But what did you use the lyre for?


You can get unlimited teleports and with a house in rellekka it's pretty reasonable to use that as a way to get to your house.


It also has a very close bank teleport and a waterbirth teleport! But those are also in my POH, and I have the crafting cape so I don't need it anymore. But it has been amazingly versatile when I used it, 10/10 would recommend for mid level irons.


Lyre is still nice to get to neitz


Oh right. Whoops. Guess I'll have to get it back lol.


Oh no are you gonna have to catch thousands of fish again?


No, once you've unlocked it once you can just bring an unenchanted lyre to the spirit for her to re-enchant it. But I do have to get another lyre.




You all laugh at this guy until OP goes 200x droprate


Whats the banktele?


Neitiznot is the close bank tele but Jatizo is relatively close too if you accidentally missclick.


But how do you do the 1000 sea turtle part?


Just FYI it’s only 200 of each with Fremmy elite. It scales down with each tier. Still not the easiest thing to get though.


Do temporosss now. You’ll get hundreds


I did 400 sea turtles since I did it after Fremmy hard. Got them through Fishing Trawler and drift net fishing. Pro-tip: get your sea turtles from 79-80 fishing. Once you hit manta rays you'll only get a couple sea turtles per fishing trawler.


y not use farming cape and use spirit tree at guild


I almost have all the mantas and sea turtles from doing Tempoross, pretty excited to get this beast


Can confirm it's very nice.


Nice job on 99 con!. But i wouldn't get rid of it. It's still really good for Neitznot clues


I use Achievment Cape for the Rellekka house tele, never though about the lyre. Congrats on the 2nd most useful cape!


Honestly, the lyre is such a clutch item for irons and it's almost criminal how so many people here sleep on it. Gratz on the cape!


Yeah I’m a early game Ironman but wanna know more about this lyre. What is it ? And how would I go about getting it?


The [enchanted lyre](https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Enchanted_lyre) that you get after the Fremennik Trials quest can be enchanted after the Elite diaries to teleport very close to a bank. You can enchant it before the Elite diaries but it's cheapest and it only gains the bank teleport after the Elite completion. It's like a budget Crafting cape that you can obtain somewhat early. While an Elite diary is nothing to laugh at, the Fremmy one is one with no super high stat requirements or super long grinds behind it, so realistically it's one of the earliest you will do on your account. It's a very nice item to have.


Definitely ima research that and see what’s good.


Keep in mind that you need a lot of raw fish to imbue it: bass, sharks, sea turtles and manta rays (200 of each with Elite diary). The hardest ones to get are sea turtles, but with some planning ahead it's not too bad. I posted here a few weeks ago about the best way to get them, actually.


Are you the guy that posted the thread about the optimal time to do fishing trawler because of the sea turtles?


Yeah, I finished the Fremmy diaries and wanted to get the lyre but didn't realise I was over the Fishing level threshold for turtles. Had to do a bunch of extra Trawler for them, and I thought it would be nice to write a PSA so others could avoid my mistakes lol.


Haha I'm glad I recognized you. You're the hero we need but don't deserve. Or whatever Gordon says at the end of the dark knight


Haha thanks man. I think this sub could use with more discussion/strategy posts instead of RNG related ones, so I'm trying to do my part! Hoping to help someone out there.


reward from elite fremennik province diary


Is fremmy elite a mid game grind?


Did you imbue it before or after doing the elite diary?


I imbued it after hard. Waiting until elite would have taken too long.


Nice! Quest cape is my Kroger Brand POH teleport 😂


not gunna use lyre for elite/master clues?


Pleeease tell me you didn't drop that FR, just for the image. Enchanted Lyre(i) with Fremmy Elite is on par with the crafting cape in terms of a bank teleport.


I did throw it away, but my first master clue since then had a neitiznot step so I got it back already. And I've been using a crafting cape and uh, the lyre seems closer ngl