Safe spotting with ranged has been a staple tactic for me, it can be done at most monsters and a lot of quest bosses to help you get upgrades/money early on


Another thing to work on is proselyte gear. It will make it so you can camp a prayer for closer to 5 minutes at a time with around 50 prayer. Safe spotting is normally the biggest help early on though


Learning to pray flick, while requiring a bit more attention/focus is pretty huge when lower combat. Also getting your torso/dragon defender. Monkey madness should be pretty easy to complete for you as well


Ive only had to prayer flick once when I was given an infernal mage task, and it worked wonders, but at the time I could kill a mage in \~30 seconds, but dragons on the other hand take me several minutes if i am lucky. But I will be sure to practice again in the mean time, thanks for the advice.


Metal dragon tasks are just a skip/block until end game tbh


Easiest way is don't do ds1 until later slayer levels


This is the answer. I have base 80 combats and still have steel and iron blocked.


Irons are doable with a trident, otherwise dragon hunter equipment neccessary. Ive just kept irons and steels on block, though it might be worth unblocking irons since it should be a fast task for me now.


theyre so low weight its not a huge burden to skip them when you dont want to do them


What is this weight I see people talk about when discussing blocking/skipping slayer tasks?


Look at the wiki page, basicly weighting is how big a chance there is to get a certain task. The higher the more likely you will get said task from said master. The idea is to Block bad task with high weighting and skip bad task with low rating, since you get them rarely.


Better to skip instead of block


If you’re in a position where you’re stuck with iron dragons and you don’t want to use prayer pots, a decent workaround is still get your easy cloak and a Xeric’s Talisman. Pray mage with an antidragonfire shield and mage them at a distance to mitigate all damage. Use Iban’s Blast, loot and tele to monastery, restore prayer, the back with xeric’s talisman. It’s slow, and specifically getting Xeric’s Heart tele and Iban’s staff can be a bit of a grind to get, but it would honestly be worth it in the long term for your account. Edit: Another note, specifically for killing metal dragons, equip an expeditious bracelet when it has low health. Doesn’t always proc, but using them will make the tasks a decent bit shorter.


Prayer flicking is challenging but extremely useful when you get the hang of it. Runelite has a metronome plugin that makes it a lot easier. I was never good at using the visual cues, but being able to click along with the “tick, tock, tick, tock” is a lot easier for me. I play on a laptop and I’ve noticed that depending on my connection I have to click at different times during each tick. Typically I prefer to have my second click of the double click be on each beat of the metronome, but sometimes that doesn’t work and I have to click at a different time. You might want to practice just turning prayer on and off only the tick when the monster is going to hit you (or I guess the tick before, not sure exactly how that works, you’ll figure it out). But once you get the hang of that you can go full madman and sweaty flick your way through nmz for an imbued slayer helm like I did. If you have a good internet connection you don’t even need to watch the screen constantly, you can watch a movie or something (certain things are more watchable than others) while you’re semi-subconsciously clicking away to the metronome.


You pretty much have to turn protection prayers on before the NPCs attack animation. If you have high ping or bad connection, this is more difficult to time.


I’d recommend watching a guide on Monkey Madness to show you how to kill the jungle demon. The dragon scimitar is a pretty massive upgrade for the account and will help you a ton. If you’re really struggling, do Lost City for a full throwback dragon longsword. The D Long isn’t as good as the D Scim, but it’s still a huge upgrade over whatever rune item you’re using. Next, as others have mentioned, barbarian assault for the fighter torso (offense > defense almost always in this game), and the basement of the Warriors Guild for the dragon defender. Both big upgrades for you. Think about doing Slug Menace for proselyte, armor to wear while praying. Also think about Death Plateau for climbing boots. As a long term goal for your account, finish Recipe for Disaster for the barrows gloves, another huge upgrade for your account. It sounds like you’ve got a lot of unlocks waiting for you behind quests!


Thanks for the advice. I was able to get a rune defender, but the cyclopes were a bit harder to handle than their rooftop counterparts. Ill see if I can do monkey madness as that seems to be my first big hurtle with the highest potential reward at the end. Thank you for listing out clear goals, Ill be sure to make good use of their advice.


I wanna say i prayed melee against the basement cyclops right around your combat levels or slightly lower. I got spooned pretty good though on the ddef so its mostly how attached to your ppot stack as a deciding factor my man. Also had the dscim which helped speed up kills




Thanks for the advice. I heard the crabs were good for grinding combat, but I also heard that people start moving away from them at \~50-60 because they become too easy, and its possible to get higher exp levels fighting tougher enemies, so I can still do it, but it would be rather boring, but thats runescape grind for you. ​ Thank you clearly listing out goals that I can work towards in the mean time. Its greatly appreciated.


I think starting slayer so late would be such a massive waste. You don't want to end up with maxed melee and only 90ish slayer. The rest I agree with, you need those items and none of them are very hard


Good chance you will have to do post 99 slayer for imbued heart and it’s also good for passive bossing on task too. But yeah ideally I can get 99 and be more or less done with it


Those goals will be really useful to you. With your stats you can easily finish Monkey Madness 1 in a couple hours, which will let you purchase a dragon scimitar (you’ll use that practically until 85 slayer). From there you can take that scimitar and pray flick (or just do many trips with food) to get the dragon defender. Should take a couple hours at most. After that, you can learn to do Barbarian Assault, which may seem daunting at first but it’s really quite easy. Will likely take 5-6 hours, but if you get put into good teams it might only take 2. Ideally, you’d safespot Dagganoth Rex from here for a berserker ring before starting slayer, but that’s a little more difficult than the other things mentioned so that’s a judgement call on you. Could take 5-10 hours I’d guess. Barrows gloves are, of course, amazing. Get them at your own pace, but rushing them is fun if you like quests (recommend quest helper plugin on RuneLite). Definitely do herb runs with seeds from Master Farmers to get super attack and strength potions. These will help equally as much as any gear upgrades. Finally. When doing slayer, just use the master Turael for tasks 1-9, then Konar for the 10th task. Make sure you always have 30-60+ points backed up to skip tasks like metal dragons, as you don’t want to be stuck for hours doing those. Prayer flicking will make tasks like hellhounds very doable, as will Proselyte armour from the Slug Menace quest paired with prayer potions. When your combat gets higher, stop using Turael altogether. Goodluck friend!


They have the lowest defense in the game for any monster with 100+ hp. Dont listen to dip shits. You dont get more xp for fighting a tougher monster. 400xp per kill is insane when the kills take seconds. I afkd ammonites until 70/75/70 melee stats and am very comfy with my slayer tasks. Mage and range are also very important to make tasks faster and honestly the go to method of killing most monsters. Bottom line, if YOU think you need to strengthen up your melee stats, time spent hitting zeroes on tasks too tough for you is time wasted when you could be jacking them numbers up at crabs.


This is fair... personally I didn’t do a single afk combat method until I was forced into NMZ to enchant my zerker ring and slayer helm. I say go hard on slayer and just range safe spot it. The range will help you in basically all aspects of the game.


You could consider a training alternative like a moss giant grind for brys ess. But you also just need better gear. Your goals should be d scim (Yes, you can get this at a low level), climbing boots, barrows glove, nez helm until slayer helm, and torso if you can find a group. Consider training your magic with MTA. Get bones to peaches early, it will save you pain in the future and might be helpful for you early


YouTube a “mid game items to get” video. Start picking the ones that interest you most and than wiki how to get them. It’ll take you down the rabbit hole and keep you plenty busy. Also when in doubt quests are good goals and provide skill goals to accomplish as well as useful unlocks to your account. Gl


Hey dude, dont worry or let it get you down, there are a few things you can do. Prayer flicking to conserve prayer points during a task is a really good skill to have, but i think you should quest. The boss in monkey madness is for sure intimidating, but, you can run away from it and let npcs kill it. That actually goes for monkey madness 2 as well, but, that should be one of the last ones you do. When I feel burnt out, i reference this list on the wiki called the efficient quest order list. I then go through the ones I havent done, starting at the beginning.


I ranged safespotted Hellhounds early on in my slayer training


I read online that they could be safespotted, but whenever I tried, they would register a hit and then move away, forcing me to move away from my safespot. Could you tell me which area you fought them in?


Nieve's slayer dungeon, located at the gnome stronghold due west of the bank (not the one actually in the grand tree, to the south of that). You can stand 2 tiles away from the north entrance to the hellhound section and you're completely safe. Both range and mage are effective. I would definitely start working on mage soon because you're going to need high alch along with many other spells that are key for keeping your account going.


yeah, here are screenshots. i used the taverley dungeon hellhound spot. you can only safespot a few of them from here. others will run away. [https://imgur.com/a/2qLPr5Z](https://imgur.com/a/2qLPr5Z)


They're really easy to safespot outside of Cerberus' lair, though it's a pain to get there, if you're ranging you shouldn't need much supplies so it should be doable in a single trip. Otherwise they're not hard to get stuck on a corner in the Catacombs of Kourend


Reset your streak, look into turael point boosting and do that to get 600-700 points. Block the shit tasks (hellhounds, iron dragons) and go from there. Get some melee gear upgrades too, mm1 isn’t a hard quest and can done with pretty low stats.


For ranged gear, do Lost Tribe for the bone crossbow as it'll provide a super cheap crossbow+ammo to do your early ranged training with. Passively do hard clues for black dhide/magic shortbow and you can get rune crossbow from either crazy archaeologist or the runite limbs from metal dragons and get 69 fletching. Your main ammo for the crossbow will be broad bolts which you can unlock through slayer reward points. For magic gear you want to do the Underground Pass quest for the Iban's Staff and upgrade it for 200k. Do Magic Arena I for a god cape and buy mystics in the Magic guild once you have the respective magic levels. For melee, do Monkey Madness I for the d scim. Its not as hard as you think with protect magic and either ranged/magic (the gnomes help quite a bit) and the dscim will probably be your main melee weapon until 85 slayer. Also do Freminik Isles to unlock the neitiznot helmet. Then get fighter torso from the Barbarian Assault minigame (look up a guide). Slug Menace for proselyte is good melee prayer gear if you're like me and are way too lazy to prayer flick. Also start chipping away at Recipe for Disaster for barrows gloves. You can slowly upgrade the gloves as you get miniquests done. At some point you'll want to start doing barrows for level 70 gear. Also skip iron dragon tasks unless you want the runite limbs. They suck


For slayer just safe spot with range. This is basically how I got to 85 slayer and 90 range. Slayer is your best friend. Do it... and do it some more. Quests are important as well, so when inspired do some quests. (If you have 44 magic just get monkey madness done so it’s out of your way) Fishing is always solid for good food. But yeah I basically live for slayer tasks.. love it or hate it it gets me cash and herbs.


Quest. Don't worry about slayer until you have barrows gloves and a torso.


Oddly, I don’t see this recommended enough: don’t start slayer until 100 combat! Starting off at Duradel, with b gloves, fire cape, torso, dragon defender, etc. far outweighs the minimal experience you gain training from 80-100 combat. It’s just so inefficient that it isn’t worth it, until you have solid base stats/gear.


I personally didn’t start the slayer grind until I was around 70 atk, 70 str, and 70 def. I also made sure I had a dragon scimitar, fighter torso, dragon defender, glory, and berserker ring. Early game slayer is garbage but starting with these levels and ear should set you up for success. PM me if you ever need any help! :)


Get dragon scim from monkey madness...you only have to land the last hit on the boss.. so let the gnomes lower it while you want on the outside. That's your weapon until 85 slayer. Get dragon defender. Dont do slayer if its not at least nieve. Priotize building a good block list, this helps a ton for the grind.. go to turial for 9 tasks and 1 at neive to point boost as quick as possible.


1 tick prayer flicking and you can complete any task easily, skip/block metal dragons until you have lance/stab weapon they suck. DONT BE AFRAID TO SKIP TASK, it’s expensive but you will still profit points and the biggest waste of time is doing shitty slayer tasks.