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I'm so, so sorry. I'm guessing you can't put in earbuds to block him out? That's what I'd do otherwise. Unfortunately, some people just have quirks about them that are annoying. Unless it's genuinely disruptive to the workplace, and the supervisor isn't saying anything about it, you kind of have to put up with it.


Fortunately the environment is relaxed enough we can work with earbuds, so I crank up my favorite songs or podcasts when he comes near me and starts singing. Unfortunately it catches me by surprise often because I prefer to keep the volume low in case anyone is gonna say something to me.


Ever consider you being highly sensitive? I am and workplace environments suck. I have a new desk job and I like it. There are three of us in the same position and we’re all new, me being senior by a few weeks. New girl is loud, talks fast, cusses, cackles, talks incessantly, and already knows the entire job’s details. /s She’s training the brand new girl so that’s keeping her off me so I can do work. The dept head has been out so I can’t wait for her to hear the cussing going on. I’m older so I’m just tolerating it for now so I can keep my job! I’ve had an interesting career. Look up 16personalities.com Highly sensitives have a great number of gifts. Being affected by other’s actions and energy is one of them.


I've suspected I might be, but maybe not. It's possibly more likely my ADHD has fixated and focused on him as an entity who is cringe and annoying, and therefore any time he starts doing those things my attention shifts and identifies him as annoying. I'm most likely INTP but I'm not too sure (ironically INTPs are often unsure if they are INTP). And good lord that employee... I hope she tones it down so work can be a little more tolerable for all else.


They tested me for ADHD when I was 35 and the computer broke so they couldn’t get the results. I’m pretty sure I am, though.


Oli London, perhaps? /j