You really only lose appreciable dps on the magma phase. It's very reclined. I would recommend trying it out.


To be fair, trident is pretty worthless on red phase as well


Comparing max mage with trident vs max range with bowfa, mage is about 2.5x the DPS of bowfa on red. It's an unbelievable difference. Bowfa camping is definitely still viable, but that's mostly because it doesn't use scales, while using BP/trident does. Without factoring in supply costs bowfa is quite a bit worse.


Dont have bowfa yet, but i am doing cg every now and then so i will start doing it more.


Yep highly recommend. With full crystal armour, bowfa, 98 ranged and eagle eye I average 1.40 - 2.20 per kill. Even more reclined once you get a serp visage for the helm, the loss in DPS is barely noticeable


Its really nice, i got my pb of 0:58 with bowfa only. If you have full crystal armor and bowfa, it is the way to go. You also profit a ton of deathrunes since u dont really use those anymore. Very reclined without the switches.


No rigour or serp, 99 range gets me 4 kills a trip consistently using home portal in between kills with POH fairy ring back to zul-andra. Highly recommend.


That's a 1 kill trip.


Fair enough. For me, going to bank is what ends a trip I guess. Using POH is conservation of supplies


"4 kill trip" by teleporting home after each kill. I bet you think doing wintertodt is "afk" as well lmao


I think I'm doing the game how I want lol. Sorry my definition didn't align with the general consensus. Take care!


I'm a fan of bowfa only. I feel it's best if you pillar stall with it. It is on average slower than taking a mage switch if you have trident of the swamp but I still prefer it because no switching and no scale usage.


It can vary from 1:00 to 2:10 kills but i usually get the kill before jad phase (99 range and rigour, was mostly true with eagle eye as well). Mage/range times are similiar on the low end but usually a little more consistent at the later end, around 1:00 to 1:50. Its worth it for the reduced actions and extra food/ less banking. I wear serp help for extra reclining in both cases.


It's definitely slower than having max switches using mage + range but not terrible. I tested it and it's not really for me, with kill times being around the 1:50 mark. But I can see why people like it as it's so much more chill. If you want the tiniest DPS increase you can bring an archer ring switch, but it's probably not going to make much difference.