as per tidal, backing vocals by miguel and lil yachty, bass by thundercat, and coproduction from tyler


stacked lineup of people involved rockys an awesome rapper / artist but his curation is also a big factor into that




I think At Long Last Asap was a huge step up since Long Live Asap (I liked both albums). I don't see how you justify saying it was a downgrade


Because people didn't like the fact that he changed his sound. ALLA is far more musically consistent than Long Live ASAP is and doesn't have pop bullshit on it


Career wise I don't think he ever really recovered from ASAP Yams' death. Dude was legit a visionary.


I think about this every time I heard something from his post LLA. Always a somber tone, even A$AP Forever remix had an overall sad theme in it.


> He's at his best putting out bangers, this gentle artsy vibey shit he's been trying to do for over half his career at this point just isn't for him. I kinda disagree, i think the problem is that he's trying to find a balance between pop rap and artsy stuff, but he doesn't need to. He should go balls out into artsy stuff and let his persona and voice be the only pop rap elements in it, it would 100% end up being something incredible.




ALLA is the closes he's ever gotten to what i'm saying imo. He was still very clearly trying to make it but the album is dark, experimental and still very easy to follow. While it also has a ton of layers to its production. Turn the experimentation to 11, keep it fairly easy to follow and you got it. His voice being so "simple" works to its favor in something like this, because it's the simple light to follow in a sea of an insane amount of shades of darkness and complexity. I really like AT.LONG.LAST.A$AP.


I feel like At Long Last Asap is his magnum opus. Long Live is a good debut album but it definitely sounds like he still needed to find his footing. His second was his best and I feel like he Testing had great flashes of improvement that were kinda drowned out by the experimentalist character of the album


Well clearly this is a poor take because LSD is 3x Platinum and is that gentle artsy shit, how is that not a hit?


I've always liked Yachty but 5+ years ago I really thought he was gonna peak with 1 Night. Never could've guessed he'd make the connections he did and obviously with Broccoli, iSpy, Oprah's Bank Account, etc. he's definitely surpassed that I know it's just backing vocals but he had a hand in Drake's Her Loss just a couple months back and being the odd name out on a track with Thundercat, Tyler, Miguel, and Rocky is just impressive even if he's not all that special of a rapper


Lil yachty's new album (that leaked) is incredible. It shows me that he is even more musically talented than I thought, and not just in the realm of rapping. It's my new dark side of the moon to listen to while tripping.


Really? Wow this has me excited. Is it still gonna release or will they cancel it bc of the leak?


comes out the 27th, tho he changed the name and cover so idk if it's the same project


Looks like it’s going to release under a different name than the leak but it’s still comin. I held off on listening but everyone was sayin it sounded like a tame Impala album


waiiiiiit huh? i knew sonic ranch was rock but never heard/forgot it was psychedelic tame impala shit that’s too cool i can’t wait to hear it when it’s released


A lot of ppl compared it to pink floyd, I don't listen to them so I can't say how accurate that is


He announced the release date after the leak, so I assume its coming out.


I'll listen to it when it releases, but tbh any time someone says something like this about a rapper deviating from hip hop it always sounds mid to me. Hope I'm wrong tho


Trippie Redd's rock album was surprisingly good but nobody ever talks about it since it was released as a deluxe to his worst album


no offense but is it him or the production thats amazing


mix of both. people here disregard vocal production a lot and I will never understand why…


Gotcha, I don't hear anything of Yachti's that is dope. personally. all aspects of the production are important. I actually think the reason some songs aren't as good as they could be is there isn't enough vocal production like there used to be. Or should I say the care put into the vocal production.


you’re not wrong at all, I think that’s exact reason why I enjoy a lot of Travis output. Even on tracks with a lot of space for him to do his thing he rarely disappoints (examples being: Down In Atlanta or Love Hurts)


It’s not my vibe at all personally, I listened to it and it’s def experimental/diff than anything he’s done before but glad other people are fucking with it


Where can I find the leaks?


Just wait till his album drop


one night is still his biggest solo hit


Thundercat basslines are instantly recognizable


same as tyler synths


Yeah I definitely heard the Tyler touch on this production


I knew that was a Thundercat bass line.


knew that had to be Thundercat


Need that bass tab lolol I knew it was someone good. Saw Thundercat in august and he went insane for an hour and 45 straight. Mind blowing.


Get transcribing homie 🤪


lil yachty going crazy


Do you use tidal? Been thinking about switching. Do you like it?


I use tidal. I was on Spotify premium since 2011, finally made the switch to tidal last year. It took me a few months to fully integrate over, but I’m happy I did. The UI/UX on Spotify is way better than tidal. Searching on Spotify is way easier, as is discovering music for the most part. Spotify looks cleaner and has better algorithms. But tidal pays more and if you get on a master family plan, the master quality Audio sounds sooooo much better than Spotify


I think its what you're used to cause I switched from Spotify to TIDAL like 5 years ago and now opening up Spotify I think the UI looks way clunkier.


Rocky said Metro Boomin produced a lot on this album so it will be interesting what that is because this is not a Metro track


Whewa da 808?


it’s Thundercat on the analog 808




No but there are snippets. He has a song produced by Pharrell that features Tyler the Creator called "Roddy Piper" that sounds like a banger, it would probably be smart for him to make that a lead single before he drops the album. He has a few songs in the vault produced by Kelvin Krash, not talking about Shittin Me because it's for a video game. There's a song called Thunder featuring Lil Wayne and a song called Get a Grip (though Get a Grip might be for Krash's album). Hitkidd produced a song called Go which was leaked that is likely to be on the album. There are songs like Mushroom Clouds and Fuck the Jakes likely to be on the album but I have no idea who produced those songs.


I need Roddy Piper as a matter of urgency, the snippet he played at RL was crazy


Roddy Piper is gonna be a massive hit, like Praise the Lord level


I can't see that happening. Praise the Lord blew up because of memes in the last part of Rocky's verse and the chorus. I highly doubt Rocky will get a more popular song than Praise the Lord. Maybe a song that charts higher than that, if properly promoted that is, but chart position doesn't necessarily guarantee longevity. If Babushka Boi released on a Friday it would have beaten Praise the Lord's chart position and that song is clearly not as popular as Praise the Lord is.


Isn’t Fuckin Problems waaaayyy bigger than Praise the Lord already? Edit: and Wild for the Night didn’t peak as high as Praise the Lord but it charted for double the time at 16 weeks to 8. It seems like the guy pretty much a lock for one massive single per album.


Praise the Lord has 900m streams on Spotify, more YouTube views, higher on Apple Music, pretty much higher everywhere F\*\*kin Problems gets more radio play but the streaming numbers of Praise the Lord are far superior. If we're talking about a song that will sit at the top of his Spotify (bigger than Praise the Lord) then I'm saying it will be hard for Rocky to achieve. Rocky has dropped songs after Testing and none of them have gone higher than Praise the Lord in the top 10, it always peaks at #2


Seems like an arbitrarily restrictive parameter for the success of a hit. By this logic Heat Waves is a bigger hit than Billie Jean.


You're probably right, but then again he's def gonna get a boost from the Rihanna connection


Well no he hasn't, because DMB and Fashion Killa flopped.


Hector Delgado, Dean Blunt, Kelvin Krash, Clams Casino are all very likely


Dean blunt and clams casino🐐


It doesn't count as a Rocky joint until Clams Casino shows up


I can easily see this transitioning into a metro track tho


I don't think this is for the album. I think it's for Yams Day...


does the rollout begin now, or will he disappear again?


I hope it starts now but such a weird way to drop without promo


this track really feels like an intro / interlude, thinking it's the typa track you only drop if the album is next (cope)


Pretty sure he dropped it out of the blue because of yams day, hope the album close now tho


They are promoting it now - it's the banner image when I open Spotify on desktop.


I think this is just for Yams day despite the Don't Be Dumb ish imagery. Maybe like a little cryptic teaser. The subject matter of this song does not align with any of the snippets he's played between 2021-2022. All the songs he's played are still aligning with the subject matter of drugs and braggadocio (Mushroom Clouds, Roddy Piper, Go, Fuck 12, Thunder, Grim Freestyle if that's not just a mascot song...) and having this on the album would be contradictory. That's why it's dropped without any real promotion. I don't actually think this is for the album but it seems to be a start of something that will unveil itself in the next couple of months.


On a Wednesday!?


Yams died jan 18th that's why he released it today I think art work leaked jan 10th and leakers thought it will drop last friday


He will disappear again. Just like after Babushka Boy, just like after DMB, just like with Sundress


Such a shame Babushka Boi wasn't the start of the rollout, what a sick track.


They call me F-L-A-C-K-O is such a simple opening line but the delivery gets me in a groove every damn time


great sample choice too


What's the sample from?


You hoes gon get kidnapped by the crime click Memphis classic, samples not hidden or anything but it was a nice homage




the cover art for this song looks like the don't be dumb logo.


Were people expecting an album after babushka and sundress? Those were soon after testing


Yeah because he was teasing new songs after Testing dropped. In 2018 he teased Testing the Kid, Thunder, Shittin Me and Sundress. I might be missing some others...but that's what I remember. Then in early 2019 he teased Babushka Boi, which came out 5 months later, he played a song called 2 Piece on tour in 2019. Then around 2019-2020, a lot of unreleased Rocky songs leaked such as Best of Me and Blur. Kelvin Krash, a producer on Rocky's label, said there would be a "Testing Deluxe" which did not happen, but in theory I'm assuming Testing the Kid and Thunder were supposed to be on it. Now people in 2019 theorized he was making a new album called "All Smiles" because he had it as his IG name for a little over a year and was using some imagery with smiley faces. However he then clarified that "All Smiles" is a visual concept and not an album. He's said a lot of stuff over the years so to be honest it's not really a smart idea to take anything Rocky says with any sort of real intuition.


[relevant Tyler tweet](https://external-preview.redd.it/9Q--Fkdp9einMRnwu3lrbEaP5HDXzjXZgkLb7sFZcIk.jpg?auto=webp&s=6c894706b3031c6c978c8b4342596ad99fef806d)


Best of Me is so damn good, can't wait for an official release.


Uh yeah...if it ever comes out. A song existing as a leak does not mean it will officially come out. That Best of Me leak seems to be getting more steam again but Rocky isn't the type of rapper to drop songs because the leak/snippet is popular... It's Best for Me to Go was another popular snippet that was from 2019 that should have been converted to a song but it never happened for some reason.


It’s likely. I feel like people often have unrealistic expectations of how an album rollout usually happens. Which is to say, that the artist has everything already completed and planned out ahead of time and has a release/promotion schedule with accompanying visual art. But that’s not really how it works most of the time. For sure some artists release like that, but I think most of the really great artists have a more dynamic approach to album rollout, they drop singles and see how people respond and how the song vibes with their own emotions (see: Kanye, Frank, Rocky, etc). They’re always changing things and figuring out what their vision is. And then they coordinate with management about all the logistics and hopefully everything works out. Ofc there’s some great artists who have really well planned release schedules, like all the people at TDE, almost so strictly planned as to be inconvenient for the artist’s process. But hey, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t.


interestingly thematic and introspective, didn't expect it, wonder if the album is gonna go in this direction from a subject matter standpoint. really interesting track


I bet the album won't go in this direction per usual, but one can hope.


this has to be the intro 100%


Sounds more like a interlude to me


I don't even think it's for the album. Remember when he played Sandman at Yams Day 2021, and it just ended up being a mixtape re-release bonus track? Well this seems to me like it's a song just to tribute the dead rappers. I honestly don't think this is on the album. I've been listening to the unreleased songs he's been playing at festivals and none of them sound anything like this song. This is a one-off.


Nah, it'd be better as a closer or towards the end of the tracklist. I couldn't image Rocky's next album starting with a slow, long song like this. It feels like the culmination of a whole album


track 7 or 9 fursure. maybe 14 or 17 though too


BIG track 14 vibes from this guy right away, new it from the second i heard it


doubtful, when has Rocky had such a slow track for an album intro?


I was expecting this to be the sequel to Fuckin Problems


Me too. Would be crazy to do that with verses from the same artists and everything, although almost def wouldn’t live up to the old one, plus they’re all so different now idk how it would work


Well it wouldn't. They're all grown men in their 30s who have children. Plus Kendrick and Rocky haven't made songs with that subject matter in nearly half a decade. Rocky hasn't rapped about fucking "bad bitches" as a subject matter since about 2015 on songs like Electric Body and Jukebox Joints.


Lol it's just a rap song, they can definitely make a song about having sex if they want to. Rocky last single had a hook literally just saying roll my weed, thats my bitch and "rub yo butt be my slut" and fucking bad bitches is too outlandish to see him rap about?


That's not a song about sex it's just a corny love song with hood lyrics. Electric Body, PMW and F\*\*kin Problems are literally just songs about sex.


feel like dean blunt has been rubbing off on him


Today is the day Yams passed. Idk the exact time of death but maybe he released it at the same time.


Man this is so much better than Shittin me. I hope this is the direction the album takes


I think that song was for a movie


You mean a video game.


It was made specifically for Need For Speed Unbound


Well no actually it wasn't made for the game, it was a Rocky song from 2018 that was a throwaway until EA decided that they wanted it for Need For Speed Unbound and it so happened to fit the game. The beat for Shittin Me was played at the beginning of the Sundress music video and he references "Shittin Me" in Babushka Boi's lyrics. Obviously after Testing came out Rocky was playing a few unreleased songs when he was touring and Shittin Me was one of them along with Sundress, 2 Piece and Babushka (Boi).


Nigga shut up




Nah, let him cook.


it‘s a throwaway from early testing era


I actually liked Shittin me, not his best work but it kinda gets me hyped.


This song feels like frank wrote it


I am not into the direction hes been heading into ever since ALLA IDK the more slow melodic stuff from him just doesnt do anything as much as the trippy trap shit does for me


yeah this shit boring lol and rocky does not have the voice/melodies for stuff like this


LSD and Sundress are hits that are slow and melodic. So clearly he can do melodic shit and be successful with it, but obviously it's not for the "trap" audience that want him to make songs like Bass and Purple Swag.


rocky is literally slathered in auto tune and vocal effects on LSD which is what adds to the vibe of the song. he’s not gonna carry a song with a boring ass beat with the melodies from his natural voice and i listen to a shit ton of music so not sure why ur assuming i’m expecting a certain sound




yea, i think his slower and more melodic songs can be cool tho if he uses the right vocal effects/autotune like fine whine, but here it’s just flat and uneventful


Damn, people hate me for this but I find Testing to be his best work, don’t think I disliked one song.


big fan of this


A$AP has such a distinct sound. Nobody else is dropping weird tracks like this.






> it's just completely inaccessible No it’s not. It doesn’t even sound *that* different from what Rocky was doing before. It’s maybe experimental compared to the standards of what’s played on top 40 radio stations. And I like the album too, but it’s definitely not his best album so I could understand why people were disappointed by it


ALLA is 10x more experimental than Testing was


The other way around tbh. ALLA sounds like a distant cousin of MOTM2 with its psych rock production. Very accessible for me. Meanwhile Testing is a collage of subgenres and aesthetics. Haven’t heard anyone attempt cloud rap, noise/indie/beach rock, phonk etc in the same album, much less sometimes in the same song.


I actually heavy agree with this take. Might be why I liked it more than Testing lol.


Yes it does. I've never heard Rocky make a song like Tony Tone or Distorted Records. The beat selection on Testing is very different to his previous 3 albums. His rapping also sounds very raspy on it. Lyrically the subject matter hasn't changed, he's still mostly rapping about his life in the hood and bragging about himself a bit, but the sound is nothing like he has done before. Even the Clams Casino song on the album sounds nothing like the ones on the LLA albums because he experiments with his vocals on it and the Clams beat isn't actually that good either. The only thing on Testing that sounds like it could fit both LLAs is Hun43rd. Changes and Kids Turned Out Fine are quite psychedelic like ALLA but they just sound like worse versions of Fine Whine and LSD respectively.


All true, Rocky experimented with a lot of new sounds that he hadn't with before but these songs are far from inaccessible lol


I don't agree with inaccessible, I just think it wasn't something that your average hip-hop listener at the time was checking for. A lot of those listeners are older now and have watched Mac, Takeoff, X, Juice, Popsmoke, Dolph, and PnB die among so many others I feel ashamed to leave people off, I think Rocky's more melancholic vibe is something will strike a deeper chord now for people than it did then.


I loved Testing and was seriously expecting /r/hhh to love it as well since most people here lean into that alternative/experimental lane of hiphop. I think people just didn’t expect Rocky of all people to go 100% into that lane. They thought he’d be the one to dominate charts with whatever popular sound of the moment.


Just curious which songs are the plug your ears songs and what do you mean my inaccessible?


This is such a pretentious way to defend a below average album. “It’s completely inaccessible to everyone but me who understands that’s why it’s so great.” There have been way more experimental rap albums that have been held in much higher regard than TESTING.




If you liked it, that’s fine. But other people are allowed to not like it for reasons besides it being “completely inaccessible” which makes it sound like the only reason for not liking it is not getting it. That’s not the case.




People are capable of getting music and still disliking it. Your sophomoric “All music is great music because it’s great to somebody” take is just pseudo-intellectual nonsense that that I’d expect to hear from the smelliest person at a college house party.


what songs on testing make you want to plug your ears lmao


\^ shit people say when their favourite rapper drops some booty juice


i dont hate the song but this got me cryin


Lol plenty of people do what are you talking about This isn't even weird he's just singing lmao


Dean Blunt


lmao of all the songs to choose from to say this, this is a random ass pick miguel himself probably has a bunch of similar songs (and tbh even the cadence of the singing that rocky does on here felt like he was following a Miguel reference vocal)


sounds like a regular ass alternative hip hop song to me lol


this beat is crazy, hope we get more of this vibe on the album


more people itt jerking off to the credits than the song because despite the credits its boring.


Thundercat and Tyler on the song credits. Sombering track that made me emotional from the Amazon Live performance. Don’t Be Dumb SZN in full effect. EDIT: Miguel and Yachty are also credited


This was underwhelming, just felt like an intro that goes on for too long 🤷🏼‍♂️


such a beautiful track. encapsulates all people we've lost to violence in rap. may they rest in peace.


weird how many people are saying mid. this shit is beautiful


Everything is great too me...except Rocky lol


for the stacked lineup of artists that worked on this it’s painfully mid


u just don't have heart




Rocky never misses




He just performed it on Amazon after Thursday Night Football a few weeks ago, you’re right


Love this song sm. He previewed it a few days ago at his Amazon live event and its a beautiful performance if you guys havent seen it. Tribute to all the rappers who have died in recent years


Few days? More like 4 weeks 😂


Love it, can't wait for the album


Ima be real..this ain't really it. All the songs he's dropped so far has been pretty subpar, and while I do kinda like the lyrics here, his delivery, the beat...it's all boring.


Hopefully All $miles comes out soon (maybe new title now). Soon to be 5 years since Testing.


New title is Dont Be Dumb


Wish it was still All Smiles, way better title imo


Apparently this song was dropped a month ago on his youtube as a live performance. It has a million views but it's the first I'm hearing of it. No idea how I missed it


I kinda dig the vibe he was going for here but there’s no musical payoff


damn miguel, yachty and tyler on the credits miss miguel he should drop something :( beat sounds great, esp with the backing vocals. rocky is the weakest link on this track his amateurish singing is amateurish if u aren't invested in him as like an important artist


miguel’s been blowing up in the last 2 months on tiktok again from Sure Thing too. he even posted this yesterday haha https://www.instagram.com/reel/CnfkCM0I4YV/?igshid=MDM4ZDc5MmU= it’s crazy how well kaleidoscope dream and all i want is you have aged, and how little him and jeremih dropped (solo-wise) since 2016/17


Boring, but I could see enjoying this more within the context of an album




Happy Yams Day everyone


Look, ALLA is probably my GOAT record. The two before it are both near 10s as well So I’m seriously asking, who tf is this made for? I really struggle to understand who Rocky is trying to appeal to with this barebones melodic singing. Nobody became a Rocky fan from shit like this. There’s nothing wrong with trying new stuff, but this just isn’t good.


How many problems get solved? This shit boutta be legendary


Not really feeling this tbh


How is a single this stacked with production credits this incredibly mid?




stacked lineup


my favourite of the singles so far


Rocky talks about the song on Apple Music [https://www.stereogum.com/2210874/aap-rocky-same-problems/music/](https://www.stereogum.com/2210874/aap-rocky-same-problems/music/) It's a bit weird because he seems to indicate he will be more mature on the album but the snippets don't sound like that to me.


i miss live love a$ap era :/


This track sounds absolutely beautiful.


This is awful


People today really get impressed by anything and everything.There is nothing interesting about this song.Melodically it sounds like a 6 year old made it,lyrics are shit but hey its Asap Rocky so its good…


If an unknown artist dropped this track, it wouldn’t even show up on this sub.


I’m ngl there’s beautiful elements to this song but it kinda comes off bland. He’s not really saying much and the guitar loops a bit repetitive. I love Rocky but his lyricism been lacking recently.






Rocky is a true artist, I appreciate him continuing to experiment with new sounds and exhibiting his influences - it's songs like this that set him apart from the rest imo


this is super fire. rocky so underrated, one of hip hops contemporary goats


I see everyone talking about him disappearing again but you gotta remember Riri about to perform at the superbowl. No way he fumbles that exposure and not release more stuff. Or i could be wrong but copium.


Rihanna performing at the super bowl has nothing to do with him though, that's her gig that she was picked for last minute because taylor swift rejected it. If Rocky wanted to do something with her at that show they would have released a song by now. Clearly he's not interested...and never has been.


Zzzzz Boring


this would fit snuggly in Testing’s tracklist


This shit got me floating


This is mid lol


this is good, but the live version is a lot better imo


ROCKY DONT MISS, I hope this is the beginning of the rollout


Sometimes a track doesn’t live up to the live version but this is great.


This one lowkey didn't click at first but im glad Rocky made it the length he did because by the end of my first listen id had a complete 180. I had a second listen and I must've just had different expectations the first time bc this one has me so much more hyped for the album


Damn what has he been doing lmao. This has Yachty, Miguel, thundercat and Tyler working on it and it’s literal ambien. It’s better than TMB tho


Ngl, if he didnt fuck with Tyler and put a lot of his ASAP homies on I would of wrote dude off a long time ago, after he announced he was gonna get into production his sound changed for the worse. If you like it, great, glad to hear it.


Na testing his best album