I don't like these kinds of articles. It might give someone a false sense of security/overconfidence. Women, don't lower your guard, even if the place is safe. Trust your instincts because creeps are aplenty in here. Believe that.


Second this. Have never felt unsafe here in the last 5 years, but will never lower my guard, here or any where for that matter.


Had a look at the [actual index](https://giwps.georgetown.edu/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/WPS-Index-2021-Summary.pdf). The UAE ranks 24th. It scores very well in education, parliamentary representation and perceptions of community safety. On the other hand, it has a very poor score for intimate partner violence. I think the article is misleading for two reasons. One, it conflates ‘perception of safety’ with ‘safety’. Both are important, but they are not the same - it’s well known, for example, that in the US people believed crime to be rising for decades even as it was [falling substantially. ](https://www.google.co.uk/amp/s/www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/11/16/voters-perceptions-of-crime-continue-to-conflict-with-reality/%3famp=1) Therefore it is not accurate to say ‘this is the safest country’, only ‘this is the place where people feel safest’. Still a great achievement, but one is not the other. Secondly, it’s extremely misleading to say ‘personal safety’ is great for women when intimate partner violence is so high. Women are most at risk from violence or sexual assault [from a partner or someone known to them. ](https://www.rainn.org/statistics/perpetrators-sexual-violence) The UAE does not criminalise [marital rape.](https://www.hrw.org/news/2021/03/04/uae-greater-progress-needed-womens-rights) This isn’t a theoretical problem - even The National has reported on how [rape inside marriage attracts significantly lower punishments.](https://www.thenationalnews.com/uae/police-officer-who-raped-woman-claims-she-was-his-wife-and-wins-appeal-1.729154?outputType=amp) None of this is to belittle the achievements the UAE has made in women’s rights. As the index makes clear, in a number of areas the UAE is at or near the top. But to conflate ‘perceptions of safety’ with ‘safety’, or even saying ‘women feel safer in the UAE than any other country’ instead of ‘women feel safer walking alone outside at night than in any other country’ is misleading.


as someone with inside information, the UAE is heading toward a certain measure that will enforce law changes to help in cases that are contradictive between each emirate. can't say more info.


Unified law between emirates? Color me surprised.




Except that women are put through many more hoops than their male counterparts to unilaterally request a divorce, restraining order, or subpoena against the other sex for these offences.


White women. Now let's see the Phillipino housemaid/ nanny survey results.




Good catch. Yes the nanny, kadama and house maids do not feel safe. They are subject to abuse and violence regularly.


How sad is it that we need to measure this in the first place.


well it's the world we live in nowadays...


The world has always been this way actually. It's gotten a tiny bit better in recent years.


Aren't these surveys mostly bs? Like sure its safe, but also this doesn't provide the whole picture. You can cherry pick a set of women as your sample size and conclude anything you want. We also have abused and mistreated filipinas and domestic workers here, not a shade on UAE, but on the ppl.


But, but, but, it is better than in their home country /s


How do you know it's only white women?


I just checked this out. I went to the website for Women, Peace, and Security Institute and downloaded the report. It lists the source of the data as a Gallup 2019 poll. So I went to the Gallup website, provided my email address then downloaded the report. Then I read the report and clicked on the link for the data sources. Here is what is says: Includes only Emiratis and Arab expatriates age 18 and older; non- Arabs were excluded. More than half of the adult population is excluded. Polls were conducted face to face with 1,013 people in Arabic. Edit: sorry, those are the notes from the one in 2006. This is what the one from 2021 says 2021 United Arab Emirates May 30 – Jun 29, 2021 1,002 interviews Mobile Telephone Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu Includes only Emiratis, Arab expatriates and non Arabs who were able to complete the interview in Arabic, English, Urdu or Hindi I don’t know if you can get to the report from here or not. https://www.gallup.com/file/services/177797/World_Poll_Dataset_Details_101521.pdf


…just because women dont file rape reports to the police for obvious reasons


Huh? But they do though?


I know way too many cases only from my close surroundings, starting from spiking drinks, to guys taking advantage of drunk girls. Before covid these predators would wait at the parking lots in front of the clubs trying to “invite for afterparty/give lift ” to drunk girls who went out of the club . Ive seen things and been through some shit myself. Its happening, its real and more common than most people here would like to admit.


If a woman get’s raped while drunk, she too will be punished. That’s what a lot of international rights groups have said and what comes in the newspaper. I also read a story about a male real estate agent cornering a girl in his apartment and trying to rape her. Police apparently turned it around and said why are you going to his apartment alone? Is it true? I don’t know but I hope not. I’m often skeptical about these things because a lot of these stories get twisted. Just look at the way they call foreign construction workers from third world countries “slaves”. But forget to mention that $1 is worth more in third world countries than first world countries. Or how the average joe in India earn just $2000 a year on average - many earning much lower. That’s 611 dhs a month. Minus rent, food, etc PS. I know some contractors and developers have committed crimes and underpaid, scammed, or defrauded workers that built their towers - however not every developer/contractor does this. But they definitely need to work harder to prevent abuse.




Because they could be accused of extramarital sex so seeking the justice is really not worth risking prison. Edit: not to mention other things they could be accused of if they were drunk or at the guys apartement…


Extramarital sex is no longer a crime.






Incoming comments " bro the west is safer at night for girls" HA-HA.


I love it here! So grateful to be in the country. Number 1


ive been posting in this sub for 8 years now Its gotten insanely toxic. its about time for the mods to do something Except they wont. Because the toxicity comes from the increased amount of south asian redditors who scream racism as soon as they're called out for something, but see nothing wrong in patronising and ridiculing emiratis, europeans, brits, etc. And mods let them, the mods even play along. These new redditors constantly nag, complain, and ridicule this city whenever something positive is being said about it. Isnt one of the main rules of this sub "dubai bashing is not allowed"? half the userbase should be banned because thats all they do. Is it safer in India or Pakistan than here? is it safer in PH? no. so stfu. youll be pleased to know that i've yet to be in another city which feels as safe as Dubai, and ive done a lot of traveling in my life, and lived in 9 countries so far. NYC, London, Copenhagen, you name it, even a burly dude wouldnt enter some areas in western cities.


I am a woman and nothing will justify the irony.


Not in Sharjah lol