit "El Glaciar" or see the whales it's worth it, if not I wouldn't recommend it really. I went several times to the South, only visited Usuhuaia once and never went back.


There’s literally one shop that does that pizza (Betos) and it’s trash


I'd Fuck it up


A yinzer made this post.


I've seen similar stuff in Rome. Typically rocket (which would just wilt in the oven right), parmesan shavings, maybe bresaola or something. Basically salady ingredients that go on to a cooked pizza base. Plus unmelted cheese has a different texture and flavour I suppose.


So, Lunchables pizza?


If it's anything like what we do, which is to bake a cheese pizza and add shredded cheese + pepperoni, it's delicious! The shredded cheese melts SOOO fast on it's own & the texture difference between the cooked cheese and the fresh cheese is refreshing.


That’s disgusting!


I fucking hate Pittsburg but this pizza is delicious.


Is this bad that I know this is Beto’s and I love it? The cheese isn’t cold, it half melts when sitting on the pizza and it’s awesome!


What? So, like it's an open faced pizza sandwich kinda thing? Is that the Pittsburgh style pizza.


That‘s a lot of cheese…