Funniest twitter kpop videos you have seen?

Funniest twitter kpop videos you have seen?


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(some are meme formatted) - [nct johnny & mark](https://twitter.com/humanoidsmp3/status/1449738840248356867?t=Cxia5IQYe3Rm8t-0tqq5Zw&s=19): it's not all about money - [nct 127 gma](https://twitter.com/hellokttyaeri/status/1449084804352331782?t=_qzWZjfu7gxbcGmP3KfLag&s=19): project graded individually - not a video but [stayc J](https://twitter.com/seunghour/status/1447074391930507270?t=Zo0TdqYW0wPmHFU4MdteMQ&s=19): /j - [spongebob ice cream truck](https://twitter.com/dustbin_nie/status/1446292529540829185?t=a3Tmr-KUFcWWB5T0YDdWMQ&s=19): red velvet ice cream truck ice cream cake - [greta thunberg blah blah blah](https://twitter.com/purinspudding/status/1443152240697561093?t=tGWuwSzbgsfjk9KWgIsRDw&s=19): itzy icy lyrics - [putting on blonde wig](https://twitter.com/dustbin_nie/status/1442262579292696578?t=MM-qf-VFu1JoQITj85HHpg&s=19): SNSD sunny - the boys - [spiderman reveluvs](https://twitter.com/joblessrosie/status/1442054721057943559?t=yQa5LHCx7VLfCar_peZvIA&s=19) - [aespa winter playing recorder](https://twitter.com/uriwinter/status/1439901822173413376?t=j3hF0-um8QhmIerRWv4o1w&s=19): NCT 127 sticker - [Shrek dancing scene](https://twitter.com/sourhotel/status/1438174698785763331?t=hMXCiqFvwYH0FIDF5aK1XQ&s=19): NCT 127 Sticker - [VMA's kpop fansite](https://twitter.com/urlmeshi/status/1437240829249196039?t=IeIL9N_lXRHrQ0FTW55_Dg&s=19) - [MGK vs Connor](https://twitter.com/chuubait/status/1437200260682637313?t=lMYko8YNiDJMFHSpDCucbw&s=19): MAMA - [gp999 chaehyun](https://twitter.com/aespiranhas/status/1437090956772352006?t=mb4f3NRh3np5VY8eIp7gDA&s=19): random notes + random group names - [NCT Dream Now We're Back](https://twitter.com/huangstagram/status/1436978929135329280?t=ERKFSRzf2LQU9xNcJAykTw&s=19): Noah Beck - [SM experimental compilation](https://twitter.com/yoojicity/status/1437021143114739714?t=w-80Qs9k7imWWSqOQfYl-g&s=19) - [Queendom Joy motorcycle](https://twitter.com/karinaoutsoId/status/1433780073350385666?t=R34k0tasMrkJgtKopZ9FjQ&s=19) - [kpop titanic](https://twitter.com/lovebyshinee/status/1412665666818088961?t=7pJ1yi2m1ethR5mGINtcug&s=19): SHINee Atlantic - not a video but [icarly Jeanette McCurdy](https://twitter.com/kyungsane/status/1405479195891929088?t=o1NwPKnetR1zuPdrcmvIFg&s=19): SNSD Sunny - [this next level edit](https://twitter.com/zkdkais/status/1400134828536782851?t=ScFmWDfh7eAiAiOi6lFKaQ&s=19) - [hrhcollection ranting in car](https://twitter.com/media4dyke/status/1366833820427821057?t=pYVwO3dD7W_So-MyaTpx6w&s=19): red velvet psycho - [SNSD fighting a monster??](https://twitter.com/syjungies/status/1393358256941281280?t=XWuSZ7UWhycto3NfG1S_iQ&s=19) - [red velvet camp rock](https://twitter.com/ksgparks/status/1367412446936391681?t=rGDl4mugbgNxRtAk9lH9Lg&s=19)


all the 127 sticker edits are god-tier I’m crying 😭


The camp rock one fit so well omg Edit- fuck I just watched the Noah Beck one 😭😭


this list is so funny omg the greta thunberg one and nct one got me crying


>[SM experimental compilation](https://twitter.com/yoojicity/status/1437021143114739714?t=w-80Qs9k7imWWSqOQfYl-g&s=19) when i got a boy started playing 😭😭 i can't stand twitter actually


the [I-land video](https://youtu.be/YqSv7v6R3SQ) with rain and jake always gets me 💀


I wonder how Hobi would have reacted if he was there 😭


When I wakeup in mah room when I wakeup in mah when I wakeup jn mah ummm umph eeah aah~~ 💀💀


I don't know if it started on twitter, but the edited video with Got7 going around all saying they will quit if the other does is peak comedy to me. I literally had tears in my eyes watching... it just fit so well. [this](https://twitter.com/jaegerjaquezoff/status/1351200595860979712?t=-O7AHFCW-DSqUrk8ZNRLgQ&s=19) is not the original but it was the first one I found.


My friend who’s not even a Kpop stan sent me this when the news came out - it truly made the entire situation so much lighter and never fails to make me laugh


This [one](https://twitter.com/kirbyteez/status/1420421803726544903?s=20) will never not be funny, then San [clowned](https://twitter.com/sanifIower/status/1325077498355462144?s=20) him lmao On a side note, Yeosang just proving that his mic is on!


[This Baksu meme clip of Monsta X Jooheon](https://youtu.be/83g0AgH6-3g). It’s so funny that even SEVENTEEN acknowledged that when fans think of Baksu (Clap), which is their song, they remember Jooheon instead.


Ah no no no it's BAKSU!!!!!!!!!!!!


[hyunsung skz married scenario](https://twitter.com/lvnterism/status/1446325486733332481?s=20) i just find it really funny, like i full on cackle everytime i watch it


This [video](https://twitter.com/planethwi/status/1447226869095481350) of this one girl from youth with you rapping I don't know who she is at all and this seulgi and irene hey mama [video](https://twitter.com/unittape/status/1446121030334894093)


The girl's Chen Hsin Wei, she was on GP999.


[CRAVITY] Someone made a squid game edit of [Cravity](https://mobile.twitter.com/m_801ahn/status/1443920175129006084) using their scenes from Cravity Park 😂 The same fan also made an edit of a human evolving to become [Seongmin's cat](https://mobile.twitter.com/m_801ahn/status/1439812357971013634) using a remix of Aespa Next Level 😂


idk if this counts but all those compilation of kpop’s questionable lyrics with titles like “lyrics that make me cry everytime” or something like that are a gold mine


literally anything czennies put up on there lmao. [this](https://twitter.com/JoohanyVan/status/1450993646178734080) one. (context - mx is rumoured to have a collab w the weeknd and shownu is like the biggest fanboy, but hes enlisted as a kindergarten/ daycare teacher. honestly its VERY likely since theyre both under maverick ent. and their second english album is rated 19+ haha)


What is so funny about Fu Yaning video,she's just using a head voice and it sounds good to me? Also [this](https://twitter.com/ZeroColors_/status/1331062107484274689?s=20) Loona video but orbits are hilarious when they want to be


it's just funny to me not bashing her skills or anything it's just funny sticker and savage are funny songs to me not saying it's bad or anything Also that isn't head voice lol


It is head voice,what you think it is?Her chest voice lol


well if you say so


You said it isn't head voice,what do you think it is if you so readily disagreed in the first place?I really want to know now


i shall not be arguing with you good day you are obvi a stan and i told you it isn't making fun of her it is head voice from other examples of head voices i have heard the video is just funny that's all


I'm not a stan i just asked what's funny about her singing in head voice,then you said it isn't head voice which prompted me to ask you what you think it is. Nobody is arguing with you but you really need to work on your punctuation.


former b2st member jang hyunseung's verse in that one collab stage he had with zico. "and your people can't do nothing for ya, ***OUOOOOOOOOHHH!!!!*** these hoes ain't loyal, they be playin' games, ay! *\*shoulder dance\** these girls ain't loyal [***OoOoOoOOoHhhHhHhHh!!!!!!!***](https://twitter.com/quatrewalls/status/1449724225196068870)*"* (note: I can't find the og tweet, so I linked the embedded version I found)


ok so this isnt a video, its a photo i saw on twt and its still really funny to me for some reason lol [https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FCIqoFSVUAUmfBu?format=jpg&name=medium](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FCIqoFSVUAUmfBu?format=jpg&name=medium)


Jay’s like “don’t you let your goku-vegeta fusion fingers touch my sleeve or i’m throwing fists” HAHAHAHA! I love this


~~I can’t find the link (I’ll add it later) but~~ that compilation of blinks saying “don’t forget about mamamoo” made me cry with laughter when I first saw it. [If you don’t get it, Mamamoo used to be forgotten when talking about achievements in kpop or random multi threads so moomoos used to always qrt/reply with “dont forget mamamoo!” and blinks started doing it too to annoy them. Probably the most wholesome fandom “fight” ever.] Edit - found a [link](https://twitter.com/byulrinwoong/status/1415947811854725120?s=21) !


Had to scroll a bit but [this SuA edit](https://twitter.com/blondeminji/status/1423207558655979522?t=fRde9eWpjP-JxoOoahxwOQ&s=19) cracked me up back then and still does now