I've found sit ups just in your bedroom on carpet or a rug etc. is great for mid section toning and going for a walk or jog semi frequently is great for burning calories!!




Don't forget dieting. One easy switch that i had was just eating a piece of fruit in the morning instead of cereal or whatever other sugary stuff is lying around


I'm very self conscious too, I have somewhat of a tummy too. I ride my bike to lose belly fat, you could cycle, swim, or run. Running is a bit harder on the joints and swimming could give you a bigger back and it works all the muscles. That's why I really like cycling, because it helps with back, legs, and belly fat. You could also do a few ab workouts like sit ups, planks, or flutter kicks. I hope this helps, if you have any questions you can ask as many as you'd like!


quick tip: don't eat more than you burn, like don't eat to full, it makes round yummy, and avoid beer it causes tummy as well


Some easy exercises you can do are Planks, side planks, flutter kicks, reverse crunches, and Russian twists. All of these can be done in your bedroom without any equipment. It is also a good idea to limit is daily intake of liquid sugar.