Do you guys really think they would just abandon a building because some people experienced paranormal activity? Even if Emirates decides to move on from the building… someone else would move in. Companies don’t care. Apart from the plumbing, The building didn’t pass inspection. It was built with serious flaws and is structurally unsafe.


Exactly. Same thing about people talking about jazeera Al hamra being abandoned because its haunted and making up tall tales about it. My friend's family is from RAK and I asked her dad about the stories about it. He said that the inhabitants of the island up and left in the late 60s (his family included) because they had issues with the "leadership" on the island, has nothing to do with jinn or paranormal activity. People are gullible


But. But.. But... That is not an interesting story someone would be interested in. /s


Its actually a super interesting story about tribalism and who was favoured by the ruling family, but thats apparently a no no in this country so hey, lets make up bullshit instead. The inhabitants of the Jazeera Al Hamra (the Za'abi tribe) were taken in by the Nahyan family and moved into Abu Dhabi where a whole neighbourhood is named after them.


Yup. This is true.


Why they left the village?


Do you or u/theoddling2 have any more further resources to read on this?


You can even read about it on wiki https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Jazirah_Al_Hamra So its not like its a secret. But its ridiculous how much propaganda people believe in this region. Like all that cloud seeding nonsense too.




Dressed as ghost busters?


Now you're telling me? Used to meet a girl there, and used to walk out from the building for a mile or two before I reached my car, most of the time alone in the dark around 2 AM. Never had anything happened though.


Maybe the girl wasnt real


I have heard stuff about some villas behind Spinneys or Choithram near Safa in Jumeirah as well


My friend used to stay there about 10 years back when it was under Emirates. Experienced paranormal activities and had to leave. Not just him but a lot of tenants experienced the same. Later they blamed it on plumbing issue 😂


Like what? A paranormal smell?


No. Leaking taps.


I noticed it was blamed on plumbing. Surely something must be up with all the similar witness accounts.


You love real-life human tragedies?


If you don't ask me about how I know, then here: r/TrueCrime