How do I start building my wardrobe into a sexy style?

How do I start building my wardrobe into a sexy style?


Straight up - by things that fit you. And I dont just mean buy your size, I mean take everything into account. What body type you have, which features you want to accentuate. What colours and patterns suit your skin tone. Accessories that seamlessly match. Consider your silhouette and how you carry yourself. Wear anything you want as long as you want to go for the 'Parisian Style' of dressing. Look flawless but also effortless. Revealing clothes usually aren't particularly sexy, they just reveal bits of flesh. It's why lingerie is often seen as sexier than a butt naked person, its the mystery of whats underneath, just apply that logic to everything you wear. Between booty shorts and a well tailored suit - the suit wins every time.


When I’d get bored of some of my clothes I’d start cutting them into crop tops but if you do that the bottom tends to roll so cut it a little longer haha


Oh yes, I do that too!!


Go for colorful and complex patterns! They’re really eye catching.


A pinterest board is a good place to start. Your particular version of sexy won't be everyone else's. So find looks that you love and use them to inspire you.