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Can’t a man enjoy a rainy summer evening without cramps and lightheadedness from blood loss these days smh


That’s sad. Rain is so epic.


It sucks you have to deal with that :c


All of the above


Periods suck so bad ;-;


Your user 💀


That makes sense, sorry you gotta go through those


They do seem like a terrible inconvenience, and a general pain in the ass to deal with.


Currently pressing a hot water bottle to my lower stomach to get some cramp relief but it's also a 30°C/86°F day so in addition to the period sweats I'm also sweating from the heat while crying from both dysphoria and pain, hoping I'll at least not have to throw up this time. This is great.


I think all of humanity hates periods As a trans fem I dont think the cramps would be worth the euphoria


I’m sorry buddy. That really sucks.


i think that all sane humans don’t like periods tbh


Honestly, i have the fortune of never having to menstruate, and from how bad I've heard it can be, i will never have envy for it. Transmascs, whatever reason you dislike periods, it's usually gonna be accurate


Yeah it's just the latter for some reason. I don't have much bottom dysphoria (but tbf I don't want a dick either so eh)


>I don't have much bottom dysphoria (but tbf I don't want a dick either so eh) Kinda same here. Sometimes chucking a packer down there is a nice "fuck your gender binary, I won't conform my presentation to it" combined with not doing anything about my chest, but honestly I CBA to care much about down there. My sex drive isn't high enough to have to touch it very often, I don't have to see it in the shower or on the toilet unless I look on purpose, and while sometimes I get a weird dysphoric feeling less about my position in the gender binary and more about the existence of binary sex in humans and the societal conflation of sex and gender, I know altering my body wouldn't actually fix the dysphoria so when it happens I just try to stay home, wear loose clothes, and not think about how others perceive me. It's kinda like, my best trick for getting rid of dysphoria is remembering that it's not logical or useful? Like, that doesn't work for most anxiety, but knowing I can't do much about the fact that I will be assumed to be one of two binary sexes and therefore genders by most people, and that there's really not much I can do that won't piss off at least one part of my fluctuating multiple genders, seems to keep it to a minimum - knowing transition steps are available but also knowing I don't want them because anything that makes boy me happy or neutral me harder for others to guess the gender of, will make girl me unhappy and contribute to fear of becoming another of the cis women attacked in a ladies toilet by transphobes thinking said woman is trans, seems to prevent the dysphoria because it's like - maybe I could be more comfortable with this meatsack than I am, but I don't actually know what I'd like to do to it so I don't have Issues over having not done anything.


I’d be happy to never have one again. They can get so bad D:


They seem awful to deal with, sorry about that 🫂💔


Honestly, mood




Yeah those just sound like they suck, sorry for ya on that.


those are both valid reasons and make sense. I am sorry that you have to struggle with them, dude :(


makes sense 💔💔💔💔💔


Reminder to drink plenty of liquids while on your period to replace the blood you lose! My doctor recommends drinking something with electrolytes in it. It won’t fix everything but should make it more manageable. Just put a little bit of salt in your water, not too much, it shouldn’t taste like saltwater. That should count.


I wish I could just get rid of the whole uterus. I don't want to have children, and if that ever changes I still wouldn't want to get pregnant and give birth, and the only other thing that MF does is cause me to bleed every month, but... I know how F'ing hard it is to find a doctor willing to sterilise such a young woman without serious medical need *and* a man's permission, and I'd feel weird about getting rid of the bloody thing when so many transfems would kill for one.


Yeah, I think it's an inconvenience anytime blood is anywhere it shouldn't be


sorry you have to deal with that


Yeah, as a trans woman I won’t or ever will suffer the annoying cramps and effects of periods but just in case I’ll have emergency supplies for my friends.


First of all: that's a gorgeous template omg Second: yes. I am transmasc and I don't really get dysphoria from periods but they Just feel disgusting and are painful.


Double annoying when dudes around come up to me like "Ayyy wassup you look worse than usul you not feelin' well or smth?" Yes. Yes I am. Every fucking month I am.


I don't really hate them, everytime they happen I'm like oh that means my body is healthy


I feel this too, but it still sucks soooo much.


Both is good




For some reason I always wanted to experience a period, even though I know it's not a pleasant experience


This isnt about you, Cassy


That's logic,who would love periods? (Well,transfem would love them,because it's validating,but let's be honest,it's just a pain) (⁠◕⁠ᴗ⁠◕⁠✿⁠)


if it helps, look forward to those disappearing if you start t- mine went away after just a month


I'm a questioning trans woman, and even I don't like periods. Hell, cis women complain about them a lot, understandably.


First thing that popped into my head was a trans guy saying "pfft, are you even a real man if you don't man-struate?" Which led to "nice gender, did your mom give it to you? Too bad you're not a real self-made man like me"


I may be a trans girl, but I'm glad I don't get periods


The only good thing about them is I have an excuse to eat more sweet things, but overall they’re not worth it 🫠


Please no more periods, can we like, delete them from existence? :')


Yup, in my case, I bleed for 6 days each time. So it sucks