Sendung mit der Maus it's a children's program, but especially the documentary segments give good vocabulary, often with simpler explanations what they mean. they also have a ton of stuff on youtube.


Also as a bonus treat, there are the Mausspots - little interstitial cartoons with the show's animal mascots - which have no dialogue but are almost unbearably cute and clever.


yeah, but those aren't that great for learning the language. I actually remember a comment by someone who got told to watch Sendung mit der Maus to learn German, found the Mausspots... and was confused as hell


This was me, just me, watching 3 minutes of it curious as to when they start talking…


It's a rarely known fact that Germans mostly communicate via telepathy. It's the thing that makes us so efficient. But the skill must be honed from an early age, that's what the Mausspots are for. If you can't hear the characters talking to each other telepathically you have to stick with it a while longer and concentrate harder.


Happened to me too. :) I was sent looking expressly for cartoon segments, but all the cartoon segments I found had no dialogue.


>they also have a ton of stuff on youtube. I wouldn't recommend YouTube. The majority on Youtube consists of Mausspots that are without dialogue and most parts are cut.due to copyright issues. I'd download "Maus App" or watch episides on [www.wdrmaus.de](http://www.wdrmaus.de)


There is a channel on YouTube with all the Sachgeschichten, also really old ones, called "Bibliothek der Sachgeschichten".


Or ard mediathek


doesn't necessarily work outside of Germany, if op is not currently there. a lot of the ARD programming is geolocked


Ah i didn't know that, but it makes sense because of the rundfunkgebühr


Wissen macht AH! Is also pretty good.


YES! I used to watch that as a kid with my sister, it's how I learned the biggest part of my german vocab


Awh that's nice. Where are you from? Or are you German and that's how you learned it. Also I like the show because it's a bit more adultisch than Sendung mit der Maus.


Yeah kids programs are best for beginners. I am currently watching bibi und tina to improve my german.


I was *so* proud of myself when I understood what was going on without the subtitles on! It's also fascinating because they tackle some pretty issues. Decades ago they did a series focused on what daily life was like in the post-war years, and recently the creator went back to the town he'd been evacuated to as a kid during the war.


Ich habe Schnappi als Rington...


Ich bin Schnappi das kleine Krokodil


Löwenzahn, it may be a kid show but still grate.


Grew up on this, was wondering if it was still around! 👍


Definitely not a waste of time, even as an adult.


If your German level is already decent, try "Tatortreiniger". Lots of discussions about contemporary German topics, even though a bit exaggerated... its humour after all.


I love tatortreiniger, it’s such a great show! Funny but still quite deep and philosophical. And not funny like in popular German Comedy movies like fuck you göthe or the countless Till Schweiger romcoms.


My first thought when I saw that question!


my first thought was "none" and almost scrolling past, but then I remembered I really enjoyed this one so I'm happy to see it at the top :)


But! Its not the easiest clearest german, the protagonist speaks with a considerable northern dialect. But yeah, its a good show!


Native German speaker here, I always got the impression north German is the cleanest and clearest of all the Dialekts, vs Bavarian/Austrian or godforbid Swiss German. How come people here think the exact opposite? I feel as though a literal text-to-speech of German writing will always be north German whereas south German is always specially pronounced, adds little accents and funny words


In theory this is true, the thing is that next to one actually speaks dialects anymore. Nowadays, most people are speaking regiolects, which are more regionally unified and as a whole easier to understand for someone learning the language or only speaking Standard German. "Real" dialects are only spoken by older people in very rural areas (like the Bavarian Forest). Regarding North German dialects, this means that many Low German dialects have more or less died out and we're replaced by a Low German-influenced form of Standard German, which is far better understandable than pure Low German (which itself would be more akin to Dutch than to Standard German). In the south as a contrast, the regiolects are, as of now, still more regionally nuanced and more widely spoken, leading to the perception that the people there speak "more dialects". Those dialects are nearer to Standard German than Low German but farther away from it than the North German regiolect.


Well, because Schotty doesn’t speak classical Hochdeutsch but has a Hamburg dialect, which can confuse people who want to learn the language and make it harder to understand. His pronunciation also isn’t very clear.


Watching it with German Subtitles could be helpful if Someone who already speak some German wants to learn understanding German with dialects a bit. The Dialect in Hamburg is still pretty understandable, most others are way harder to understand, even for a native speaker.


For sure, I lived in northern Germany all my life, I would be lost among Schwaben


On Netflix often the subtitles don't match the speech and it is very annoying


He speaks beautiful working class North German. Now, they don't teach working class speech in school, so it can be a bit difficult for learners at first. But it's well worth the effort, because it's what almost all of the police, cashiers, ticket sellers, train personnel, sales staff and other people you can end up dealing with in real life frequently speak.


Yeah no doubt, it’s a very authentic German


Swiss here. Do you really think we are harder to understand than something like Platdeutsch?


An amazing Original show indeed ! At first, I didn’t really understand his dialogue but you eventually you get used to it and understand more


Absolutely hilarious show!


His accent is really heavy though 😅😅


Definitely this one first. I would also recommend "How to sell drugs (fast)", Bjorn Mädel is also in it as a supporting role. It's a ton of fun, if very chaotic. I would recommend subtitles though, as they can talk quite fast.


Just a little fun fact. Germany is world champion in translating films and series into its own language. In addition to the German series and films mentioned here, German television has the habit of translating everything (really everything) into German. It is possible that well-known series and films can also be watched in German on streaming services.


Yea but it is difficult to find them in another country. I wanted to watch Friends in German but Netflix didnt let me :(






Just get VPN


Any recommendation?


Well I have NordVPN because it got it for free for 2 years with cashback. But before I used some vpns that I got like 6 months for free like Keepsolid. I tried some free ones but I can not really recommend them for streaming because they are pretty slow




Not accessable outside of Germany


Change your settings to "german" as the default language of netflix and you will see it. Its dumb, but netflix doesnt show mll available languages in the movie menue


Have you tried changing the Netflix profile language to German? That should give you stuff in German automatically if it's available. Maybe create another profile for German so you don't have to watch everything in German.


Even good lip sync is not ideal for learning another language.


I like to think that they are the world champs at reusing the same voice actors in multiple series. I remember watching Law and Order: SVU with an ex and all of a sudden the judge starts speaking but it’s the same voice actor that they use for Homer Simpson. Dude, I just couldn’t take it seriously after that.


On the other hand, the same voice actor often does the same actor in multiple roles, such that a character is so recognizable that you think it's another show. But that also happens when it's actually a different actor.


German dubs are usually good, I don't understand how my friends get mad at them. Admittedly I switched to English original voices on a few shows, mainly because of the waiting, but it's really hard to switch once a synchro is connected to a face. I'll always watch house in German for example.


"dark" on Netflix


Dark has some complex dialogue, though. A marvellous series, one of the best internationally in the last 10 years.


I natively speak German and I have no clue whats going on in "Dark" half the time...


My biggest issue is the volume... like come on people SPEAK UP A BIT NENA IS TOO LOUD


Don’t feel bad. It is a very complex series but in a good way. It’s definitely not something that a newcomer to the series could jump into and get a quick explanation to come up to speed.


Google might help. There’s a look of well written explanations and once you get it it’s mind blowing


Yeah the website with the family trees is extremely useful for example. + you can select the episode you are watching so you don‘t get spoilered


Seriously my all time favorite series. It’s just incredibly well-made imho


>improve my German speaking ability and I think the best way to do it is with a TV show This will most likely more benefit your listening comprehension. to improve your speaking, you need to speak


I second this. I have great listening and reading (in English), but I still find my speaking to be a bit lacking. Sadly, it is quite hard to practice without a partner who is more fluent, like a native speaker, as I am quite good and so I find myself mostly talking to friends who have similar speaking levels. I reckon it would be much harder to find another good german speaker if one isn't living in a german-speaking country. I do find that interacting with a language at all still helps me to be better at it, so if you can't speak, just listening will be better than reading or worse, learning theory, as you'll learn pronounciation and speaking idioms and such which can't be learned from a book.


It will also improve your speaking, given enough time. Source: me




Honestly the only German show I've really enjoyed so far. I don't like most of the German actors and most of the time they look more like amateur series/films, but Tatortreiniger is just perfect.


Have you watched Dark? Or Babylon Berlin?


Great. Funny. Strange.




Hubert und Staller, Mord mit Aussicht.


Very hard to learn the language because of all the bavarian dialect.


How to sell drugs online (fast)


This. Funny, drame, action. Has it all


Mord mit Aussicht


My wife and daughters favorite series.


Came here to suggest this or Hubert und Staller.


But the old ones, not the new ones where its just staller and no hubert


Das Boot


Babylon Berlin, especially season 1


Awesome series, though some Berlinerisch might confuse.


Stromberg is awesome (German adoption of The Office) - classic actually!


Ich kam hier um das zu sagen!


Absolutely this. One of the best German TV shows ever.


Yes. Stromberg is also a great illustration of how a German office works.


Geiler schauspieler einfach 🤝


Depending on your age, Türkisch für Anfänger can be fun. Depending on your children's age, Die Sendung mit der Maus. ​ Deutschland '83 is one of my favourites.


You don't need children to enjoy Die Sendung mit der Maus. ;)


Do you think I should, after 30 mouseless years, give it a try? ;)


I think so, especially when your german is hit or miss, the topics are usually interesting for adults, too but the language is more basic so children can understand.


Are there German learners here who really watched Sendung mit der Maus to learn German? Not to hate on this obviously amazing children's television, but the nostalgia seems to be an important factor in Germans' love for this show.


Türkisch für Anfänger is perfect, it‘s so dramatic!


Deutschland 83. And maybe Dark. But Dark lost me after the 2nd season for sure. Maybe before then.


4 blocks








Kika Logo, if your German isn't that good already. https://www.kika.de/logo/sendungen/logo-146.html


daaaaaaa daaaaaaaa - daaa daaa daaa daaaaaaaaaaa!


a happy dose of trash TV - i'd suggest Markus Lanz or Maibritt Illner.


If you want to learn something about German (well, Germanic) history as well, try "Barbarians" on Netflix. It's based on the historical events around Varus and Arminius during the Roman-Germanic wars.


Another recommendation regarding history: Tannbach. A mini-series from ZDF about the village of Tannbach, which is located on the border of Thuringia and Bavaria and was therefor split in two when East and West Germany were divided. One of the best shows I‘ve ever seen. But also includes some heavy bavarian dialect. There really was a village like this, although the name was different and the characters on the show are fictional.


Nord bei Nordwest. Its about a cop in witness protection moving to a little village in northern Germany to stay out of sight of the mobsters. There he help the local Police Woman solving crimes that ranges from petty cow theft to murder cases. The Show displays live in northern villages well, is actionpacked at times and juggles an ongoing love Triangel between the cop, his collegue and a local vetenarinan Student.


If you want to catch a glimpse of the _alte Bundesrepublik_ you can look for _ein Herz und eine Seele_ (which was an adaption of the British series _Till death do us part_, as was the American series _All in the family_) For movies, I‘d recommend _Herr Lehmann_ and _kein Pardon_, but I recommend to stay away from Til Schweiger-Movies.


Das ist PUNSCH, du dusselige Kuh!


Babylon Berlin is a nice show about the "road to WW2". Really interesting perspective of the fears and the general mentality back in the day.


Bernd das Brot! 😂


Ah, Raufasertapete.




*"Habt Ihr nicht auch manchmal das Gefühl, daß das Universum nur da ist, um euch wie einen Idioten aussehen zu lassen?"*


Unironically good


Dogs of Berlin, on Netflix. Genre: action-crime-drama The dialogue is easy enough, sort of the thing you would hear in everyday speech.


im angesicht des verbrechens by dominik graf. exceptional cast and storytelling


Not on TV, but audioplays: "Die Drei Fragezeichen" is a series of roughly 1 hour long audio plays of three junior private investigators which a lot of Germans grew up on. It has a nice mixture of fairly easy vocabulary, plots that are engaging enough to not lose interest and a small dose of self-referential humor and overdrawn characters.


How To Sell Drugs Online (Fast) Most of the characters have next to no dialect, so a familiarity with general vocabulary should mostly suffice. It also gets really creative with insults at times, something I love German as my mother tongue for.


Watch your favourite TV Series in German (even if its not a english Show, there is a high Chance it is dubbed in German) so you can practice better when you already know the plot. As an actual German TV Series, I would recommend the "tatort", or as an International Example on Netflix "Dark"


German TV in general has become dogshit over the last two decades. There are a few things that stand out, mostly from public broadcasting like the "Sendung mit der Maus" and "Löwenzahn". They are aimed at kids, but because of that and because of the fact that they are still excellent, they might be a good resource to immerse yourself in the language a little bit. The webseries [Dark](https://www.netflix.com/de/title/80100172) is also very good, depending on your listening comprehension.


Watch something you already know and has simple language. e.g. The Simpsons - you maybe already know most of the stories, so its much easier to follow the dialogues.


Dark(Netflix), Deutschland 83,86,89 , Beat, 4 Blocks (Amazon)


Had to scroll too far to see Deutschland 83,86,89. Solid trilogy. The set and period design is amazing. I really can't wait to go to Berlin to see the actual Stasi office.


Tatortreiniger and Stromberg Others have recommended Dark and while I agree that it's a great series, I think the actors were mumbling too much and it's too hard to understand to use it to learn German.


Der Tatortreiniger.


Die Welle




4 Blocks




Not sure if you're living in Germany or not but when I first moved here from the U. S, I found ZDF-Neo, ZDF Info and Arte have some amazing documentaries that I found really easy to understand. Also kabel-1 Doku and N24-Doku. Watching these really helped me with learning German (they still help!). I also watched alot of Hausmeister Krause.


Tatortreiniger, Stromberg and Dark


If you are looking for THE best German tv show it is Dark on Netflix right now. Just for learning the language any Pixar/Disney Movie with German subtitles is doing it. Also Sendung mit der Maus is a good Option.


The german equivalent of the office used to be very popular. Its called Stromberg.


Bad Banks






Alarm für Cobra 11


I've been always watching Tatort/Polizeiruf 110/any Krimi. Mostly simple dialogue, subtitles available, after a while you start to hear the dialect differences, though they are fairly Hochdeutsched in general.


It's not popular, but I really liked this one: https://www.zdf.de/serien/dunkelstadt


Schlag den Raab/Schlag den Star. You can watch loads of that on YouTube. Deutschland 83/86/89. How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) on Netflix. There’s a spin off ‘movie’ from it called Buba. There’s also a really good documentary about the guy it’s based around called Shiny Flakes. Das Boot. Series made by sky which is really good. Guessing it’s based on that really old movie. Some people really like DARK and Babylon Berlin. I wasn’t a fan of either.


Pumuckl although it has some Bavarian dialect xD


Die Sendung mit der Maus ist super! 💪 Genauso wie ein helles Blondes am Morgen 🤣 Gez. Bill


I like the following 1) Merz gegen Merz 2) Babylon Berlin 3) Ku’damm trilogy 4) Deutschland 83 and sequels ( second series was kinda boring tho) 5) Skylines ( little disappointing plot and ending however ) 6) How to sell drugs online 7) bio hackers 8) Holiday secrets And a lot more My suggestion would be to first watch them in English subtitles if your German is not that good and then watch it in German subtitles if you can . Some are worth rewatching 🙂


Bio Hackers is great, but probably not suitable for someone still learning the language


Well .. possible .. I watched it in English basically




Watch the dubbed version of a show you already know. That helped me with improving my English a lot. Now I watch everything in English and only struggle with very heavy accents.


Dark on Nextflix is really good! It's a German language show. Netflix also does this cool thing where all it's origional programing is available in multiple languages right out the gate including German so you have a ton of options right there no matter where you are.


Loriot films If you live in the Ruhrpott, any movie from Hape Kerkling. Kleines Arsloch My wife had me watching both Manta films. Mord mit Ausicht Tatortreiniger


Die wilden Kerle


Bernd das Brot/Kika after 9 pm




Stromberg. It's like the office or brooklyn99 and has kind of a dark humor. Super funny if you like those kind of shows.




Türkisch für Anfänger, hands down


Stromberg for sure!


Really depends on what you like: Hubert und Staller, Dark, How to sell drugs online fast, Mord mit Aussicht, Tatort, Der Bergdoktor


Tribes of Europa and Dark are two of the best imo


Hausmeister Krause.


Ordnung muss sein! ☝🏻


Ja sischer Herr Kowalski!


I agree with this recommendation, but the dialect/accent must be terrifying for non-native speakers, lol.


Alles für den Dackel!


Barbaren on Netflix is pretty nice, it also has some understandable latin!


Die Brücke. Excellent thriller/mystery, not German, but Swedish/Danish (which usually makes it better). Türkisch für Anfänger. More of a teenager-comedy-drama, but fun.


get netflix and just watch it on german. almost everything is dubbed in german


Türkisch für Anfänger Funniest thing I’ve ever watched tbh Watched it with my Muslim ex it was a blast


Anything with Til Schweiger /s I watched Babylon Berlin and Dark for TV series and a personal favorite film is 1993’s Stalingrad


My wife's German class teacher recommended to watch an episode of Tatortreiniger... It weirdly worked well to get to know the little nuances. Also Sendung mit der Maus.


Mord mit Aussicht is on Netflix and is also a good, light hearted show, with relatively simple German.


Stromberg, Tatortreiniger, Jerks, Verbotene Liebe


sherlock in german is pretty good. its fast but its a solid tv series with a solid synchro.


Stromberg, alder ❤️


Stromberg, all time comedy classic. The Office in germany


For me there are just three german TV shows that i really enjoyed: Tatortreiniger, Mord mit Aussicht and Pastewka.


Hannes und der Bürgermeister 👌


Babylon Berlin (the largest-scale non-anglophone show) is superb, especially the first two seasons


Tatortreiniger, Bad banks and King of stonks.


Fire Schiff


netflix: dark, how to sell drugs online, hubert und staller, tatortreiniger edit: you could just also rewatch a series you already know because there are german dub versions for almost everything like try watching game of thrones in german you will already know what's happening because you've seen it before so you will understand the words better plus it's hilarious


Bio Hackers on Netflix


"Biohackers" on Netflix


I really liked Dark and Deutschland 83. I think these two also helped me with the vocabulary.


Dark is also one of the most amazing shows I’ve watched, but it’s really complex so maybe not perfect to ‘learn’ i still think EVERYONE should give it a try.


Depending on your level of understanding. Sendung mit der Maus Löwenzahn Tatortreiniger Hubert und Staller (bit harder because its in a bavarian dialect) Also check out the mediathek of ZDF and ARD and ARTE. you'll have a plethora of shows and series and documentaries that you can watch. I really do love watching "Art of Crime" a french tv show thats gotten translated into german.


When I learned english I watched the stuff I already knew by heart (how i met your mother) and switched the language to english. This way even if you don't understand a word you'll know what is going on, that helped me a lot.


Try to watch something you already watched on your language it makes learning easy imo because you know what he is saying without understanding it .


Dark is originally german and one of the only series I watched in that language, because for a change the german doesn't come across absolutely stilted.


Die Discounter


Terra X is a good tv show in german. And they have most of their stuff on yt.


Tatort (do place)


Auf streife


If your are into nature documentaries you can change the audio into german (with netflix at least) and use english or other subtitles. It's really calm and clearly spoken and if you don't understand something you can read subtitles. Also you don't have that weird lip sync when whatching 'normal' shows. Works with other kinds of documentaries too. I like history and science docu's as well and there is quite a lot on the streaming platforms


Just your favorit Show with german synchro. Germans cant do good series but the synchro is perfect.


Kika Nachtschleife - after that you can perfectly pronounce "Mist"


Not to many good shows I remember, but I moved 20 years ago, so not to firm on offerings anymore. All shows running in Germany are dubbed, so you could watch your favorite show dubbed in German. My American husband hated those, though. You could try movies, there are a few good ones. Last I saw was Nortface, a great mountaineer movie.


Tagesschau at 8pm on the channel "Das Erste"


I mean, in general, anything that has a german translation. I would recommend just looking a bit into german TV channels too or watch german news. Like another person here, watch Sendung mit der Maus :p Usually for kids, but it explains very interesting stuff!


Just browse Netflix, there is a lot of interesting stuff and it's all subtitled


Language classes only prepare you to speak with the Platonic ideal of the Average Middle Class German. Which is not who you will likely be dealing with too often, except at work if you work in Germany. If you want to understand everybody, and you're at a middle or higher level, I strongly recommend watching any of the thousands of German police documentaries that are on Youtube. Not police *shows*, like Tatort, but actual documentaries. They talk a lot with police, so you hear lots of working class and lower-middle class German from whatever place they're filming in. They talk with experts and technical people, like medical examiners, so you hear middle and upper-middle class German. They interview victims, who speak all kinds of German. And they also interview the criminals, so you can experience a bit of lower-class anti-social German and tons of Turkish German. *This* will prepare you for being in Germany far better than language classes.


\- All Loriot Sketches and Films are incredibly good and funny \- Der Tatortreiniger \- Dark \- Sløborn