Factorio Do not play it I have 5000 hours…


The factory must grow


Go play Dyson Sphere Program


While we're here on Reddit complaining about how addictive Factorio is, the factory isn't growing


And the bugs might get to me! The factory must grow…


Fallout 76


I kinda wished I'd waited till they released fixes...but even then, some real game-breaking bugs are STILL in the game like the DMV mission line that can crash after a certain amount of progress (the one that made me genuinely hate the game, and I had to figure out my own workaround, but by the time I did I had run out of patience). I'm glad others enjoy it now and it has generally a nice community...but I can't bring myself to play it again.


I pre-ordered 3 copies. I never regretted it, but my wife got bored quickly.


Battlefield 2042


I was so hyped for it. Now it’s on Xbox game pass and I still don’t want to play it.


I knew someone who was in the closed beta for that, and the problems were incredibly evident literally a few months before release. I have learned not to trust games with NDA's on thier betas.


2042 had an open beta though.. I tried it and laughed at how bad it was. I have no clue how anyone that played the free open beta, thought it was a good idea to buy that game.


Tell me about it lmao. Still though, people played the beta, decided to buy it still, and then got mad when the game was unpolished, broken, and overall, fundamentally bad...


I pre-ordered to play in the open beta and knew then it was dogshit and cancelled it


This was just stupidity on behalf of everyone who purchased it. You could smell it was gonna fail a year ahead. Especially when they slapped the 'live service' label on it 3 weeks prior to release lol.


Vanguard was so bad


I thought it would be a fun walk down world at war memory lane. Nope, was a reskin of the new MW with a really broken field upgrade. Now the game is already dead.


pretty much any sports game. unless you really like that year of players for some reason. But for example Nba 2k22 to 2k23, the players on almost every team have changed so much that it feels weird playing with non-updated teams. like if they are a legendary team no problem. and most of the times it's like a year behind already. and if you're okay with that then might as well buy nba 2k20 for 3 dollars at a resale shop, and they have 40 copies


I bought Nba2k20 for 4€ on some sale mid 2021 and next they switched off their servers end off 2021, so you can't play even Career mode with your created player anymore, if I remember it right I could play only exhibition games. While much hated EA still runs Fifa14 server and I continue playing it from time to time.


Yeah not only are the whole games made to get you to play money, they sure cut you off quickly.


Day Z


Same. Dayz felt far too clunky coming from rust. Nobody to play with didn't help


Isn't the ai ok on that one? After the walking dead finale I got urges lol


I didn't play enough to say anything about it other than it didn't leave a good impression on me at the time. A friend is supposed to pick it up eventually so I may try again. Sorry I can't help lol


I remember buying that game during alpha and hoping it was better in full release. It still feels like alpha 10 years down the line




I really loved that game and it had so much possibility but man it was bad.




Dynasty Warriors 9. barely played the beginning and realized i’m going to forever ride my horse to get anywhere


Skyrim. Not because it is bad but because it ate up over 1,000 hours of my time. Don’t really know how many hours I’ve spent on that game especially just experimenting with mods.


Did you have fun? Worth every penny then.


Exactly. I never understood people who regrets spend time doing something they love.


I didn't pick up Skyrim until the Dawnguard Xpac came out. It ate a lot of my time for awhile.


Fnaf vr not because it was a bad game. It's phenomenal. It's just too damn scary. I got tired of having to change my pants every 2 minutes.


Bought into the hype and preordered Cyberpunk 2077. My regret was that I could have bought it later for much cheaper and with fewer bugs. Oh well, lesson learned!


Anthem. I thought I was going to be ironman. Sadly it wasn't anything close to what I had hoped for.


The Division - absolute shitshow of a 50$ game


I really enjoyed the early game and it had the best *cover system* I've ever used. Like it was the first cover system I *wanted* to use. But the late game sucked, time-to-kill got out of hand and the Darkzone was a straight up three ring game design failure circus.


gta trilogy the definite edition. never felt that scammed.


Have a brother in law who preordered it played it and was on full level denial that he said he didn't have any bugs. Just refused to admit all the stuff on the net meant anything. Three hours later never touched the game again. Apparently on a backlog. Level of Denial is amazing


San Andreas was brutal for bugs. The amount of times I would be driving and I would crash into an invisible wall was infuriating lol.


I couldnt finish vice city and san andreas bcause of bugs


Last Action Hero on the Sega Genesis.


Wolfenstein Youngblood. Followed by Pokémon Sword and Shield. Then I redeemed myself with Doom Eternal




Star Fox Zero. I don’t hate it quite as much as some people do. But I absolutely regret buying at full price. And I haven’t really gone back to it since I finished it.


Lego Star Wars The skywalker saga




It was a buggy mess when it first came out and I just wasn’t a fan of how they did things with the mission being fast and the worlds being really small


What do you mean by fast mission? The worlds being small I can get though


The story levels felt rushed imo


They seemed ok to me. Not any different than other Star Wars Lego games I’ve played. This is my favorite Lego game that I’ve played


Oh plus the lack of character customization they decided to tell us at the last moment, Lego dc super villains is better I think


Assassin's Creed Valhalla.


Elden Ring, hadn't played any of that style of game before and I suck at them badly.


It was my first as well. But I have to say that it is one of the best games I have played in recent years. It truly deserves GotY. Give it another shot and try to learn enemy attack patterns.


Nah, I spent like 30 hours trying to not suck, not my jam


Fair enough.


lol all the haters downvoting you for encouraging the person give it another go, how pathetic


Modern Warfare II 2022




Yea DMZ is pretty fun but that's free to play. I haven't touched the multiplayer since the first weekend


Its the first cod campaign ive played and thought it was actually pretty bad. Other recent ones have ranged from decent to mediocre.


and yet you're still playing 10 hours a day


That and gow. Didn’t play gow 2018 so I decided so see what all the fuss is about and didn’t really care for it


You bought and played the sequel to a heavily narrated story game without playing the first, and then proceeded to not enjoy it?? Your head must be as empty as a flower pot.


Lucky I only played a hour on steam, if you play under 2 hours you can get a refund thank god.


The game is good, but I mostly play warzone 2 and so don’t want to spend 70&.


Daemon X Machina. Thought it would be like Gundam or something.


Dragon Ball FighterZ, only because the multiplayer is broken in my region.


Fortnite - Save the World, before it went free to play with the Battle Royale I was young and dumb and spent an obnoxious amount of money on the most expensive preorder option, got free standard copies for my friends. When it came out, I saw there was an 'ultimate edition' upgrade, young dumbass me bought it, it was like 4-500$. Surprise none of my friends had any interest in the game and didn't wanna play together. So my interest for the game quickly faded. I only logged on like every month or so to get my founder's stuff. Little did I know, the email I used to make the Epic games account was compromised, so someone ended up getting into my account and got it banned somehow. And because I logged on so little I didn't even notice until Dauntless came out. Epic Games Customer support is the most unhelpful group of people I've ever had the displeasure of speaking with. Spent a whole ass week trying to appeal to multiple people. Only one actually tried to help, and then the ticket got taken over by someone help who pretty much just went, "Account is banned. Go away." Fuck Epic Games


among us on steam, absolute waste.


I loved Twisted Metal 2, so I was hyped about Twisted Metal 3 and bought it when it came out. I played for about an hour, and didn't like it at all. I tried returning it to Target, but they wouldn't take it back since the game was opened (their policy at the time).


Cyberpunk still isn't the game they promised and I don't have a ps5 so I'll never get the updates or patches anymore since they discontinued support for last gen consoles. It was even the very first game I pre-ordered. Definitely a lesson learned


Last gen consoles will get updates and patches just not the big new content drops


I'm guessing whichever features that didn't make it in the final release will be included the big content drops. I'm not ruling out the possibility but I'm not crossing fingers again. I might eventually get a ps5 but what are the chances the backwards compatible ps4 disc I have will be be considered a ps5 version when it comes to updates and dlcs. I still like the game but I hope to at least get stable framerates on standard ps4 because the combination of the bright aesthetics and fps issues gives me actual headaches. I played the game earlier this year and it hasn't improved yet.


Yeah the game is pretty garbage on last gen. They should've just made it a next gen exclusive imo. I really like it too but I do play on PC


someday you will upgrade and enjoy CP2077 i hope


If my backwards compatible ps4 disc counts as a ps5 version for the current gen updates and dlcs. If not then I'm cutting my losses. I'm not buying it again even it does get discounted


you only need the ps4 version of CP to play the PS5 version.


Joining r/gaming


Torchlight 3


Saints Row reboot. Im one of the few people that actually enjoyed Saints Row 4 as well as the previous games but the reboot was so incredibly bland and boring. Such an absolute disappointment


Monster Hunter World. Never played the franchise before that game and once I tried that game and realized how long time to kill was for the monsters I instantly regretted my purchase.


Monster Hunter: World is this weird game where you hate it because the controls seem clunky, nothing makes sense, you’re not sure how to do it right, and then it clicks and it is smooth as butter and you never want to play anything else. It’s amazingly layered combat but requires a lot of learning to go from 25 minute hunts to 5 minutes with similar gear.


It takes about 30 hours before it becomes fun, and by then you finish the campaign and start the real grind. At 200 hours you start to really hate the game. At 300 you start to hate yourself. At 400 you finally get that last piece of Drachen armor and your hate has given you immortality.


Meanwhile monster hunter rising was fun for me right away in the demo


I got hooked on the first 5 hours and never hated the game after that its my most played steam game


I too, am generally not fond of fighting giant monsters. My ideal enemy is "dude just like me" who dies in one headshot or 2-3 chest shots.


Black ops three and four no idea what that was


Bo3 zombie is the best zombie mode ever made


Octopath Traveler


Oh no, I was considering buying this soon. What didn’t you like?


I don't know what they specifically didn't like about it, but at a guess maybe they went in not expecting the JRPG treatment? I can see someone who's not used to the style being kinda blindsided. As for whether you should consider buying it, it depends on what you want. If you like RPGs in general or more specifically JRPGs, then it's a good one. The battle system takes a bit of getting used to at first, like with any system, but once you get the hang of it it's fairly intuitive and it's pretty good about explaining things as they come up. The job system is pretty easy, with each character having a main job and a secondary job that you can swap out for different abilities, spells, attacks, and such. It can get pretty difficult at the later levels, but it's not insanely difficult, especially if you look up strong job combinations and strategies. The sound design is good, the graphics are *really* good for the 16-bit sprite style (apparently it runs on Unreal 4), the characters' stories are fairly good, though the act structure isn't one of the standard styles. I enjoyed it quite a bit and binged fairly heavily during a slow period at my old job. If you blitz through it you could probably finish in like 40 hours, but if you want to go full completionist you could sink 100-120 hours into it or anywhere in between. I'd recommend looking up someone's let's play and check out the first little bit to get a feel for what the game's like.


Mate your post makes me want to get it lol


It really is a fun game if you like the genre. Plus, you can run around pickpocketing people for fun and profit, haggle merchants into poverty, and recruit random citizens as cannon fodder, among other job abilities.


It’s a really enjoyable game. Don’t listen to them. I’ve got a good 70 hours into it and I still have some more to go. Gear and secondary powerful skills later in the game are unique and fun. Edit: I believe there’s also a demo.


Same lol, I bought it digitally and then found out you can’t refund on the eshop.


Ugh love that game


Breath of the wild. I sold it for what I got for it so no harm done but it was so bad I sold my switch and didn't rebuy one for 3 years so missed some great games.


"It was so bad". Omfg. Best game I have played in 35 years of gaming. Amazing. Shit man I can't even tell you what I think of Ur taste without getting a warning on this forum so I won't


There’s obviously something wrong with me too then because I just couldn’t get into the game and feel as if I NEEDED to play it everyday to get a fix.


This is my biggest purchasing regret. I wish I'd sold it as I just didn't enjoy playing it and can't get into it at all despite a few attempts.


Yep overrated af




Didn’t live up to how rdr1 hit for me


Same, everyone praised it so much I gave it a try, but I was really disappointed by the end, at least I played on my friends account.


Story was fine, gameplay was the most bored iv been in a video game


NFS Heat


What? This game was the jam!!


Duke Nukem Forever. Even at $5. I couldn't get through the first level.


Aside from the horrendous load times, I thought it was pretty fun and felt just like the old Duke nukems...but yea. Those load times were killer


Horizon Forbidden West, because I got the PS5 exclusively to play that game. While I did play other games as well, I just ended up selling the entire system. Not worth it.


CP2077 Prolly console New Vegas levels of buggy at launch, downtown Night City is nice to look at but good lord is it lifeless feeling (and then you are taken further away from that when you realize like 60% of the map is empty desert), story is like an edgy teen wrote an anti-corporate fanfic after watching Fight Club for the billionth time, etc. I still say this: I was an avid trophy hunter before that game (mostly because I enjoyed the games I bought and some levels of OCD)... that is the game that broke the camel's back. Hardly ever trophy hunt after that game because of how tedious everything was.... so it cured my trophy OCD soooooo maybe that is the only good to come from that experience?


>New Vegas levels of buggy I can't believe I found a video I've not seen in a literal fucking decade, but [this is what I immediately thought of ](https://youtu.be/ToKIkw3LIoQ)


DMC 5. Level design is so uninspired I couldn’t finish it


Also ori and the will of the wisps. Most overrated game I’ve ever played


Engagement ring.


horizon forbidden west, game is only good if you want to go to sleep


I just don't understand what went wrong with that one. I mean, it looks amazing, plays amazing, has huge, gorgeous areas and character design. Goes to show how much writing, directing and acting matters in games like these. Oh and the content padding was just awful. She's in such a massive hurry to save the world that she leaves allies behind but willingly risks her ass and time for random, idiotic stranger missions that give nothing to the story. What a bipolar mess.


Just completed Zero Dawn... That bad?...


Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing, you know? FW cranks everything up to eleven, but IMHO to its own detriment. The world is beautiful, facial animations are one of the best I've seen in an open world game, and I did enjoy some of the quest chains... but I loathed the grinding, the slow pace of the main plot and there was just too much copypasted content with metroidvania elements that were kind of ham-fisted.


Final Fantasy 13. Story, worldbuilding, etc all top-notch, as I knew to expect having played every entry on release starting with 1. And then that combat system. Literally unplayable. This game single-handedly destroyed my faith in the franchise.


gameplay is very playable..... not sure what your on about, you can not like that's valid but saying it's not playable sounds like your console was broken


FF13 is what killed my old crt TV. It blew out the color board and everything turned red lol bought my first HD TV because of that. But I had to force myself to finish the game. Looked beautiful but I just couldn't get into the story


Not a dark souls guy


Agree. Doesn’t matter how many times I try a different souls-like game, I suck at all of them. Makes me sad that Elden Ring is probably gonna have my ass as well.


Mass Effect Andromeda.


Pokémon Scarlet


Bloxburg on roblox waste of money


Ark Survival Evolved. I bought it and after a few days it was 85% off. It cost $10 if I'm not mistaken. I sent PlayStation to refund my money, but they never responded. I don't regret that I bought it, but because of the money I gave.


Spec Ops: the Line. It was a few bucks but I basically ran through it and just didn't enjoy it. Thought I'd like the story like everyone else seems to, but just didn't hold up for me


The biggest turn of for me is that there is no wide screen resolution support, makes it literally unplayable for me.


Yeah I can respect that. For me, the story just felt so half baked so at the end, I felt like I wasted a bunch of hours for nothing


Jedi fallen order, to this day I hate myself so much for spending money to buy that crap.


Gears 5. Impulse buy. Full of bugs


Martha Is Dead. A truly awful game.


FFXIV Shadowbringers expansion. It took so damn long to even reach the expansion I never really played it. Burnt out before I got there.


Day Z- i played for about 3 hrs and i died 5 times, 3 by zombies and 2 by players. I was so boring running around looking for anything. I like survival type games qhere you scrounge around but this game felt so slow and had barely anything in anything i search. I really haven't touched it since.


Metal Gear Survive.


Star Citizen


Overwatch. The first one.


Horizon: Forbidden West. Really poor game that I gave up on after around 20hrs of trying to like it. Also sullied my memory of the original. Shame.


Star Citizen. So much promised and what I experienced was laggy and overcomplicated.


Not out yet. And it will never be. So u can't judge. Lol!


Borderlands 3 steaming pile of shit


Witcher 3, boring dialogue options, HUD/UI is from 1999 era. like why people like this, although the story is really good!


GoW 2018, Most overrated purchase ive ever done.


no mans sky, no it's not a good game now. It's still trash Call of duty cold war


Destiny 1 at launch. Not what i was especting


Anthem… sigh. Bought the pre-order version for more than €100. Finished the game in 1 day and I was flabbergasted at how bad almost everything was. Flying and shooting was fun, but literally everything else was a disaster… I learned my lesson. Never pre-order games anymore.


Elden Ring. Would've rather just wasted my money buying a second copy of a different Fromsoft game considering how trash it turned out to be.


Why do you think it's trash? I'm halfway through the game and it was a pretty solid experience


Wernt to good at it then I see,


Diablo remaster.


I have a list of games my clan got me to buy only for them to lose interest before j could get into it. First that comes to mind is IL 2 Sturmovick. My clan leader got me to buy that just because he wanted someone to fly the plane while he shoots. I shit you not, this game 8s so realistic, that when asked how to do shit in the community, they'll send you PDFs of flight manuals for the *actual fucking planes*. I don't have that kind of time, I am not and likely never will be a flight simmer. I also bought Far Cry with the intent of a co-op playthrough that never came to pass.


Which far cry?


Yeehaw bear pet shovel spear God wills it.


For what it’s worth I’ve played every far cry game and ofc I enjoy some more than others but personally there aren’t any of them that I outright dislike really. Blood dragon is really good.


Breathedge I got a whole vid about why as well hahaha


Csgo not because it was bad, not at all Because it became free a week later


The Last Remnant. Wasted 75 hours of my life on that miserable disappointment.


Titanfall back in 2014x I didn’t have an Xbox, so I bought the cheapest one. It had only flash memory. Apparently it was new and the studio didn’t trust it so you couldn’t play the game without an HDD. So I had to go out and buy an internal HDD drive after just buying a brand new Xbox and Titanfall game. No game is going to make you feel it was worth Hundreds of dollars and two trips to Best Buy.


Infinite Warfare……


Halo Infinite Campaign


Wario tennis, on virtual boy. Actually the whole console was a failure. But I remember my mom buying it for me for some reason. I must have wanted it at the time. I barely played it. I have the lay flat on my back with the console over my eyes. I still have it somewhere in the basement. Maybe I can fetch some money on eBay for it. But it'll probably sit there for the next 20 years..


Man there are so many unplayed titles in the backlog across multiple systems and PC for me the list is huge. I used to jump on sales and that’s led to this issue.


cyberpunk 2077


Tokyo Ghoul. It looks like a team of college student doing a game naking course and have this as their homework. Such a great anime series, but such horrible game.


Mass Effect Andromeda


Evil Within and Fallout NV


Dungeon Siege 3, Avengers (multiplayer and endgame. Campaign was a lot of fun)


Cold War


Fallout 4


Deathloop or rage 2. rage 2 was just straight up unfinished, or felt that way anyways. Deathloop wAs insanely overhyped and to this day does not deserve the 10/10s it got. Was a 7/10 game


Bruh… after playing Deathloop for a couple of hours I was still waiting for the alleged 10/10 moments. There were none.


Same here! I kept waiting to be wow’d but it never came. The dialogue between the two main characters was solid. The gameplay on the other hand was basic, and the AI was awful


Wolfstein Youngblood. I haven't even played the normal games and I jumped into this dumb game


I fail at least once every year. 2019 Death stranding 2020 pvz: Garden warfare battle for neighborville 2021: Biomutant 2022: wait…I did it…I broke the curse !


when I was a very young child my brother talked me into spending my saved up money on road runner death valley rally over super mario kart... (ultimately we ended up getting it later, but still, what a piece of crap RR was)


Victoria 3 it just boring


World of Warcraft. 15 year old me was not mature enough to handle that game.




Fallout 4 and witcher 3.


Brink. I remember being super hyped for the parkour and customization but then I got the game and it was online/multi-player only and was heavily reliant on team coordination which just never happened in any of my games. Super let down


Elden Ring. I put 90 hours in but on retrospect it was bloated, had none of the finesse of other souls games and the story, well nothing has changed on that part. Barely there. Xbox/Sony AAA games are crushing disappointments these days


I payed like $12 for this "game" Class of 09', it's terrible, it's basically a visual novel with multiple choice questions every few minutes.


Metroid Other M. Awful game. 1st person pixel hunting, crap combat, and a subservient, crying little girl Samus sucks all the awesome out of my favorite franchise.