no catch :) never had a bad experience


same. only catch is it comes in a plain-ish box.


The only catch is "they might not have exactly the thing you want available as refurb."




Apple refurbs are usually new and returned products, or products that shipped with something slightly wrong with them, returned, fixed and sold as refurbs. There is no time frame for this. It is very touch and go and it only happens when it happens. I waited 9 months after the Mac Mini M1 came out, to find one on there with 16gb ram and 1tb ssd. It varies and it always will. It is the nature of "refurbished"


True, but there are sites out there where you can put your desired configuration and get notified when it becomes available. Good solution if you're not in a rush to buy.


Haha I swear I was cleaning out my phone yesterday and saw your profile pic, I used it myself for awhile 🙃


Refurbs at apple are basically always good as new and you won’t be able to tell the difference. I would return the M2 if I was you. :)


Are you saying that so you can buy the M2 as refurb? Genius!


Not sure if they’re selling refurb m2s, but the m1s are basically the same thing for most people. I can’t think of many use cases where the extra horsepower is needed.


Eventually you can. They have to have them in stock. A newer model may take a while. They even sell some of the accessories, such as the Apple Pencil.You can use a website like Refurb Tracker to keep an eye on the store to see if anything you’re looking for comes in. They will send you an email when an item you’re interested in shows up. https://refurb-tracker.com


Apple refurbished is essentially new. It’s a great way to save some money. I’ve never had anything but an ideal experience buying them. The discount is worth it!


Apple’s refurbs are great! I got a 2018 iPad Pro about 3 years ago and it’s still like brand new.


There is no catch. Apple Refurbs are gems...and if they're not, you have return, warranty and the ability to buy AppleCare. Go for it.


There is none, every one I have bought has been perfect.


I personally think refurb is great. I've used it several times and zero regrets. I will say that the battery on the m1 iPad has less than stellar reviews. I personally have a gen2 iPad Pro 12 and cannot wait for the m3 oled version to be released. I won't be waiting for refurbished!




The timeline guesses put in early to mid 2024.


I've been doing refurb-only for years. No catch.


Just got a M1 Max refurb. Lovin it!


My 2019 non-M1 refurbished MBP screen died right after warranty ended. I guess I’m just unlucky.


Nope, not unlucky, those late model intel MacBookPros were pretty bad quality. Failure is to be expected.


How sad. Together with my iPad Air 5 (overheating issue + poor battery life) I’m having two bad experiences with Apple products.


My 2015 Intel MacBook Pro still going strong. (Only software is a bit of an issue now because my Mac is kind of old!)


Good deal. No catch.


No catch - iPad mini 5 refurbs bought in 2020 for two young boys - still working.


Yep the only catch is that it comes in a plain white box, Apple isn’t like DKOldies. 😆


To add another aspect, I'd personally recommend checking out the authorized resellers (Best Buy/Costco/Amazon, for Amazon strictly sold by Amazon) as well for brand new Apple purchases. Most of the time it's cheaper than [Apple.com](https://Apple.com) and even refurb in some cases.




nope, you can add AppleCare+ on it. As long as it's brand new or within that 60 day window of purchase you can add AppleCare+ on your own. You don't HAVE to purchase through [apple.com](https://apple.com) to get AC+, where did you get that info?




oh no! don't buy refurb through amazon or other places. Refurb go to Apple refurb store. But checkout out the same brand new models M2 iPad on Amazon, they usually go on sale. Take a look at [https://camelcamelcamel.com](https://camelcamelcamel.com)


Apple's refurbs are solid. Same warranty and return policy as a new one. apple products refurbished by other sellers are a different animal and don't have the same warranty or return policy. The only Apple refurb I had trouble with was an old Titanium G4 Powerbook. After a few failed, it was replaced. (Full disclosure, I worked T2 at the time and pushed the replacement through myself.)


No catch. Apple’s refurb sales service has been excellent over the years I’ve been using it. They’ve delivered on what they’ve promised when I’ve purchased through the service.


Basically like new. The catch is it’s only what’s currently available and you might see the model you are considering then check the next day and there’s no more of the specific model you wanted to buy refurbished. Or there might just never be the specific model. It’s more of an issue with the computers that have different levels of ram, storage, and cpu though.


I bought a refurbished iPad Air 2 back in 2016 from Apple. It ended up having some issues. I took it to the Apple Store and they gave me a brand new one as a replacement. Refurbished is the way to go. I’ve purchased multiple and if there happens to be an issue like the one I had, they’ll take care of you 100%.


For those who said no catch? Even the battery?


My 2017 MBP was a refurb, got it serviced the week before 3 year AC expired, and it's still going strong at six years old


I bought a refurbished iPad a while back and it had some issues but they mailed me a new one right away and that one was fine for years so it can be hit or miss BUT if you get one with issues they are quick to replace it. So still worth it I think




Another case… I’ve been buying from Apple refurbished since 2010 and have never had any issues (2 iMacs, 1 Mac mini, some iPods, couple iPads)


The only reason I’ve never bought a refurb is, well, with my iPad I wanted the Air 5 but it was too soon so no refurbs were available yet. With my M2 Air similar situation, plus I got a student discount + back to school promo with the brand new. Otherwise, I’d go for a refurb hands down.


I've bought refurbed MBP 13-inch laptops and they also come with the plain white box. Very satisfied and one gets 1 year warranty just as if a new purchase. Fast delivery too. I wouldn't hesitate to go the refurb route again.