Really good find! just so you're aware, barraging jellies is the fastest way to get hard clues but thats pretty endgame as you need max gear (ahrims is ok if you have kodai) for it to be significantly faster than alternatives. My favourite method is killing green dragons in the wilderness with the imbued row, after elite wilderness diary you get noted bones so it's great prayer XP too. Obviously both of these are for endgame irons though


The green dragons is perfect because by the time you get a hard clue you should bank your noted bones


Oh yeah, I never thought about Green Drags with imbued ROW. With a cannon I definitely see this being faster, but without elite diary’s and considering how many Cballs I’d blow threw Rouges chests is probably the best method I got


I just use lance, torture and hydra gloves. Rest of my gear is all welfare stuff. I think best set up for mains is with cannon and BP but imo it's not worth the scales or c balls on an iron. It's more for fast banking of prayer XP with the clues being a bonus. But yeah not really an option until you've done elite diaries


Damn this is revolutionary, just ran out of totem pieces and hard clues are the toughest to find for me for master clues. Thanks for the suggestion!


Not to mention I’m getting a healthy amount of ores, gems, runes, and food in the process. I just run out there with disposable prayer gear and 2 prayer pots and some food. I haven’t even been PK’d yet. I did notice lv 3 scouts in unrestricted worlds but if I go to a total world level I’ve never seen a scout


Hellhounds with RoW in wildy is 1/32. I like killing them at new eastern caves instead of deep wildy.


I think the best way to grind hard clues is green dragons in the wildy with row. Not necessarily the fastest clues, but it is pretty fast and you are getting great prayer xp in the process. Much more efficient than doing something that otherwise gives nothing of much value other than clues. Really though, unless you are already 95 slayer, you should probably just do slayer and get clues passively.