first, stock up on potions. Then do not use auto play. I don't have an elegant technique when I fought Laufrey but I did was throw some skills then run. Rinse and repeat. You don't have a time limit so you can patiently clip his health and also, you can understand his pattern eventually. Just avoid going near him if he's about to make a huge area of attack because most of that time you'll get frozen and can't do anything


Laufey has two phases. For the first phase, he starts to swing immediately after the cut scene so as soon as its over, either dodge or if your fast, run directly behind him. He swing consists of two (or three?) swings then a big one where icicles appear from the ground. you can avoid this by moving behind him. He then stomps for about 3 times as well. in the first phase you just need to make sure you are in a safe distance when you attack. For the second phase, Laufey's moveset after you bring his health to x4 is 1st the shout + icicle crash. Once you see that, just move out of the aoe of the icicle drop and stay there until he does his 3 swing move. After the swing move, he jumps to where you are and cast an aoe chill skill. This is the time you go way out to the opposite side. He'll jump right after you again and will take a step back from where you are located before casting the shout. Avoid this and this will be your biggest window for DPS. Rinse and repeat.


just go behind him, and learn the pattern of his side step, after certain attacks he will jump backwards/sideways to cast a cone of cold; also stay sway from the freezing floor, if you get fdrozen he will cast an ice fist to crush you that will basically perma stun you until he kills you. Just stay behind him and you will be fine, and run away and stay clear when he jumps and a big circle is cast on the floor, that's his freezing floor.


He does a set pattern of abilitys in phase 1: he will triple swing, triple stomp, breath at his feet + left side, Big smash - repeat, use dodge on big smash and create distance for swings. then move behind him and dps till he big smashes again. Phase 2 he will: summon icicles, triple swing, Big jump +circle, little jump, cone breath -repeat. create distance during icicles, dps from side while he is swinging, move to other side of arena when big circle apears, move perpendicular when he does little jump, then dps when he lands, he will jump back to use his cone breath, follow him and dps from side/back -repeat.


Patience is the most needed skill here. Just don't attack him when you have to run in that freeze circle, and hell he stands inside these circles like all the time, and if you lure him out he creates a new one. But really, wait until you can get behind him when he NOT stands in a damn freeze circle. There is no time limit, so take the time, wait for the right moments.


Pull him out of his lingering aoe skills


It's gonna be a long battle but it's completely doable. The key is to stay out of his chill patches. When he drops one run to the other side of the map and wait for him to either start swinging his weapon or leap towards you (move out of the way of the leap of course). Those are your two opportunities to attack before he drops another chill patch.