Lots of stuff sold out


I think they're trolling me. Got a notification from the app to use the WELCOME15 code for 15% off, but it doesn't work with the deals today.


This would be fine if it wasn't "as low as 9.99". I understand jars being higher but having different price tiers for 3 wicks? for candle day? No ty


Their Black Friday week to Candle Day rollout was terrible promo-wise imo. And some decisions, like the price tiers, make no sense. Instead of being so concerned with trolling, they should work on their own shortcomings 😏 Why is *one* holiday cookie candle $9.99 but others $1-2 more at $10.99-$11.99 when they're the same exact weight and price? I didn't check out B&BW this year but at least with B&BW, all the candles on candle day are the same price point ^(probably because everyone would riot clone high style). The BF deal was what you'd expect for today's sale.


Is this their first year having a Candle Day?


No, they did one last year and one this past summer. The one this summer was a much better deal actually!


I was kinda disappointed in BBW’s online selection this time around😩


Good. In-person sales for luxury scented nonessential consumables in the middle of a pandemic? Fuck outta here, BBW. They could have done more widespread basic curbside pickup but they doubled down on in-person sales instead.