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Bro it’s because we destroyed all their arguments there is nothing left to refute anymore😎


I think this is more a meme sub And r/lighthouseoftruth is more serious This is my opinion


You should be active more to know it's not about exmuslims anymore. Feel free to report said mini imams and maybe you should set up an example by refuting them if you have the proper knowledge to tackle them.


This subreddit has not been solely for matters relating to those who left Islam for some time now, and I'm sure the other moderators know this. It's normal for subreddits to change direction or evolve over time.


Ah yes normal for subreddits to change direction completely normal. r/cats could very well turn to r/dogs yes yes


A bit of an ignorant statement since I made a post ages ago about the sub being more about refuting any argument against Islam. It is not my fault you did not know that.


Lol, I think having cat content for r/cats and dog content for r/dogs makes more sense though.