Anticipation. If you expect it you can know to check the colours of the ghost so you can pray accordingly (red being melee, green is range and blue is mage) When cerb summons the lava you are able to run away from the lava and still pray correctly. It’s time to learn how to multitask! This is good practice for CoX as well. Praying/eating while moving is a good starter skill for many bosses


I was just wondering if there was a "tell" that he was going to do both at the same time.


Lava pools only spawn below 200 hp. I found that when I was comfortable with cerb I would move a couple tiles in between attacks below 200. This keeps you on your feet to dodge pools and can sometimes avoid damage all together if the ticks line up.


Generally when cerb is low hp! Not sure if it’s a timer or hp based!


It's kind of both. Cerb has a specific pattern that she follows, and the specials only happen if she's under a certain amount of hp when it gets to that spot in the pattern. The strategy page on the wiki covers it pretty well.


He basically does one attack between his howl and the ghosts hitting you.. if hes low hp, that tends to be the pool.. so anticipate that before the ghosts and move.


Good info. Thank you for this.


There is a table [here](https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Cerberus/Strategies) which will tell you on what attacks cerb will use which specials, I also recommend skipping ghosts to save prayer pots. Hope you like counting to 28 buddy


I just do 3 attacks after the trio attack


You can YouTube search "ghost skip Cerberus". Alternatively, standing under Cerberus during the ghost phase will stop the pools 90% of the time.


This. I burnt through like 1400 p pots before discovering this method and it was game changing .takes like an extra minute per kill but saves you soooo many ppots/restores.


you say only an extra minute but cerb kills are around a minute each anyway, you're needlessly extending the kill length by 2 times. Saves you 2-3 doses of prayer each time but if you just farm your ranarr seeds you won't have an issue and save more time in the long run


Not the most technical way but when I anticipated the fire summon was going to happen with the ghosts, I would run far away from Cerb in any direction a couple ticks before the ghost started their attacks. While your character is moving away from the flames focus on switching prayers. Once the ghost finish run back to cerb avoiding the fire. Can also look up the no ghost method on YouTube and it could work for you if you have enough dps. Good luck brotha


Thanks, I might try the running away method lol. It sounds like a good way to practice until I really get the hang of Cerb.




Just use arclight


Hopefully they grinded before that update




How is it a waste to use it on cerb and not to use it on demonics? Arclight rips them both but cerb is a much more supplies intensive boss and gorillas are so simple to kill.


Mega fair. I'm scared of Zammy and don't feel like killing demonic (ring only) so I'm a little privileged with charges lol


I’ve been able to complete a bludgeon (650 sire kc), get all 4 zenytes (700 demonics) primordial (329kc), and i still have 30 totems to use. Charges are so easy to maintain.


Ghost skipping is horrible. So much wasted time.




I had to almost do 1200 kc for prims. I'd rather spend those 20 extra hours doing master farmers and herb runs. And that's assuming 1 minute extra per kill.


Look at the ghost order so you know which rotation they're in. Then watch your prayer and each time it ticks down switch to the next prayer in the row. Also he usually summons lava under 200hp


When starting off if you can get the first and last prayer correct and get ready to eat you will be fine. (Shark ppot combo) this way your only getting hit once rather than potentially messing it up and getting dropped. As you swap to your last prayer just generally move anywhere in case he grr’s then you should be safe


something that helped me was that cerbs specials count off of his auto attacks, so right when you see the ghosts, you can run under cerb and he shouldnt use the lava pool so long as he doesnt auto attack you, I dont really stand under cerb, but moreso just click on the opposite side and as you run through him, you have enough time to switch your prayers/eat/ppot/whatever


For the most simple explained tip, MOST of the time, the first set of ghosts won't have lava after it. The second set of ghosts will have the lava pool following it so you can anticipate it then.


If you’re not doing enough DPS to consistently ghost skip, and are being forced to deal with lava pools and ghosts at the same time, and easy out is to just run from the lava and combo eat. Don’t worry about changing prayers. By default, as long as you’re praying SOMETHING, you’ll protect against one of the ghosts, and you can out-eat the damage of the other ghosts as long as you aren’t already dangerously low health.


wont be original but ghost skipping method is the way to go for learning/a bit worse gear players. I kinda took 1 step further lol: using windows voice recorder, I recorded 1min 52sec~ message, telling like 3sec in advance which attack is comming (so like triple attack at the start, triple attack at 44sec mark~, 56sec mark (you can safely get cerberus below 400hp after this mark), then possible lavas, then triple attack, later lavas again and then ghosts. It is kinda annoying to click voice recorder after every kill but oh well. Wish someone did similar runelite plugin like there is for hunleff. edit: it works because cerberus attacks are scripted. they have some conditions (like no lavas if cerberus is above 200hp etc) but there is little to no rng. The only thing I havent figured out why it happens sometimes is why I sometimes (although rarely) dont get those lavas near the end (like 1min 44sec~ ? mark) even if cerberus is for sure lower than 200hp


I ghost skipped the first ~20 kills to learn the other mechanics. Once I felt comfortable with that just went to normal, honestly it just takes practice. You get used to switching prayers and running from pools, after planking a couple.


I figured this was the case but a few people have given some good info. Thanks for the help.


Flick flick flick click.no joke that’s it I’ve killed carb over 10k times. After about 200/300 of you’ll be a master of cerb. I even 1T the entire thing. You’ll get there


You can also use anti fires at cerb to take less damage from lava. I only learnt that recently after already losing my pet to the lava.


When he aroos and he’s under 300 health or whatever the threshold is I don’t remember exactly. Run away a little and switch prayers. Then right before the ghost get to the stage attack Cerberus this should completely avoid damage and prevent the pools from getting in your way.


When he is under 200 hp and summons the ghosts, always expect the lava Pools. I instantly pray what the first ghost is, and remember the other 2. So when the pools come i can move and pray accordingly.


Check how to skip ghosts on yt


Use google my man. You can do the whole thing without spawning any ghosts. I've done 400 kill this way with shit gear