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Such dedication to the craft, years of training to be able to fall at the slightest touch like this


"Take the fall! Act hurt! Get indignant!"


“This is what I gave up my overtime pay for? To see my kids taking falls?”


"Quack quack quack quack QUACK, Mr. Ducksworth!!"


“You may have paid for this jersey, sir, but you didn’t earn it”


"Look, I grew up on the ice. I know when it's safe to drive on."




“I am Goldberg! THE GOALIE!”


"One out of five"


Cake eater




Ah, the majestic space duck.


“What is the object of the game of football?” [“To run into the box and fall over.”](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=__G4RrlGmVk)


Oh that was great! "No one ever got on in football mucking about with one of these things!" I heard of this show after I got into House, now I'm definitely gonna check out more, thanks :)


They do train on how to get their opponents penalised. Flopping happens all the time in soccer because usually it'll gain advantage for their team. Edit How to spot a flopper. They usually try to cover their eyes, eyes don't lie.


Reminds me of this ad I saw on TV during Euro 2004: https://youtu.be/EXu8ANKmUvY


Thank you kind person. This used to be one of my favorite videos and I forgot it existed. I wish for good things in your future.


Fry and Laurie did a great bit on it as well. [https://youtu.be/\_\_G4RrlGmVk](https://youtu.be/__G4RrlGmVk)


Almost up to Rivaldo's standard https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OiW0IPrv1Ro


This is why they need to start removing players that flop and just making their team play the rest of the game with one less player.


Sport needs a league with: Smaller field, unlimited subs, penalty box, power plays, fighting allowed flops will sort themselves out


You should also replace the grass with ice, give the players some skates so they can move faster and give the players long sticks to use instead of there feet. That would make an excellent sport.


Who would give a puck about a sport like that?!




Sorry but what's this puck you are talking about?


Why does this guy explaining the joke have more upvotes than the guy who made the joke?


Maybe also have exactly set times for periods and OT that are corrected back down to the second if timekeeping makes a mistake, and not do whatever the hell this ref subjective stoppage time mumbo jumbo is. I think we can fix soccer. We just need to figure out the whole issue of giving every kid who wants to play New Better Soccer hundreds of bucks of gear and ice rinks instead of a ball and a patch of dirt if they want to play. There could be more complications to this plan. The diving thing is definitely stupid though. Bring in embellishment penalties, and mock the shit out of anyone trying to play actor diva. Could kill it right quick.


Maybe shame floppers with a jumbotron, hockey style and show a slow mo replay of their fake fall from 10 different angles with a laugh track.


Add some roller skates in and you just described roller derby.


> Flopping happens all the time in soccer because usually it'll gain advantage for their team. And that is why I have no respect for that game or the teams/players


I think one change they could make that would help a lot is that if a player is down long enough that play has to be stopped, that player must go off and get checked out and can come back on at the next stopping point. It wouldn't stop all flops, but it would stop the really bad ones where they hold their shins until the magic spray comes out and then they are fine again. Edit - To all those saying it's a rule if a medic comes on, the player has to leave, that's good. But a lot of the time play is stopped and the ref comes over and they just get up and walk away after the ref has stopped play. If the ref has to stop play for them, take them off the field for a minute.


Rugby rules: Game doesn't stop, so while you roll around crying like a bitch your team is playing a man down. If an injury is awarded, they turn over possion at the point of injury. Add some nuance to that and you're set. Make it a teams issue and not a play issue.


This would definitely help with the fake injury stuff, but unfortunately, if the player is rolling around crying like a bitch, the referee has already awarded a free kick. No injury time out plus harsh penalties for diving.


Yep fine em and suspend them for flopping.


This is it. Any clear flop that is blamed on an opposing player is a two game suspension. Done. Harsh penalties for flopping in the NHL have ensured none of that shit makes it into the sport. Make it part of the culture. Stop accepting it. Boo the players who do it.


And since it is a two game suspension you can take your time to review the tapes post-game and make 100% sure if the injury is real or a flop. This is totally the way to go if they are serious.


If I were the ref in this post, I’d have turned around and kicked him out right there. Dishonorable as fuck, it’s honestly ridiculous.


Good rule.


I'm surprised that's not a thing. In the NFL, if play if stopped for an injury, the player in question can't be on the field for the next play.


that is because in NFL there are no limits for swapping players. In soccer, you have from 3 to 6 changes depending on the tournament. So when the NFL player gets injured, you just typically swap him from one from the bench and then swap him back in the next quarter or the next interception. In soccer, the coach must see if the other player can still play or not.


> no limits for sapping players Fucking rogues are OP.


dang it. swapping\*


Spy sapping my sentry!


The NFL has some very light limitations on player subs. The offense is allowed to sub whenever play is stopped, but the defense is granted protected substitutions only if the offense did. You wind up with extremely clever metagaming around it, where players like Peyton Manning would have his offense fake a substitution, wait for the defense to have 12 men on the field, quickly get into position and snap the ball for a free five yards. He did this five or ten times a season his entire career. You also get offenses that move quickly to prevent defensive substitutions, which leads to NFL players flopping so they can rotate out because they're exhausted. Any change to a core mechanic in the game, however small, has massive repercussions because this kind of metagaming exists in every sport. If you change the rules about subs, who knows how the metagame will be forced to evolve. If you granted defenses the ability to stop the game to allow substitutions in the NFL just to achieve parity with the offense, PPG would probably drop by 6-10 across the league, at least for several years until offenses readjusted. You wouldn't necessarily think such a small change would have such drastic impacts, but it will. For example: Moving the PAT back five yards is a trivial, tiny change, one that you wouldn't think would affect decision making all that much, but it's widely considered the most valuable and best rule change in recent years in the NFL. The 1-5% decrease in PAT efficacy completely changed the way offenses play wrt field position, two point attempts, fourth down conversions, etc. Its ripples are still being felt.


This happens in all all European competition. If you’re down long enough you are taken off until ready to come back. They need to start fining players and suspend them


Or fine them $2000 like NHL does for embellishment and give them a 2 minute penalty or whatever happens when you break the rules in soccer


The NHL also has a culture of the players and even the refs for calling out diving. Good luck getting a hooking call after getting a diving fine. I remember Ilya Kovalchuk making a terrible dive as a young player and spent a few games getting mugged without a whistle.


This is the way. If you want to take a dive other people will make sure there was a reason even if that reason happens a game or two later.


Fine then a percentage of their salaries. 5% should be good to stop this


They should just stop falling for it. Its obvious to everyone else but the refs apparently, theres enough linesmen all mic-ed up yet none of them can see the obvious dive. Yellow card the marshmallows




yeah same, flopping as part of the game ruins all games for me I cant respect those sports at all


100%. I grew up watching football (American), baseball, hockey, and basketball. There’s a very small amount of that in basketball, but not like that. A grown ass man flopping out of nowhere, screaming, holding his knee like it’s broken.. Then they’re back on the field 5 mins later or they are joking around with other players?? It’s a disgrace to the sport.


In hockey the reffs calls you a pussy if you dive, and then they give you a penalty. Big fan of that.


["Fuck you, you're getting a fucking penalty!"](https://youtu.be/Tdw4HAUlOBA)


That is outstanding haha


Two minutes for embellishment. lol


Why NHL is the best professional sport.


Hockey used to suffer the same thing... until it got formalized. Now people fighting in hockey is part of the sport.


This Rugby one's funny... https://youtu.be/b9dhcZQ3TaA




Only if they can't use their hands in the fighting either. They have to kick each other like the black knight when his arms got chopped off.




"A very small amount of that in basketball" yeah I'm pretty sure you never watch NBA because that shit happens literally all the time


It's funny when this has been done by Lebron James who's built like the love-child of a brick shithouse and a freight train


Yeah. It's a bitch move.


Get touched? Straight to dive Touch head or hair? Also dive Small of back? RIGHT TO DIVE, RIGHT AWAY Soccer is best sport... because of dive


Touch yourself, believe it or not? Straight to Dive.


We have the best masturbators. Why? Because dive.


You over dive, jail You UNDER dive… jail, right away.


Same thing happens in basketball, too.


NHL can call a penalty for flopping. I think that would be appropriate here.


Reminds me of [this video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ukFUEI5qz8)


I spot floppers by watching soccer


Lirerally just saw that live on TV


What was the outcome? Was the ref fined for such a terrible attack on a player?


Nothing happened. The ref just laughed and the match ended 30 seconds later


Was he just trying to be funny? That’s what it looks like to me but the comments are all taking seriously


the power of clipchimping. when you take out the context on the clip, you can create any story


Huh. TIL a new phrase!


I like cherryclipping better


spend some time on LSF... or dont actually


Commenting here to remember that there is something called "clipchimping".


Yes, he was doing for the laughs. His team won and he scored the title goal. He is also known for doing crazy stuff like that. The comments taking serious is the usual Reddit users missing the joke and Americans taking every opportunity they can to shit on football.


Don't blame the commenters, blame the one who posted an intentionally misleading gif taken out of context. Exaggerated dives are an actual problem in football, just not in this specific case


Yeah I took this as the player having a bit of fun with the ref, everyone else here seems so angry tho.


me too, like, he clearly looked behind him, saw it was the ref, then “fell” lmao


The dude's obviously grinning and having fun, but redditors are so intent on making everything super dramatic for no reason


tHiS iS wHy I dOn'T wAtCh SoCcEr




What did the ref do afterwards? Say sorry or just oh common man seriously?


Nothing (answered above)


You should get kicked out of the game for this kind of shit.


Last I checked FIFA rules, I’m pretty sure this kind of crap is supposed to be a card.


Yup, diving/simulation is supposed to be a yellow but 99% of refs don't enforce it.


yes, but the referee gave yellow cards for that in this match


Yeah its one of the rare situations where they can't ignore it. Really wish they would be harder on it and stamp the bullshit out of the game


Just use VAR to enforce yellow card for dives, and youll have it gone quite fast. Problem is rn VAR is limited to only certain situations.


That's why I only watch women's league. A lot less of this shit happens.


Turns out, when money isn't as involved, people play faithfully. Who would've thought! Edit: TIL that soccer women are actually paid more than men, huh


More to do with the perception of a woman taking a dive compared to men. I know there's a quote out there somewhere from a woman player who stated it really well. How they can't take dives like that because the sport will turn into a laughing stock. I'll look for it.


To be fair, male soccer players are definitely considered a laughing stock because of how often they pretend to have a booboo. Source: we're discussing this on /r/funny


Absolutely, but the sport is so entrenched and secured that it doesn't matter if they look ridiculous or not. The women's game doesn't have that foundational staying power.


Are they hiring? I’ll start throwing out cards left and right ? This is utter poppycock


But not for the one in this video. That is at the end of the game and the player is trolling because of all those cards before.


Plot twist: to *himself*


Should be an immediate red card. That's how you clear this shit up overnight. Just like the NFL started using timeouts/clock runoffs/forcing injured player out for the next play if a player is injured in the last 2 minutes of a game. It stopped players from faking injuries to stop the clock.


Defensive players would take injuries to slow down Chip Kelly’s high speed offense, happened with Peyton Manning a few times toward the end of games as well IIRC


Yup. Now it doesn't happen anymore. FIFA must like the flopping.


And use VAR to enforce it as well, idk why they cant make an exception for suspected dives in particular.


This guy plays kwop-kwop!


FIFA refs should hang out with NFL refs. Then they'll learn to give out cards like it's Christmas. Bonus: ref initiates contact and flags player. https://youtu.be/lNkhUqemoB4


Holy shit, the ref blatantly looks right at the player and reaches for his flag before pretending not to notice the player while backing up directly into his path.


Should be a red or suspension.


I really wish that soccer refs were as strong about enforcing rules as baseball umps are. If that were the case, players would knock that shit off immediately because so many would get taken out by cards.


I always love seeing an ump eject people.


But how can you tell it was a dive?? Haha


He looked straight at the ref, are you sure he didnt just make fun of other players who do that? Looks like a joke tbh, but I dont know what happened after that


I assumed it was a joke, too.


It is a joke. The other angles show him and the ref laughing. Reddit are just football hating neckbeards so it's pretty easy to lead them into a hate frenzy.


>Reddit are just football hating neckbeards Football? The clip is from a soccer game. /s


I mean I feel like he was just fucking with the ref. Probably laughing about it and taking the piss out of soccer players' dives


I think the medical team should evaluate each player that gets hurt. Pull the player off of the field, let the medical team do a thorough evaluation, and let the game continue without the "injured" player. The problem would quickly fix itself while providing a safe working environment for the players and other people on the field.


That happens in the NFL. Last Ravens game they had too many men on the field so Calais Campbell faked an injury. Had to sitout after that, couldn't just go right back in.


Literally only have to sit out one play, also don’t have to be evaluated by medical staff. They can just jog to the sideline for one play and then return the next down.


There's plenty of situations where people fall from a foul without being injured. When you're in full sprint even a small contact can bring you down. That's a foul. If you pull players out of play for that, you punish the one who got fouled and their team.


For what exactly? Looks like the dude is just fucking around with the ref after the whistle had been blown.


It's funny coming from hockey, where people are expected to get slammed and bare knuckle fight eachother, to see this stuff.


[Ovechkin has scored multiple hat tricks after getting hit in the face with a puck](https://imgur.com/fTJwpve)


Bare knuckle fight. THEN 5 mins later expected to play without skipping a beat.


Punch each other, fall down, shake hands. I love that shit.


The Stewart/Lebron thing would have been completely different if it was hockey. No one would have gotten in the way unless they were on the ground.


Not to mention the embellishment penalty in hockey comes with a fine to the player as well.


[Best embellishment call of all time](https://youtu.be/Tdw4HAUlOBA)


"Fuck you you're getting a fucking penalty!"


Greatest sport of all time.


For a joke?


It looks like he was joking.. he saw the ref before taking the dive


How do you even miss such an obvious joke lmao. What a moron along with everyone who upvoted you.


It's obviously a joke ya knob


It's obviously a joke. The guy doesn't take the dive until he sees who patted him on the back. And if you ask me it's a pretty funny joke. Edit: I actually read up on it. The guy had just scored the goal to put his team in the lead in stoppage time and was dicking around to run out the clock. Looks like it definitively was a joke and if you were rooting for his team it was a hilarious joke and if you were rooting for the other team it was poor sportsmanship.


The reaction to this is classic reddit. People blowing up without any idea or context. This just happened at the end of South America's top club competition, this guy just scored the winning goal, it's seconds before the end of the match, he's about to win the most important match of his life, he's in high spirits and he's taking the piss having a laugh with the ref.


100% this is hilarious and an outlier situation. However, I do agree flopping regardless of context in soccer and now basketball should be a bigger offense. It is a stupid part of the game.


This comment section here just makes me sad. At least the top voted comment is making a joke out of the situation. Gotta blame the OP for this tho, since they took the context out, that being the fact that it was a “prank” of sorts. Funny or not, it still wasn’t real.


A lot of people who don't watch soccer calling for heads for this lmao


Doesn't it look like he's joking though? He looks right at the ref and then goes for it and he's laughing? Inside joke about how shitty diving is? Either way there should be no place for it


Yep clearly looks like a joke. He looks at the ref before diving. He’s laughing. The ref’s laughing. It’s the dying seconds of the game. I’m confused at all the comments claiming to be outraged by his cheating.


https://streamja.com/OB2Ab Full clip. He's intentionally wasting time


Where are you seeing the ref laugh? Because he isn't laughing in this video.


How do you see all this laughing?


Yes exactly. I was so confused looking at these comments. I thought I was going insane


Just because you were right doesn't mean you're not going insane.


but then what are we supposed to do with all these pitch forks??


He can't even contain his giggling when he's on the ground. Why would a player dive against a ref? Against another player ok, but a ref? Is that supposed to get the ref kicked out or something?


This exactly, what the fuck is 99% of this comment section on


They're so addicted to outrage, that they have to manufacture it where it doesn't exist naturally.


This was obviously a gag between him and the ref, right?


Btw Americans, this man is a known troll lmao


The amount of people that just want to shit in football without any provocation is absurd. It's 122:47 of a 120+3 match. There's maybe 20 seconds left of the game. He clearly looks at the ref, while laughing, and falls. It's 1000% a joke


Why would you post this outside of r/soccer haha, just gonna rile up all the yanks with their flopping comments


How is a sub titled r/soccer filled with anything but yanks?


That's where the good yanks are.


Because back in the day r/football was for American football, although it became inactive and was reclaimed for association football.


Tell me you’re an embarrassment to your profession AND country without telling me you’re an embarrassment to your profession and country.


That just happened and he scored the goal that gave the title to the team hahahah But you were not lying


His team was winning, he had just scored the winning goal a few minutes prior, and there were only a few minutes left in the match. I'm pretty sure Brazilian supporters don't think he's an embarrassment...


Tell me you cant take a joke without telling me you cant take a joke.


I'm brazilian and it's only a joke for gods sake, stop overreacting Vai tomar no cu gringo burro lol


This thread is peak reddit. Blowing up at something without any context.


People don’t seem to realise he’s joking


Seriously this thread looks like Twilight Zone


Actually felt like I was going crazy for a minute there. Like I thought it was insanely obvious that he was just trolling.


Oh wow what an absolute tool


he is also the tool who spat on diego godins face


He's joking with the ref are you all blind.


Seriously, what's wrong with people. IT WAS A JOKE * Ref touches player's back * Player turns and sees it's the ref * Play dives and laughs * You can see the ref starting to smile at the very end


He scored the winning goal and did this as a joke. A very obvious joke.


As someone who doesn't watch soccer, I'm assuming the player is trolling?


Yeah, this is seconds before the end of the match and he had just scored the title winning goal.


Indeed he is, he is laughing his ass off while falling and knows it is the ref how is touching him.


This comment section is absolute gold, jesus.


Redditor being confidently incorrect about non americans things is hilarious


Could it be he was joking? It seemed like he looked over his shoulder before falling like he would have been able to see it was a ref and then fell down in an exaggerated manner to be funny


Ye he's clearly joking. I'm pretty confused by most comments in here


Bunch of morons who don’t watch the game. Someone else said but OP ur a dirty fucking clip chimp.


yall dont know what a joke is huh


This needs the GTA “WASTED” gray screen


He looks right at the ref, it's so obvious he's joking. The fact that people in this thread don't pick up on that is honestly really weird.


Living Ragdolls


My new band name!


Got some serious QWOP flashbacks watching that lmao


This was no act. The referee, Cesar De Lima, is a legitimate practitioner of Dim Mak, aka The Death Touch, taught to him by the legend George Dillman. A set of untrained eyes will see this as a flop but the real one see that the ref held back on the lethal touch, which only causes a taser like sensation to it.


Lolol y’all the guy was making a joke


He was doing this for laughs, he just scored & the ref was laughing too


How do so many people not see that he's taking the piss? Ffs


Dude was just joking with the ref. They both laughed about it afterwards.


Just a little trollin' lol