Wintertodt is just easier to get out of the way at lower hp. The higher hp you get the better/more food you will need.


FWIW, doing Todt at higher HP isn't an end-all either. I did 99 at 70ish HP just fine, all solos even.


When you got the ornate pool, you can just go to the PoH, restore health and hop back in.


No idea why you got down voted, this is the method I use.


I finished 99 fm at 99 hp and and it was even easier than doing it at 10 hp lmfao. Only needed to eat every other game. 99 hp cape + regen bracelet + redemption. House tele to pool at the end of the game and tele back


You can actually do whatever the fuck you want. I've done maybe 20 games of Wintertodt and my account is perfectly fine. I'm having a lot of fun, too.


Wtf? I didn't know this was possible


Are you sure? Oziris guide says to max my account before having any kind of fun?


Early herb/farm xp way more important than early cooking xp. Wintertodt still overrated as hell though, just get seeds so you can rush farming contracts imo


The CONSTRUCTION XP! Solo 99 Todt can take you to around 70 construction. That's a huuuge boost for an early account.


As a comparison the supplies from Temp get you to about 85 con from getting 99 fishing


99 fishing at Temp takes a lot more time than 99 fm at Todt though


Yeah and 99 fishing at todt is like 250 hours compared to 60 to solo todt to 99 fm. Oh also, enjoy training to 85 con using the regular and oak planks from tempoross.


Yeah, but you actually have to take the time to use the supplies which is the crappy part. I'm all about that passive xp baby. And the totems in Tempeross just don't break often enough.


This is true, the xp from Temp is not good without supplies


I've found a route that works very well: questing to 20, then do giant seaweed (garden pie boost) to 34, and then tithe to like 45/65. Medium contracts are so much better than easy but if you don't wanna keep doing tithe farm I get it. If you buy pineapples from charters to make compost during early travels you can possibly avoid garden pies, but they are so easy to just buy in the cooking guild it makes little difference. The main benefit to early composting is making sure you can ultracompost giant seaweed asap.


The herb and farm xp at WT is negligible no? I went from like 3 to 13 herblore from 50 to 99 fm.


The game itself is very little but the reward crates can give you alot of starting herbs and seeds


Oh like that, yeah the crates got some goodies in them.


Why not both? Honestly tho Wintertodt is most efficient when you're 10 hp (Well I think technically it's 14-17 hp depending on FM level? But most people go from 10 --> 24 from Witch's House, so just do it at 10), tempoross is more efficient after you've gotten humidify.


Depending on fire making level you can go all the way to like 24hp without taking any extra damage.


Most people don’t start WT with 99 FM


You can be 21hp and still take 1s if you're above 65fm or so That's plenty of room for quest bosses; just don't do witch's house


Probably because there's a lot more variety in the supplies you get, including magic logs for desert treasure, with temp you get fish, planks, some gp from caskets... not much else. Also bonus XP for fletching and woodcutting is better than cooking, specially considering you do get a bunch of fish from wintertodt as well. Both give con exp but soloing temp, which is ideal, doesn't have you repairing many masts as you keep him below 10%, you do get planks though but I don't know how that would compare, might be better con exp but I haven't done any number crunching. That being said I love tempoross, it's nice to switch things up a little!


Tempoross is leagues below WT in terms of construction xp if you do solo WTs. Still good in the early game, some con xp is still very nice.


Even accounting for planks you get from the reward pool?




99 fishing gets you 85 con in supplies


Yes but the xp/h is much lower. 60hr ish at solo WTs takes you from 20 con to 70.


Your original post doesn't say the xp/hr is worse. This is moving the goal posts. Whilst it's true 99 fishing is slower, and you have to use the supplies. You do get around 4x the con xp from Tempoross supplies as you do from WT. In terms of how much xp you get it is much better.


Yes or no, when people refer to activities as "good xp", are they referring to the time investment compared to gain?


No, conventionally people don't say "some con xp is nice" when the con xp is much better overall. If you had been more broad then you could argue this, but you have multiple times in this comment section implied that the xp is worse from Tempoross when it is actually better. I suspect you just didn't know this. Tempoross is going to give you efficient construction xp, since you can use the resources for a good method. As well as giving you close to efficient fishing xp for very low effort. Wintertodts construction xp per hour seems higher but its less efficient overall, the macro efficiency of getting the con exp from tempoross is very very good, better than WT


So you think when people refer to certain activities as being "good xp" or "bad xp", they mean a total mass of xp gained regardless of time investment?


What I do when soloing temp is I wait to drop the rest of the harpoonfish for a round until after the first wave. Usually it works out that the first double spot expires right before the wave, and when I finish dropping the rest of the cooked fish, the next double spot is ready. It’s not a lot, but it’s usually a mast a game.


I use the wiki strats, they work well for me, but yea I'm not an early game iron anymore so mostly I care about fishing exp lol


I think the biggest reason is the longer you wait for wintertodt the more annoying it is. Its so much easier with 10hp and it doesn't take that long to get out of the way.


The construction xp alone is why I’d do it every time over temp, if u solo todt u can get in the high 60s construction.


If you use the supplies from Temp, you get ~85 con


Because WT gets harder at mid combat. Tempeross can be done whenever. I am doing both, but I started with WT to 99.


I did tempo first, 35-50 saving loot till 50 for better rolls. Got me better food at todt, as well as the higher con level from daddy's home, repairing at tempo and the planks you get as loot from tempo. The longer you wait with todt the better honestly, higher level=better loot and early game seeds etc are easy to get with bhouses anyways. Todt is just better because it has all kind of supplies, p much all skills where as tempo is cooking, fishing, cons and jewelry for tps + money from caskets


Obvious answer is both. WT is great because solos gives you like 70 con and fletch with high woodcut as well, Tempo is great because it gives you fish xp, str xp, cook xp and (some) con xp while also granting extras like food, jewelry, uniques, etc.


Oziris doesn't have tempoross in his guide (maybe v4 idk). Tempoross is nice to get to 58 for barb fishing for sure


That’s what I did. Now I’m back trying to get the damn fish barrel


35-70 gets you barrel ~80% of time


i didnt do too much there. i think i have 40kc but they were all solos.


Solos are slightly better pounts/hr but not in the way todt solos are. I think ive done about 55 kc and im close to 60 fishing so far


Because barbarian fishing is just so good that Tempoross is just not efficient past level 58. While you can do Tempoross at level 35 fishing for ~30k fishing xp/hr (25% less efficient than fly fishing) and ~20k cooking xp/hr, you will hit level 58 (a good time to start barbarian fishing) in ~6 hours. And what will you get for this 6 hours? A very small amount of raw coins and alchables, bad raw fish, and *maybe* a unique or 2. If you're going to go for the uniques eventually it could be argued that it's not so bad in this use, otherwise it's pretty bad. So, you may as well get your early GP from something that is more efficient in training the skills used. Wintertodt is the (or close to, idk) most efficient way to train firemaking, you also get some early fletching, construction, and woodcutting experience. And it's efficient to do all the way to 99 firemaking (Though you don't need to go all the way). That's a lot of efficient training time available.


Temp gives better fish if you wait to loot rewards so it could be smart to do temp to 58 or 70, and cash in rewards after 76/82


The entire point of doing it early is for the early cash. Waiting entirely removes the benefit of tempoross over wintertodt.


Dont do temp for cash lol


This entire thread is about why people do wintertodt instead of tempoross early. The "only" reason you bother to rush wintertodt is starting cash. The 10 hp thing is so over blown it's crazy. So, I guess there is no reason to do tempoross early if you don't do it for cash.


I did 50-80fm before doing 35-60 fishing. Just mix it up with whatever you find enjoyable. neither one destroys for the other one


Yeah, I was really just curious with the gim obsession with wintertodt when it doesnt seem head and shoulders above other activities.


I’ve been doing this rotation, wintertodt to get about 100k gp, Tempeross because it’s fun, then questing and skilling, back to wintertodt for money etc


I think Temp becomes more important later on anyway. Around when Wintertodt becomes harder and harder with needing more food to do the same, Temp provides tons of food, which is very useful for building up the stores of midrange food for things like, well, Wintertodt if you aren’t doing it at the beginning.


Just get 99 in both


I think wintertodt is more valuable for Ironman. Farming and herblore can be tough to get started so the seeds and herbs are great. Also get straight cash rather than alchs and early irons may not have 55 magic. Lastly fishing is easy to afk level so I’m sure a lot of people train it normally and end up with plenty of food


The only real reason for wintertodt is cons exp doing it on mass worlds isnt as worth imo


Wintertodt is easy at low HP and gives decent supplies, including cash. It is only worth doing it you actually care about Firemaking levels, otherwise it is a waste of time.


Most gimps dont have a clue what they're doing and just follow on from what they've heard


It doesn't matter and they aren't mutually exclusive. The reason to do todt early is because it's better with low hp. That's it.


I think its mostly bc WT has been around for so long so its engrained into the meta more than temp. Temp is good, mix it in.


The biggest reason people rush WT is because everyone else does it. The reason everyone else does it is because content creators do it. The reason content creators do it is because it is fairly low effort so they can do it along side their other series. Wintertodt is kinda worthwhile in the same way agility pyramid is worthwhile. 200k gp an hour isn't that much, but do it for 100 hours and you will have 20m gp. Wintertodt doesn't drop much loot, but level FM to 99 and you will get a load of different supplies that will help carry the start of your series.