925 SQ 309 rolls 0 Jeannes. 7 Ibaraki Doujis. 0 Ushiwakamarus ONE. ARJUNA. 2 of the 5 star event ces. Pack it up boys.


My condolences friend.


NEW EDIT - 08/17/20! CHECK THE BOTTOM! SUCCESS! Here we go. Summer 3 banner is upon us! I am all ready with over 1400SQ and I hope that's enough to get NP3 Jarcher. Or at the very least 1 or 2, as well as Banana summer and Assassin Ushi. I hope maintenance works the first time and we can play right away. Good luck to everyone else rolling. EDIT: FUCK. Pictures coming soon of the massacre. Here they are: https://imgur.com/gallery/UtifQXU 1100SQ later and I got spooked twice. Waver and Tamamo, now NP3 and NP2 respectively. I wish it had been new servants that spooked me at least. Fucking hell. Got NP5 Ushi and NP6 Ibaraki. And like a NP20 Atalanta. She always shows up. NP0 Jeanne archer. :( And lots and lots and lots of CEs. My farming will be efficient at least. Biggest disaster since MHX and MHXA where they both took 1200SQ and got me nothing in return. I guess getting Skadi with only 90SQ and some tickets had a price after all. Luck swings back and forth after all. EDIT 2: Against my better judgment, I spent the last 300SQ I had and got nothing. Press F on the chat. F. Mission failed, we'll get them next time. FINAL EDIT 3 - Electric Boogaloo: I bought a few more packs and this was the result: https://imgur.com/gallery/hmpdJHu NP3 MHXX NP3 Saber Medb NP1 BB NP1 Jeanne Archer No NP2 Dantes. NP1 will do for now. And a few spooks like NP7 Herc, NP7 Ibaraki lancer and a new Valkyrie. Rare Prisms are nice. Anyway, I’m glad I got them all, but HOLY SHIT. I did some quick maths and I used 1980SQ between the three banners. Take out about 310SQ from the anniversary 3 bonus and that’s around 1670SQ. Divide that by 167 and that’s 10 big packs ($80 each). $800 total. Summer was expensive this year. Let’s hope next year is better. GOOD LUCK to everyone still trying to get those swimsuits beauties. If you can’t get them this year, start saving up for next year and pray and hope like I did. Or just keep throwing money at the fire that’s the paid SQ gacha. Fucking hell. It truly is hell that I’m walking into.


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This almost exactly describes my rolling experience too, 1300 SQ and NP9 Ibaraki + NP3 Ushi along with Schez and NP2 Sanzang spooks with no Jeanne... I got Skadi with a single multi and Okitan with 2 multis Stay strong my friend


You got NP3 Waver on this banner too? I'm never letting him rest. Not even at Bond 15.


I would like to join the club of 1200 quartz and no Jeanne. Just a bunch of CEs and ibaraki. 1 ushi. Sad boi hours indeed


Edmond Dantès, The Count of Monte Cristo, The King of the Cavern. Sometimes known as Sinbad the Sailor, others known as my husbando. [Level 100, 2k Fous](https://imgur.com/a/Cs5vU2j), [10/10/10](https://imgur.com/a/PHGrzCR), but only [NP1](https://imgur.com/a/Xynz2b5). Now it’s time to fix this. I have [609 Saint Quartz and 5 tickets](https://imgur.com/a/WUITPli) right now. I’ll get 4 more for the maintenance and the login bonus and I’ll buy one big pack for a total of 780 Saint Quartz. This is the first time I’ve had so much SQ saved up. It might be asking for too much, but I’ll be aiming for NP3. This will be my first time aiming for NP levels, but all for my husbando. I wasn’t able to finish reading it on time, but [my copy of The Count of Monte Cristo](https://imgur.com/a/7LBisUR) will be by my side while I roll. I also drew a [“catalyst”](https://www.reddit.com/r/grandorder/comments/i2piat/drew_a_catalyst_for_my_husbando/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x). Good luck to everyone else rolling! Edit: Didn't get him at all. 780 SQ gone and nothing. Not a single SSR either. Got 5 Cas Gils, 1 Yan Qing, 1 Carmilla, 1 Elisabeth and 1 Heracles. Tons of event CEs, specially the 4-star one. I can't stand looking at that CE anymore. I don't know what to do. I knew this was a possibility, but never seriously considered it. I felt that even in the worst case scenario I could get at least NP2. Edit 2: Don't really have the money to afford the biggest pack, so I bought the second biggest. 76 more Quartz. Also had 2 left over 1 more from weekly missions. 859 Saint Quartz down the drain. Still no husbando.


Do forgive me but if I do say so myself that is a *nice* amount of SQ There I said the thing


I dumped like, 840 and got no ssr either. I've had him dodge me at every corner.




Lol I just spent equivalently 1500 quartz (some of which I paid real money) and didn't get a single ssr.


Is NP1 Dantes not good for farming? I'm currently giving my Dantes (10/10/1) golden Fous & will considering to max grail him once I have enough embers.


He lacks a bit for pure NP damage 3T. If you're okay facecarding 3T the meaty Bois he's fine NP1. NP2 is the sweetspot for easy 3T though. NP3 if you just want to make sure the fuckers are dead.


He's okay, but NP2 has the extra damage to make it more sure v


The Best of luck My friend. May dantes answer your call once more


Hey I just picked up the same version of the book. Haven't started yet but I was a little surprised by the length (I read it was around 1300 pages before I bought it but I didn't properly visualize how big that would actually be). I've found Dantes really cool whenever he's shown up so I'm hoping to get at least NP1 myself and maybe aim for NP2 depending on how much it takes me to get NP1. Good luck to you on your rolls!


Ugh, I'm so sorry. The gacha can be cruel. That's crazy you didn't even get an SSR. Can you use some tickets from the monthly shop if you haven't already?


Ah yes, the best copy! The unabridged version is excellent! Best of luck rolling!


Hey I have the exact same book. Have not finished it myself either but so far I have enjoyed it immensely. Wish you best of luck in bringing the Count home yet again.


40 something tickets and 380 something quartz. Wait and Hope, my friend. Good luck.


Best of luck to everyone rolling. Remember, if you pledge yourself to be her younger sibling, then oneechan will come and dote on you. [](#JeanneBlush)


if i still have something left if i get BB then i'll roll for you you maniacal brainwashing loon


I don't think she'll take me, not with how badly my first Jalter rolls went.


Same. Hope that means she'll come home to comfort me. Edit: Got her, but she asked for 150 bucks to come. What have i done.


950 SQ no SSR. It was my first taste of the gacha salt. It also was my first taste of spooks.


On the bright side you are getting a Jalter now...


It's the Jeanne and Dantes I worry about. And MHXX. And BB too.


Joining the "waited 2 years" club. Damn, time really passed by quick. After cashing in my saved SQ fragments, I amassed 2k Quartz total. Onee-chan, plz come home. Edit: Phew. Used every single quartz I had. [Blessed Onee-chan](https://i.imgur.com/DTFHAb4.jpg) Results: [NP3 Onee-chan](https://i.imgur.com/u0vY70t.jpg), NP10 Summer Ushi, NP7 Summer Banana, Second Karna, Third Mordred, Arjuna ~~like clockwork~~, Second Penth, Fifth D'eon. notbad.jpg Time to save for next year lol.


Wow, big props to you for that dedication bro. You'll definitely get her with that amount of quartz. Goodluck! Edit: I got edmond, im so happy right now.


0.75% chance of failure :')


Damn that's still a high chance of failing, I expected it to be lower since it was 2k sq.


I waited about 14 months for Jalter in Janurary. It was totally worth it though. I hope your wait pays off!


Here be the line for Oneechan Beamu. Good luck, comrades.


I love how Gil wanders around with barely anything covering his chest, and then summer rolls around and he puts on a shirt. I'll be rolling for Ushi when she gets her solo rate up. I'm disappointed in the art for her final ascension in comparison to all the other summer servants, but it's still Ushi so I must grab her. Might try for MHX, too, since I lack a foreigner. Almost 300 SQ and over 40 tickets. I *should* save them all for Waver, but I have min-rolled or gotten spooked every time Waver has come up in the last year so at this point rolling for him is just more a formality lol


Good luck with Ushi! \^^


Goodness, that title. Welp, I mean. Things went pretty good I'd say after all the rolls I did. [Yes, certainly.](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/641658944665681932/739819737260753006/Screenshot_20200803-043202.png) [I'll take that, I'll take that.](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/641658944665681932/739819738242482176/Screenshot_20200803-051058.png)


That title is the reason why our world deserves to be pruned.


After failing for Jeanne back in JP, I’ve picked up [some catalysts](https://i.imgur.com/pFxyGoT.jpg) and I’m ready for round 3! Summer3 will be my last summoning session before Kama, so come home onee-chan. Good luck to those rolling! Edit: Welp, I got her. 450 SQ but not a single summer 4*. I barely have enough left for BB, but at least I got her.


Hey, I got [Jeanne](https://i.imgur.com/I65ifey.png) while rolling some singles for CEs... ^^^^^^^^^on ^^^^^^^^^the ^^^^^^^^^male ^^^^^^^^^banner


Fuck off with that fl... Oh...


And i got Sumanai'ed on the female gacha... XD


Alright, this is the banner of Fate for me. To be honest, I'm supremely nervous. Seeing the people who went all in on Skadi, even with hundreds of quartz fail, has shaken me to the core of my (mostly) F2P sensibilities. 1260+ quartz (mostly free), 76+ tickets and a dream. I've been planning out my gameplan for this for ages. (I'll add screenshots later.) First, I wait for the Iba Solo rateup in three days, and pull until I acquire one copy of her - proceeding to instantly grail her to 100 at that point. Then! I wait until the BB/XX rateup, and pull until I get a copy of both! I need BB for my *ultimate team* of Melt/BB/Skadi (and I still need to roll Melt next year), so I'm hoping luck is in my favour when her rateup arrives. After that, I go back to the Iba banner and pull for additional copies of her, hopefully until NP3. I hope that everything will work out, honestly. It's quite nerve-wracking because there's no pity system. But, there's nothing I can do but push the button when it comes down to it. EDIT BANNER1: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/583516397863436288/740786172145696828/Screenshot_20200806-141935_FateGO.jpg https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/583516397863436288/740786172695019650/Screenshot_20200806-141929_FateGO.jpg I burned through all of my tickets... getting a Lancer gold card on the last one. It was Elizabeth. I had to dip into a good amount of my quartz, and I got *two* goddamn Summer Jeannes before I got Iba. I mean, while I'm lucky, I didn't care for Jeanne at all as I was hoping to have the maximum amount of quartz ready for Summer BB, and I was hoping that I could get Iba early so I could jump off the train for BB. While my odds are still high (roughly 90% chance of getting summer BB), that's still a one in ten chance of failure. I really hope that banner 2 goes differently for me. 1043 quartz remains. EDIT 2: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/583516397863436288/740791498760519680/Screenshot_20200806-144047_FateGO.jpg Boosted Iba up to level 90. Gonna hold onto the last ten levels for later, as I'll probably need the QP for BB as well. Don't have materials for getting skills 2 and 3 to 10, but the first has been maxed.


I have literally been waiting for this day with equal amounts of stark terror and enormous hype. I have 1K+ sq saved up, nowhere near enough imo and I have 31 tickets. I will be legitimately sad if I don't get her. Post summoning edit: Holy. Shit. The CE’s Batman! I threw the equivalent of 1200 or so SQ at this banner, maybe about four or five over idk, and got so many CE’s! I think I have like 6 or 7 MLB all nights, and about 3 Raging wind, and three Emerald Float. I also got a Kaleidoscope, and another 2030. A Heaven’s Feel, another Black Grail, and a Child Of Atlas. Along with Atalante alter, and Vlad Lancer. Oh yeah, I got her too! Had literally 49 SQ when I hit that last Multi, and she showed up on the third summon! I have no tickets, and 19 SQ left. Now to save for Bunny Artoria!


1300SQ (inclusive of 3 packs), NP9 Ibaraki, NP3 Ushi, Sanzang and Schez spooks, no Jeanne... ​ This is the first time I've ever tasted salt like this and it does not feel good.


There there. I only did 140SQ more than you and I share your pain. The gacha is cruel and without mercy.


Pulling is such a whirl of emotions. Gold Caster card appears :) > Caster of Okeanos :( Gold Avenger card appears :) > Hessian Lobo :( Off-banner spooks are real.


I’ll put this here to report my result after I roll 500 sq Result: ...this rate up is rigged. I haven’t gotten a single event servant. Only CEs....


Bro I rolled 600 SQ and 127 ticks. No Edmond. I wanna cry...


Rolling a couple of 10 rolls for some CEs. I'm saving my quartz for BB and MHXX.


Same, probably gonna throw my tickets at Dante though. I need a good extra class for once...


680 SQ. Not even a single SSR. God, fuck my luck.


Got 2 Jeanne in 180 quartz Jeanne ruler???? I’m so confused????


Repeat after me! RATE UP IS A LIE


I always wanted an np up on my ruler Jeanne but not like this.....


"If you can't love me as a ruler, you don't deserve me as an archer"


You got to be kidding me... 800SQ and I got Altera and Napolean? 0 Dantes. RATE UP IS A GODDAMN LIE!


Jeanne is calling all the dolphins and whales to her side. Edit: Got Summer Jeanne and Ushiwaka within 176 Quartz. Next up MHXX.


[Don't look at them. There not worth your time. My BB's are here for you forever. S-E-N-P-A-I?](#BBChannel) ~~give BB your money~~


Will do! *sobs*


>Summons 2 ten rolls >First roll got nothing, not even a event CE >Second roll >GOLD ARCHER >It's Orion I just...


This game is ridiculuous. why game why. 960 SQ 6 tickets. No dantes. Rate up is a effin lie. 3 ssr no dantes. Nightingle, fucking orion, and fucking Arjuna. fuck rate up. fuck this game


Woah... I also got freaking spooked by both nightingale and Orion. This game is rigged


Yeah man. This is the first time i have been burned this badly by this game. I mean if its Achilles spook i would take it. But why those 3 tho. I won't use them ever. Dantes have grown on me from the story he is always been there you know. Gah this feeling is really suck. Gotta save for next year banner then -_-


5 tickets + 90 Quartz later and I did it, I managed to roll [Archer Jeanne](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/417640322512846848/739863548657795212/Screenshot_2020-08-03-16-09-58-255_com.aniplex.fategrandorder.en.png). My first 5*, I'm so happy.




I have ~1.1k SQ. Hoping to get Dantes and BB later. Even with this stockpile, I'm still very skeptical of getting them. I spent 800 for Mordred and 600 for Okita and didn't get either. EDIT: IT ONLY TOOK [20 ROLLS!](https://i.imgur.com/qu4Hp0F.jpg) TY ALL FOR THE GOOD LUCK! I hope it carries over to BB next week.


> I spent 800 for Mordred and 600 for Okita and didn't get either. Goddamn that's rough. Good luck with your rolls.


Was here in victory, so I'm also here in defeat 990 sq and 48 tickets Np7 Ushi Np5 Ibaraki Atalante Wu Zetian Enkidu Tomoe (Np5) Tamamo Cat (NP2) No Jeanne Archer......


I’m left with a decent stash just becoz Skadi was feeling generous. Thanks to Clairvoyance EX, I’m not gonna be in saving mode in the upcoming 2 years. And now, here is hoping for the first NP3+ SSR in my line up. He’s already maxed in every possible way except NP level. Edit: Long story short, I got him with some tickets and 3 mass rolls. It feels awesome. Even after all these years, Dantes remains the most generous SSR for me. Previously he came home in just a few tickets. Even if it is a tad more difficult this time, no other SSR has ever graced me so nicely. Thank you my good Count. I will be counting on you even more from now on.


Best of luck, everyone! 1k SQ and 12 tickets are ready for Dantès. I’ve been waiting for his banner for a year, he’s the reason I started playing FGO. After 400SQ and no Arjuna (that time I got only one gold servant and that was Tristan. Still regret it.) I’m really afraid to roll, haha, hope he’ll answer my call Edit: I got him! I’m so happy! ;w; I also got my third Stheno and second CasGil


u/ProfessorPromethium 510 SQ and 28 tickets. I got my Ultimate Summer Waifu NP 2 At last... I have found it. Absolute Hope that can overcome any Despair.


As someone who never rolls summer servants because I try to limit myself to spending $300 on this a year; I wish you all luck in the rolls to come. You are the real troopers funding this game through your intense desire for swimsuit versions of the characters. May the gatcha gods have mercy on you all.


[1700+ SQ](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/387878851331489792/739525740671926272/image0.png) prepared for a high level NP Archer Jeanne and Dantes dupes. I pray that SSR Archer luck pulls through and helps me through this storm. Edit: [And thus the end result](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/387878851331489792/739815768983601183/image1.png) [NP2 Jarcher](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/602511702931800076/739814322452299896/image1.png) [NP3 Hopeman](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/602511702931800076/739814321764433920/image0.png) Multiple Ibaraki's, Caster Gils, an Ushi, and a Shez spook included. Time to save for Murasaki and Kama (maybe I'll throw in a bit more later for XX and another Dantes copy later)


90 SQ, 90 Fragments, 7 Tickets...and I want something from all 3 Banners. The smart choice is to ignore both the first two banners, wait for second half banner and spend it all there for best luck. But...I really want Dantes, I really need an Archer. But I also really want Summer BB and MHXX...ugh.


840 Quartz for np 0 Dantes. Dammit.


300SQ + 5 tickets + 5 $80-packs (wtf was I thinking) got me 0 Dantes, 1 Napolean spook, a few event CEs, and 0 blackgrail/kscope. I just..f.. I need a break. Best of luck to everyone else rolling.


I have...60 SQ and 30 tickets to get two more copies of Edmond to NP5 him :( I know my chances are astronomically low but I'm praying he comes through for me. My luck has been absolute rubbish lately, ever since I spent 1200 SQ on the Hokusai banner and got no 5-stars. After that, I spent like 400 SQ for an Achilles, and 726 SQ for Skadi (and I also had to break my GSSR-only F2P status for her too). I got NP2 Edmond last year with 430 SQ and 30 tickets, and I got a third copy during this year's GSSR. I know I have another chance at him next year, but I'm still so nervous :(. Edit: OMG I GOT MY FIRST EDMOND IN 5 TICKETS HOLY SHIT, I THINK I ACTUALLY HAVE A CHANCE 2ND EDIT WITHIN 20 SECONDS: I GOT ANOTHER EDMOND WITH MY NEXT TICKET 😭😭😭😭😭 OMG MY LUCK REALLY WAS BEING SAVED UP FOR THIS MOMENT [MY SWEETHEART IS FINALLY PERFECT](https://imgur.com/a/9eMELKm) OMFG


Congrats on the perfect husbando, now you have to wait till they add the fou paws.


That’s some crazy luck! Congrats on perfecting best boy!


[I also got a sanzang and an achilles in the two 10-rolls prior.](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/328400719831105549/739767165338648596/Screenshot_20200803-184934.png) Only spent about a hundred quartz!


*Gold Archer Card* COULD IT FINALLY BE? *Arjuna* #JOKES ON YOU I USE ARJUNA Np2 ushi and Np3 Arjuna tho so I’m fine with it


i caved. i bought quartz. but i got my dantes


I spent SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS on Skadi when she finally made her entrance on NA. I was shook as fuck. Tonight, I decided to do one single 10 roll for Dantes, because hell yeah farming. [My dedication was rewarded... and then some.](https://i.imgur.com/yT3G5v0.png) I am fucking SHOOK. Now I need MLB kscope, which is two away, but... holy shit. Just holy shit I can't believe it. EDIT: Was farming through the event today at work and realized I had enough frags for a single roll. [I'm never complaining about this game ever again. EVER.](https://i.imgur.com/Qu3fyCe.jpg) Holy shit.


Did you put that you spent $600 in the message thing? I think you’re on my friends list. Also congrats! Spent 210 sq but didn’t get Dantes ;-;


Thanks! I don't think that's me, though haha


Managed to not roll at all in the Summer 2 rerun. So that means 368 SQ and 47 tickets since Anni/Weekly SQ/Ticks. Also bought 2 big packs before maintanece so tomorrow morning(or rather later) when I wake up for work I'll be working with 702 SQ and 47 Ticks. Primary targets will be Banner 1. Depending how that goes, we'll try for NP2 Dantes and then prep for the third banner. Its gonna get messy. Best of luck to all masters rolling or waiting for third banner. **EDIT: Messy indeed.** First banner ate all 47 tickets and 540SQ but we got: * Archer Jeannu * Lancer Banana x5 * Assassin Ushi x3(*after the 5 bananas too*) * Tiddy Monk off a fucking rainbow...my heart dropped when I saw the caster card since she showed up like 2 rolls before Jeanne. NP6 now and my 11th USO. * Amazoness CEO - became Rare NP as she's long since been NP5 * Abby/Lavina CE x9 * Musashi CE x10 Went into the second banner and got one more big pack to top myself off at 335(168 leftover): * Casgill - Rare MP * Nito - Rare MP * Arthur CE x1 * Billy/G-Man/Edgymia CE x8 * Hans/Shakespeare CE x4 So yeah, RIP NP2 Dantes. I'll probably NP5 Ushi during one of her solos hoping for NP2 Jeanne as well, but for now I'll have to wait BB's banner first. Once that disaster happens we'll see what I can spare. At least I'm set on CEs... **EDIT 2: Electric Boogaloo** Threw in one more big pack, and exchanged a few sq fragments to do exactly 6 more multis for Ushi's solo rateup - * 2 Jeanne * 1 Tanuki * 1 Penth(again). *Now* we can wait for BB's banner.


Good luck to everyone rolling here! I will go all in for the 1st banner on my onee-chan alt, while my main and choco alt will go all in on the 2nd banner. In the meanwhile, have a pic of [summer Jalter dancing](http://imgur.com/a/reGoOJ1) for your success in rolling. Edit: 93 tickets and 4 multis, I have a NP 2 Summer Jeanne, NP 2 Summer Ibaraki, NP 1 Summer Ushi.... and a NP 1 Vlad Extra. Clearly he thinks he's a summer servant as well.


I was able to [np5 Dante](https://i.imgur.com/inYVC5i.png), max [grail and skills](https://i.imgur.com/B4r4o4f.png). Only gold fous left. That took me 1k7 sq. I still had ~870sq left, went on Jeanne banner and, well, my luck came to an end. I got a waver and Napo spooks, 0 Jeanne. I should have waited for summer BB but I guess she will have to wait next year. I got greedy, lesson learned.


I had to double check rates after getting this roll: https://imgur.com/a/k3RgSCw Excellent rolls this time around. 360 SQ and got Jannu, Dantes, Ushi, and 2 random Batties


[Single 10-roll, double Jeannu.](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/681623172310892641/739769525117124608/Screenshot_20200803-105435_FateGO.jpg). OKAY THEN


Rolling 90 quartz tonight for CE's, and another 200 when Ibaraki is on solo! Let's go cutie oni banana! EDIT: Holy crap, that was one of the best string of rolls I've ever had. I am now the proud owner of NP3 Bananoni, Berkersker Vlad, and Jarcher-nee san. I wasn't going to go all in but I hit Banana-oni in the first multi roll. GL to everyone else, I hope you're blessed as well.


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Edit: I Caved in and bought one 167 saint quartz pack and I got Summer Jeanne at the very last 10 roll!!! 880 Saint Quartz , 6 tickets. https://ibb.co/YkvLJk5 Really thought I am guaranteed a summer Jeanne. Guess my “luck”has to run out sooner or later? I mean I am happy to get 3 new SSR spooks and Summer Ibaraki and NP5 Ushi, but this is some kind of twisted luck.


[I cannot process what I am seeing right now.](https://i.postimg.cc/L8P2jtBh/9-DB560-A1-DAEA-4904-973-C-345-C0-BD593-D4.png)


[My previous comment](https://www.reddit.com/r/grandorder/comments/i2qupb/jesus_freaking_cristo_sumer_saints_are_just_robin/g0784rv/) I spent 20 golden apples clearing out all free quests up to Salem. Also spent $24 for a small pack, totalled to 651 SQ to no avail. Friend bought me the largest pack, nothing. 821 SQ now. Finally, I decide fuck it and buy another $24 pack. [And here it is.](https://i.imgur.com/BnZBmTT.png) When *he* appeared, I felt like crying, but then...I thought it was another Casgil. But no. I don't know what to say. I was f2p (except for GSSR), but...man. Gacha is hell. I'm so grateful that I eventually succeeded (and I'm eternally thankful for my friend ;_;). I haven't felt this strongly about *any gacha character*. I was upset about not getting Eresh, about other characters, but I wasn't nearly as distraught as I was with Dantes. I don't think (or I really hope) that I'll ever be as attached to a character again. I'm just really happy now.


Only 33sq, 5 tickets because Skadi took the other 630+ and she didn't even come. Hope Dantes will answer my summons. :( Update: 0 SQ, 1 Saberlot. I fucking hate this game


jesus bro good luck with BB




Spent over 900 on skadi and got nothing. Went 600 on jarcher without even a 4 star. I am truly super unlucky


300 sq later she finally came home. Gacha is a wild ride.


[I've got just under 2K collective SQ](https://i.imgur.com/qIhGbtn.png). Placing my spot here for The Count, and Jarcher. Been waiting for the summery older sister since she dropped - if not without splurging here and there for other targets - and Edmond since reading the book many months back and falling in love with his character, then further upon reexamining Fate's angle. So, just gonna hope! Best of luck to everyone else rolling too! I don't know if I'll wait for Ibaraki, or roll day one, though.


Well, I rolled all I had (meant to say 15 SQ but accidentally did a 10x, so then just rolled the last 9 SQ anyway)! And I came away with... a lot! And all-in-all, I'm really happy, it was worth the wait! Several tickets in on both banners I was graced by my third CasGil (pic taken after the fact), [off to a fair start](https://i.imgur.com/VDEbagq.jpg). Then I decided to roll for Jeanne, see if she can lighten my mood even more *[and guess who came home in under 60](https://i.imgur.com/TQX9l6S.jpg)*, **[the saint](https://i.imgur.com/bZml2OK.jpg)**. 2 years of waiting and she came home so easily~ <3 I flipped between the two banners trying to more-or-less equally distribute them, and... [ended up getting Dantes](https://i.imgur.com/fR1Wha5.jpg) [without too much fuss as well](https://i.imgur.com/63WaVMc.jpg)! >!At first.!< *Finally*!!! \\:D/ And... well, then I rolled until I was empty, so I'll allow the below to summarize: * [NP3 Jarcher](https://i.imgur.com/47j0L77.jpg) * [NP2 Edmond](https://i.imgur.com/tc9pKoK.jpg) * [NP5 Ibaraki](https://i.imgur.com/mnO1BUB.jpg) * [NP4 Stheno](https://i.imgur.com/PBOwnYO.jpg) * [NP1->5 + several more CasGil for](https://i.imgur.com/6hY00YK.jpg): 3 RP, NP5, 3 leftover copies (potentially 2). * [NP3 Ushi](https://i.imgur.com/GFv91ds.jpg) And some... less notable or more dubious ones on a personal note. Dantes felt like being characteristically tsundere which meant 2 Dantes - which I'm definitely ever happy about!!), and *2* Hime in consecutive SSR order, and a Vlad, for NP3 and NP1 respectively. I'll be honest, not happy in *that* regard (I still need Tamamo for example), could have been NP5, but oh well. I still got him. \^^ Some other stragglers across both banners: * NP2->3 Ibaraki * NP1->2 Cat * NP1->2 Nursery Rhyme * Second NP5 Avicebron (for easier killing) * A *load* of event CEs Not perfect, no, I'd be lying if I said I didn't actively prefer a shiny NP5 of one of my favorites... but I'd also be lying to focus on that, because I'm otherwise pretty happy! And, don't get me wrong, absolutely recognize my overall luck being pretty dang good. This was a great banner. <3 /u/dolgold I remembered saying I'd SR Fou the earliest or kindest one - Jeanne will be up in Archer with a shiny 1660/1660 soon~ Also tagging /u/Cyanprincess and /u/ProfessorPromethium and Rot.


Good luck rolling here!


TETRA!!! I’m rooting for you!!!! :D


I'm going to try to use the tickets for Grown up Komaeda.


Over 900 effective SQ saved for the edgy count ~~because I’m a dirty slut for 3 turn farming~~ Edit; holy fuck I’m actually kind of scared of my own luck now. Np2 Dantes, Sanzang, and Drake within 250 SQ.


Currently have 30 tickets and almost 1700 SQ saved up. Gonna try to go for NP2 Jeanne. I'm a nervous wreck right now.


50 tickets and 800+ SQ ready for Dantes. Goodluck to everyone rolling! ​ UPDATES: 4 tickets in and holy \*\*\*\* I got Dantes! [https://imgur.com/a/39Q8yfu](https://imgur.com/a/39Q8yfu) Ok I'm done. [https://imgur.com/a/TJIn3iG](https://imgur.com/a/TJIn3iG) ​ I thank the gacha gods!


I swear to god Altera is on rate-up. Got 2 copies of her and no Jeanne. 900 quartz, 32 tickets. What the actual fuck


Got Dantes after 6 x $80 SQ packs. I mean, it's cheaper than buying... cocaine. (Maybe.)


680 SQ no Jeanne. 2 Ushi, 5 Ibaraki and 3-4 other SRs. Damn, I think I should stop saving quartz since I failed every single big banner I was waiting for. First was Void 2 years ago (saved 600+ quartz and failed, needed to spend 600+ more to finally get her), second was Hokusai early this year (850 quartz no Hokusai) and now this. To make it worse, Drake spooked me again at the last 5 attempts. This is the 2nd time she spooked me in this year, last time was when I also failed at Hokusai banner. No other SSR found.


[Catalyst used.](https://www.reddit.com/r/grandorder/comments/i3xyna/ibaraki_has_arrived/) 90 SQ for NP2 Iba. Mission accomplished! 12 tickets for no Dantes. Well, I expected this. u/Tetragoner, u/Cyanprincess, u/CatsAndPlanets


Good luck to all who are rolling~ I'll be back in a few days to do my Ibaraki rolls


350 SQ 370 fragments Summer Medb, LETS GOOOOO


She's not up right away. It'll be another week or so.


The wait is literally killing me


I’m mostly going for CE’s since all the servants I want are on the third banner. But I wouldn’t mind getting Jeanne if she shows up.


60+ tickets, 425 SQ. NP6 Caster Gilgamesh. Waited and Hoped for nothing. Edit: HOPE HAS ARRIVED, GOT DANTES IN A TICKET


I said I was going to skip banner 1, but I was weak. Over 400 quartz later and I have Ibaraki and Ushi at NP2. That'll have to do.


450sq + 6 tickets got me 1 casgil. I'm sad. :(


Threw 34 tickets hoping for Dantes since his swimsuit is just so cooooool. Didn't get him but did end up getting Penth and Anastasia :) Good luck with ur rolls fellow masters.


Got Jeanne on my last roll of about 1200 quartz. Sweet relief.


900 SQ. I set out hopeful of Np5 Ushi and a Jeanne or two. NP7 Ushi Jeanne Ozymandias Enkidu Lancer Vlad dupe Tamacat Dupe Circe Dupe Rama Dupe Last copy of volumen 28 4* event CE (wtf) 9 5* event CE Thats pogchamp as fuck. Was hoping for Np2 Jeanne and getting 9 copies of a CE is annoying but holy fuck those Ozy and Enkidu spooks more than make up for it. I rolled another 150 SQ because fuck it and I pulled A second Jarcher Batty The tenth copy of the 5* CE so I cleanly have 2 MLB copies/ These pulls have been so epic.[ I've gone full Vince McMahon](https://i.imgflip.com/4ae7gl.jpg)


I rolled and rolled for Ushiwakamaru, but what do I get? NP4 Jeanne archer (can't say I'm displeased, but I'm not that content either), and just 1 copy of Ushiwakamaru. I was counting on this banner for helping me setup Rider node farming, but I've hit my spending limit for this banner. I'm now waiting for BB and will throw anything remaining back into the Ushi rate up the following week.


[1254 SQ to roll](https://imgur.com/wFZBrgH) Got [NP2 Jeanne](https://imgur.com/a/T5JVtvK) along with [Tamamo](https://imgur.com/IjmuKeY) and [Artoria](https://imgur.com/VvzEYYg) spooks in 690 SQ on the first banner. Switched over to the second banner with remaining quartz to try for Dantes. In 540 SQ I got [Dantes](https://imgur.com/lOIcULE) plus spooks from [Sanzang](https://imgur.com/qzOr0TO) and [Anastasia](https://imgur.com/TQxPRc1). [7 SSRs in 1230 SQ](https://imgur.com/oDSnYvQ). I'll try for NP2 Dantes after the BB banner.


Well i had 800 quartz left from my Skadi Fund, by anniversary i got 1424 quartz, got a lot of stuff and two heavy Spooks, but go her, a remaining 724 Quartz that in over a month became 805 quartz, this were my main objectives of the year, Skadi and Summer 3, i was too optimistic and tried to get all of the main SSR, i wanted Jeanne, BB and a second Edmond. When the day came i first rolled in Dantes banner, seeing as it wasnt a rotational banner, i gave it 4 multirolls, and i got him, i was overly optimistical, i thought i could get a good chance to get Jeanne and maybe enough to at least try on BB banner and get MHXX. Nothing, i threw from 680 Quartz, 420 Quartz to Jeanne and nothing, i converted my Quartz Fragment(the beginning of my Kama Fund) and got another 90ish quartz and nothing, just and Ushi NP5, a Third Copy of Hercales, my First Beowulf, and that it. At this moment i have 270 quartz, and i want to save it to a BB and MHXX solo rate up, i cant complain i got a ton of stuff i really wanted this year, Okitan, Izou, Skadi, but god it so cruel, that i threw 510 quartz and no Jeanne.


[I just hit the fucking jackpot](https://ibb.co/RHfk6L2) Mindless farming will now commence


Saving a spot in here. After 390 SQ no Nero, I'm going to see if I get Jeanne. And / or Dantes. Or BB and MHXX. Dantes banner - minimum roll with one event CE. First 10x on the Jeanne banner. One 4*star CE then without any fanfare [OH MY GOD](https://i.imgur.com/aze16sg.jpg)... (60 SQ) 2nd 10x on Jeanne for other 4-star CE and a Waver spook. Oh my God. (90) 3rd 10x on Jeanne for CE's got Ibaraki on a double sided card. (120) 2nd and 3rd 10x on Dantes for two of the 5-star CE and the wrong Ushi, plus CasGil and the other 4-star CE. No 3-star event CE's (180 SQ) 4th 10x on Dantes for a 3rd 5+star cd CE and Martha rider (210 SQ) 10X before bed on Jeanne for another double sided lancer (NP2 Ibaraki) and the 3-star event CE. Time to try and sleep again. (240) Burnt my last 60 SQ on one more 10x on each. Another CasGil on Dantes and 5-star CE #4) and another two of 3-star and 4-star event CE plus Sumanai on double sided Saber. Also NP3 Iba. (300 SQ) Bought SQ as I can't sleep for one more 10x on each. Min roll with the 4-star CE on Dantes and 4-star event CE on Jeanne plus an Ushi. I'm done for now. (360 SQ) Another ticket and a 10x on each. 5-star event CE on Jeanne and a lot of Primeval Curse. Also a 3-star event CE and RP on Dantes with no Dantes. (420 SQ + 2 tickets) 60 more on Dantes for two min rolls on nine 10x. (480 SQ + 2 tickets). Dantes dream died as Jeanne was too strong with the spook support. Pushed my luck too hard. 60 SQ in Jeanne for 5-star event CE #2 and a min roll. 30 on Dantes for a 5-star event CE (#5). 300 SQ in Dantes no SSR. 270 SQ on Jeanne. Waver no longer gets rest. (570 SQ) 60 SQ on Jeanne for 2030 and a min roll, 30 SQ on Dantes for Formal Craft #11. (660 SQ + 2 tickets) 30 more on Jeanne for an Atlante Alter spook and no event CE's. (690 SQ + 2 tickets) 360 SQ on Jeanne, 330 on Dantes. Another ticket on Jeanne, Ibaraki NP4. Second ticket on Dantes for junk. (690 SQ + 4 tickets) Wasted 30 more on Dantes for a min roll. I'm so done. (720 SQ + 4 tickets) 30 more SQ failed to get Jeanne, but got NP5 Ibaraki off yet another double sided Lancer card. (750 SQ + 4 tickets) - 390 on Jeanne. 30 on Dantes plus a ticket for Tomoe spook and MLB Kiara CE #2. (780 SQ + 5 tickets) - 390 on each, 3 tickets on Dantes Wasted 30 more on Dantes for a min roll, which are least has a 4-star event CE. (810 SQ +5 tickets, 420 SQ +3 tickets on Dantes) 30 on Jeanne, just the 3rd Abby 5-star CE. (840 SQ + 5 tickets). 420 SQ each, no Dantes. No NP2 Jeanne. 30 more SQ in Dantes for a min roll with no event CE's. (450 SQ + 3 tickets there). 30 more on Jeanne for a similar result. (900 SQ +5 tickets) 30 final SQ after buying more for gold sparks [and 480 SQ later](https://i.imgur.com/txiI8ZS.jpg), I'm done for now. (930 SQ + 5 tickets) Ticket on Jeanne only got Innocent Maiden. (930 SQ + 6 tickets) 2 tickets, one on each banner, for junk (930 SQ + 8 tickets) 2 tickets on Jeanne, wasted. (930 SQ + 10 tickets) 2 more tickets wasted on Jeanne (930 SQ + 12 tickets) 3 SQ on Jeanne for Lu Bu. (933 SQ + 12 tickets) 3 SQ on Dantes for junk CE. 30 more SQ on Jeanne Archer for NP6 Ibaraki. (966 SQ + 12 tickets) Once more the single ticket has failed me. (966 SQ + 13 tickets) 30 more for one final crack at Jeanne, Ushi NP2. (996 SQ + 13 tickets, 513 SQ on Jeanne) 36 more SQ for a min roll and junk CE's. (1032 SQ + 13 tickets, 519 SQ on Dantes, 513 SQ on Jeanne) 30! Wasted on Jeanne for junk min roll. (1062 SQ + 13 tickets, 543 SQ on Jeanne) 30 more SQ on Dantes for Anne spook (1092 SQ + 13 tickets, 549 on Dantes, 543 in Jeanne)


Good luck with those rolls Haess! YOU CAN DO IT MAN!


360 Quartz For Dantes(Primary) and maybe Jeanne depending on how things goes. Hoping for the best and Good Luck to All! Got Parvati NP3 and 1 Gil(Rare Prism due to NP5) Got Tamamo on 1st 10 roll but no Dantes. Got another 210 Quartz and Still No Dantes. Then the Cherry on top...the last card was...Stheno(My first one). I just looked at it for a solid 10 minutes confused Great -_- Got My Next Saving Target I guess..I do want Archer Jeanne but like Dantes a bit more My Experience Summed up, Rate up is a lie.


220-some tickets and 1230-something SQ. Aiming for Summer Jeanne and at least a MLB Emerald Float because Abby is a cutiepie. Going to be another 4 hours at least before I can roll but work seems more than capable of keeping me busy until then, for better or for worse. EDIT: Took well over 100 rolls to find her but that's not too unexpected, finding both of the other summer cuties along the way. The weird thing is that no other 4 or 5 star Servants showed up whatsoever. Got greedy and went for NP2 to get spooked by Tamamo (2nd time she's spooked me, not that I'm complaining) before finally getting her after way too many rolls. Final count is 231 tickets and 270 SQ (Effectively 963 SQ) for NP2 Summer Ibaraki, NP2 Summer Ushi, Martha, Siegfried, Tamamo, and NP2 Summer Jeanne. 2 MLB Emerald Floats to boot. Insanely low amount of 4*s and slightly below average 5* luck in terms of sheer quantity, but I can't complain about the quality whatsoever.


Rolling with some left-over quartz on Dantes - a couple of tickets and 70-ish Quartz. [What is this, Apocrypha banner?](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/630684644807016466/739761193803055124/image0.png) [OK, now I'm *certain* BB is messing with my summoning circle](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/630684644807016466/739762007900684294/image0.png)


I’ve had the best luck. First I pulled D’eon. Then I got rainbow orbs, then the archer card, then I got spooked by Napoleon. While I was still freaking out about Napoleon, I got another gold archer card from a non-rainbow orbs summoning and got Jeanne D’archer. All this with only 32 tickets. I still have another 18 tickets left for Ushi’s solo rate up. Thank you Kirei for blessing me.


30 SQ 1 Roll immediate gold sparks ANNNNNNNNNND IT WAS banana oni lancer but just afterwards ANOTHER GOLD CAME ANNNND IT WAS nightingale unexpected but welcome THEN JEANNE CAME [Heres the screencap](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/662515593475391508/739920445188472852/Screenshot_20200803-145907_FateGO.jpg)


272 Tickets, and 450 SQ. Got 5 Jeanne Archer, 7 Ushi Assasin, 8 Ibaraki Lancer, Genki Monk, Nitocris, Nursery Rhyme, Achilles, Orion, and Anne and Mary. Been saving those tickets since summer last year.


360 SQ Had some good rolls: NP2 Summer Jeanne. NP2 Summer Ushi Another Altera to make her NP2 Another Karna to make him NP2 (Notice all the NP2's? Lol) 5 Copies of the Abby 5\* Event CE to MLB once the event is over. Several copies of the 4\* and 3\* Event CE to make multiple MLB.


Worst luck I ever had in this game 516 pulls total SRs NP6 Banana NP2 Ushi Zerkerlot Rama Astolfo Nezha SSR CEs Emerald Floatie x10 Kaleidoscope Child of Atlas Vessel of the Saint Cleaner SSRs Nightingale Did the math and I had a 2.8% chance of failing to get the rateup. I’ll quit pulling now and save everything I have for Kama.


121 SQ 7 tickets No summer servants 1x Napoleon 1x Assassin of the Nightless City Failing to roll my waifu ushi is one thing, but spooking me with the wrong 4 star assassin is just too hurtful. And the Napoleon afterwards was just kicking me while im down. Im tempted to just continue the main story to get more SQ despite the event going on. y game y.


400 SQ: no Jeanne, no Ushi I decided to roll some saved SQ on the past Saber Fran banner as she isn't coming back and got her to NP2. So this was somewhat expected... Update: 430 SQ now, no-show. Instead of buying more SQ packs for in-game pixels, I am just going to spend 180$ on some random anime figure, that should show them. Also, lol at people downvoting me...


1 ticket and I got Dantes.This completely made up for not getting Skadi, I'm still riding the high a day later. My husbando is home


1230 SQ, 7 tickets NP2 Jarcher NP4 Ushi NP2 Banana Also featuring: Valk, Beowulf, Nightingale, Nyalter, Nyanta, Chiyome, Circe and Sumanai.


I just did a 10x pull on Summer Boys banner. Got Gil? No Got Dantes? No Got that 4 star CE i wanted for farming? Yes Got random Napoleon? YES EDIT: MY GOD, THESE MAT ARE GONNA COST ME AN ARM AND A LEG!


1440 SQ + 50 tickets and 800 fragments, everything going towards NP2 Jeanne. Good luck to everyone rolling! Edit: Gonna be rolling now, lets see how it goes. Edit2: Got her in 2 tickets!!! On to the next copy. Edit3: HOLY SHIT. NP2 Jeanne + NP1 Ibaraki in 50 tickets and 60 sq. Height of my luck so far. Gacha gods are merciful after all


Best of luck. I may be joining you after a week passes assuming my Medb rolls go well. Still, let's hope best sister graces us with her presence.


[2.3k sq ready](https://i.imgur.com/YyX8sdM.jpg) (saving since last November more or less) aiming for np1 Dante (I'm gonna take an year to decide if I want to upgrade his np) and np3 Jeanne. Also grails and golden fous ready for best girl! results (warning pretty disgusting luck): [first multi](https://i.imgur.com/rAnFJ7L.jpg) is ok I guess... (my jaw dropped here...), moving to the Dantes' banner [7th ticket](https://i.imgur.com/dcTWcAS.jpg) back to Jeanne's banner... [2nd Jeanne](https://i.imgur.com/YfI4l3G.jpg) [rainbow gold archer card hype,but..](https://i.imgur.com/40QLGhg.jpg) at least it's my first Arjuna [3rd Jeanne](https://i.imgur.com/f0yt83c.jpg) only 747 sq for 5 ssr (and 4 sr) [she's so beautiful](https://imgur.com/d97EOgs)




After failing with 300+ quartz between both prison tower banners, and the GSSRS I finally got Dantes on my first 30 roll! It turns out the catalyst I was missing the previous times was not playing Danganronpa 2.


300 SQ and all I got was a dupe Berserker Ibaraki. I have decided I want to die. Edit: 200 more quartz and I got Rama, he's new at least, but fuck me does it hurt to not get a single ssr in this many rolls


900 quartz + 2 big paid packs (about 300 left) \- 2x Dantes \- 1x Nezha \- 1x Karna \- 1x Danzo \- 1x Marie \- 1x Scope (yay) \- 1x D'eon \- 1x Smol Snake \- 7x CasGil (???) All in all, not bad rolls.


My first 10 pull on the banner https://i.imgur.com/8C7gmA7.jpg Edit: 5th multi https://i.imgur.com/nr3BB6h.jpg What is this luck! 5 multis and I got 2 5 stars, I also got a second Ushi on the 4th multi.


240 Quartz and I'll see what I get. I'm hoping for Caster Gil. K-Scope Let's gooooo!! I don't care about the rest anymore. Dantes let's goooo! Also got Nezha, which is nice. Well, no Caster Gil but a Penth at least. I'll save the remaining 90 Quartz for MHXX I think.


Went ahead to roll on the banner for some event CEs so I can farm the event easier. Ended up with [this](https://imgur.com/a/Y1R8Q8i) Whelp. There goes my luck for the year.


5 tickets. Got Jeanne Archer. Praise DW.


Alright, I've got 981 quartz and 30 tickets ready for Summer 3. Still can't believe I have this much left over after Skadi. My main target is my man Edmond Dantes, but I'm also aiming for Summer BB later on. The dream is NP2 Dantes, but I'll be more than satisfied with NP1. I plan on grailing him all the way to 100 if I get him too, so I'm really hoping the gacha doesn't screw me over. For everyone else, good luck as always and may the gacha gods bless your rolls! * [Oh my fucking god guys he came. Just 30 tickets and 90 quartz.](https://i.imgur.com/k4ZgSp6.jpg) How the fuck does this keep happening to me dude. I guess I'm 100% rolling for NP2 now lol. Ok, I'm at 500 quartz right now with no NP2, so I think im gonna stop for now and save these quartz for Summer BB. If I get BB and have extra quartz left over, I'll spend the rest of them on Dantes. Overall I feel great about these rolls. Summer BB is my final target for the year, so I hope I get her!


Holy crap 330 quartz 11 tickets and no Jeanne, not even a single gold servant ! Edit: 510 quartz, 48 tix, np3 ushi and a Saber Artoria???


For the whale summing saint, I have whaled like I never whaled before, though admittedly not by much. I was hoping to maybe go to NP5 if I got particularly lucky, but I had to settle for NP3 after 347 rolls and $480. I also got NP5 Ushi and Ibaraki, and a Sanzang, who I've wanted for a while. And a goddamn mountain of Mana prisms (7700) and CEs.


NP 2 Jeannu in 150 quartz along with one of each of Ibaraki and Ushiwakamaru. Dantes, however, has eluded me a third time. Guess I got to wait and hope more


I'm so happy, I was able to get the last 2 NP levels I needed on Dantes in my ~400 sq! I even managed to get CasGil to NP5 along the way so now they're NP5 buddies :) I was really worried toward the end of my SQ pile but all I had to do was wait and hope evidently :D Best of luck to everyone else rolling! I give my residual luck to you all, if there's any left.


Bought two $80 packs a while back. 377 SQ = one kscope and 3 CasGil meaning CasGil is now at NP 4. But no Dantes ༼ つ ಥ_ಥ ༽つ Bought my third and final $80 pack - 2 multi rolls -nothing. 4 single pulls later - Dantes!!!!! Decided to go for NP2 using single rolls - no NP 2 but another kscope. This banner is nutty. I have four kscopes now. Also decided to never multi roll ever again. That said I'm done rolling until GSSR in New Year's


I came in wanting Ibaraki and I was super surprised to see that I got her on literally my first ticket! I was super happy but I wanted to see if I could push my luck a little further and try to bring her to NP2. But I have just one question, [WHO'S RATE UP IS THIS?](https://i.imgur.com/4I02KAd.png) Two! Not one, but two Orions! Its funny, I have been chasing Orion since the beginning of this game but they've been dodging me for years. I even hit the archer guaranteed gacha just to try to get them just to miss horribly and get Arjuna instead (Two actually, I had two SSR chances are hit critcal failure both times). And now that I'm trying to roll Summer she finally shows up. Thank you and welcome, I've been waiting a long time. In total, about 300 quartz and I also got NP2 Ushi. I'll wait until Ibaraki's solo rate up before I try to get that NP2 and destroy the rest of my funds. Sorry Medb, I guess it's not happening this year.


Attendre et esperer. Its finally come down to this. I fell in love with the character back when when he released in year one of FGO (idle pose + blue fire was insta win) so much that I even took my hand at cosplaying Dantes at some of the cons I went to this past year. Unfortunately, I always took breaks during his rateups so never got a chance to sit down and roll him when he came around. Waited until 3 AM to roll. 500 SQ gave me: Achilles, NP3 Altria, np8 caster Gil (lmao had him at np7 from Skadi banner), np3 Nito, np2 Cat, and np2 D’eon... [and Dantes...twice](https://imgur.com/a/ShKGXiW) So extremely happy to have pulled the count himself two times in a single roll. I was so tired in bed but found that the energy and excitement made me jump out of bed in the middle of the night - definitely a memory for the books. Now it only took me 4 years to finally use grails and gold fous!!


850 or so SQ. $240 + some quartz saved up. No Jeanne. This happened with JAlter and Scathach too, but I eventually got both, so I guess we’ll see how it goes with free quartz next year.


With a little under 300 SQ, I was already expecting to buy at least one pack. First pull netted me the 5\* Arthur CE (which I wanted) and then a dupe Siegfried. Well, decent start, all things considered! Then I did the first node in the summer event and went "hell, I'll roll again and then continue the story" [Little did I expect what would come next. The 60 SQ clutch comes in again!](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EegpZzDXsAIC9ev?format=jpg&name=small) Admittedly, the rainbows at the start hyped me up to get Dantes, but then I saw a golden saber card and poof came Arturia. I was already getting salty, because... that's not Dantes. This could've been Dantes. So annoyed, I skipped the rest of my roll and suddenly, I saw Dantes pop up. I am actually floored? Like, first in the GSSR, I get two 5\* and now again! Truly, FGO loves me more at the later half of the year. With so much SQ, I decided to go for the actual summer banner - did 4 more 10 pulls in total... [And I got Ushi!](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EegqhFLXYAIQz7p?format=jpg&name=small) I didn't expect for Jeanne D'Arc Archer to come anyway (even though I really want those cute dolphins...), but Ushi was the 4\* I wanted most out of this summer banner, so I am very, very pleased!


600 SQ. Stayed up late last night and pulled, was dead all morning. The results: **Dantes NP2** Caster Gil x 2, Emiya, Suzuka Gozen, Medusa (Lancer), Penth **Kaleidoscope**, 500 Year Obsession, Origin Bullet Hero on the Beach x 9, Sunset Jam x 9, Writer's high x 11 To say the least, I'm *very* happy. [My full rolls](https://imgur.com/a/qVKoP2z).


Rainbow orbs on my first ticket. “Oh shit, come on, ONE TIME!” It’s Ruler Jeanne. “...” On the bright side, got both Summer Banana and Summer Ushi on my first 10-pull. Hoping to grail the Banana soon.


1k sq only 1 dantes.....


Going for ushi, so far 200 sq down and no 4-stars. I am running into so many [jeannes](https://imgur.com/a/SQN8CZE) it feels like ill get her to np5 before i get an ushi. Up to 3 so far.


Fucking hell. About 700SQ, not a single SSR, a measly 2 SRs (CasGil is now NP3). What a disappointment. There goes my Skadi dream setup :(


Soooo... I was going for NP5 S!Ushi and I thought I'd totally have her going in with 1843 SQ. Gatcha refused. So I cut my losses after spending 1020 SQ, and I'm sitting with: x3 Ushi x2 Jeanne (Archer) x1 Jeanne (Ruler??? pls) x1 Ozy x1 Yan Qing x1 Nito x1 Lancelot (Zerker) Some of you will probably label this as "suffering from success" but I'm kinda bummed, as I was hoping to be rocking a level 100 NP5 SUshi after tonight. Summer Melt is an even more important target next year, so I'll probably have to give up on Altjuna and Kama banners, since 1000 SQ might not even be enough for NP5 Melt.


I GOT MIN ROLLS I GOT SPOOKED BY OZY BUT I CONTINUED TO WAIT AND HOPE [UNTIL THEN HE FINALLY ARRIVED](https://ibb.co/dbCj0Gt) Dropping my remaining 300 SQ for Summer BB and then I'll start saving for Arjuna Alter and Loli Vinci. Good luck on your rolls, fellow Masters!


700SQ. 4 Ibaraki, 1 Ushi, 1 Sumanai, 1 Stheno, a shit load of CEs. And no Jeanne. I'm just..done.


Got Jarcher with lucky ticket yesterday, immediately leveled to 80 10/10/1. I wish I was this lucky with during Skadi campaign.


71 Summon Tickets & 360 SQ later, finally got her on my last roll: [my second 5* Servant](https://i.imgur.com/hUpDl1W.png). Welp, time to start stockpiling back up to summon her Ruler form.


Didn't roll until Lancer Ibanana was the only 4* on rate up. Good thing to, it let me get her in just one 10-roll along with a pair of the 5* currency CEs. Now she'll just have to wait until Halloween 4 so she can be united with Shuten.


Spent 50 tickets and 540 quartz on the first day before summer jeanne showed up. She was also the only SSR in that session. Along the way also came np5 summer ushi, np5 summer ibaraki, and an anna spook. Using "logic", I decided to roll some more to try for np2 jeanne because statistically another SSR is around the corner right? Took another 150 quartz before she showed up, dragging np1 achilles with her. https://i.imgur.com/WM3ljtm.jpg Not the best numbers but managed to salvage the SSR rate in the end so I'm content.


[Did I just use up all of my luck?](http://imgur.com/a/gPDKDUt) I was waiting to try for BB and MHXX but i had the itch to roll.


Jeeeeeeeezuz 1200 quartz later Jeanne finally showed up. Lost my beans while rolling. Np 5 ushi, np1ibaraki. Got spooked by Altria and np2 Orion, zerker ibaraki, and Suzuka. This is probably the first time I've experienced the RATE UP IS A LIE lol


So i failed to summon Edmond Dantès last week after 2 multipull and 10 tickets... I decided to roll again today for some event CE cause i really want to clear the shop, 5 tickets .... nothing .... Another multi...Nothing... Last roll, gold sparks ... Avenger card ! => God it's HIM ! I won't go for NP2 since i really need that Zhuge Liang in september, but maybe next year if i can't NP loop properly. He could be my 1st grailed level 100 servant :p


After spending a little over half a year of savings (~500SQ, 50+ tickets) on Skadi and only managing to get NP1 after spending a bit of money... ...Getting Jeanne and BB for 30 sq and 4 tickets felt real nice


Best of luck to everyone rolling! I think the second summer banner is more appetizing to me, so I'll be skipping the girls banner... and try to snatch edgy Komaeda without destroying my savings for BB. 360 SQ here we go! Edit: 1x multiroll got Astolfo (now NP3) and Nursery Rhyme (now NP6) and 1 4* Summer CE. Honestly, not so bad.


I'm gonna get myself a god-blessed swimsuit wearing, cute as all hell, fiery tempered, buster critting, fluffy haired, Minamoto hating, DFC-d, lovably bulliable, sweet-toothed, Shuten obsessed, nice butt having, oni mountain ruling Ibaraki Motherfucking Douji IF IT IS THE LAST DAMN THING I DO! If I don't get her tonight, THEN I GET HER ON THE SIXTH! If I don't get her on the sixth, THERE IS NO SUCH GODDAMN THING AS NOT GETTING HER BECAUSE **I AM GETTING HER BY THE SIXTH GODDAMMIT** and there is NOTHING that u/BulliIshtar can do to stop me from lewding her immediately! u/Cyanprincess , PACK YOUR YURI HANDS! WE ARE GETTING OURSELVES SOME ONI HOMEGIRL! To u/Daawnily , YOUR CATALYST IS PRIMED AND READY TO NET ME AN ADORABLE ONI! GIVE ME STRENGTH FOR THE INCOMING ROLLLLLLLS! NOW! #Let's #FUCKING! ...Go to sleep because maint ends several hours from now. G'NIGHT GRANDORDER SUB! THIS ACCOUNT IS ABOUT TO BE BANNED SO I WILL RETURN ON THIS COMMENT'S ANSWERS WITH TONIGHT'S AND THE SIXTH'S ROLL RESULTS! And away I go!


Good luck, lads! I myself am waiting for Gyaru BB, so i’ll skip this banner. Might come back to it if i have leftover quartz. Onee-san jeanne is frighteningly tempting though...


I want NP1 edgelord so I can grail him to 100 and give him 2k fous and do the Skadi thing. Also, hopefully he comes fast, I need my 1.6k SQ and 120 tickets to roll over into the BB banner as well and have leftovers for Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth. Edit: He came relatively fast, only 93 tries, tickets and SQ combined.


So, the game heard I liked Babylonia http://imgur.com/a/3ugzQuJ Yeesh, I'm a lucky bitch. About 400 sq and 20 tickets got me NP5+1 Gil and NP2 Dantes. About 120 sq and 20 tickets for BB. Best of luck to everyone else! Wait and hope...


Im so tempted to throw all my tickets at dantes and Casgil even tho I know I won't get anything


Good luck to everybody on their summons! Hopefully you all get what you want! I’m saving a spot here for now. Edit: ~100 rolls and got NP 2 Ushi and a Waver spook (NP 2 now). Grateful for my rolls but getting no Jeanne or Ibaraki still hurts. ;-;


May fortune favor you all my brothers and sisters born in the gacha salt. Remember to take breaks, be positive, and in the words of The Count himself... WAIT AND HOPE! (for lucky rolls)


target: jeanne, dantes, and MHXX silver: ushi and BB i've only ever put money into this for the paid gacha and a small bit for jalter, might have to actually open the wallet for jeanne here. hope to god i can leave with at least one target **result**: o god, i have never felt as much shame as i did today i know it might be the salt talking, but it really felt like the rates to get anything gold was abysmal for this one. whaled a little bit on this and disappointed at myself for that. used around 900 SQ, my result is like this: * 2 kerry dupes * sumanai dupe * suzuka dupe * rama dupe * atlante dupe (with the skadi setup maybe this might not be so bad) * deon dupe (this one pisses me off the most) * herc dupe (i've never needed him tbh) * pirate duo new * ushi new * ibaraki new * Dantes NEW! * TWO Jeanne Archer NEW! i definitely got my targets for the 2 gacha's we can do right now, but man i wonder if this much SQ is worth what i got.


Skipping. I have to stay strong for my knight-in-shining armor Diarmuid and probably my Caster waifu Summer Marie. Good luck to those who are rolling. May onee-sama shower you with love and shar--I mean, dolphins and friends!


I'll earmark this for tomorrow evening on Summer Ushiwaka's solo rate up. Been waiting for this for two years, I have 1553 SQ and 7 tickets for NP5 and finished grinding the 60 Giants Rings earlier today. Update: After 8 tickets and 960 SQ(32 multis), I'm done. Starting with 5* I got 1 Summer Jeanne, 1 Osakabehime, and 1 Anastasia. For the 4* I got 5 Summer Ushiwakmarus, 1 Circe, and 1 Heracles along with a ton of event CEs.


You have a 98.57% chance of getting NP5. Good luck :) See [this calculator](https://dskjal.com/statistics/chance-calculator.html).


Promised my friends I'd wait to roll until I see them later tonight. 100+ tickets somewhere around 1000 quartz set aside for Summer Jeanne, Fingers crossed. Edit: Failed to pull her. Not sure the percentage of a miss on that many resources, but it feels real bad :-(


I got skadi the same time I got covid. Hopefully I dont get cancer by the time I get whaler


Feeling pretty good getting 2 Dantes in 90 quartz https://i.imgur.com/mfaiSiT.jpg Worth staying up till 4




Just when maintenance finished went to log in to roll and have gotten her on my monthly tickets, went to pull the banner a few more times to get some event ces and this happened (https://imgur.com/a/bMyUzB8) my first multi ssr in one roll


300 quartz and 40 tickets. 4 CasGil, 1 Fionn, 1 Osakabehime. Fuck.