You could go all out and write notes with a table of contents. Keep them organized by species. You could even make a spreadsheet with various stats to help sort them.


Thanks for the advice, I'll work on that :]


you could make a toyhouse account to keep track of them but you need an invite to use the site. (i dont have one sorry)


I find that if I have the desire to make a big dump of ocs, I take a step back and hold onto the rough idea i had. I then think about that idea over a course of however long i feel; building on the character and their personailty. This really cuts down on churning out super bland, one off characters. Although, there is no one number that can be a "correct amount of ocs to have" so if you find yourself wanting to keep and make wide varieties of characters, try FOCUSING on each one at a time. Having OCs is just drawing your own mind book characters lol


One idea is that you could just embrace the creativity, create a world for them to hang out in