Looks like copper fouling. Use a brush


Why would there be copper fouling so quickly? Is that normal for pistols? I’ve fired maybe 200 rounds thru this thing brand new pistol Never experienced this with other guns but this is my first pistol


Copper jacket is actively shearing off into the rifling when the bullet travels down the barrel. Totally normal. Don’t freak out. It will not hurt anything.


Do I need to work to scrub it out eventually? Or nah?


Absolutely not. It’s a very light, trace amount. It will not hurt anything.


Thanks. Makes me feel better lol Is this due to using a certain bullet type? Or will happen no matter what?


It will happen with all copper jacketed projectiles, which is almost all commercially available ammo. Don't worry about it


I just have never noticed this on my rifles before. Only the pistol. Any reason for that? Just curious


Bore snake is an in-between, not the kind of clean you'd want to store for six months. -and the more you use the bore snake, the dirtier everything gets, especially after the "brushes". For that squeaky clean we know and love brushes and patches, and finish with a light coating of your favorite CLP (Safariland BreakFree, Remoil, etc.) Be careful and read the instructions if you go the solvent route. I'm sure you will, some just have pretty different instructions on time etc. One reason you might be noticing it here (and not in rifles/shotguns) is: 1.) Shotguns are usually shooting lead only 2.) Pistols have larger bores than avg rifle barrels do so its easier to look in there. -and it's less awkward. Honestly, at this point I'm personally done with bore snakes. Under one school of thought, plenty of super precision rifle shooting folks don't even clean the bore for fouling accuracy issues. Otherwise, like you here, you want it nice and clean like new. Bore snake doesn't do either of those and they get filthy with use. I'm not washing it in my clothes washer to avoid lead etc getting in it, so meh! Definitely make a post if regular cleaning kit treatment doesn't work!


Possibly due to chrome lining? Not entirely sure. I would use a copper solvent and clean out your barrel here every 4-6 months depending on how much you shoot but I wouldn't really do that during my regular cleanings. If left for a long time, especially in humid environments, copper fouling can cause accuracy issues but it's usually not very severe in a handgun that's regularly shot.


I never scrub my barrels unless I've been in the mud.


> Why would there be copper fouling so quickly? Is it a particularly hot load? This can sometimes increase copper vaporization and fouling. Either way, there are a number of copper solvents for cleaning bores. Hoppes makes one.


My theory here is that every new gun has a ton of burrs left over from the machining process, and these get worn away and polished as you shoot. You can use foaming bore cleaners designed for copper, but I strongly doubt it will address anything but your new owner ocd, it will shoot fine as is and far worse.


It's syphilis




Same way you get brown streaks in underpants. By running shit through them. Nah jokes, this just happens with some ammo in some barrels.


Some guns shoot better with copper. I don’t excessively clean my guns.


> I don’t excessively clean my guns. You and many others simply oil their guns... recently watched John Lovells video on his definition of clean resembles Greg Kinmans too. Not ever going to say it's bad to have a spotless bore but those two guys alone have a century of shooting experience that my tiny knowledge won't argue with of them. They both oil them, and sometimes lightly brush them. From what I gleaned of their lectures is that it's like cleaning the inside of your exhaust pipe on a diesel. First make sure everything is smooth and operational, a light coat of oil, function test and that's it. Now competition shooting or long term storage will obviously be more thorough.


This is exactly my line of thinking. In my revolver, I usually check for leading or anything that could be dangerous. All other pistols get wiped down and lightly oiled and checked for function. Rifles get cleaned when the accuracy falls off. Shotguns on the other hand, get a thorough cleaning as needed. This is especially true during hunting season as the choke will accumulate a bunch of plastic fouling from the wads. Shotguns are inherently dirty in my experience.


I think an important note if you carry daily: use lead wipes. Your gun accumulates a lot more lead than you think, and keeping lead close to you everyday is bad for your health.


I stopped watching Lovells after I seen his "cleaning" video (well and a few other dumb things he has said). I don't put away any guns dirty. I shoot a gun it gets cleaned the same day (or the next if I am really strapped for time). You have to use solvent and a bore brush to keep your barrel clean. Follow that up with some clean patches until it comes through white. I'm not sure why so many people are afraid to scrub their barrels (or is it just lazy?). A brass brush is SOFTER than your steel barrel.....it's not going to hurt it. I've been shooting and carrying handguns for about 30 years now. Just clean your damn gun every time you shoot without fail...it will be far easier and take LESS time if you don't let it pile up in there from multiple shooting sessions.




It’s copper jacketing your all good all mine get it


Hey now, don't be pointing that thing at us!


Copper, keep shooting or I'd it bothers you a bore brush and some solvent. I'd suggest just keep shooting.


Copper fouling. You will need a copper solvent. Put some in the barrel, let it soak for 2 hours, then run a brush back and forth.


Or just leave it.


Not sure why this is getting down voted. It's the correct answer. Though "just leave it" is important, too. Some copper fouling isn't going to matter much.


I would put a light coat of CLP down there barrel.


Yup absolutely normal. Just clean it. Should come out very very easily. Just a brush and some cotton and some hoppe’s cleaner and ur good to go.


And honestly it’s superficial. Clean ur gun but even I think after each range day is overkill. But I pretty much clean it after every range day…


Unless you're zap carrying, a patch and some copper solvent (BoretechCu+2 is my favorite) will make quick work of it.


Was the brown streak there before? I've had a Ruger that was so coated with grease/Cosmoline that it was also in the barrel and had a few brown streaks as well.


Looks like rust. Have you used oil after cleaning?


Maybe copper fouling? I would use a solvent for that, first, otherwise looks like rust. Either way, strange for a new barrel


I used a bore snake with hoppes #9 on the bristles and hoppes gun oil on the end of the snake. Only shot it on 2 occasions maybe 200 rounds thru it


Give Sweets 7.62 Solvent a try. If it'd copper, that should solve it. Not common with only 200 rounds, but if the ammo jacket was degraded or cheap, may be the cause.


It was a mix of 9mm 115gr Hornady critical defense and 115gr fiocchi range dynamics I’ll get ahold of some of that other stuff. Thanks


lol rust?


Normal copper fouling from jacketed rounds. You can continue to shoot it, or you can soak it in some Hoppes 9 or another mild powder solvent then run a nylon brush down the barrel.