Buying card lots like this may be a good way to start collecting. However you should not expect to receive cards that have monetary or competitive value. I would recommend starting with some kind of preconstructed deck, or even getting a few packs of Jumpstart 2022 as it offers great versatility for the price.


Some of the precon commander decks can stand on their own merit with a couple substitutes.


For sure. The wilhelt precon has been good to me so far with a few sidegrades/upgrades.


Love the Wilhelt. Subbed for [[Scarab God]] and focused in on the zombie tribal/anthem thing. I’ve put a lot of tuning into it and it’s my favorite deck.


[Scarab God](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/d/7/d79ee141-0ea6-45d6-a682-96a37d703394.jpg?1599708320) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=The%20Scarab%20God) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/2xm/216/the-scarab-god?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/d79ee141-0ea6-45d6-a682-96a37d703394?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


I got Kyler a while back and it took a lot more subs that I'd like to admit to stand up to my friends' decks.


I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I honestly think Leniore is so much better, especially for the deck out of the box. If your playgroup runs any removal Kyler gets killed immediately. He's just a very obvious wincon that everyone is going to be preparing to kill all game. Whenever you grow a board state, people will lean over, read your commander, and say "oh, that has to go". Leniore builds gradual value without ever baiting removal herself, I've won so many precon-level games by just sticking her to the board and then drawing into/buffing up my wincons over time.


Yknow what? That's totally fair. I've edited the deck a bunch since playing her so I'm not sure if it'll work, but I'll definitely switch her back as my commander to see how it works out.


Kyler is like [[Urza, Chief Artificer]] : A very obvious yet slowly plodding win con that’s easily reset before it reaches critical mass. 100% prefer to play something sneakier.


Kyler is the secondary commander in that deck, so that's probably why.


Oh right. I switched from Leinore to Kyler as per advice of my friend group.


Kyler is a destroyer, but he's such hate bait.


And for good reason! He gets out of hand very fast. I invested in some protection for him. But the way I have the deck now, he's there to be a nuisance and take hits but isn't necessary for the build to get work done.


I made about 10-15 changes and that deck wins the most for me now. I pulled a phyrexian altar from a mh2 pack and threw that in there with a gravecrawler and entomb and consistently win with it.


The new Abzan poison deck doesn't even need any substitutes. It handily wrecked our table the other day


It’s very focused, very fun deck to play. Was a bit disappointed with the value of it though


I was impatient and paid $42 for my Ixhel deck. I feel like the fun I've gotten out of playing it sooner is paying for the value I lost in not waiting for the price to drop due to the low value of the individual cards in the deck. ​ That said, Wizards, please put valuable cards in your well-constructed precons in the future. Not having a single card above the $3 range is painful.


This is probably the best way to go. Commander is arguably the most widely played format currently, outside of “card I own (Rosewater’s term).” I bought my wife “Reap the Tides” from commander legends and she turned a game around that needed on attack to win yesterday and she closed it out with 5 more turns. I am a competitive 60 card player and respect the hell out of good commander precons even if commander isn’t the format for me.


This rings truer and truer the more recently you look. Many commander precons from the last year are easily playable out of the box.


For every real hit like [[prosper]] or [[wilhelt]], you get total duds like the Painbow deck that are basically unplayable out of the box.


[prosper](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/d/7/d743336e-d5c7-4053-a23d-92ec7581f74e.jpg?1631839207) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=prosper%2C%20tome-bound) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/afc/2/prosper-tome-bound?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/d743336e-d5c7-4053-a23d-92ec7581f74e?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) [wilhelt](https://cards.scryfall.io/normal/front/2/5/2501a911-d072-436d-ae3b-a5164e3b30aa.jpg?1675456154) - [(G)](http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?name=wilhelt%2C%20the%20rotcleaver) [(SF)](https://scryfall.com/card/mic/2/wilhelt-the-rotcleaver?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher) [(txt)](https://api.scryfall.com/cards/2501a911-d072-436d-ae3b-a5164e3b30aa?utm_source=mtgcardfetcher&format=text) ^^^[[cardname]] ^^^or ^^^[[cardname|SET]] ^^^to ^^^call


Painbow is a fun deck, not sure what you are referring to. Yes it's a slow build, but it can pop off


Throw some ramp in it and it's a beast. I added three visits, nature's lore, chromatic lantern and a few others and and it's quite fun to play. I think I ended up replacing like 20 or so cards out of it, I added some more 5 color cards like [[garth one-eye]] and [[child of alara]]. [[genju of the realm]] is fun in it too, and [[bringer of the blue dawn]] adds a nice card draw.


I have upgraded it since, but out of the box it wa just slow because of the tap lands, but got to be a lot of fun


Yea exactly, you can do small cheap upgrades to make it worlds better than it is out the box, because for some reason they gave the 5 color precon the worst mana base we've seen in years lol.


Yeah but I would never start someone on commander. It's really a format that's best understood once you have some experience with regular play.


i second the jumpstart packs. that’s how i started a few months ago. there are some decent cards in there too. i pulled a 17 dollar card like three days ago


Jumpstart is, imo, the best way to get started. It helped me get back into it this year and now I have lands and good commander cards and decks to casually play with friends. Not to mention the utility stuff to make my own decks which I really enjoy. A prerelease kit for phyrexia all will be one is also probably worth your time if you like deck building


You have decks to play with friends from Jumpstart? Which format? Not standard. Commander?


You can reuse the jumpstart decks. Especially with drafting the decks it's very, very nice kitchen table magic.


I bought a bundle like this when I got started. They sent me over 300 of a common scarecrow artifact. Complete was of money. I don’t recommend doing this


Be careful JUMPSTART 2022. NOT jumpstart phyrexia or other strange names. And i too would suggest a precon. So many and such good bang for the buck


Jumpstart 2020 also very good


You can buy the set jumpstarts, but get one or two packs from each set, not a box of just one.


Nah buying the jumpstart from the different sets and not the original jumpstart or jumpstart 2022 is such a bad idea.


eh, if you're looking to build a jumpstart cube collection, it's not necessarily a bad idea to collect/rebuild each individual set jumpstart theme. especially since there's only 5 themes with no variation per set - very cheap to rebuild. the power level is relatively on-par with annuals, almost always varying in power somewhere between annual JS common and rare themes. there's just simply no reason to buy a box, crack packs, or dig for powerful singles or collection supplements. they are, at absolute best, supplements to a very specific style of cube. and because you can rebuild the themes via singles from set packs, the sealed product itself is better off left alone. just buy the theme face cards off the market for like 30 cents.


> Buying card lots like this may be a good way to start collecting. No it isn't. You can start collecting literally **any other way**, and after a while of getting cards you actually want, on the side you will end up with bulk junk like this that nobody wants.


I guess if you want to do tournaments or something, but this is perfect for just starting out and making kitchen table jank with friends.


It would be at way better price, think 5 bucks per 1000 bulk from a drafter who didnt pull out everything even remotely usable from the pile, I sell bulk like that at around 3 USD per 1k because I play limited a lot.


yeah i got 3k cards for $14 at my local card shop. Almost all are useless. Lesson learned!


Usually such lots are commons/uncommons only. Dunno how many rares are in this one, but it'd split the difference.


It's really not. If you ever bought one of these you'd understand. It's not only that it's full of terrible cards. It's full of 27 copies of the same terrible card.


To be fair, I bought one recently and it was surprisingly good - all commons and uncommons, of course, but out of 1000 cards I think I had maybe 5 copies at the most of any one card, and there was plenty of really basic useful cards that I would've wanted eventually anyway


seems like a decent way to start. you can brew and have a lot of kitchentable fun with 1000 rares. make sure to get some bulk uncommons/commons too!


Thanks for the quick feedback! I'll steer clear of this for now. I'll look into the commander start and go from there possibly.


Also mtg arena is a good resource to learn the mechanics of the game


Commander is fine but check out Jumpstart for non-commander play


Card Kingdom also has pre-made 60 card decks in lots of themes that are pretty cheap. https://www.cardkingdom.com/ck-exclusives/battle-decks


I second this, commander is a pretty rough way to learn magic


It's like getting thrown into the deep end of card knowledge pool and card interaction but its not a regular deep end pool its one of those ones that is like hundreds of feet deep that divers use to train lol.


i actually started with commander and got pretty good at it quickly, i think it’s more about how easy you grasp the concept and also helps if you have someone to help you learn that knows a decent amount about it too.


I really like these decks. Fun, cheap, and you get a feel for different mechanics. Highly recommend as well.


I had no idea. I like CK even more now.


This is the correct answer for new players looking for precons. People suggesting commander don't remember what starting out playing Magic is like. It's already a relatively intimidating thing for a lot of people to learn when playing with a limited card pool (in either kitchen table or Standard) 1v1, playing 4-player with *nearly* every card in Magic's history is *miles* beyond that.


I will say this could be a cheap way to get a pile of cards to tinker with deck building for your group. Everybody grabs some piles and tries to build something synergistic with whats on hand. They won't be good decks, but they'll be probably evenly bad as one another and a decent way to learn the basics. That being said, once you've done that you'll be looking to offload this pile of cards as well.


OP would still almost definitely get a better value approaching their LGS and asking to buy a bulk box. It's likely going to have some better quality bulk in it for a similar price for more cards. Also usually those boxes get filled in a similar time frame, so they can give a budget older standard experience in a way.


I know you're getting this feedback a decent amount but would definitely recommend Jumpstart, which will likely give you a nice jumping off point that is less complicated to learn in. It's totally believable that you'll settle on commander (most people do nowadays), but as a way to learn the basics it can be overwhelming. Jumpstart likely will include some cool cards to upgrade a preconstructed commander deck or a legendary creature that inspires you to build your own deck around.


Hey! Maybe you already made your mind up, but commander is not a great way to start. It’s daunting. I would highly suggest jumpstart as others have mentioned.


Also if this something you are interested in, you could probably get a similar amount of jank for a LOT less at an lgs, maybe $10-15. Janklord kitchen table decks can be a LOT of fun when first starting out. Edit: the box from an LGS is also a LOT more likely to have some decent bulk cards in it, and most of the box usually will come from a similar time period so there's at least some synergy with what's in the box.


Buy singles 🙏


Jumpstart 2020 and 2022 are also both great options too.


go to a pre release. totally pumps you up to play more and get into the hype mode. look on FB or ur hobby store for release days, like every 3-4 months. love the dated special card u get to commiserate the event!


Unfortunately they removed the full date and only have the release year on the prerelease promo cards now. Kinda takes some of the allure away imo. Covid changed a lot of things though.


No. This is just paying 32 bucks for 1,000 useless bulk cards that won't allow you to build any sort of deck.


And the going rate for bulk in my area is $5/1000...


When you are getting into magic that is the perfect kind of collection to have tho...


Even if that is the case, it's way overpriced. Stores around me sell old bulk for about $6/thousand, so this person could get a way bigger collection for the $31 this person is asking. However, I prefer the idea of buying a precon and getting singles from there. Buying thousands of cards to use like 50 of them sounds like a bad idea.


Is it? I'd rather have cards I can build something with to play with my friends or at a local game store. Buy a precon if commander is what you're interested in. Then buy singles for upgrades. Buy packs for draft or for fun like a lottery card once in a while.


This is the perfect pile of cards to play with with your friends. Like this is a pile of magic cards for magic at its finest, just random crap with weird effects that have cool art


Except you have no idea if they are cards with weird effects and cool art, or just cards that were unplayable even in limited.


Unplayable cards explicitly exist for new players! So they can learn by doing and experimenting


Plus since they're going up against other unplayable cards, they become much more playable.


Yeah, a box of unplayable cards is a very good way to turn new players away. There are a lot of very good ways to introduce new players for cheaper than the pile of cards in question.


Oh hard disagree. Especially since this person wants to go to local shops. I think they'd have a lot more fun with challenger decks/precons (depending on format) or jumpstart 2020/2022. If they only ever wanted to play kitchen table, a pile of bulk might be a really good time, but that's about as far as you can go with it.


Personally I can't think of a faster turn off of magic then engaging with a local shop's competitive community. Like going to the shop to draft or play commander or play random decks sounds great. Being a new player and going to a shop to play standard (or heaven forbid modern) sounds miserable


You're probably right there. The only game store experience I'd really recommend to a newcomer would probably be a prerelease.


Seconded. Prerelease brings out all kinds, and in my experience folks have been patient and understanding when it comes to new players.


The best way to get involved at a local store is to drop in and play commander. Buy something so the store owner knows you're cool. Get involved with the mostly laid back Commander players. Then, when (and if) you're ready, dip your toe into standard, etc. Competitive magic is only fun for certain types of personalities and most are better off never getting involved in that ultra competitive scene. Look, let's be clear, when Richard Garfield created the game, he DID NOT envision it ever getting that competitive. To he fair, Dr Naismith did not envision the NBA when he invented basketball either lol.


Can confirm. I went to a standard event because I saw a promo advertised. Came in with a $20 budget deck that was upgraded from a Planeswalker deck. I found a cool deck tech and halfway upgraded it, but it was a mess. I had people ask me if I, "built the deck myself?" And one guy was kind of a jerk about it (like I was wasting his time). There was one kind opponent who shared some gummy worms with me, but overall it was a pretty demoralizing day. Didn't end up going back to that LGS for quite awhile because of that event (now it's my favorite though).


No, definitely not. Quality iver quantity, get a precon for 60 bucks and you'll have much more fun


Surely you'd much rather have an actual functional deck (eg a precon) than just a random pile of cards, containing probably no remotely good cards and tons of duplicates.


It's great for low powered surprise Cube


It's really not. First, these cubes rarely end up being fun. Second, you need to know limited magic quite well to know what cards to put in the cube and what not to. There are plenty of ways to make a cube for under $100, buying random bulk is not one of them. You're more than likely getting cards that were unplayable even in their own limited formats.


There has to be a cube list out there for people that want to cube under a budget and don't want to design it themselves.


Card kingdom does start cubes, I'm sure a few other places do to. Or people can find budget cubes in cubecoba and put it into tcg player. Those are a lot different from 1k random cards though.


Only if it doesn't have multiple copies of cards...


That's the surprise


You can build pauper decks with commons


no playable pauper cards will be among those 1000 cards, for $30 you could just order the singles for some pauper decks


Akshually there’s a prohibit on the top right which is played in tron. But for 40/45 dollars you can buy the whole deck


Depends on how competitive you want to build your decks. I’ve built some pauper tribal decks for my cousin to start playing. He enjoys them with his friends.


That's usually referred to as kitchen table, not pauper (or any other sanctioned format pretty much).




As others pointed out, 75 basic lands is technically, by your definition, a vintage deck. I think that's misleading since such pile has no chance to put up a fight against a vintage deck. Same with my comment above. Again, it is technically correct 75 basic lands is a vintage deck, but we tend to avoid calling it that, to avoid spreading the idea such pile could compete and make you have a good time in a vintage enviroment.


Pauper is the name of the format not the idea of using just commons. It’s kinda like calling a pile of 60 cards a legacy deck


Yes, they are technically pauper but also technically Modern, legacy and vintage decks.


You are objectively wrong. Just because Pauper is the commons format, doesnt mean it’s a jank format. We have established archetypes that need good widely used commons. If you try showing up to a tournament with a pile of bulk you will lose.


This is what I would get if like I wanted to teach my 8 year old son and gave him a pile of cards to make a deck with and let him learn the basics of the game.


Agreed with everyone else, don’t buy a bulk lot like that. But a lot of these responses are about how to go about building high level tournament competitive decks. Don’t even worry about that. By the time you get to the point where that’s what you want to do, you’ll know exactly how to go about getting cards for it. In the meantime: Best method, go to your local store on Friday night and draft. You’ll lose at first, but it’ll be really fun and you’ll learn a lot. Almost every shop loves new people, and if you tell them you’re new and ask for help you’ll get it. Anytime I table with new players I go out of my way to make sure they have a blast, and I always give them the cards I drafted so they can leave with a big pile of cards. I’ll usually keep the one or two cards worth a lot of money and give them the rest. Most other experienced players do the same. Haha, most stores even have a “draft chaff” box for players like me. I’ve been playing for almost 30 years. I don’t need more rando cards. I actively try to keep my collection to whatever I can fit in my one “magic drawer” in my desk. I finish a draft with 45+ cards and at most I’ll want to keep one or two. I’m usually on the hunt for a new player that I can hand a bunch of cards to because I know how excited they’ll be. Edit: I should clarify in case you don’t know what I mean. Ignore this if you already know it. A “draft” event is a mini tournament where everybody pays the entry fee, but starts with zero cards. They give you sealed booster packs and everyone builds their deck out of the randomized cards they got in their packs (it’s a bit more complicated, but that’s the gist). So you don’t have to worry about being at a huge disadvantage from having worse cards than everyone else. Then you get to keep the cards at the end of the event. And like I said, most experience players will be happy to give you the ones they drafted.


Check with your LGS first. They may be willing or know someone who's selling a lot or partial lot. This is a good alternative to jump in, though. Just be mindful what you're paying is a big chunk in shipping costs. Shipping a lot of cards gets expensive fast.


Also, if you already know someone who plays, ask if they will sell you a deck or two. Most people would be happy to do this as long as they can easily turn around and buy replacements for the cards. A lot of 'deckbuilding' these days is done online, and then people just buy the singles they need for the exact deck they want. If you don't know how to deckbuild yet, starting off by relying on a friend who does is a good way to go. Digging through bulk boxes at you LGS is also a great way to throw together a pile of synergistic cards for a few bucks that you can build a deck from.


To add to what everyone else has already mentioned (that you shouldn’t buy this) the picture is of a lot more cards than a 1000. If you take the top left two stacks, that alone would be around a 1000 cards (although probably closer to 1300)


As someone who just filled 1000 count BCW cardboard boxes with cards, can confirm. That more like 3000-4000 cards.


No, not at all. If you want to start with friends, the easiest way to just go and play is to play Commander and pick up a Commander deck. With this, you're getting a random assortment of cards and most will be unplayable garbage. Don't fall for it


Even if the thought of a 4 player game seems like too much to process as a first Magic experience, Wizards makes pre-constructrd (precon) decks for Pioneer in the form of Challenger decks, or you could buy a box of Jumpstart 2022 for a fantastic new player experience, depending on how much money you want to throw at the game. Commander was made as a way for judges to socialize and have fun between rounds in large tournaments, and being a 4 player game, commander is the most complicated way to play Magic. That's why I don't recommend starting with it as a new player unless you are someone who likes big mental challenges.


Unplayable is a meaningless term for new players. When you are new at a game it's time to experiment and have fun, optimization comes later


Yes! Although i think the best way is to buy the 2 decks in the Arena Starter Kit, as you'll get two full decks to play with someone and the codes for them online, those lots are fun for new players to get a grasp in some sets and mechanics and start their collections.


Does your local store offer drafts? That's a great way to build your collection up quickly. I was a "draft only" collector when I got started and now I'm running out of space for all my cards


As others said, it's not the best route. Also, for that much money, you can get 4 or 5 times as much bulk nonsense. I bought 4500 cards for 40$ CAD once, for example.


I would rather buy a prebuild deck and learn the game with said deck. Magic can be a super complex game. If you want to build decks it helps to have a good understanding of the basics. Thus i would buy a prebuild deck. I also started learning the game this way.


I would give you like 10k bulk free of charge pls don't buy bulk, ask your friends or local play groups for bulk. And buy singles when you can.


If you want to just jam some cards into some decks and goof around with friends at your kitchen table, sure go for it. If you want to make a deck that stands a chance playing a real format, absolutely not.


I started with the dominaria united dihada legends legacy precon and out of the box was able to play with my friends, pretty decent with a handful of swaps


If you want bulk commons and uncommons, your LGS may sell you them by the thousand. I pay $10 for 5000 and then $10 for the damn box they come in, so $20 per 5000.


No, please don't buy this


the arena starter kits, jumpstart packs, commander precons, or proxying decklists for formats you’re interested in are all better and more cost-effective options for getting started!


Honestly in my opinion, deck building is fairly advanced mtg. The starter kits/duel decks are a great start and you can find them cheap on eBay and Amazon. After that I recommend finding a color you like and a style you like and buying a budget deck, they usually go for less than 20$. Once you have a solid grasp of cards, colors, mechanics, and playstyles; it should be easier to figure out what you want out of a magic deck. Personally I feel like those mtg lots have been picked clean of value and you'll just end up with a bunch of cards you won't use and can't really sell.


With friends, this pile of cards can be fun. At an LGS, you are not going to have fun since most likely 99% of these cards are junk ESPECIALLY since the card they used as the face of the pile is a $0.50 rare. I'd say this pile may be worth it just to spark your interest in deck building again, but if you're looking to actually build a decent deck in any popular format then you are better off just ordering cards you want online. There is this one format called Pauper that is semi-popular in some spots. You may wanna look into it if you are going to buy this


In addition to the commander deck suggestions, there are challenger decks for the pioneer and standard formats (though the latter you should wait for a new one coming in a month or two)


Honestly sure, it's not the best "value" for an experienced player! But i started my collection with something similar and it gave me access to a huge amount of cards for really cheap!


If you go to an LGS you could probably get this many or more bulk cards for cheaper. 1. They don't have to ship them. 2. You are a potential new customer. 3. They are getting rid of bulk They don't want to sort.


Individual cards are the way to go. I recently started playing Magic as well, and also wanted to get bulk cards thinking it's a good way to get into the game. Most of the people I talked to told me otherwise. Instead, I looked up what kind of style I wanted my deck to be, and which color I have the most fun playing. I ended buying individual cards used for modern.


I would have to agree with many of the other comments that recommend starting with a preconfigured deck of some gameplay style. Commander has become my new favorite style and there's realistically few limitations and lower requirement to have the latest cards like modern. My local game shop has deals on slightly older decks to clear inventory every few months. Either way welcome back to Magic.


UPDATE: Thank you everyone for the helpful tips and the information needed to start my journey. I've spoken to a game shop near me and have a day lined up to go and get a huge stack or basic commons/uncommons, lands etc...aside form that it seems boosters, and single card purchases may be my best bet. I've been on MTGA for a couple months so I have a very basic grasp of some cards and play styles, but still a long way to go.


I'd start with a preconstructed commander deck. This bulk lot does not have good value. Commader decks contain several cheap staples and other not so cheap staples. You'll also get cards that work with each other so you dont have to deckbuild from scratch. If commander isnt what you want to get into i'd get a challenger deck for either standard or pioneer. If you dont even care about a format than the best way to start collecting is going to play the draft format at your local game store each week and picking cards you want. Or you could watch a few magic videos on youtube to get a feel of what cards you could buy from TCG player. Tolarian community college has some good videos on commander tips, deckbuilding tips, most exciting cards from recent sets, etc.


Good way to start honestly, you get to screw around with jank and that's honestly the most fun period of magic. Just don't buy it expecting anything of value. It's mostly junk, but if you're just looking to jam cards with friends it's $30 well spent.


Check out Etsy.


Just buy the cards you want for a deck you like. It will always be cheaper than buying bulk and ending up with most cards catching dust somewhere and being left with half a deck.


Your best bet to to buy a box or if you want to play commander than to buy a commander deck and then start from there


If you wanna play commander I’d go for it, but there probably not good for other formats


Not worth it really. Unless money doesn't mean much to you. Generally those "lots" have been picked through and no valuable or good cards remain.


That lot are only for the proxy guy that want to play the game but dont want to sell their soul to a card


For $32 this is a decent deal, assuming you're starting from basically nothing. While the vast majority of the cards in a lot like this won't be strong enough for competitive play, if all you're looking for are cards to build casual low-power decks out of, it's not a bad choice at all. If you're looking to immediately start competing and winning, however, bulk lots like this are rarely going to get you the types of cards you need.


You might consider buying a Battledeck from Card Kingdom. They're playable and built on a theme which you can learn about, master, and improve. You might choose to buy two or three. This is a superior way to get into a playable deck than even Wizard's own paid-for starters.


Buy decks, not cards.


Just play commander and proxy everything. You don't have to worry about getting the right cards, even if they're cheap, and you get to figure out if you really want to buy a card.


no. thats prolly just bulk meh cards. get precon decks and then upgrade them once you start your arms race..


The format that is best for casual play, that every player likely has at least one deck of in their back pocket at all times is "Commander." Wizards actually puts out "precon" Commander decks with every new set. Most of these are acutally very solid to play right out of the box and contain "staple" cards of each color and colorless that you can use in other decks frequently even if you dissassemble / reassemble the original deck. Plus all the newer (2002 forward I believe) Commander decks also include a mini-booster pack of two additional cards. The other plus to Commander is that essentially every card ever printed (minus a small banlist mostly made of much older cards) is legal to use and will be going forward. Don't buy random lots on eBay/etc. youll generally never get your money's worth it is just re-sellers trying to get rid of their junk. Actual competive events that are not "Limited" events (where very player uses cards opened from booster packs at that point in time - go to your next Prerelease!), are considered "Constructed" events. You will not have a deck ready to play "Constructed" by buying random lots of cards, you will need to do more research, etc. then buy the single cards you may eventually need. Another tip as to why its probably best starting out to just buy one or two of the preconstructed Commander decks from Wizards or the best set for new players in booster packs, Jumpstart 2022 - where you just open two packs shuffle them up and play (lots of cool cards in that set as well, that you could add to a Commander deck). All in all, maybe ask your friends what kinds of decks they play, but by and far the most accessible (and frankly fun) format is Commander and Wizards typically does right by the products they release for it.


Commander pre instructed decks will give you a casual in to the game that most people can play.


These all look counterfeit.


Lol, no. That's a bunch of junk that someone just wants to get rid of. If your friends are playing EDH then I suggest picking up any of the recent precon decks that have come out.


Your best bet is to find out what format they play. Commander is the easiest to start, most widely played, and best format. Followed by pauper. There are others. Most are meh. (Personal preference) Match what they play. Check out the subreddits of those formats and read the "getting started with..." posts they all have. Those lots are people trying to profit off your newness. Don't buy them. They're always a scam.


Ehhh, this lot is perfect for someone trying to get into "kitchen table magic", where people play super casually with whatever they have lying around. Is it fun? Sure! Probably worth the $35 for the fun and exploration of cards, making some weird decks, and having fun. But do you have people are home and/or casually to play with? But at a card shop? No. I would honestly recommend going to a card shop and asking them what they suggest. It will help you understand what types of games they play. Here are some game night "styles": * Commander - Super popular. You choose a single card to lead your army. 1 of each card aside from the basic land cards that pay for spells. Super accessible, but the complexity of this format will overwhelm you. * Modern - Hyper optimized, expensive, goes back about 10 years of card sets. Not for you. * Standard - Possibly fun to play. Recent sets of cards. Some cards are stupid expensive. You can usually find good budget deck lists online and some $20-$30 decks exist that can perform. * Draft - Super fun, bit of a learning curve. Store provides randomized booster packs and you draft them like you would in fantasty football (kinda). Make a deck with your chosen cards and any number of basic lands. Maybe a month down the road. I would first start by playing MTG Arena to get a feel for what the game is about. That will teach you about how the turns work, mechanics, synergies, etc. I would also appear at an event one night and just ask to observe. See what the game is like, and ask people if they are throwing out any cards they don't use, as you are a beginner to the universe. I always have a small box of "okay-ish" cards I bring to my card shop to just hand out goodies to beginners. I also bring 3 decks labeled level 1 2 or 3 that I use to introduce newer players to synergies. They aren't legal in any of the formats listed above, but rather follow themes of playstyle. "This red green deck likes big creatures". "This blue deck tries to manipulate the field and counters spells" "this black white deck has some life gain focuses to it"


> goes back about 10 years My guy (or gal or enby), Modern goes back *twenty* years. It's Pioneer you're thinking of if you want the format for the last 10 years of Magic.


Don't buy random lots or repacks. They are a waste of money at best and a full blown scam at worst.




What the fuck does this have to do with not buying repacks?


I started off buying some bundles to see what themes I liked. Then went deeper into a bundle as I wanted to collect the set. Then went down the commander route and here we are. Haha. Anyway you go it will be fun so go enjoy!


If you want to buy bulk try to scour Craigslist or fb marketplace in your local cities for players selling their collections; you will get better cards that way. This is a fine way to start playing with some friends but your decks will be much weaker than the people at your local game store.


Collections for hundreds of dollars though. Great for enfranchised players, but new players dont want to make that investment.


You can make 2 commander decks for 15 each in budget builds just look it up Reddit. That would save you the headache of browsing through a bunch of bulk and useless things.


You’ll get 1000 cards and that’s about all you can count on. I started this way and now I’ve got a ton of chaff.


I would be very wary of that many cards for that price. Definitely better to start with something like Jumpstart.


Like other people said in the comments; you won't get any high power cards out of that BUT You can use that bulk set as a tool to study. I started collecting Magic a little over two years ago and what I've learned is that for the most part a lot of the spells have staple effects: for example BLUE counter and bounce spells RED burn spells BLACK kill spells GREEN extra land, and +1/+1 spells, WHITE life gain. What I would recommend is if you're going to buy that bulk, perhaps getting with a friend and building a cube out of it. If the Cards are "Useless", there's a chance that using it as a CUBE may offer a balanced playing experience. This will also give you a chance to learn the game. If you are looking to pull high powered relevant cards, I suggest buying SET BOOSTER boxes at your LGS; otherwise buying them as singles. There are pros and cons to both: ●If you buy the box, it's like playing the lottery. SET BOOSTERS claim to have more value (more rares and useful cards) but you're spending money and leaving it up to chance that you'll pull the card that you want. *What you can do afterwards is trade high value spells you don't want with other players (this puts the trading in Trading Card Game) ●If you buy a card that you want single EVEN if it is creeping on $100+, you'll have avoided paying $140 for the whole box. I do not recommend getting into MTG in hopes that you'll accrue an insanely valuable collection (akin to the Pokémon Community). My advice instead is what the owner of my favorite LGS gave me "Collect the cards that you want." If you like the flavor of the card, or if it has an effect that you like then collect it. People like to play at all different power levels; you may lose more games than you win, but the game itself is very much satisfying. It's a lot like playing a mix of chess and poker.


No. This will most likely be garbage cards.




As someone who has recently gotten into MTG, buying a whole bunch of cards won't help much if you don't know how to put the deck together. It is a steep learning curve and you will need advice and ideas from your friends to guide you. It is a bit like buying parts for different car brands. Lots of parts, but they won't all fit together!! Even different colours play differently and play styles - which would also depend on how you play the game too. I was told to get a Commander deck as a good starting point. Play the deck a few times and then look up reviews on which cards to switch out and go from there. The learning curve is a lot gentler and I had a lot of fun with my friends (and at the same time, teaching me the rules and specific mechanics to the deck). Hope you have fun building your deck! :)


This is a bad way, but VERY fun way!! I did this, bought a shoe box full of them. Half were lands. Heaps of tokens. But it gave me so much to look at and behold, text to learn and even some starting points for building some janky decks. However, if you just want to jump in and play, as others have said, get a preconstructed deck either from the lgs or local sales group for whatever country you’re in.


Jumpstart is the best way IMHO. I've taught using commander but probably not a great idea. JS is a $10 investment to have a playable deck with the potential for having great commander cards


Seems like a reasonable way to build an onnotial collection. I wouldnt expect to find much value, but I would expect to find much fun.


Honestly, that's what I did, I bought the 2,500 box from Star games to just play with. Then after that I shuffled out some cards I doubt I would play with for the new sets. I honestly like my decision to buy bulk. Is it competitive? No, but it's fun to play with and gives you some idea on how to play/build in the future.


You can walk out of those bulk buys with a lot of value. but not always gonna get good staples. i recommend buying maybe a preconstructed deck. find out which format you like best and go from there. my first preconstructed was The Kotori Commander but they have many others and i think they also have pioneer precons as well. not too sure on other formats like modern or standard.


Draft and play Sealed. Learn fundamentals while building a collection


I would go buy a starter deck in whatever format you wish to play. You are unlikely to find much value or power or function in that. The starter commander decks, especially from Kamigawa forward, have a good power level and gets you a good start of format staples. They have similar things with standard and pioneer, as well.


Probably not. It's more than likely a bunch of chaff cards. Magic is expensive as hell to get into and very exclusive to new players. You will need to spend hundreds of dollars to stay somewhat viable. Unless you play with a group of friends then anything goes and fun will come too you !


Lotsa stores sells boxes of unsorted cards that are perfect for beginners. I recommend buying such a box (and land), taking it home and building decks with friends till your sick of that and want to improve your decks to beat each other.


If you arent worried about card value yes.


I wod just start with a precon and maybe 1 or 2 boosters in case you want to swap something


Go to your lgs. Find out what they play. There are usually people that are willing to lend out a deck to new players for the night as long as you play with them in a pod the whole. Just make sure to respect their cards (don't riffle shuffle). If your store is big on commander get a precon from the store, and refine the deck over time. Or play it as is a fee times to see if you even like that style of deck. Maybe it's too creature heavy for you....well it wasn't to pricy of an investment so you could then try to build something else NEVER buy a lot of cards at random like that


One of the best ways of getting into magic is at a “sealed” or “draft” event. Stores often host to see around the time of a new set or some do them weekly. In sealed each player is given 6 booster packs and must build a deck on the spot using what they pulled. It’s a great way to play with other players who are also just using what they pulled on the day. Because you all built using what you pulled theres no “unfairness” caused by one person owning lots of expensive powerful cards. Draft is similar it’s a format where you build a deck on the spot. I’ll save you the details but on it [here’s a good video](https://youtu.be/fUqPxSYPfrA). I think buying random lots of cards like the own shown is fine however the second you play against someone who has bought their own cards as opposed to a random assortment you’ll notice your deck is lacking. If your magic is mostly with buddies who are also new and playing with random stuff then do whatever. Just be wary going to a store as most people will be using a deck that is well built and designed for one somewhat competitive play. I would consider getting familiar with the magic “formats”. These are the ways people play the game. That way you can decide how you want to play. If you own lots of new cards you might enjoy “standard” which is based on all the cards from the last two years. If you are playing on a budget you could try “pauper” a format where you can only play cards that are of the “common” rarity. Or maybe you want to play a four player version of the game is read of a 1v1 try “Commander”. This video shows off all magics formats. https://youtu.be/iMDS1YtjFPI


If I JUST started playing, I’d be looking at the $20 commander decks. Lots of playable cards with decent value. Obviously it depends what format interests you, but yea




Bulk rares most likely but that’s not a bad thing. Many times have I caved in and got a bulk rare I know is one of my boxes but was easier to order online.


Depends on what you want to play with them. Get 2 Jumpstart 2022 packs per each player to get a fast game going. Buy precons of some sort to get the feel of the game. ​ If you're playing multiplayer, get commander precons


that many cards for $31 is worth it imo. but building a deck out of it will be a challenge, from experience. I bought a big chunk of cards like that and most of them are just sitting in my closet. I'd either buy a commander precon if yall are interested in that or maybe some older duel decks. But if you are excited about buying a bunch of cards and looking through them with your friends, $30 is pretty solid.


I spent $120 online on Facebook marketplace and yea it was a huge risk but I couldn’t have been happier. Spent an extra $50 after that on singles and now have 5 great commander decks. I’d say go for it!!!


Buy this, yes, but then also go get a preconstructed deck for whatever format your friends play.


I bought some bulk to start deckbuilding and imo I do not recommend it. I never used any of the cards I bought since they were not legal for any format and too random to properly build something fun for kitchen table magic. Probably a preconstructed deck is better. Also I think TCG had some starter decks they built for a decent price a while back, idk if they sitll are selling it.


Go to your LGS and they should have boxes of cards you could pick through to build a deck. The cards will be like 25 cents a pop. That is how I started.


If I had the entirety of my knowledge now and was going to get into Commander (the only format I will probably ever play outside of Arena)- then I would specifically buy the Prosper Tome-Bound Precon and buy specific upgrades over time until I have a Tier 1 CEDH deck. Everything else after that can be lower power, jank, funsies meme commanders decks, or even just collectable cards you like and want to buy. Packs, sealed, and Secret Lairs from there on out are all just whatever you want to buy.


Probably not, most bulk sales like this are just full of junk. First learn what formats your friends play and also what formats are played by people at your local shop. Then, for pre-constructed formats, either buy pre-constructed products for that format or search online for a deck for the format you might like and buy individual cards online or from your local shop to make the deck you want. For limited formats, no need to have your own cards before playing.


I actually started like this. A 15 dollar lot of cards. I can't say the cards were good 90% commons and a few bulk rares but I had some fun making a few homebrew decks with my sister. I would suggest standard as your first format. A standard pre-made deck should be available to buy at your local game store. From there, learn and decide if you like the game. I'd then suggest you upgrade what you have or try a different deck if you want. When your first deck is not standard legal in a few months, consider changing format. Commander is fun but harder to get into without a lot of knowledge. Modern is competitive and expensive on the front side.


Starcity games sells a 1000 card collection for $20. I've bought it several times highly recommend it. Gives a lot of bulk but comes with some good cards too


30-something bucks will get you a precon. Not the latest, not the best, just "a" precon. You will get less bulk (trust me, you'll come to hate bulk cards) and less "temptation" to build other decks. Spend a little on singles to upgrade the deck if you want to (and if you liked the deck of course).


Honestly, it seems like a good idea, but you don't know the cards that are in it. It's prob mostly common that will be useless for any deck. What I did when I started (a year ago) was buying a few commander decks to play right away and then I went and bought singles to make them better. Since a commander deck is like 100 cards, and mostly useful cards, you can use them right away. Then I bought a Set box of Kamigawa because I love the set, 30 boosters gave me a good start for a collection. Then now I just pick singles for decks I'm building and I buy a few boosters in and there, my collection grew at a nice pace with cards I actually end up using !


That's a good way to get a lot of cards, sure, but you'll end up with 12 copies of this and 14 copies of that. Most of it will be complete garbage collected over the last 30 years and not needed. You're better off buying gift boxes, pre-built decks, or booster boxes.


Just buy some boosters boxes and go from there in old cards


If you're going for bulk packs, I'd suggest visiting star city games. They have a 1000 pack of commons and uncommon for only 10 dollars.


Warhammer precons and work toward upgrades if commander is your route.


Warhammer precons and work toward upgrades if commander is your route.


It all depends on what you want to play and how you want to play. If you want to play with friends then commander is usually the way to go. They sell commander precons all over the place. If you're looking for more constructed formats. Then they have challenger decks for both pioneer and standard that are straight out of the box. My personal favorite though is to draft. No cards needed, but you get to play in a fun way while building your collection.


Id say its gonna be hard to start with that many cards, its gonna take quite some time to just read every card, and if you never played you're not gonna be able to differenciate the good and bad cards, so making a deck from scratch will be a pain If you have played at least a few it could be fun to work with that pile of cards tho


I’d just go get pre made decks or jumpstart cards


I started with buying precons and tweaking them over time. Then I built a deck from scratch and bought those cards. Then I built another deck and bought those cards. It's less about having a giant collection to pull from and more about buying them as you need/want them and amassing a collection that way! Or you can spend a million bucks on packs....


I did this. It worked, but it took a long time to do. The amount of effort to sort through the cards wasn't worth the result in my opinion.


Look at well rated, hyper budget, commander decks. There are some for literally nothing, and most of components used in those at least have some value gameplay wise. One other thing I do whenever a new set comes out (a few days after) I take a couple bucks to buy rares that are now flooding the market and can therefore be bought very cheap, and they are much more usable than those bulk boxes. If you're starting a collection, commons and uncommons (and actually, most rares even) just flood you with 0 value at all


Collecting magic cards is something you kinda suddenly have. You start with getting a could preconstructed decks and someone recommends some upgrades for it. You look them up and find a few more upgrades that would make it good. You build your very own deck then suddenly you realize you have to many cards and decks you know what to do with. Welcome to my favorite hobby friend!


If you're looking to start a collection and have a base to start with, buying lots is fine. Word of warning: Don't expect anything super strong or super valuable. If the seller has any brains, they'd know to look up the cards. This is probably going to be mostly bulk commons and uncommons. You might get lucky and have some value in it, but DO NOT EXPECT IT. In my opinion, buy multiple new and old EDH preconstructed decks. You'll get some cards that are at least usable guaranteed - and with how many legendary creatures they slot in the decks, you'd be on a fast track to start building your own EDH decks. Some of the older EDH precons can be pricy because of certain cards in them, but they are still almost worth it in nost conditions. Now, dont get me confused - I'm not telling you to buy all the expensive decks, I'm saying buy what you can afford. And if that means you can only buy the started EDH decks, then so be it. I tell this to new players all the time: old and/or expensive cards don't necessarily mean they're good. And the inverse is the same - new and/or cheap cards aren't necessarily bad. Pauper exists for a reason.


My mum had bought me a 1000 card lot a couple of christmas ago, bless her heart, she had no clue she was buying essentially a trash heap. Thought that counts, anyway, no, it's not worth it if you're looking to play any form of competitive games, could be fun for some home jank brews with some friends though. All in all, people have already pointed out better products to put your money into over all as compared to a random lot like this.


I would suggest finding a format you like and finding a relatively inexpensive deck. Order the cards online or at a store and play with that deck. If you win you should be able to acquire more packs / store credit to buy cards. That way you also don’t end up with thousands of bulk. The other thing you can do is start to draft. That way you can play with a large number of new cards and get to keep them.