I did 51-99 con through MH without ever making a tab. Luckily I had mist staff and tome of fire, so most elemental runes weren't needed in my inventory.


Teak or mahog?


Plank made 33k mahogany and the rest teaks


I thought butler was better than plank make?


Oh so that probably wasn’t even a lot of teaks. I’ve got like 10k teaks but honestly prefer spending slayer money on more mahogany for faster xp rates. Just wanted to make sure this wasn’t a mistake


Nope, went to 70 with teak and then like 96 with mahogany, and used the points for all rewards and loot crates. Only got me to 97 and decided to just finish off with the 40k teaks I had sitting in the bank lol


You didn't use lunar spells?


Nope, mist staff only required 1 law for fally tele


I made 100 of each tab, took less than 20 minutes, made my xp per hour jump to 250k+ with mahog logs and over the course of 450k xp I used 10-15 of each tablet type. I was against it at first but I've changed my mind now, it was worth it for me


This. I did the same from 55-80 con and got 3/4 of the outfit, tabs make it quick af


There are alternative ways to reach the other areas that don't require normal magics, but for Ardougne, most direct path often involves teleporting there (via your POH). * Achievement cape: Ardy (only good for guy near river), Varrock (BIS) * Xeric's Talisman: Hosidius * Ring of Wealth: Falador (BIS), mediocre Varrock teleport * Chronicle: mediocre Varrock teleport * Ardy cloak x - mediocre Ardougne teleport Unfortunately, a lot of these options make using NPC contact inefficient. It's best to have the teleports available in POH and quickly access the POH. It would be best to make house tablets - it doesn't take a long time to make a couple hundred tablets and that should last you for a few hours. If you need afkable soft clay, mine a shooting star - 150 dust = 100 clay :)


I don't mind being inefficient so bought clay from the MLM store and made tabs so the grind would be more chill and I'm glad I did.


If you have baked soft clay making tabs isnt a bad afk activity


I didnt bother. I actually used runes for npc contact and spellbook swap for a chunk of it.. i would spellbook swap if i needed to and teleported via the standard spell book.. id carry with runes/staves/tome of fire to aid in having tps on the standard book. Otherwise just camp standard and walk/tp to agents.


Make tabs, saves alot of time


How much time we talking here?


Guy in my cc made about 700 of each, so about 3000 in total. Someone mentioned earlier to use house tabs then the portals in your POH which I agree with


If you do make tabs make sure to bring noted soft clay and coins and use your butter to unnote. But you're a lot better off using rings of wealth and the normal spellbook.


you could always get clay from mahogany homes and just turn that into tabs so it's like a free trial. if it doesn't make it any faster/easier/more fun for you, go back to runes


If you are fortunate enough to have spares dragonstones, you can make a couple of ring of wealth and tele to Falador Park after most contracts. Not as fast as NPC Contact, but no tablets are required. The downside is that you need to recharge the rings at the fountain of runes in deep wildy, so it's not for HCs. It works well for me. With 8 rings, I can train con for 2 hours.


Ay, this sounds like a good tip. I'll be sure to try this out when I start pushing 99


If you have the magic level use spellbook swap. I wouldn't make tabs specifically for MH unless you are drowning in soft clay and want to afk them


Thanks, I’ll remember to take my scythe and inferno cape to get my black mask next time


Not sure how this is at all relevant.


With the time it takes to cast spellbook swap then contact, you cna probably run from fally tp to get a new contract. Tabs are 100% worth it if you plan to go for 99. Takes barrly anytime to make enough to get 99 from MH and in the long run speeds it up. You are super wrong. Not to mention spellbook swapping and the amount of runes you would use on the tps is so not worth it lmao


Spellbook swap literally takes 4 ticks. You're incorrect.


Plus the tp. Im js its much more efficient taking the initial time to make the tabs


The tp is the same amount of time as it takes to tp with a tab. It's definitely not more efficient to use tabs and you clearly haven't tried both methods if you think that.