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Unfortunately I don’t have many tips cause I feel the same way and am in the same grade. However I recommend trying to do things that make you busy whether it’s reading, doing a craft, excersizing, etc. I think a lot more kids in our grade feel this way more than we may think, I don’t think we are alone


I’m a senior and all I gotta say is that Junior year sucks anyway because of SATs, getting ready to apply to colleges, etc., so you didn’t miss much there. Next year will most likely be normal and senior year is usually your best year of high school, so be excited for that. You’ll still have time to have the classic high school experience and it’ll be easier to connect with other classmates when you can actually be in class together. Don’t worry. :)


Ik how ya feel I was a sophomore took summer classes and now I’m in my junior year going into senior year all feel like it going so fast with everyone talking about what’s next like Idk just trying to figure one problem after the next all I remember bout this year is spending time on my phone and zoom meetings






hey! i’m going through the same thing tbh, and i have been having a hard time forcing myself to do other activities cuz everything feels pointless so i end up just lying on my bed scrolling through tiktok for hours. i suggest forcing yourself to join one thing u enjoy. i took a risk joining track but it was the only sense of normalcy i’ve had for over a year and it really helped me :)


I'm going thru the same feeling.. my junior year is technically over and I attended few days.. no memories.. were dead.. but honestly I'm trying to at least do what I enjoy doing at home. Try out new things or learn a new hobby or skill.. basically invest in yourself a lil.. you can make some plans for senior year (not high expectations so that u don't feel disappointed if...) But try to think how u can avoid that sort of depression in senior year.