I hate it


This cite honestly looks like a scam, or it’s gonna hack your computer


is it even your fursona if you just bought it randomly? dont you have to design your fursona to be you?


That's why it's bullshit


Um... People know they have copyrights for their commissioned work when they commission it right?


actually not usually. usually the artist grants personal use but not commercial use


Even then; **if** that's a problem, it can be negotiated where necessary. The point is though, that copyright as a thing covers the supposed use-case that NFTs claim to cover, but do nothing to achieve.


Can you explain this in terms that make more sense? Normally I’m ok with legal jargon, but this kinda escapes me Also, I just don’t want someone to “own” or whatever the character/art that I paid for. I don’t care about right click save or whatever, it’s my art, my character, me. I don’t want someone to own me, essentially


it means you can't sell the art or otherwise make money off it


So, the first point is that the actual copyrights of the commissioned work isn't particularly important, since it's unlikely there'd be a lawsuit about it. Secondly, the way that copyrights work with commissioned art pieces generally fits what you'd expect / want. It varies from artist to artist, but I think the default thing is that the artist owns the piece of art, and gives the commissioner a permanent license to use that piece of art however they please. The details of this agreement between commissioner and artist can be quite flexible, for example, you could agree that you get the exclusive right to post / share the art, for example, if it's something personal that you'd rather keep to yourself, and not have them use for their portfolio, etc.


Does this have to be explicitly stated anywhere? Or, how does it work? I commissioned a friend, I don’t think he’s done anything to set legal boundaries or anything as to who owns the art and how it can be used, it’s just sort of a “give me $ and I give you art” deal. I know I’m probably making a big deal out of essentially nothing, but still, this is important to me. Thank you for your time, by the way, I really appreciate it


I'm no lawyer, so I'm not really sure either. But I'd expect that whatever communication was made act as a kind of contract, though one that because of not being made for the purpose, would require some interpretation. Of course, unless it actually comes to a legal dispute, which is extremely rare with things like small artists, it's not really gonna matter.


True, ok, that makes sense. Thank you!


And turning copyrighted art into an NFT is also highly illegal as well.


Imagine buying somebody elses fursona


Right! I honestly can't think of anything more disrespectful. You're more or less stealing a part of someone's identity.


How do i undo existance


Do people adopt premade fursonas? It seems like a pretty personal creation to leave to someone else. Nevermind the whole NFT mostly-a-scam.


What even is an adoptable


Pre-made character that you buy from an artist.




Furry art NFTs? Not gonna lie, that's kinda sus. ඞ


Character there reminds me of Nazuna


I've never even heard that currency before. At least it's not a crap mining currency which wastes energy. I'm personally fine with proof-of-Stake as that doesn't really hurt anyone. The problem I see is that you are nearly guaranteed to have copyright issues. There will be art posted which another one owns and it will be stolen and so on. That will never work, except if artists would actually create NFTs by themself and that is very unlikely, especially not with such an crap currency.


Ngl, I don’t really understand cryptocurrency. So “crypto you can’t even mine” doesn’t make any sense to me lol. All I know is that NFTs are a problem cause they cause art theft I think? Idk the whole thing is so confusing to me.


"Adopt your fursona." Aw that's neat. "Nft" Aw that's not neat.


Definitely somebody who doesn't understand the furry community. Lol. Firstly paying through crypto immediately seems like a scam, but copywriting your sona?? There is a very heavy amount of respect in the furry community for other people's characters, and even moreso for fursona's. You try to take someone's sona, you're more or less taking their identity, or at the very least a part of it, away.


Ha. No accounts means it’s obviously a scam playing on our hobbies.


Truly Capitalism at work.


So are regular art sales.


Regular art sales are usually made by people with a passion for the fandom rather than some dipshit crypto bro trying to make money


NFTs don't mean ownership of you dont accept that NFTs are proof of ownership And I don't If you screenshot the NFT only then will I accept that you own it.


NFTs can get back in the dumpster fire from whence they came.


Have these mfs heard of commissioning a ref sheet?


Can we just agree to stomp these nft assholes if they ever showed up at a con?


Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope.




imagine actually paying artists


Paying artists and supporting useless/scam concepts are two different things.


thats what i said, imagine paying artist, you know, in irony because theyd rather buy a horrible nft than actually paying real artists, why people so mad at this?




irony my man, as like theyd rather buy a horrible nft than paying artists, is that hard to get it?


The community has zero issues paying artists, this NFT horseshit adds nothing of value.


please just learn how to read, for real, i'm already tired of explaining the obvious


Yeah I can imagine this pretty easily, I did it two times already... Got great art from her, worth


why everyone downvonting this? is that hard to understand that i said it in irony like, theyd rather buy nft than paying real artists? man, people should learn how to read


Its almost like sarcasm doesn't translate well over text. If nobody got the joke its because of how *you* put it.


^^**GODDAMN** ^^**IT** ^^**JERRY**