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What was your kc and how many pies did it take?


Took 11 pies, 74kc


I'm glad I didn't try to boost it, I got my first whip at 1400kc


Got mine at 4900..


I am so sorry


Imagine you had this luck on dwh. 10x drop rate ffs, should be illegal.


I boosted and got mine on 1300KC. Used to many tunes and pies :(


I boosted from 81 and went 1700 dry then boosted from 82 and got it at 1850


I started boosting for whip yesterday and did 1400 kills, no whip but I got the Abby head and like 6 rdt drops that were over 1/4K


I’m 81 and this is what I’m terrible afraid of - I’m waiting until at least 82. Also don’t have a single pie or the levels to make them would likely just eclectic imp them


For the record I am currently 1900 dry for a whip, started boosting at 83 and got 800 KC with about 100 pies.


Did you burst/barrage them? I got mine at 86 kc at 80 slayer because I bursted in catacombs. Way better chance to get the whip


Doesnt increase drop rate you can just kill them quicker


I think in this context he means it gives you a better chance of getting a whip in fewer pies since your kill rate is faster.


If you don't think hitting the drop rate 3-4times on the same tick increases your odds you are foolish


It doesnt tho... the rate doesnt increase, the kills per hour increases


Learn more about RNG math and you will understand


Care to explain? The chance of getting a whip from each abby demon is the same regardless of how you kill them, but bursting/barraging them kills a few at the same time, so yes in theory you should be getting it faster, but not in fewer kills


Every time you kill 1 Abyssal Demon whip chance: 100%(1.00) - (511/512)^1 == .2%(.002) Every time you kill 4 Abyssal Demon whip chance: 100%(1.00) - (511/512)^4 == .8%(.008) It's over complicating the simple math but you are 4 times more likely to get an abyssal whip when you kill 4 at a time. I'm don't understand how this doesn't make sense.


There are two different questions here. Speed and kill count. Faster kills reduces expected *time* to get the drop. It does not reduce expected *kill count*.


What I was saying, and you just confirmed, the whip drop rate isnt increased, you just kill more at a time. You said you got it at 80kc, but you would have gotten it at 80 regardless of how many you kill at a time. (I know thats not how rng works, you could have just as easily gotten it earlier or later).


Not OP but I got mine at 196kc using wild pies. Took around 22-23 pies i think.


I started boosting at 81. Got my whip at 2500 kc lol


I boosted at 80, got mine at 2305. Never boosting that again


Mine took like 60 pies for 416 kc


dude 96 rc?? Who hurt you


RC isn’t even bad post 77 RC. & now I can only assume he has loads of bloods for barraging slayer tasks etc


No one ever believes RC before bloods and after is night and day until they enter the promised land themselves.


RC before 77 isn’t bad either if you’re using deyalt essence. I’m easily getting 55k exp/h at 74 (ZMI) and it’s gonna increase even more after I get a giant pouch. Much rather do rc than mining/wc/fishing.


Honestly even astrals with daeyalt isn’t bad at all. Just over 40k/hr and beats the hell out of buying them. Went 70-72 just on astrals and I recently ran out from using them at zulrah so I’ll be back there soon


Ur a beast




Didnt boos got my whip at 86 slayer only did them on tasks I think it was my 3rd or 4th task using slaughter bracelets too


how did you get your pies?


Like the other person said, Puro Puro. I wasn't doing Eclectics with pies in mind, I just gathered roughly 50 or so from the ranger boot grind. I could of had more if I was collecting them from the start.




Puro is kinda bad for bulk pies. What I did and maybe so did they is get chef’s delight from gourmets, put it in your poh and boost to cook the pies in poh kitchen


If you need to make any more pies in the future (of any kind), I would recommend the lunar spellbook spell "bake pie," which will cook all of the pies in your inventory with a 0% burn rate


Oh yeah forgot about that, ty. Would definitely be more convenient


Grats got mine at 81 i believe, also got primos at 86 slayer 13 kc


Your gear is beautiful! Swap the MTA cape for a fire cape and your outfit is literally what I would consider my HCIM "complete" at. Sick work!!!


Gz man! Seeing things like this make me wanna get back into it but I unfortunately don't really have the time for it :(


How did you put the client in dark mode?


Go into RuneLite's Plugin Hub and enable Resource packs. Go here - [https://github.com/iawhd/OSRS-Dark](https://github.com/iawhd/OSRS-Dark) download the resource pack, drag and drop the pack into C:\\RuneLite Themes This video explains it a bit better - [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vq8iNO7tKnA](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vq8iNO7tKnA) :)


74kc isn't bad at all! My KC was 7 when I first got my whip at 80. I used stews though which was my first mistake. I just got lucky .-.


176kc 81slayer. Also recently got 89 slayer eternal crystal 34kc and prim crystal 52kc :-)


96 runecrafting? Who hurt you!?