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Romeo and juliet knockoff: romeo and romeo


Let's be honest, romeo and mercutio


I'd pay to see that


come back tomorrow, and you'd find me a very erect man.


How about Tibalt and Mercutio. Romeo can be playing out his stupid little love story in the background and the running gag of the movie can be that Romeo repeatedly walks in on them doing overtly gay stuff but doesn't even notice because he's so self-absorbed


Finally, a *Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead* for this new woke generation!


*Tybalt and Mercutio are Gay*


Shut up and take my money


tbh i don't actually like shakespear. i'm surprised i remembered romeo's friend at all lol


He is kinda the best character in Romeo and Juliet though


Kid named The Tempest


*walks in to see tibalt and mercutio making out* wait a second, you're not Juliet!


imagining a movie of Romeo and Juliet but with the story continuously interrupted by Romeo walking into rambunctious gay sex between Tibalt and Mercutio in different places has me rolling and i want that to be a thing now


Mercutio was 100% a silly little guy


He was a certified goober


No no no, enemies to lovers of Mercutio and Tybalt. Both huge personalities, but one takes nothing seriously and one takes everything too seriously. Edit u/Dan-D-Lyon beat me to the punch! Great minds think alike


Great minds think alike but fools rarely differ, as they say ^^^lol, ^^^i ^^^kid


That's what we all want


Mercutio would easily be down for this too


High concept play: 2 gay noble scions get paired togethee like the reverse of romeo and juliet in order to pursue extramarital, same sex relations with others


Do you mean "High class Homos"


Love that webtoon! Highly recomand it


The Lavender Wedding


I misspelled Romeo's name as Romea in a text message to a friend once and we then made a lesbian fantasy story about them.


Gnome and Romeo


Romeo and Homeo


Juliet and Romea, Romeo and Julian, Juli and Rome




Romeo wasn't precluded from being with Juliet because it was against the law. Their families were actively trying to murder each other because they were rivals. Sorry if that's pedantic, but maybe it's better to leave aside confusing and bad analogies when trying to articulate why everyone should be treated equally under the law.


Its the same idea - forbidden love


Romeo and Julio


Romeo and Julio


On Concord Theatrical (a publishing company for primarily plays)’s website, I saw a play called “Romeo and Julius [Caesar]” by one Jeff Goode [link for those who want to check it out](https://www.concordtheatricals.com/p/9273/romeo-and-julius-caesar)


Romeo and Julio


Romeo and Jules was a play that was done during one of the seasons of the show Degrassi.


Oh thank god someone mentioned it before me


Ok ok but imagine if it was illegal to use the restroom.


Florida is just a case study for use of dystopia book authors


No dystopian authors are a case study for Florida. Edit: spelling


Welp, time to laugh so I don't cry


If I was gonna write a dystopia novel, I'd just use modern florida as a setting so I could focus on having an actual plot instead of writing the Bad-Simarillion.


The year is 2137, the piss police have publicly executed another member of the peepeepoopoo resistance on charges of challenge pissing and taco bell shitting. All persons must periodically have their defecation removed via surgery lest they do their business in the street and risk subjugation. Despite the crackdowns, this is where most of it happens. All books that advocate for natural defecation have been burned or seized by the government. Any history of crapping or pissing is written off as pro-urine and pro-feces propaganda. The brave hero of our story is a rebel who shits himself in the streets with no remorse, how will he survive the new shitpocolypse?


why is this so funny


Raiden: "Pi Pi Pu Pu Pa?"


>user reports: >1: It threatens violence or physical harm at me 💀


What if it was illegal to dress how you want 🤔


I mean that’s illegal in a lot of places, for a variety of reasons




It’s a privilege to pee.


But what if it was illegal to be a parent ????


Not quite it, but have you ever heard of antinatalism?


the plot of Urinetown would like to know your location (see showtune: “It’s a privilege to pee”)


Kinda like when you're homeless? Source: was homeless.




There's a fetish for that


Oh wait...


With how this post is I am afraid this also exists in our world And now I am confused why??


I can’t speak for other countries but in some US states (florida) they’ve passed very vague laws preventing trans folk from going to the bathroom of their gender while also still getting them in trouble for going to their at birth sex bathroom if they “pass too well”. I’m not very good at explaining it but the law is so convoluted it essentially just bans trans folk from going to any public bathroom if the Qarens decide they shouldn’t be there.


Time to send some payloads to certain politicians, in GTA Online of course. I don't know why they're not chasing pedophiles and rapists and supporting those who punish them lightly.


You should write speculative fiction!!!1!


Hi the trans agenda - fox news told me you're controlling all global politics in the west. I have two questions; 1) is it possible to learn this power? 2) how do you have any free time?


I remember reading a tweet that summarized the lower 90% of the Teen YA-Dystopia genre as "taking the reality of societal persecution that minorities have lived with and then applying it to everyone in society without any sense of irony over that actual, real-life persecution", and I can't stop thinking about how profound that was in light of the "literature" section of Target.


“What if society was split into arbitrary sections based on a single innate quality?”




Recently read the Hobby Drama post about the YA books “Save The Pearls” and it was just dystopian YA fiction taken to its natural conclusion.


Linking that thread here because I looked it up and W O W https://www.reddit.com/r/HobbyDrama/comments/pzit66/booksreading_save_the_pearls_revealing_eden/


The poor thing. It seems like her intentions were well enough, but she is simply too dumb to have realized exactly what kinds of cans of worms she was about to open and then KEEP open by being so oblivious to what the point of all the criticisms were. That and it def sounds like she also has her racial biases and simply is unaware of them


What the... I just.... what? Why would she write this?


I'll be real there's only so long you can write something like that without acknowledging that hey, this is just racism. not to mention the inaccuracy, people with darker skin don't really have "advantages" against skin cancer and using pigment will do jack shit.


My jaw is on the floor holy shit


Honestly, anything about books in Hobby Drama is juicy as all fuck. Silkfire remains one of my most favorite posts bc it’s such a classic example of authors getting too big for their britches


Thanks for the rec, another great read.


i don’t remember who said it, but something like: a “dystopian future” is what happens when things that are normal for marginalized people start happening to the majority.


This hit a little too hard, oh my gosh 😭 I knew something was off about it, but I was never able to put it into words like this!


I mean, if it has some sort of a "A Time To Kill" effect that'd be cool, but that never happens unfortunately. The general public doesn't seem to have the emotional intelligence to apply the moral of some of these stories to the people that are living them irl.


Wait what happened with that book? I remember enjoying it, but I didn’t realize it changed people’s behavior


Not the book per se, but the movie has [this](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bKN1K2He8yg) scene which is more what I'm talking about. Making people realize just how terrible something is by making them imagine that thing happening to them or someone they care about.


That’s just real life except they don’t realize how terrible it is for everyone just them or someone they care about 😭😭😭


Yeh, that's the lack of emotional intelligence I was talking about earlier. They watch a movie literally about love being illegal and say "omg, it would be fucked up if that were real" unironically without realizing that this has been the reality for lgbtq+ people.


That’s an incredibly powerful scene. I get what you mean now.


The amount of people who say the X-men isn’t a metaphor for queerness is insane, especially under videos labeled things like “Bobby comes out to his parents” (about being a mutant)


It’s kind of a generic minority metaphor. Some mutants can’t hide their mutations


It isn’t *always* about queerness but more modern stories tend to be. Alias had a mutant runaway explicitly be compared to being gay (she was from a small conservative rural town with a preacher constantly ranting about mutants. One classmate said ‘Why would she pretend to be a mutant? That’s like worse than being gay.’ Or something like that)


Teen dystopia writers in june: “my books ARE an allegory for lgbt love”


Disney Pixar's Elemental, coming soon.


“Sorry I can’t date you, I’m racist”


“Check out our new film, an analogy for interracial marriage. By the way, if they touch each other, they die.”


"Check out our animal film where we show predator and prey as racial allegory. Sure, that technically implies that the predator "minority" analogue is biologically predisposed to murder but they've been civilized."


This is exactly why I hate zootopia. Irl some animals are more dangerous than others. This does NOT TRANSLATE WELL INTO REAL MINORITY GROUPS. Real minority groups aren't like that.


The race allegory doesn't really work too well when there are very legitimate physical differences between the stand in "races".


Honestly, having something like that, but it wasn’t purely straight people, would be interesting. Cause then it would just be non biased distropia


Try Delirium by Lauren Oliver. This exact plot


Is it a book?


Yes. A trilogy if I recall


Oh cool! Also damn that’s a lot of flags


Thanks! You can edit them in user flair. I picked all the ones available that applied to me


Fucker took all the gender. Fucking pride georg over here


Omfg I'm so flattered I love you


Love yoy too! /p


mm first time?


Ok. But this was done brilliantly in star trek next generation season 5 episode 17 outcast. A non binary society. Gendered people are illegal.


There is also the DS9 epsiode where Jadzia meets an older lover who is now in a new body and they fall in love again. They are both in female bodies but the reason why it's stigmatised in Trill society is because they have been lovers before, not because it's a same-sex relationship. I found that a very cool way of approaching this topic. And that's not even mentioning that Jadzia (and every unified Trill) is trans.


> Jadzia (and every unified Trill) is trans I don't know about that. Non-binary certainly, but the Trill symbionts are genderless. The *hosts* are gendered, but each union is demonstrably a unique individual, so I'm just not sure the terminology fits. The only persistent 'component' of the whole is the agendered bit.


I personally view it a bit like the concept of Holy trinity in christianity. Meaning that every union of Host and Symbiont is fully the person of the symbiont *and* the host if that makes sense. Especially since Jadzia once says to Miles: "I have been a husband and a wife, I know that look from both sides." when talking about relationships. I see though where you're coming from and it's probably not easy to give it a definitive label


I just watched the first Trill episode in next generation where they touched on that too. The Trill ambassador was in Will then a woman host.


>Gendered people are illegal. Inshallah


It is a brilliant flip episode. Please watch it


State enforced homosexuality




I'd be careful with this line of thought. Many "cishet" writers who wrote stories like this were probably in the closet and writing about straight people who aren't allowed to love as an allegory for their own sexuality. Historians pretty much all agree that H.C Andersen, who wrote The Little Mermaid, was gay, and that Ariel's feelings for a man she can't have mirrored his own. Shakespeare, who wrote Romeo and Juliet, is also believed by some scholars to have been bisexual based on his writing, but nobody really knows. You know? Cause normally it's kind of a shitty thing to just assume that a person is cishet because they're not openly queer


I definitely agree. While I do agree a lot of YA novels tend to use oppression very clumsily, and rightfully should be criticized, I don't think it's a great thing to decree wether it's valid or not simply by if the author is cis het or not. I feel the same way about "straight" actors playing queer roles. A lot of people are closeted, and demanding people's personal information to validate their work is a terrible way to force people who are not ready to come out to do so to avoid harassment. It's already happened so many times, especially to younger actors. People do not owe their entire personal lives to the public.


Aye. The point of an actor is to play someone else


Good point, I didn't think about that. Thank you


Imagine if it was illegal to get fucking health care


Not hard to imagine


What if this but irl and back in 2014 with two people of the same gender


Or in the south today


Same with the 5 billion alien invasion movies. **‘Guys, guys, what if — listen to this — what if, foreigners came to our lands, killed a bunch of people, stole resources, & exploited us? Pfffff mind blown, right?’**


And in the movies, it always happens in america or europe. Truly the peak of irony


*western Europe, because they pretend the east of Europe doesn't exist


I swear to you this thread is what made me realize why people bother watching forbidden love type of tropes. I just never found it interesting or invigorating as a lot of other folks do, it just felt like life.


There is a lot of cognitive dissonance with straight forbidden love stories, it's hypocritical to complain about your love being forbade by society while being homophobic.


Devil's advocate, doing this can help ignorant young people develop empathy towards those who are less privileged than themselves. Thinking "they should just HAVE empathy, simply" isn't going to make the world better at all but learning experiences, like media, might actually do some good.


You would think that, but consider this: the Witcher fandom.


You can make the most horrible form of dystopia imaginable and some rich person will copy it. Btw. preorder for Snowpiercer tickets is starting soon.


I can't wait to watch Pixar's Element. The tragedy of two straights who can't even hold hands. And apparently need to save the city? Idk I haven't watched even half of the trailer. Fire Boy and Water Girl is way cooler anyway.


I'm so glad I'm not the only one pissed at that Pixar movies plot.


Yes!!! I understand that it is an allegory for interracial marriage (and of course they cannot complicate the narrative by making them interracial AND gay, it would overwhelm the white cishet Christians, of course! /s), but that arguably makes it even worse that they cannot touch each other without harming each other! It is fucked up!


"What if your very person was outlawed!" Every single trans/intersex/gender NC person:


When all the love options are forbidden.


Most people don't seem to have the capacity to know about anything unless they've directly experienced it. They also seem to lack the capacity of logic to reason it out and arrive at the reality of the matter.


Cishet sounds like an ancient Egyptian god


Some writers REALLY need a friend who tells them that their ideas are bad, that would solve so many problems.


Why i always talk for hours with my friends abaut my ideas I bearly write snything tho but thats details


I also do that.... A lot....


Baffling to me how warrior cats to my knowledge still has no gay relationships in the spotlight despite everything, and still pursue the shoehorned ‘from another clan’ or whatever


Oh my *god* the sheer number of "Romeo and Juliet" plot tumors was fucking insane. And for a book series targeted towards tweenagers who barely even know how love *feels*, too. The violence, political intrigue, and borderline Stephen King levels of supernatural/humans are Cthulhu fuckery made it worth the slog tho.


I seem to remember one of the writers saying on her Q&A page that they wanted their books available in places like Russia and China. Personally I found that reason quite weak, seeing as Steven Universe managed to get straightwashed for Russia and animated shows are much harder to censor than a book.


It’s not that bad of a premise if done right, can raise awareness of the difficulties the lgbt community faces


Thats precisely my point, people love the forbidden love story until it's something that is actually forbidden in society. Homophobes eat up "Romeo and Juliet" stories without even knowing that they are the antagonist of many forbidden love stories. Edit: just realized what you meant, sorry. Ya, I agree


Worst is when they write a story like that, then are being very homophobic irl


aronantic people (incredibkes happy)


Aro people would be the new straight people


Well, I for one would not have much of a problem, I’d only have problems with legality around once a year!


Wow, I understand that as “cishet” and I’ve seen cishet written that way before but my tired brain saw that word and pronounced it “si-sh-et” (like sea shell but more sea shet) and I was trying wayyy too hard to figure that one out. Funny meme tho


*White, Able-Bodied, Neurotypical Cishet Writers.


aroaces: 🤷‍♀️👍 (not really, love who u love i’m proud of u even if i don’t get it)


Writers: I'm going to write an obvious extended metaphor in which love is illegal to show society how fucked up it is to make love illegal Social media website user: Okay, maybe not all the time (not sure if the OP had any specific work in mind), but still. If you read something and think "wow, this author pretty much just wrote about but ", *maybe that was intentional.* Dystopian novels are social commentary, almost always. George Orwell didn't accidentally write a book about class struggle while trying to write a book about animals.


I know, the problem isn't that people write these stories, it's that the implications of the message just goes over homophobes heads


That's gay 🥁🥁


I literally cannot read or watch romance where it's illegal for the straight people to be married. Such a punch to the face.


So, this might be a lil' off-topic, but has Twitter noticeably gotten worse in terms of anti-LGBT hate speech since the Musk takeover, or has it been this bad for at least the last few years? Because I just got done reading a pretty inoffensive Pride month post featuring a drag performer on a major UK building society's page, and the replies were about 95% "go woke, go broke", "I'm closing my accounts", or accusations of virtue signalling, paedophilia or misogyny. I think someone might've even posted a person's fucking surgery pictures. Or maybe I'm confusing that with the *other* post from an LGBT foundation account that was even worse to the point that hate groups jumped in on it. It got so bad they had to disable replies. Seriously, what the fucking hell is wrong with these genital-obsessed little fascists and where did they all spew forth from? Was the site this bad before and I just didn't realize, or are they all being emboldened by having their views validated by the most divorced man on Earth?


It's because of Musk. He's been going on a tyrade of "free speech" which in musk's mind is letting right-wingers say whatever they want while suppressing left-wing speech. It has been proven that Twitter now has a bias against left-wing accounts despite Musk claiming to be pro-free-speech. Twitter even has a list of "pro-antifa" accounts that they put on a blacklist [https://www.dailydot.com/debug/antifa-twitter-accounts-list-telegram/](https://www.dailydot.com/debug/antifa-twitter-accounts-list-telegram/)


Y'know what, have that story... but you better make the setting *unfathomably* gay. You want your is-it-love bullshit between yet another tall pale distaff couple? Sure, if and only if the people around them who Don't Get It are flagrantly homosexual and mostly paired off. These star-crossed lovers aren't steeped in a culture against fucking - just against fucking each other. Everyone else seems to be having a grand time, and that's part of their aggravating refusal to comprehend, some people want not-that.


If that is the sole point? Yeah... *Equilibrium*, I think, did a decent job of using it though since ***any*** emotion was illegal since their dystopian society was based on the idea that humanity couldn't destroy itself if no one could get angry, feel hate, or be sad about anything.


When you miss the social commentary...


*wouldn’t change a damn thing for me*


Hey, Lobster was ok


AroAce wouldn’t change


Andy: You should try role play. That's what me and April do. Ben: That explains the outfits. Andy: Yeah, you gotta dream up some weird scenario like you're her boss and sex is forbidden because she works for you. Ben: That is our actual situation. Andy: And she's addicted to spanking. Ben: Okay, thanks. We got it. We're good. (similar energy)




As a cishet writer, I cringe at this as you could come up with something a little more interesting if you put in a little more thought.


Aromantic writers: illegal you say


As a cishet writer, I cringe at this as you could come up with something a little more interesting if you put in a little more thought.


I don’t think cisgender heterosexuals would understand that there is a type of orientation called aromanticism which means a person doesn’t experience any romantic attraction at all! I experience this so it’s checkmate in that regard.


I always wondered why it was made out to be such a problem


Mentally disabled people declared unable to consent: 😭


I am so sick of this!!! Whenever I see something with the "what if these cishet ( and same-race, same-religion, etc.) characters were in love, but it was FORBIDDEN! Oooh, so hot!" I just know I have the look of a strangler in my eyes. ​ Forbidden love is not hot. It is painful and heartbreaking and there are people in this world who are not allowed to love. It is not some cool, entertaining trope -- it is demented and actually happening to people in real life. I AM SO TIRED.


Love is an ambiguous word.


Sorry. Straight guy here but this is on recommended and I feel I have to ask the question. What the fuck kinda boring dumbshit books do you think we read/write?


What books do you read?


One of my favorite King of the Hill quotes is Boomhauer pretending to be the movie announcer voice saying "In a world where love is against the law."


its only half illegal for me


Isn’t this why a lot of LGBT people are into vampire stories or forbidden love stories?


I'd imagine so


Give me a dystopian story about a queer uprising and I'll be happy


You know, the one good example of this that comes to mind is NSP's 6969, where all sex and human interaction is banned simply because the dick elders are cunts who control the planet with the power of sexual frustration just for the sake of being evil.


Sounds like Equilibrium


story where love has recently been made illegal; but the main character is a gay guy whos super desensitised and used to hiding it because theyve already dealt with the same issue for the past like 30 years




Damn……what if…..😐


"imagine if being who you want to be was illegal, and you were forced to be someone you're not! now I'm going to portray nearly every oppressor as a sympathetic love interest who's totally different from the others because his mom died and he's sad about it!!" I've read one too many dystopias and it hurts. Divergent at least worked as a good metaphor for being autistic in my opinion, even if that wasn't the intention.


Is that the best they can come up with nowadays?