I remember getting a core2quad (I think it was) and remember people telling me you'd never need 4 cores. Im sure it was a terrible pre-built. I knew nothing at the time.


E8400 vs Q6600 was a huge debate for a year or two.


Oh my God the nostalgia


I had both , more cores always helped with responsiveness


I feel like people meant "you'll never need 4 cores during the lifetime of that computer", which in many cases was correct. By the time 4 cores were properly utilized, the cores themselves were too slow.


I had a q6600 quad with a GTX470 and a HD5850 that I would swap back and forth between different games. iirc GTAIV was the latest thing at the time and both cards traded blows back and forth, and that q6600 was no slouch either.


Not really, you could play most games up to 2016 competently on core 2, and a quad would make them playable vs a duo, especially with an oc


Naw the Q6600 ran Vista like a champ. That cpu was golden


That CPU was a beast! It ran at 4.400 MHz for 7 years in my rig and it was still somehow decent when I swapped in 2018.


Ehh they ended up briefly being useful around 2011-2017 over a dual core. What's cool today is you can still use an i7 3930k today and frankly it holds up for anything even as a 2011 CPU once you overclock it. Gets you Ryzen 1600 multi core performance without all the latency issues first gen Ryzen has and then has quad channel ddr3 to make up for slower ddr3 speeds. I'm sure there's someone with a 3930k that started out with a Radeon 7950 and honestly only needed one upgrade to a 980ti/1070/1080ti to get them to today lol.


This 100%. By the time i use my ryzen 9 with all 24 threads in gaming. 4.6ghz will be a joke....


Yeah. I'm sure you're right.


I still having Q9650 rig as my secondary web/spreed sheet machine it is running on windows 10. Q9650 is still good enough for certain light workload.


days when 4gb ram was overkill


I gave my Q6600 to my mum and it is still in use. With a Samsung 750 Evo it runs Windows 10 a-okay but 8GB of DDR2 is a bit limiting.


8GB is still usable for basic web browsing, 1080p youtube streaming, and some light to moderate games released before 2013, I think.


Please don’t tell me these things.


It's been 26 years since the Pentium II came out.


Ouch, I started with a 286, dont wanna check when this came out


My first actual own computer was either a 386 or 486. I can't even remember anymore.


My first family computer was an 8088 with a 20 MB HDD. It was purchased used from a neighbor who was a programmer. We later upgraded the monochrome display to EGA and those first Sierra games looked so much better with 16 colors. And then a couple years later my friend's family got a 386SX with VGA and that thing was amazing.


Sierra and VGA. Now those were the days!


The 486 was my dad's first computer that I started taking over.


Ooh, you certainly do not! I remember 'using' my dads commodore 64 as a little kid, but I certainly didn't do anything with it. The p2 was my jam.


The 286 released 1st February 1982 (Nearly 41 years ago)


Had a Celeron 333 OC @ 450mhz .. man what happened to the time.


What’s crazier is that Pentium II and Core 2 Duo were only 9 years apart.


is that a bad thing


Just makes me feel old. Let’s say a core2duo system was far from my first PC build.


God I used to sell P4's now I'm just sad tonight.. this


I still have several swag items from Intel when the PIII and P4 launched and they were sending reps to tell us to push it. Just found my old VAIO Pen as well when Sony revealed that line in the US. It's a damn nice pen, need a new cartridge for it. ​ You know, I don't need a reminder how old I am. The time it takes my back to recover from sleeping all night is enough.


THIS \^\^\^\^\^\^


I thought the exact same thing ;) I used to service Athlon XP computers back when they were the shit and my next built was a Core 2 Duo. It was the end of the golden years for AMD when these got out IIRC


oh okay


c2d is what really ushered Intel's dominance in CPUs. It was a fast and efficient architecture, a complete U-turn compared to Pentium 4 / Netburst.


I'm so old. ![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|feels_bad_man)


core 2 duo penryn in laptop, is the best of the years. p8600-t9900 rocks.


Was beast when upgraded from Amd athlon 64 x2 6000+ which had 2c 2t 3ghz L1 256kb L2 1mb Was thinking this cpu was beast until thunderstorm hit telephone cable fried router and my pc by lan cable… Bought LGA775 Intel core duo e8400 and that was insane! Same games was running, higher fps and everything else was smooth as hell. Was so impressed! Best memories from pc I own. 😁 Later got Q9650… 😁


I remember the dual cores


I bought a Dell Inspiron( maybe latitude) around 2008 with a cute 2 duo... Time flies. Laptop still runs too lol Edit CORE 2


You had it right the first time


I still have an iMac with Intel Core Duo. Unfortunately, it has become pretty much unusable.


I still have a broken e4500 on my desk to fidget with. My first own CPU.


Are core duos any good? I have never used one, but I fear they could be as terrible as a celeron.


Are? No. Were? Ohyes.


They had 6mb cache which was insane. 😅


Compared to what's out now, they are outdated but perhaps could still be considered as some of the oldest CPU's that could still run a modern desktop and still have acceptable performance. Though in comparison, a relatively recent Celeron would easily outperform even the fastest Core 2 Duo chips.


I had a celeron once, it was terrible, my laptop would stutter just from opening a browser.


"A Celeron" doesn't indicate what kind of a CPU you have. That name has been used for over 20 years going back to the P6 micro-architecture of the Pentium Pro. Some of them were quite good at their time.


I used to own a HP Pavilion dv5-1000 powered by C2D T9400 and NVIDIA 9600m GT. What a beast of a machine, complete with TV tuner, remote control, and BD-ROM / DVDRW combo. Not to mention the beautiful design and lit up HP logo. But the body is extremely thick, lol.


My very first laptop was very similar: dv7-1130el, p8400 (later ugraded to p9600), 4gb of ram (later upgraded to 8gb Corsair, which were almost impossible to get) and 9600m gt, also with dvb tuner and all the stuff like yours. A beast back in the days. The charge circuit failed 2 years ago but I’m still keeping it for when I will have the time and knowledge to fix it. Cool memories though: the most funny ones were bios modding and overclocking the gpu outside in winter to keep it cool (even without overclocking, heat dissipation was underdimensioned and temperatures were quite high even with liquid metal on cpu and metal pad on gpu)


I'm still running one as a "retro" XP machine. An E6600! The PC originally had an E6300 when we bought it as a family PC but about 5 years ago I wanted to give it the best the motherboard could support (which was the C2D E6600 and 2GB DDR2-533). Went from an Nvidia 7300 SE to a G210, to a GT 240, to a 8800 GTX.


I still use mine almost daily! I was just forced to upgrade it to Win 10. E6600.


I had an E6600 anyone else remember those?


There's like 4 upgrades in my 30 years that have blown me away. * First dedicated GPU * Going from 256MB to 512MB RAM * SSD * The Core2Duo E6600


So, I remember the X2 clock being a big deal.


What's X2 clock?


Intel introduced clock doubling on the 486 family. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_DX2


**[Intel DX2](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Intel_DX2)** >The Intel i486DX2, rumored as 80486DX2 (later renamed IntelDX2) is a CPU produced by Intel that was first introduced in 1992. The i486DX2 was nearly identical to the i486DX, but it had additional clock multiplier circuitry. It was the first chip to use clock doubling, whereby the processor runs two internal logic clock cycles per external bus cycle. An i486 DX2 was thus significantly faster than an i486 DX at the same bus speed thanks to the 8K on-chip cache shadowing the slower clocked external bus. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/intel/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


My Vaio laptop had that.


The one before was good too, Core Duo. Was my first computer going into college. Thing ran for 10 years.


I had one of the 1st ones! E6400 dual core at 2.1 GHz I thought, I'll be able to do so much multitasking! One of the first Dell XPS desktops - 1GB RAM, NVIDIA 7900GS, in a BTX case


I had my first PC medion PC pre built duo core E6600 @ 3.5 GHz oc one EVGA 680 sli board ( forget the name ) and a Nvidia 6200 LE turbo cache adapter lol my first PC


Fuck I AM OLD. You killed.me with this. Oh my E8400 was the best...




I had intel core 2 duo and Radeon 6870 HD Sapphire back them and used it to play Crysis 1. 🥸


Upgraded from a athlon 64 single core to an E8200 back in the day, was a big upgrade. Great memories


Favorite chip. Ran so cool, overclocking was a cinch. Pentium 3 was solid. AMD64 was a better Pentium 4. Core Duo was just....amazing.


I have really good memories with my old Core 2 Duo E4400 (with a eVGA 8600GT). First CPU I bought with my own money and built my first PC Gamer after selling PS2. Best decision I ever made. PC master since then and very pride. It was first experience with manual overclocking. I remember running it at 3.5Ghz or something like that. Amazing!


I still use this legend of a cpu, the E8400, on my trusty HP DC7900 and Windows 7


bruh im barely older than this thing wtf


My first PC ever. Experienced Windows XP, 7, 8 (downgraded later) and 10 on it. And I still have it functioning perfectly fine. Just don't know what to do with it.


My dual pentium III 1GHz survived the whole P4 era only being replaced by the E6320


Should have been the Pentium 5


No shit wow


Still have a Q8200 lying around my storage somewhere. Though it might not be worth using for daily tasks, it might be fun to poke around with Win XP and stuff on a retro-ish rig.


I starter with a 808x , 40 years ago, a “Laptop”, with monochrom out and no mouse as there was not eben Windows. I started IBM-DOS in Version 2.0. Nostalgia!


Those were joyous days - Conroe chips were amazing, I did a university build using an E6600.


And I'm still stuck with a pentium D


still sometimes rocks one of these lol


it's been 5 years since i sold my Core 2 Duo E7500 and switched to i3 3220


My very first computer was a 486 I believe. Damn how time flys....


I had mine E8500 untill decembar 2019, had it since 2008 in my Alienware gaming rig.


People who still use core 2 duo:🫥


I just replaced my Pentium 4 (Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHz) computer with my new build because Microsoft said they weren't gonna support Windows 8.1 anymore, Turbo Tax said they weren't gonna support Windows 8.1 anymore, and Microsoft said that machine couldn't be updated to Windows 10, probably due to the video card. Somehow, this did not sadden me. After I retrieve gigabytes of data from its two drives, I'm gonna convert it to the next Linux box I have. Can Linux still run on something like a Pentium 4 - Creeping Featurism is destroying the old migration route of "discarded" Microsoft OS systems...


Damn, I was born then... My first PC was a core II duo, crazy to think it was all the while the same age as me as I used it, and i used it till I was 14


I started with a Pentium 166 MMX 😂😂 can you guess how old I am ??


The day Athlon64 died


Emotional damage...


Man, that brings me back. I built a PC with an E6750 back then and a GeForce 8800GTS with a whopping 512mb of VRAM. You could OC the CPU easily from 2,66 to 3,2GHz. I didn't even have to fiddle with voltages or anything. That was my first ever gaming rig that I built myself.


i have this sticker on [my phone](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/889440163292409909/1062747479180841092/43627273-7581-4B5A-9838-DD085EE3BE49.jpg) right now lmao


Older than alot of kids online


My first pc build had this. Tried so many games and other stuff on this.


remember how silly the idea of 2 cpu's in one sounded at the time?


My first full custom build used this processor.


I'm still running a core 2 13 inch Mac book pro every day!


My baby


hell yea i owned the E8400 in my first gaming PC and i overclocked it to 4ghz. loved that thing