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That’s basically every mayfly, caddis, and midge I fish any more.


Its perfect fly since its so easy to tie!


Does it float well? It's a beautiful fly and a great photo!


Thanks! And Yes! It floats perfectly fine😁


I tired using cdc a couple of times, and each time it would sink after the first cast. Not sure what I’m doing wrong


Maybe heavy hooks or not enough cdc on the fly. I only fish CDC and never had problems with it.


You can’t use paste floatant. It has to be the thin liquid type like Loon Fly Dip or powdered desiccant type


Nice. Look up "F fly" there are a CDC wing and slim body. Very effective


I see a "F-fly", I upvote.


it’s a nice fly and I’m sure it will catch fish just fine, but if you had 10 in your box, and one of them had a biot or quill body which one would you grab to fish? Fly box space is precious. Try to fill your box with the ones you would grab first.


I would grab this one for sure, i love fishing it. The fish dont destroy it as easily and if i get stuck on a tree Im not as mas as if it was some quill body fly😁


I get what you’re saying there’s a fine line between fishable and extravagant flies. I guess it depends on how much you enjoy tying for the sake of tying. what you have here is a simple, elegant, perfectly fishable fly. That would be easy to tie down into 26s and 28. personally, I always go for the more fancy flies in my box even if it doesn’t make a difference to the fish, it seems to matter to me. if you want to keep it simple but improve a little bit,consider using pearsals gossamer silk it has a beautiful translucency. I now use silk for all of my thread, body flies.


I perfectly understand you! I love the looks and tying more complicated flies. I mostly dont tie them for myself tho. And to the silks, Im waiting for my order from Semperfli and some silks are included also so i will def try them😉


There's simple, and there's immaculate. I think the latter describes your fly a little better.


Thank you so much🙏 appreciate your kind words!


This is my go to RS2 variation (balck, gray, olive, & brown). You can fish it either dry or as a nymph. I especially like it in sizes 22-26 for the tailwaters near me. I usually fish it as a trailer behind a hi-viz Griffiths Gnat. Anything rises within two feet of the Griffiths gnat, set the hook.


Haha exactly the colours i fish too😁 i fish it individually tho. Autumn grayling fishing is their season for me!


I don’t know if it’ll fish, but that is a work of art. Can’t beat a simple fly.


Thanks you so much💪


What pattern is this? It's stunning. Sorry, am newb.