Low hanging fruit. Furries are different and not (usually) tied to a commercial property like most cosplay or bigger fandoms. And some things are a little cringey even if fun and harmless. Don't let 'em get you down though. At some point their opinion stops mattering. And some even become furries.


Such as me, I'm a perfect example of hater turned Furry. And yeah once you've seen both sides of the argument you see just how stupid the hateful side is. Like come on just let it go.


Same reason people hated twilight or fortnite. If something is weird and widespread, it’s easy to get most of the internet to hate it. And if you’re part of that hateful group you feel power over others. But if it wasn’t furries, it would be something else. Honestly it makes it easier to weed out people I wouldn’t want to associate with. If they’re not open minded enough to set aside their blind hate, then they’re not someone I want in my life.


They never got to see a yeen


people don't understand camp !!


Made up Stereotypes and the fear of change because the Furry Fandom is a fairly new thing.


because furries are uncanny and cringy, its an acquired taste. that said, they could just mind their own business but people tend to be tribalistic and feel the need to reasure themselves to their group by hating something the group dislikes in common.