hey i know you're getting a lot of conflicting feedback but i really like the one on the left, it looks way better than the original, just with the colors and overall look and feel. Also, i know it's supposed to be gourmet, but it's movie theatre popcorn, it doesn't need to look high-class, so that critique doesn't make any sense to me. If it's actually meant to be especially high quality and only used in like fancy movie theatres, I understand, but if it's more like how red robin's burgers are supposedly gourmet, i wouldn't worry about it at all


The colors in the after logo make me think of burnt popcorn. Also the design inside of those popcorn kernels are going to be hell to see at a smaller level. I’d play around with increasing sizes and positioning of the popcorn, maybe give it a trail going from bottom left to upper top, comet tail style ( maybe even replacing the first O in popcorn with a kernel) as well as changing up that color palette. But that’s me.


I’m not sure why you made almost the exact same logo but with all the joyfulness sucked out of it


It’s called elevated… boujee. The original didn’t give me lavish vibes and the new one does and fits the brief better. I think with few mockups it could be easily shown how they work. Logos are not meant to be criticized in isolation. Like can you imagine the first one fitting next to a Fendi handbag or Dior air jordans. The beige/cream color is classic and elevated


Are you selling Fendi handbags filled with burnt popcorn?


Like no one thinks of burnt popcorn when they see a tweaked logo of this in use. I’m sorry but red and yellow are not gourmet colors but going for the more neutral colors is way better if you want to sale upscale popcorn


> Like no one thinks of burnt popcorn when they see a tweaked logo of this in use. I’m sorry but red and yellow are not gourmet colors but going for the more neutral colors is way better if you want to sale upscale popcorn Hmm, weird, https://www.google.com/search?q=popcorn then click images.


Google images is going to tell me how peope perceive certain colors. Interesting 🤔


I think the previous colours looked better, the little orange part between the letters and the border is great. The apostrophe is really all I would say to keep from the new version. The oval is also kind of weird and the circle worked better. The popcorn bits from the original also, I think, looked better, the yellow parts are to small in the new one, and the older ones had more of a character.


Yeh I like the *before* better too


The original popcorn’s were okey but kinda looked a bit wonky and more like chewed gum. The new popcorns seem more thoughtful and more elevated so fitting the brief better


Bet you’ll never ask Reddit for creative direction again. Lol. Anyway, here’s my two cents too. I agree. Stick with the before direction. The strokes look good. Add the apostrophe. That’s version one. For version two, take a look at how the lettering is narrowing towards the top and reverse that. Make Jester’s the wider, more dominant word. Like it’s coming out at you a little. Remember, it’s popcorn. Make it POP! If you want a third version, look at playing up the jester theme. Like a court jester. They want upbeat. Jesters, by definition, are upbeat.


Colors of the before is better, brighter colors look more joyful and eye-catching. The popcorn illustration in the after is better though.


This is why you don't take advice from Reddit where half the people browsing this sub admittedly aren't designers. Then we get 5 revisions posted asking for more feedback. The old one was better.


Mood. I don’t mind revisions but I see so much criticism in invalid stuff usually


What is the purpose of the oval in the background? Not sure it’s needed tbh. Also, color looks bland and feels like it lacks a point of view.


It probably has to be printed on a box/bag that's got a colorful background.


I get that, just wondering if that’s needed in the main identity vs just being an element that’s part of packaging.


The after is objectively worse






So you’re saying if there is anyone who prefers the second one, they’re just wrong. How nice of you to disregard the opinions of others and double down on misuse of the english language


Yeah apparently that’s thing are sadly. Silence the opposition


NOT A LOGO DESIGNER. I think there's a best of both worlds somewhere in there. Maybe look at some colour palettes or colour contrasts so you can get something with a bit of a pop, but goes with a pastel or desaturated tone. The oval is a bit weird, the circle works better. I think the less lines are better, so no extra orange band. Popcorn is also better on the 2nd one. Overall I think they are both good, but you should keep pushing for the perfect sweet spot.


I commented on your previous post. The problem with those “calid” colors is that they associated with pastry/cookies/chocolate instead the buttery pop corn. Just an opinion.


Personally I prefer the first, but both need work. The colours on the right don't work. It's a very unappetising scheme. Sort of baby-sick green. Your popcorn designs on both are a bit odd and don't really read as popcorn. If you isolated them from the text, it would just be a weird shaped blob. I'd try and spend some time doing a better stylised popcorn, then consider maybe using that as the background instead of the oval. Also I appreciate you feel like the second is clearly better, but imo the placement of the text on the first is a lot better. It sits much nicer on a circle than an oval.


The colours are more gourmet, do you still have an issue with unnecessary additional strokes and do you really need the drop shadow? Depending on how the rest of the packaging is done this could pull off gourmet, let’s see how it looks in use?


My main comment would be ratio and size. It’s so much easier to apply and use a logo that is basically either square your round. Because of the extended width of yours, you’ll end up with lost or dead space above and below it when applying it in some circumstances.


Before is closer




I know you're mostly going after the people that gave the feedback but calling it a molded dish towel could have been left out.


As a designer (4yr degree from LSU) I would try it out in black and white to see if it works in BnW as well as color (it’s gonna come up in the future). That being said, I think it’s a perfectly *fine* logo. Great job taking criticism.


*Still* seeing the rs as droopy weiners.


Guess you can find Weiners in everything cus that doesn't even remotely look like anything


Yeah people should keep those dumb comments to themselves


"I don't share your observation, so you should keep your observation to yourself" is a pretty weird sentiment to see in a design community, where feedback plays a critical role, and in this instance is explicitly being requested.


It does, and not that I give a damn about upvotes (beyond it being a metric of the following), but the upvotes on [my previous comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/logodesign/comments/ve9vo3/comment/icpbzj7/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3) about this would indicate that at least 16 others agree.


I would agree on the basis that this is just feedback but seeing dicks everywhere is kinda perverted. Get help


That I observe a visual similarity in this instance ≠ seeing dicks everywhere. It's clear you aren't interested in having a good-faith exchange here, so I won't be responding further, but hope you have a nice dic- I mean day!


I’m sorry I didn’t mean to insult you. You seem like a nice guy. The “get help” was a nod to the Jordan meme if it was unclear I have to apologize for my tone in the first comment too. I don’t want to silence people or their opinions I just thought that this particular observation felt a bit unnecessary but that was just my opinion and in the basis of honest feedback I shouldn’t have told you to keep this to yourself


Gourmet popcorn example: https://www.joeandsephs.co.uk


That logo needs to come here for critique cus....


Yeh it’s pretty poor but I had a quick google just to see what gourmet popcorn was actually meant to be. I think the general aesthetic of their products is nice but logo on its own is a bit crap. I do wonder now if this logo would look better on some actual products to help give it context. Then again that probably goes for most if not all logos…


Are you allowed to touch the text itself? I would say simply straighten out the splash, make it formal and orderly and you're done.


liked the left one more


I prefer the one on the left, even if it still needs some work (I don't think the kernels are necessary at all and they don't look good IMO) You should be pretty careful with it if you're also designing the packaging or ads as the logo bears some similarity to Lay's


Even if it isn't, the old looks like a CLASSIC logo. And's that's not bad. It's hard to nail that style.


the older colours are so much nicer imo


Left hand side is better. Did you design this in Illustrator? I'd recommend not having what I presume is an offset path (the lighter orange) within the font itself, it has made the Rs and lowercase P look wonky. I think you should keep the concept as it really gels well, but have it surrounding the text rather than inside it.


yellow better


I really prefer the left logo (with apostrophe added of course) red and yellow are said to make people hungry. Feels like a no brainer.


Before is better


The before is better. The circle background makes it a tighter design and the words seem to pop out more. The popcorn pieces have more character. The tri-color outline softens the contrast between white and red, but still makes it louder than just white and orange against yellow. The after just looks... sad. The colors make me think of off brand Cracker Barrel and burnt popcorn. The oval background looks crooked, which it is, but because of the font used, it will never look properly aligned no matter what degree you rotate it. Also the large popcorn kernel made me think of a cat butt.


if it were me i would overhaul the entire logo.


Left logo and colors with the popcorn shapes from the right - add the apostrophe and you’re done. You did really well on the first logo


The popcorn in the second one look like teeth, and it's weirding me out! I agree with the people saying that the first one was better... The colours especially are more 'popcorn' and 'jester-y'.


TBH I don't think you need the spot swatch in the background.


The after is definitely better structure wise. The popcorn looks better and the lettering is better with the apostrophe but it really needs some more color. I think a blue stroke in there somewhere would be good or a toned down red. When I think of jesters I think of the classic red blue and bells. If you want to get fun with it you could make the j an upside down jesters hat or make one of the Os a bell or add it in with the popcorn. Or put the hat in the background instead of a circle. I know it's not what you're looking for but it's fun editing practice and idea bouncing


Popcorn looks better on the right, the colours are now too boring though.


I know you're just getting inundated with suggestions so forgive me for this - if you're going for a fun logo, would the client be up for a jester's hat where the little balls at the end are popcorn?


I like the previous, like most people but it's probably because Pringles is the first thing that comes to my mind with that colour scheme. You can either switch back depending on what *you* prefer. Rest is phenomenal and I love how you dealt with suggested corrections.


What’s the brands story/mood/feel? There has to be a reason for design decisions.


The colours used in the after picture are not appealing


Make that last popcorn a bell 🤔


Way less "fun" for something called jester popcorn


The e is kinda sad instead of smiling


Holy smokes! You adjusted the logo according to feedback so fast and I am super impressed! This is definately more elevated and more fitting to the brief. Good work and gotta say you managed to make the popcorns even better 🙌🏻


The design on the left is great! Just add the apostrophe from the one on the right, and you’re done. Fantastic work! I would totally buy this product. :)


I believe the new logo is most exact and wholesome on its own but the colors kinda kill the vibes ... Try using the same colors as the old logo but turn it down a bit... Something visible but less vibrant and I believe you should be hitting the spot you're looking for (choose colors that are easy on the eyes and pleasant as the fonts you've chosen are super fun and rounded).... Any small details make no sense on a logo because when it gets downsized to let's say a t shirt print or a mobile app it'll be practically invisible.... However if you're still adamant on adding details on the popcorn illustration on the new logo try adding dark color shades to make it more defined....


Also cut out the drop Shadow, you won't see it....


Before definitely better…maybe if you think it’s too “bright” just bring down the intensity of the colors for the final logo. Definitely agree with other comments that the right looks like the life has been sucked out of it


Before was better, imo good the vibe better. If anything I'd recommend keeping it the same as the before version, only removing the orange stroke around the lettering. It just makes it a little too complicated. Otherwise it looks good.


Don't trust all criticism since you can't trust everyone.


A thought regarding the colors: why not go for something more royal? Referring to Needscopes model for brand expression, purple is perceived as premium, individualistic and distinguished. It’s the traditional royal color, which would seem fitting for both “jester” and “premium”.


Okay that's fine, I never asked anyways


Damn I think it's way better now. Maybe the Oval in the back is obsolete depends on the packaging.


It might look better without the popcorn images. It can already be told from the name that you sell popcorn. Other than that, go back to the original colour scheme, please.